Caesar in the dream

Funny that after sitting on the above post for a month, on the night of sharing not only did a snowy haired, very Matriarchal ‘Laura’ figure pay a dream visit, so did my Maternal Grandfather (long deceased). Actors in what was then taken as quite a symbolic situation, my ‘Grandfather’ standing in a garden and operating a high voltage circuit breaker that fed a short transmission line to the edge of the property. A corner abutting a road named Fourth Street...

But back to ‘Cecilia’ and goyacobols ‘clue’, having assumed the name was some kind of feminine reference and despite the origin of ‘Dio’, Padus and Padavona staring me in the face…, it had never crossed my mind to think geographically when coming up with alternate spellings, such as ‘Sicilia’ - coincidentally the foot of ‘the Boot’;


Then on taking a closer look, like a bolt to the brain – what an idiot;


Having spent who knows how long overthinking ‘Katania’ to the nth degree, why I’d never thought to spell it with a C…plus that Catania was adjacent another coastal ‘Augusta’ (so long after ‘Plantagenet’) also seemed uncanny.

As did the coat of arms;


Laurel berries and all…

And after looking into the origin of the name, I actually didn’t feel so bad for spelling it wrong;

Around 263 BC, the city was variously known as Catĭna (Latin: [ˈkatɪna]) and Catăna (Latin: [ˈkatana]; Ancient Greek: Κατάνη [katánɛː]).

Because there was now a strange impression that I was finally on the scent of the sword and hopefully an understanding of the ‘key’?

Around 900, when Catania was part of the emirate of Sicily, it was known in Arabic as Balad al-fīl (بلد الفيل) and Madīnat al-fīl (مدينة الفيل), respectively meaning "the Village (or Country) of the Elephant" and "the City of the Elephant"…

‘Catania’ eventually coming as it did following Kayseri, Caesarea and Juliopolis;

Julius Caesar himself propagated the derivation from the elephant, an animal that was said to have been called caesai in the "Moorish"…Since the Gauls came to know the elephant through the Punic commander Hannibal, it is possible that the animal was also known under the name caesar or caesai in Gaul…Caesar displayed an elephant above the name CAESAR on his first denarius…the coin is an unmasked allusion to this etymology of the name and directly identifies Caesar with the elephant

So, with the ‘city of the elephant’ finally feeling like a feasible reconciliation of the Holy Diver / Dio, Katania, Cecilia theme - on looking around the following then caught the attention, what was with all the ‘Aci’ prefixes?


The river Acis gave its name to a series of towns that were later founded on its banks: Aci Castello, Aci Trezza, Aci Catena, Aci San Antonio, Aci Bonaccorsi and Acireale. Although now underground, the river reappears as a spring at the sea-front fishing village of Santa Maria La Scala, where the locals refer to its waters as "u sangu di Jaci" or the blood of Acis.

A revelation that got the juices flowing, excuse the pun, because alongside the other stuff another ‘red’ river really felt like I was getting close to something?

When Acis, a simple shepherd boy, and Galatea, a Nereid sea goddess, fell in love, the giant Polyphemus fell into depression. Depression turned into jealousy and then into rage until Odysseus' famous one-eyed foe could stand it no more. He hurled an enormous chunk of Mount Etna at the unfortunate Acis, killing him instantly. Grief-stricken Galatea, unable to live without her lover, transformed Acis' mortal remains into a river...

Cue brain freeze… Ovid, Metamorphoses - Book 13.

Almost 3 years since the ‘voice’ had cryptically supplied the poets name, it appeared I’d managed to navigate all the way around to finding the location of a story apparently told in just that one historical text!

And if ‘elephant’ was meant to point at Caesar, then the addition of the number 13 blended with a red river seemed quite a trio?

…the 13th Twin Legion, also known as Legio tertia decima Gemina, was a legion of the Imperial Roman army. It was one of Julius Caesar's key units in Gaul and in the civil war, and was the legion with which he famously crossed the Rubicon…Its symbol was the lion.

A coincidence that set off a tsunami of ‘connections’;

(Galatea) …Is there anything particular about the unicorn visions I've been having?

A: Hope!

Catania/ katana = sword

Catania = city of the elephant = Caesar?

Was the coincidence of Ovid’s ‘Galatea’ related to young ‘Laura’?

Cappadocia, Cybele / Caesar-Rhea, Caecilia, ‘Holy Diver’, Galatia, Paul / Saul / Soul / Sole

Pada / foot = clue = club, Padus / Eridanus, -vona / hope = unicorn, Twin / Gemina = Gemini

The kingdom of Cappadocia still existed in the time of Strabo (c. 64 BC – c. AD 24 )…Cilicia was the name given to the district in which Caesarea, the capital of the whole country, was situated. The only two cities of Cappadocia considered by Strabo to deserve that appellation were Caesarea (originally known as Mazaca) and Tyana, not far from the foot of the Taurus

In 372, Emperor Valens split the province of Cappadocia in two, and Tyana became the capital and metropolis of Cappadocia Secunda. In Late Antiquity, the city was also known as Christoupolis (Greek: Χριστούπολις, "city of Christ")

Wondering then (with Ovid) if it was all about stars…because it seemed like I was back to this old chestnut?


Which considering the number of years I’d been attempting to interpret these dreams as symbolic, seemed rather odd considering a ‘feminine’ configuration of the same asterism had assumed precedence much earlier?

A dream narrative that seemed to have something to with ‘Sirius’?

And / or a ‘Cassiopeia’ depending on which dreams went with which?

A correlation that then made swords, daggers, Caesar and Orion all the more provocative.

Then after chewing on it for a while, this dream;

Communicating telepathically with an elderly man, seated in a darkened stone alcove.

The understanding is that he is an emissary or representation of the social memory complex ‘Ra’.

At the completion of the communion I'm handed a small wooden box to 'deliver'. Upon analysis of the package I am reminded of a humidor (for a single cigar), the box is then secured by a black belt with distinctive buckle. Rolling the parcel in my wrist to get a better look, I see that it is addressed to 'The Jadczyk Family'.


