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Morning Team and Happy Mothers Day to those, biological or otherwise, without whom we would all be absent .šŸŒ¹

Unfortunately haven't been much of 'networker' here for awhile...

A: Be aware that you are currently under attack by forces that wish to silence you and end your exertions on behalf of your group in specific and the planet in general. These forces are getting desperate and will attempt to use any inroad possible. Be awake and alert at all times. Any disputes or disagreements can be easily blown out of proportion to your destruction. And then, when the negative energy is withdrawn, the devastation left will be amplified by the knowledge that it was all a deception. [Planchette swirls around and around for about 45 seconds] You have been warned. Do not take this lightly. Communicate and listen. It will take all of you together to navigate these dangers!!! Goodbye.

Lets just say 'survival' was deemed to take precedence.

After seeing a couple of Niall's 'Rubicon / Putin /Caesar' comments in the Russia /Ukraine thread this morning however - my 'radar' started pinging, so figured I'd say hi :)

So with all the madness going in the world, as anyone who has read the opening post in this thread will know '...crossing the Rubicon...' is a metaphorical concept very close to my heart.

1) For whatever reason I have always had cause to pay attention to 'dreams'.
2) The phrase and continued 'Caesarian' dream motifs led me unerringly to the Cassiopaean Experiment.

And with my life having been turned inside out and upside down over the last 18 months, my dream journals annoyingly are now currently in storage... But regardless, will dig them out when I have an opportunity to check the time stamp because Niall's 'Ave Caesar, Ave Putin' comment happened to switch on a vivid dream recollection from years ago!?

And for anyone that has seen the Tom Cruise film 'War of Worlds' - this scene from about 1 minute 15 seconds sets the scene exquisitely.

In the dream however, it was Russian military (alone) that went over the hill and I was immensely frustrated that they didn't wait for me. But then realised it must have been because I needed to see the back of the vehicles?

Because oddly the war machines carried this very distinctive (to me anyway) logo -


Ford meaning;

Noun - an area in a river or stream that is not deep and can be crossed on foot or in a vehicle.

Verb - to cross a river, where it is not deep, on foot or in a vehicle.

Which at the time just went in the ever increasing '...Knowledge is preparation for crossing the Rubicon / Caesar / Putin...' peculiar dreams file.

But with the unfolding of recent world events, must say I have begun paying a little bit more interest to our signs of the times...Having also recently celebrated my 50th Die sanguinis, a milestone I never expected to reach, also thought it was a lovely coincidence that 6 days later upon walking outside to enjoy the forest sounds, a beer, the Milky Way, a cigarette and observe the constellation 'Orion' preparing to enter 'the underworld'. After a shooting star raised a smile, was surprised to feel something brush past my legs, reminiscent of an affectionate cat!


Turned out to be a young female fox :shock:


So in honour of the circumstances and Altair - I've named her Artemis :)

Iacta alea est my friends.



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