A peculiar scenario, that seemed to play on the fact that unused to visualising ‘Orion’ in his orientation as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere, on paying consideration to the ‘sword’, it was immediately noticed that it could be visualised with a somewhat phallic nature?


And while the pronounced dream ‘buckle’ had gone in an interesting direction;

It hadn’t addressed the symbolism of the package (pun intended) in the ‘Ra’ dream because, strangely, the unseen contents of the ‘box’ had a sense of ‘separated’ manhood?

Which had then got me thinking again about ‘Cappadocia’, ‘Galli’ priests and castration. Imagery that combined with the ‘belt’ and Orion’s ‘sword’, unsurprisingly brought mythological ‘Osiris’ to mind.

A relationship that, when viewed through C’s coloured glasses, had provided an interesting link to dream ‘Artemis’ – perhaps another allusion to ‘Sirius’?

Q: I also noticed that the word 'Osiris' could also be slightly modified to say 'of Sirius.' Comment, please.

A: Sirius was regarded highly in your "past."

A change of course that required a rethink of things ‘Caesarean’ because having read TSHOTW a couple of times, ‘Sirius’ was intriguing?

Babylonian and Roman sources as late as Ptolemy all call “Sirius” a red star…

Catania = Katana = sword + Catania = city of the Elephant

Recognising then that, like spear, ‘sword’ and ‘elephant’ also happened to be terms euphemistic for a phallus.

Another interpretation of Caesar deriving from the verb caedere ("to cut")…

Wondering then was there more to the perceived relationship between ‘Ra’, Orion’s ‘sword’, Acis, blood and Rubi?

Egyptian myth contended that the sun god Ra circumcised himself and from the spilt blood from his penis two other gods, Hu and Sah, sprang up and went on to create the universe...

Because Sah, ‘Sirius’ and Lepus had turned up an interesting relationship;

Sah was a god in ancient Egyptian religion, representing a constellation that encompassed the stars in Orion and Lepus, as well as stars found in some neighboring modern constellations. His consort was Sopdet known by the ancient Greek name as Sothis, the goddess of the star Sirius. Sah came to be associated with a more important deity, Osiris, and Sopdet with Osiris's consort Isis.

Funnily enough from a diversion into analysing Tarot characters of the ‘Fool’ vs ‘Orion’;


Where on observing the card above (St. Francis - Tarot of the Saints) there was an epiphany of sorts, having become immediately fixated on the colour of the rabbit - quoting Laura again re: ‘Sirius’;

Plutarch says, “The soul of Isis is called ‘Dog’ by the Greeks

‘Kayseri’ located at the ‘foot’ of Mount Erciyes, having prompted a look into name origin;

Erciyes was historically known as Argaeus or Argaios… a name either derived from the king of Macedon Argaeus I (678 – 640 BC) or meaning "bright" or "white"…

And with lots of random etymological roots rolling around in my head, coincidentally many related to ‘white’ (‘Galatea’ for example) a curious correlation between the Latin was recognised?

Canis = dog

Lupus = wolf

Lepus = hare


From Proto-Italic *kaznos, from Proto-Indo-European *ḱas- (compare Welsh cannu (“to whiten”), ceinach (“hare”), English hare, Latin cascus (“old”), Ancient Greek ξανθός (xanthós, “yellow”), Old Prussian sasnis (“hare”), Pashto سوی‎ (soe, “hare”), Sanskrit शश (śaśa, “hare”)).


cānus (feminine cāna, neuter cānum); first/second-declension adjective


That Canis and Canus were phonetically equivalent.

In his star catalogue Ptolemy refers to the bright red star in the face of the Dog.

Seneca says it is redder than Mars.

And on seeing if there happened to be a ‘red star’ in the ‘Hare’ constellation;

R Leporis

The star was discovered by the British astronomer J. R. Hind in 1845, and named Hind’s Crimson Star after him. He described the star as appearing “like a drop of blood on a black field.”

Could hardly believe my eyes, the description ‘drop of blood’ seemed extraordinary … also that the star was named ‘Hind’;

A hind is a female deer, especially a red deer.

According to Wikipedia the only animal held sacred to Artemis – exactly how upside down ‘Orion’ had been portrayed in ‘her’ dream - and although being discovered in 1845 ruled out R Leporis a candidate for the red ‘Sirius’ of antiquity – oddly there was more;

R Leporis is a distinctly red star located near the border with Eridanus constellation. It appears reddest when it is dimmest, and during these periods, which occur every 14.5 months, it may be the most visible reddest star in the sky…

It also happened to be located in front of ‘the face’ of Canus;


Coincidentally right under the sole of ‘the foot’ – Rigel;


Which made it a shame that it was a Carbon Star unlikely to go ‘Nova’;

Q: (L) Okay, when reading about the Great Nebula in Orion,

there is a kite shaped area adjacent to the Horsehead

Nebula. I wondered if there was any relation between this

and your previous mention of kites. Are we looking at

something in that particular area of the sky that is going

to go supernova?

A: For supernova, look to the "foot."

Q: (L) Rigel.

A: Maybe.

Regardless, the coincidental details had set the mind whorling anyway because, very peculiarly, it felt like I’d finally found whatever I’d meant to be looking for – just didn’t know what to do with it?

Red Giant / Star = Rubi = cross = Christ = kite = Gaius = Juliopolis = Tarsus = sole of the foot = Pada-vona = foot + hope = Holy Diver = soul survivor + ‘Sirius’?

“The soul of Isis is called ‘Dog

Canus = Canis

Kore = individuated soul

Cortina = curtain of the veil, cauldron of transmutation…?

But then to add another degree of difficulty to the puzzle - ‘Aimee’ showed up;

And things got weird…er


The strange physical and mental phenomena from 5 years earlier (that seemed to precede the arrival of the ‘voice’) came back. Soon accompanied by ‘voices’, this time plural, like a ‘group’ and when I was awake! A sensation very difficult to describe in that ‘I’ also felt absent, to a degree, someone else seemingly sharing the machine?

Very discombobulating as can be imagined, such that I also began to fear I’d searched and interpreted all the way to losing my mind -literally! Plus, wonder what I’d let myself in for with requesting a dream crystal and drinking ‘tuned’ water every morning because in some instances it was just like listening to a radio station. And as ridiculous as it sounds, the experience seemed ‘Cassiopaean’ in a very real sense, some instances even giving the impression of hearing forum members in normal conversation?

Which was novel to say the least, initially also quite enervating, even with continuing to work 14hr days amidst visions, continual internal chatter and god knows what else. Until that was, my ability to ‘rest’ from the stimulus eventually ceased due to sleeping having become an impossible ordeal - akin to being hit with an electric cattle prod every time I dozed off, over and over again…and it only took a couple of days to hit the wall after that. The poor old body out of fuel and hyper fatigued mind beginning to misfire such that medication was needed to shut things down.

Then after a chemically induced, dreamless, night’s sleep - seemed ‘I’ was back to being alone in the driver’s seat?

With even more to think about…

And it took a while (and more importantly, thoughtful words from Laura and Chu) to recognise that I’d made an error in speculating upon a relationship between dream ‘Artemis / Orion’, ‘Aimee’ and the near tactile fidelity of the perceived ‘Cassiopaean’ experience.

Sometime later recognising that ‘Aimee’ also happened to be from the same album as ‘Perry Mason’ – Ozzmosis – coincidentally the dream tune accompanied by Spandau Ballets ‘Gold’, that happened to crop up not long before my crystals arrived. And as touched on previously, two songs that, when interpreted, appeared saturated in ‘soul’ allegory? An abstraction that later made the relationship of ‘Perry Mason’ (as the first song on the album) to ‘Aimee’ (the last song #12) interesting – ‘Perry’ playing Alpha to ‘Aimee’s’ Omega.

Which appeared quite the imagery when combined with the root of the name ‘Aimee’ being Beloved, because that led to only one other framework I could think of;

…the Rosy Cross is formulated in “the annihilation of the self in the Beloved.”

Rosicrucian stuff then giving ‘crossing the Rubicon’ a new aspect, as well as an interesting connection to ‘Orion’, ‘Sirius’ AND silver ‘car’ dreams?

Even if this one didn’t have CASSIOPAEA emblazoned down the side…

…'Mitsubishi' commonly translates to 3 'diamonds'

And ‘Sigma,’ it turns out is originally derived from the Phoenician symbol Sin, which coincidentally looks like a W, yet has now evolved into the lunate symbol of today’s letter C and in Greek also has the value of 200.

And although the diamond logo was absent, this one was interesting...

One, because looking into the origin of Mitsubishi had led to;

English Reference for mitsuboshi (みつぼし) -

(Noun) Orion's belt, Chinese "Three Stars" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)

And two, that if an ASTRON powered Silver Mitsubishi Sigma was meant to be taken as symbolic – it could be interpreted as pretty Rosicrucian;

James Eshelman gives the true name of the Order as (transliteration: Astron Argon.)… A variant on this Greek rendering of the words "Silver Star" is Aster Argos - also a correct Greek rendering of the word "Silver Star". Eshelman states that due to Crowley's use of the phrase "Astron Argon" (once in a note and once in an official document in Crowley's handwriting) that the latter is to be taken as the true Greek name. The gematria of Aster Argos is 489, also the value of Sothis, the Greek name for the star Sirius. Eshelman states that "Sirius commonly is held to be the physical expression of that "Silver Star" after which the Order is named."

That ‘Silver Star’, coincidentally also providing a direct relationship to ‘daggers’ and ‘swords’;

...he shall construct the magic Dagger… (Liber 185)

Further, he forges the magic Sword. (Liber 13)

Let the Zelator take a piece of pure steel, and beat it, grind it, sharpen it, and polish it according to the art of the swordsmith…

Plus, a link between young dream ‘Laura’ and the real deal;

Q: And we have the Rho-Chi for Rosy Cross, and we have the Ida, which is Tejeda on Tenerife, and we have the REDDIS, which I am interpreting as Rhedae, or Rhea, which is another name for Ceres or Demeter, and REGIS as Dionysus, one being the earth and the other being the spirit, and the CELLIS being the feminine principle, and the Arcis being the masculine principle... and then we have this Prae-cum which is above the spider image. Why is the arrow pointing from the P-S down to the spider? What is the spider?

A: You know of the spider!

Q: Well, yes, but I know what I know, but I don't know if I am getting anywhere!

A: You will when you connect "the dots."

Q: Connect the dots... My God! Swords, daggers.... I GET IT!

A: It is the "destiny!"

Q: Yeah! I just got the image of the "Piercing of the spider," rather like pinning it to a piece of paper as a specimen where it can no longer spin its web and entrap!!!

A fascinating couple of questions where ‘Arcis’ also didn’t seem too far away from ‘Acis’…. plus, the interesting progression from Rosy Cross to Rhea then spirit to ‘spider’ was a light globe moment. Rhea’s association with dual lions, then taking me back to the dream sisters named ‘Aris’, that if taken as plural of Ari (Hebrew for lion) would be pronounced the same as ‘Aries’ - The Ram.

At which point I wondered if I was starting to ‘get it’ too, because there was one ‘spider’ that would make sense of a lot of things such as Iron Maiden + La Curandera by Clutch. Phyrgian caps too and other things Arian... or Aryan, Arean, Ariane;


Such that it seemed I'd come full circle - having returned to the ‘unicorn’…


A recognition that also came with the interesting side effect of no longer feeling compelled to forensically investigate, and try and connect, every single perceived dream symbol?

And shortly after a couple of dream renditions of ‘Ride Like the Wind’ - another song by an artist I was originally ignorant of - I even stopped writing down dream tunes - ;

Yeah, by Christopher Cross…so I didn't look too far into that one.

After the second occasion, also discovering an amusing sequence;


Which coincidentally seemed to tie in with last time I heard from the 'voice', where a very succinct 'ventum' had popped into my head one squally winter's day. Then on learning that the term was curiously relevant; being Latin for 'wind' and looking for examples of usage - stumbled upon this from Edgar Allan Poe;

...The head, of which only the back was visible, rivalled in outline that of the Greek Psyche, and was rather displayed than concealed by an elegant cap of gaze aérienne, which put me in mind of the ventum textilem ...

A seemingly very symbolic trio and equally poetic conclusion to the process. Resonant as they appeared alongside the perceived dream advice from 'Mr Cross' - Best That You Can Do is Think of Laura?

Figuring there was little more to do than accept the alluring image of 'the young Lady with the key' being around for a while yet...
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A shared affinity for ‘Imperator’ making the comment seem quite the synchronicity and as silly as it all sounds, was also taken as another nudge to continue and try to put this ‘…crossing the Rubicon’ thing into words…

Well, without boring anyone with the dream DJ’s song choices over the last 2 nights...after last nights pleasant surprise of a new session, this raised a smile tonight after another particularly shitty day.

Tumblr, it would seem, harvesting data directly from the forum 😊🙄 😷!


Not something I would normally share but the little ‘Start learning Latin’ at the bottom, did tickle the funny bone... 😬
You never know what attachments can come through channeling or any other types of dealing with other dimensions/realities/realms/densities.

It's funny but something about the name 'Sand' had been niggling away since first seeing the French 'Leo' network thread;

Then in what I thought was either a worrying display of the power of Face Book algorithms, or an amusing synchronicity following the 'Lion people / Wave / Hendaye' comment - later the same day this happened to pop up on FB as 'Suggested for you';

Where knowing that Jimi was a massive Bob Dylan fan (and 'Dylan' meaning son of the wave), couldn't help myself and clicked on the link to discover that not only was he an extraordinarily gifted artist, but also a UFO experiencer. Then noticed that one of the books on his favorites list was called 'Secret Places of the Lion: Alien Influences on Earth’s Destiny' by George Hunt Williamson...🙄

Curiosity tweaked and not having previously heard of the text nor author , on poking around Knights and 'Malta' then caught the eye following the last session;

George Hunt Williamson, UFO contactee and author, is the pen name of Dr. Michel D.M. d'Obrenovic (1926-1986), a prominent Christian scholar, Eastern Orthodox bishop, and Grand Prior of the Knights of Malta...

The name Malta from Melita = Bee and all that...quite an interesting character it turned out;

Then the following raised a smile;

Secret Places of the Lion also displays the clear and explicit influence of Immanuel Velikovsky.

... most space aliens are helpful and good, there are some very bad ones hanging out near Orion and headed for earth in force, bent on conquest.

Which almost felt like a pointed reference from the Universe (or evidence of the 'C's in Paisley with flowers in their hair) to the earlier ''we are coming and mean well'' comment?

So with it all feeling rather synchronous after the earlier statement regarding Lion dreams being 'amplified' - on putting 'Malta' together with 'Groove';

Figured it couldn't hurt to dig out 2018's dream diary and refresh myself with exactly how the 'Lion' subject went, relative to when the 'C's crystals arrived - which I got around to the other day.

Quite the eye opener as it turned out, particularly regarding recent posts, notably also rather 'musical' - the night of the crystals arrival;

Where I still remember the soppy lyrics, of a song I can't stand, coming as quite a surprise.

'Ros' in Dutch being horse, likewise German 'ross', Old High German 'hros', Icelandic 'hross', Old English 'hors' and Medieval 'horsa'.

'Horsa' as mare, then equated by Bayley to 'Ursa' - bear - also English 'horse' to French 'ours' - from Proto-Italic *orssos, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ŕ̥tḱos bear...

The following night;

And if anyone’s ever looking for something to fill their time, try finding the name of a tune you don't recognise with only 'love song' and 'dancing in the dark' to work with...

The Cathar designation of ‘perfect’ intriguing too imo.

2 nights later;

Another new one (though much more to my taste) that never would have been identified without the repeating lyric;

In this white wave I am sinking, in this silence
In this white wave, in this silence, I believe

[Male Gregorian Chant]

Gloria in excelsis Deo {Glory to God in the highest}
Gloria in excelsis Deo

I have seen you in this white wave you are silent
You are breathing, in this white wave I am free

Album cover was cool too;


And with lots of random etymological roots rolling around in my head, coincidentally many related to ‘white’...

A curiosity that now seems rather coincidental on re-reading the entry -

"Also saw a plaque carved with a female archer aiming to the left" and 'something about Saracen'?


And though I'd forgotten about the 'plaque', I do still remember being super frustrated about the 'something about Saracen' because I'd immediately kicked myself for having thrown out the box the crystals were delivered in... recalling there was something about Saracen on the postal stamping :-[

Had also forgotten about the 'Gregorian' bit until now?

(Pierre) Which song or type of music is closest to the tones and sub-tones that have those healing properties?

A: Gregorian chant.

Q: (Pierre) That's why Itellsya is always healthy. [laughter]

(Joe) I thought they were gonna say White Rabbit... [laughter]

Which seems funny in hindsight relative to mentioning 'Canus' a couple of posts ago!

But anyway, at the time the combination of the 'wave' lyric plus 'Saracen' and that the album was called Karma had made me wonder if the dream crystal might have been warming up?

Then 2 nights later 'believe' happened to feature again, this time unmistakable;

Where Cher's extraordinary vocal effect combined with being from an album of the same name, was enough of a prompt to start looking around a bit.

The official music video for "Believe"... features Cher in a nightclub in a double role as a singer on stage while wearing a glowing headdress and as a supernatural being in a cage (with auto-tuned voice)...

Which seemed a bit trippy, then I was struck by the translation of her wonderfully exotic birth name - Cherilyn Sarkisian.

Dear/darling Lion seemingly complementing the 'big cat' chic;


And interesting when paired with 'of the the line of Sarkis';

In Armenian, the name Sarkis means - protector, shepherd.

Especially when it was followed the next night with;

Where I'd immediately cringed at the thought of trying to make sense of the words Lynyrd and Skynyrd...which actually turned out to be deceptively easy;

Still known as The One Percent in 1969, Van Zant sought a new name after growing tired of taunts from audiences that the band had "1% talent". At Burns' suggestion, the group settled on Leonard Skinnerd, a mocking tribute to P.E. teacher Leonard Skinner at Robert E. Lee High School...The more distinctive spelling "Lynyrd Skynyrd" was being used at least as early as 1970

Brave lion Skinner, then seemed pretty witty...


After tracking 'Sweet Home Alabama' to;

"Alabama" comes from the native American Creek language meaning "tribal town"

Especially if, indeed, the dream crystal did have anything to do with anything?

Q: (L) Well, I think that obviously "tribal" means physiological spiritual union profile, and that that may have something to do with what we were talking about at a previous session when we asked about Caesar's soul group. Physiological spiritual union profile would be what defines what tribe you belong to, but it's a spiritual tribe and not necessarily specifically physical. You can grow into it according to some criteria... “graduate” was the term used. Am I correct here about a tribal group being like a soul group? Is that an accurate way of putting it?

A: Very close.

Because the following night also turned out be an opening salvo, musically, in a what appeared a persistent 'Cassiopaea' / Caesarean pairing?

The next;

"Hello, is it me you're looking for..."

By Lion-el Richie...

Lion of god, young lion, little lion, lion-like and so on + Mighty , brave, strong etc.

Which then reminded me why the name 'Sand' had seemed annoyingly familiar lately;


A statement from an author one could assume is familiar with the 'C's?

The battleground is within each of us... Unless we change ourselves, how will the reflection be changed? Hopefully, after this enduring encounter deep into the rabbit hole, you will realize how this reality has been manipulated by forces in the fourth dimension...

Something that you stumble across when researching dreams of French female soothsayers ...

Though I must say, I hadn't related 'white wave' to 'white Urmah' previously - which makes 'origin' interesting because I've noticed many people seem to identify anthropomorphic lions as 'Lyrans'?


And I guess if ones going to entertain thoughts of a reality that includes Greys and Lizzies etc. - who's to know?

But dream wise it provides a conundrum because 2 nights before 'Holy Diver' and 'the voices' Katania (mentioned earlier) that drove me mad for god knows how long, I'd also 'heard' the word 'Felids' followed by 'seeing' the word 'Felicit'?

Felicity is an English feminine given name meaning "happiness". It is derived from the Latin word felicitas meaning "luck, good fortune". It is also used as a form of the Latin name Felicitas, taken from the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Fortuna.

Coincidentally Julius Caesar's 'Genius'.

And 2 nights before that (scroll down in the link and check out the 'Sheppard' cover if anyone can be bothered)...;

Which happened to follow on from a rather out there "Baastet is the Lyran Homeworld" statement from 'the voice' the night before?

Where on investigation I learnt that the Greek equivalent, of the Egyptian goddess of the same name, happened to be Artemis - which as a dream symbol (to me) would be 'Orion'. Then coincidentally, the word 'alabaster' was said to be also derived from the name Bastet (she who anoints), coincidentally the material chosen by Pygmalion for his statue - 'she who is milk white'.

Quite the noodle frying correspondence only a month after succumbing to an inexplicable 'urge' to ask the following;

From: The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind
Sent: Friday, 26 May 2017 5:11 PM
To: James
Subject: Re: FW: Crystal Project

Hi James,

ALL the crystals are charged by Laura, Andromeda and Arielle (the last two being Laura's daughters). They are selected by them as well, for each individual request. Does that answer your question? I suggest you read all the sessions for more information about the process.

Kind regards,


On 24/05/2017 01:15, James wrote:

Hi Juliana,

Further to the request below, would it possible to please include the nom de guerre of the team member who ‘charged’ it, when it’s dispatched?

Thank you

From: The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind
Sent: Tuesday, 4 April 2017 3:35 PM
To: James
Subject: Re: Crystal Project

Hello James,

We received your request and will mail it asap. You forgot to send us you ZIP/postal code. Could I have it, please? Thanks!

Warm Regards,

Juliana Barembuem
The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind

On 04-Apr-17 7:23 AM, James wrote:

Hi Team,

No drama if it’s too late, donation made anyway.



Because I hadn't recognised 'Arielle' as a forum name at the time - a point of difference that then became moot anyway;

(Note: there are two Anna's mentioned in this session, one is Ark's ex-wife, the other is my daughter AKA Andromeda on the forum.)

Q: Well, her name is Arianna, and we called her Anna because it was short and easy...

Ended up at Lions either way - one of god and the other of grace...
Wondering then... if it was all about stars

Well the whole Caesar / Devin / White Lion thing certainly took an interesting turn after the last post, the melody to this following the same night ;

Something blandly commercial I guess I must have heard on the radio, after identifying the artist and despite 'Lime' being in their name;

And then 'Linda' was given a number of meanings such as beautiful or lion-like. Or alternatively as deriving from the 'Linden' or Lime tree - which soon led to;

"A limes was a frontier of the Roman Empire...

Roman writers and subsequent authors who depended on them presented the limes as a sort of sacred border beyond which human beings did not transgress..."

If it wasn't for the interesting artwork, would have let it go;


Then just when you think you know the meaning of a word... the etymology of 'Cordiale' came as a surprise - paired with 'Lime' anyway;

...from Medieval Latin cordiālis (“of the heart”), from cor (“heart”).

That Linden tree's have 'heart' shaped leaves for one, but also that 'Lin' (like Lyn) is sometimes given as meaning lion. Which made for a possible translation of 'Lin-den' as lions den, valley (den/denu) of the lion, lion vale/veil and so on.

Imagery when combined with cor being phonetically equivalent to Kore, then had me thinking about upside down 'Orion' and 'Sirius' (just for a change...) though now with the addition of 'Leo', more specifically the heart of the asterism, Regulus - because thanks to Merlin;

Sometime following the memorable appearance of 'Artemis / Europa' striking a pose and mirroring 'Orion' - as viewed from the Southern Hemisphere - 'aiming' at Sirius;

...another dream featuring futuristic airships [in this case flying over cities somewhere in the Northern Mediterranean]. While I was trying to identify the geographic location ‘my’ perspective was suddenly flipped to standing on the ground- where now I was looking up at a spectacular giant ‘Huntress’ figure, poised as though holding a Bow, wearing a ‘Pteryges’ type of skirt and although immobile like a statue, very ‘alive’ and strikingly familiar.

Unfortunately though while analysing the imagery and furiously trying to remember ‘Her’*, the image began to fade and the dream moved on...yet at this point I also became aware of incessantly hearing the name ‘Agamemnon.

I'd learnt that some people happen to equate The Iliad epic to the night sky, whereby Agamemnon was identified with Regulus or vice versa.

A line of thought that was probably unsurprisingly followed by 'Laura' making an appearance over the weekend... finding myself paying a lovely cordial dream visit to the Chateau even! Though I'm embarrassed to say, despite palpably recognising a slew of the FOTCM tribe, I don't think I was very good company...after being shown into a gloriously sunlit area with floor to ceiling windows, rustic features and beautiful stone framed open fire (where it was inferred the sessions took place), couldn't seem to drag my attention away from the C's 'board'!

Then on waking, cryptically ruminating on the fact that Laura is an Aquarius?

Guess where that went...

"According to the laws of precession, we are on the brink of the Age of Aquarius in the Northern Hemisphere, while in the Southern Hemisphere we are on the brink of the Age of Leo"

Straight to, not only 'White Lions', but also a Linda Tucker...;

Another possible origin is that the English surname Tucker originated as a nickname from the French "tout-coeur" meaning all heart.

Pretty much 'Lime Cordiale' personified...where soon after my hair nearly caught on fire!


Orion, Sirius and Regulus combined...the three elements from the 'Artemis' dream that have had me perplexed for 3years!

Then 'Mbube' (as the middle star in the Orion's 'belt') also seemed an uncanny coincidence with not only the 'Wim-o-weh' dream harmony mentioned recently;

"Wimoweh" is a mishearing of the original song's chorus of "Uyimbube"… Zulu for, 'You are a lion'. The song we know as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" or as "Wimoweh" was written in the 1920s by Solomon Linda a South African singer of Zulu origin. The name of the song was "Mbube" which is Zulu for "lion"...

But also to the prominent 'belt buckle' displayed as securing the item received from dream 'Ra' - which had ended up leading to Gobekli Tepe and contemplating comets in relation to the The Younger Dryas?

The 'Rubicon' as 'Rose Cross' theory went in a new direction also;


Well sort of...

Q: Now, supposedly, this area, Giza, was originally called Rostau. It took me awhile to realize that this is, literally, Ros-Tau, or Rose-Cross.

A: Yet another connection, but why?

Q: Well, I don't know! Rostau! That was even before it was called Giza. That is ANCIENT!

A: Yes.


Q: What is behind the little door in the Southern Shaft?

A: Secrets of the Parthenon.

Q: What are the secrets of the Parthenon?

Ironically from the 'core' session;

The epithet parthénos (παρθένος) meant "maiden, girl". The term was especially used for Artemis...

Which I thought also made for an interesting combination between Laura's postulation of mythological 'Orion' as 'Artemis' and Harold Bayley's word play relating 'Ros' to dew / dieu and also horsa / ursa?

Turned out 'Tau' meant lion in Tswana and Sotho too.

This also jumped out as notable due to Sirius' connection to an important red star, that certainly didn't sound like Regulus ?


But then every day's a school day...

Through a moderately large telescope, Regulus resolves into two objects separated by 176 arc seconds, the brighter one being Regulus A. The fainter one, Regulus B, is a cool “orange” dwarf star with a spectral classification of K2 V; it’s 0.8 times the mass of the sun, half as bright, and has a surface temperature of 4,885 Kelvin (8,333 °F or 4,612 °C).

Regulus B, meanwhile, has its own companion called Regulus C that’s only visible with powerful telescopes. This star, just 1/3 the mass of the sun, is a red dwarf...

Whereby it all became just plain fascinating on learning of the animals apparent genetic mutation (vs conventional albinism) and a proposed origin;


Interestingly the name 'Timbavati' also given as meaning the place where star lions descended on the Earth.

Not to mention, especially amidst all the 'prophetic' chatter of late, it also struck as interesting that Tucker identifies them as genetic pre-cursors?


Well after 5 years of wondering about 'knowledge being preparation to cross the Rubicon' and 3 and a half years since finding the forum. Happened to be standing outside having a cigarette yesterday and pondering a dozen or so dreams that have occurred over the last couple of weeks.

Same old, same old, all feminine symbols whose etymology continue to loop on lions, Caesar, bears, hunters, Grace - while staring into the distance quietly and pondering WTF? for the ten millionth time. Just as the thought flickered out a large pantechnicon drove past featuring a billboard of a womans face and the question 'Do you know Amelia?'. Not an Ad I'd seen before, though it was assumed the truck belongs a primary producing company that markets free range beef, lamb, wine etc.

No big deal obviously, but as the timing was so exquisite my first thought was along the lines of 'if Amelia is cognate with Aimée, I'm going to punch myself in the head'...

Amelia is derived from the German name Amalia, which in turn is a variation of Amalberga. The root, amal, is a Germanic word meaning “work”...

'Work' as an answer was nearly as bad - then a little while later inspiration happened to strike after logging on and I decided to start at the oldest page of 'The Work' forum.

2 pages in and I nearly fell over...found a post by Pierre from 2006!

In the Cs material knowledge is a central thing, logically the school analogy is used. So the passing from 3D to 4D is often called "graduation".

In France, the main graduation, A level (high school diploma) is called BACcalaureat or BAC.

Actually, BAC has also another meaning in French. It means river ferry, the one that helps you to go from one bank of the river to the other one (similar to the last task of Siddharta in Herman Hesse novel, it's also the core of Saint Christ hoper legend)

In mythology one very famous river crossing is the RUBIcon, it's the river that Julius Caesar would have decided to cross therefore opening a war.

Nowadays it means : "a bounding or limiting line; especially : one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably"

All that Dorothy needed to go back home was her RUBIshoes.

rubiCON includes the latin root "CON" that means "with"

Crossing the rubicon, crossing a bounding state, 3D STS ?

Crossing with the ruby ? From latin "rubeus" i.e. "red". Like Morpheus red pill ? like the alchemical red work ?

Now I REEEAAAALLLLY feel stuck in a program :shock:

Now I REEEAAAALLLLY feel stuck in a program :shock:

If we can trust some loose words as that that imbue an omnipresent truth, like as the universe was holographic enough to contain all its reality within even fractions of phrases or words, as well as, in a whole book, then they could be quoted almost at chance:
October 28, 1994 session
Q: (L) Is patience the key?
A: Yes.

January 2, 1995 session
Q: (L) Well, one thing he said to me was about something buried in my cellar.
Is there, in fact, something buried in my cellar?
A: Discover.
Q: (L) How am I to discover it other than digging the whole cellar out?
A: Patience will pave path.

January 11, 1995 session
Q: (L) Which way to go from where the hole is. How much deeper? I mean, I know you told us to keep on, but if we don’t find something pretty soon... I mean, how much can you dig? The whole cellar will disappear into this hole.
A: Patience pays.
Q: (L) Well can you just tell me how much deeper...
A: Sift carefully.
Q: (L) Sift the sand that’s already taken out or the sand that’s coming out?
A: All.
Q: (L) Do we need to go deeper?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Do we need to go wider?
A: Patience!!!

June 6, 1995 session
Q: (L) Well, what am I going to do?
A: Follow your instincts, but strongly suggest patience, or attack is successful!!!!!

November 4, 1995 session
A: Search, don’t jump over vital subject matter!!! Patience!!! This is not a relay race!

February 24, 1996 session
Q: (L) Well, I didn’t think it was personal data. I have a number of questions from people all over the world that I need to get answered, and it seems that people are interested, and I would like to get the material out there.
A: We have advised on this subject already, and patience is a virtue which builds strength!

April 28, 1996 session
A: […] Patience combined with kind invitations to participate in the learning process eventually allows the victim to awaken, thus to be open to cure. This helps you to build the “army” you seek. Isolation cures nothing. Thereby stiffling progress, as any and all will ultimately be seen as “portals.” Rather like “spinning one’s wheels,” yes??

June 10, 1995 session
(T) Is that particular subject something that we can work with through the board, or is it too complex a set of answers for the board to handle?
A: The problem is never the method. The problem is merely caretaking in discussion, learning, or a question and answer session. For example, if one seeks an answer to a complex question, one must be patient for the absorption of information is most important and missing any part of it will cause the entire answer to be misunderstood or incomplete. Therefore, any method can be used for receiving knowledge about complicated issues, however, patience is the key, otherwise the information will not be properly absorbed.

Few days ago, though much less tasteful than that made by Pierre, I made also a remark on Ruby shoes. "Bac," "Rubicon" build a convergence of symbols and concepts which is easily found in tales, myths, channelings and elsewhere. Pierre really made a fabulous remark. So it seems a good point to consider with some meditation or else in contemplative state.

Moreover, simply finding that above Pierre's post from an apparent nowhere, is like some use to say, a needle in a haystack. I do believe that when we ask with pure intentions, our subconscious can reach us.
December 28, 1997 session

Q: (L) Well, when one is dealing with psychology, what would be the best approach... what is the true aspect of the self or the being that one should inquire into in order to heal?
A: Subconscious mind.
Q: (V) Is the statement that psychology studies emotions, is that a fair statement?
A: No. Subconscious is same in body or out.
Q: (V) The subconscious is part of the soul?
A: One and same.
Last edited:
With both crystals and dreams coming up in the last sessions conversation, it was taken as a sign to put up with the merry go round a while longer and return to jotting down some notes. Such that this coming from Laura, of all people, seemed humorously appropriate the other day;

...Caesar's eyes were said to have been black (dark brown).

Because the dream maker has been having a quite the field day lately and of 15 or 16 nearly consecutive dreams, there has only been one female dream character, an acquaintance from 30 years ago, whose later interpretation didn't seem to reference either Caesar, Arthur, Soothsayers or Artemis - or all four at the same time?

Though I did briefly wonder if 'song' and 'to sing' was meant to have anything to do with the latest session?


Such that Laura's reference to 'dark eyes', relative to Caesar, then made the date seem coincidental in light of his day of birth being the 12th / 13th of July.

Particularly as following on from 'song' being inferred as a dream symbol, the night of the 13th I happened to cop an ear full of 'The Pointer Sisters' believe it or not...and as I was to discover the song from an album titled Breakout which was released on the Planet label - in hindsight seen then as possibly a correspondence sympathetic to Pierre's 'crossing the Rubicon' being metaphoric to transitioning from 3 to 4D?

And who knew there were so many sisters...

June - from Juno, whose sacred animal was the peacock, Roman equivalent of Hera and coincidentally also the goddess of eyebrows!

Patricia - feminine form of patricius, meaning patrician / noble man.

By Caesar’s time, the number of surviving patrician gentes was small; and in the gens Julia the Caesares seem to have been the only surviving family...

Anita - diminutive of Anne or Anna derivative of 'Hannah', meaning Grace

And always having thought they were a trio it turned out they briefly become a quartet, the year I was born, with the addition of Ruth. Another name of biblical origin apparently meaning companion.

Ruths daughter Issa then joining the group following Junes unfortunate departure in 2004;

Arabic form of JESUS. This form is found in the Quran and is used as a given name by Muslims. Arabic-speaking Christians instead use يسوع (Yasu') to refer to Jesus Christ.

An addition apparently soon followed by the hit "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" with Belgian singer - Natalia.

The name Natalia is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "birthday [of the Lord]". Natalia was derived from the Latin word natalis, meaning “birthday.” It refers to the birthday of Jesus Christ...

And on and on it goes...but anyway, jumping forward to yesterday 'Alice Cooper' (as a dream inclusion) then seemed a clangingly discordant addition to the series until learning that his real name was Vincent Damon Furnier.

Vincent - from Latin Vincentius, from vincēns (“conquering”), from the verb vincō.


Damon - either emblematic of true friendship or sometimes correlated with Latin daemon / Greek daimon;

...derived from Proto-Indo-European *daimon "provider, divider (of fortunes or destinies)," from the root *da- "to divide". Daimons were possibly seen as the souls of men of the golden age acting as tutelary deities...

According to Hesiod's myth, "great and powerful figures were to be honoured after death as a daimon…"

An interpretation that then appeared to suit the narrative considering 'Alice' had been preceded by a 'Tania'.

One etymology - of the house of Tatius - that funnily enough led (via the King of the Sabines and Sancus) to an old dream favorite,
Gaia Caecilia (Tanaquil) - of "as you are Gaius, I am Gaia" fame.

The second given meaning - Fairy Queen - not far behind, firstly leading to Shake-speare and soon turning Arthurian;

The character is also associated with the name Morgan (as with the Arthurian character of Morgan le Fey, or Morgan of the Fairies)...

Gaia Caecilia, once again, not far away...

In The Faerie Queene, Spenser's fairy queen is named Gloriana, and is also referred to as Tanaquill, which "appears to be an epithet for Gloriana, Queen of Faeries"... She is the daughter of Oberon, who in Shakespeare's later play is married to Titania, a name derived from Ovid as an epithet of the Roman goddess Diana...

Then looking into 'Titiana' made me laugh;


Guessing I should have known better than to post a picture of a donkey's head in a dream thread on the forum, the dream-maker not usually one to miss an opportunity...

And of course on then looking into 'Oberon', I ended up at Thomas Bulfinch and his mythos regarding 'The King of Faeries' parentage;

Julius Caesar, going by sea to join his army, was driven by a storm to take shelter in the island of Celea, where dwelt the fairy Glorianda. From this renowned pair I draw my birth...

Which apart from his notable Father, then all became a little confusing with his mother/wife and daughter all sharing the same appellations but anyway getting back around to 'Alice' and his surname 'Furnier' - figured that was probably going to be cracker?

German Furnier, from furnieren "to cover with a veneer, inlay," from French fournir "to furnish, accomplish," from Middle French fornir...

Which was a bit of a let down to be honest, until I recognised I was pronouncing it as Four near, where Pierre's Rubicon / Ruby relationship then rang a bell. And in such a long running Caesar / Jesus / Soothsayer / Artemis dream thread - gotta say that it does seem coincidental that the land of Oz (relative to Dorothy) developed from the first two letters of The Wizards name?

Oscar - a combination of deer-loving one / friend of deer + spear of god

Zoroaster - also known as Zarathustra

'Zar' Persian for gold or German for Tsar, equivalent to Czar...which could be illustrative of Caesar + 'Aster'

August could be interesting?
...the dream-maker not usually one to miss an opportunity...

Well it doesn't seem to have taken long with 'the black / dark - OZ' thing...

Your comet mention gave me a tingle re: the ‘fireworks’ narrative - coincidentally dreamt this last night.

After learning yesterday that Katy Perry's birthname was actually 'Hudson';

...transferred use of an Anglo-Scottish surname originating from a medieval personal name “Hudde” which itself has three possible origins. One, it’s widely thought to be a pet form of the Old Saxon name Hugh which comes from a Germanic word “hug” meaning ‘heart, mind, spirit.’

Decided to look a bit further at the song this morning.

As she sings into the night, fireworks burst from her soul...

Something that then made the earlier 'Pointer Sisters' reference pretty funny, because it turned out Katy's Album won a Juno Award in 2011, which felt rather appropriate after checking out the Track Listing;


Noticing then they were also the only 2 songs on the album produced by the eye-catchingly name Stargate, who it turned out won
the 2013 World Music Award for the World's Best Video;

... the song "Almost Home" co-produced and interpreted by Mariah Carey for the Walt Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful...

And knowing where the root of the name 'Mariah' would go, left only 'Carey';

Carey, Cary or Carrey is a surname that has four distinct geographical origins, in order of numeracy: Ireland, the English West Country, Wales and France.

Some forms contain the Old Irish adjective 'ciar'- 'black/dark'...

...through its early phonetic anglicisations... from Ó Carráin/Ó Corráin (County Tipperary), with the Irish root 'carra/corra'- 'spear'...

And so it goes :-) bad could it be visualising my dream girl BEFORE the dream maker has 'her' way for the rest of the evening...

Well I'm only four chapters in and yet to get to the meat and potatoes of 'Seven Nights in a Rogues Bed', but happened to have a pleasant dream visit from a voluptuous and swarthy 'Julii' night before last - lustrous black hair, dark brown eyes, deeply tanned olive skin and all exquisitely complemented by a scarlet red bikini...without going into specifics, later interpreted that I was meant to be sharing some more dreams.


So, skipping one (nothing that hasn't been alluded to 50 times anyway...) and continuing on from the Wizard of OZ, black / dark, spear thing. Had an extensive dream featuring a very famous musician (Black hair, brown eyes yada yada), on the 11th that ultimately left me pondering 'hamlet' as a symbol.

Then on eventually getting around to Shake-speare, making a Caesar / Jesus connection that gave much cause for thought - particularly in regard to the peculiar gaius : cassia circumstance touched on here;

Ignorance not being anywhere near as blissful as some say...

Gaius Cassius Longinus came from a very old Roman family, gens Cassia,

On the Ides of March, 44 BC, Cassius urged on his fellow liberators and struck Caesar in the chest.

Because didn't that just put a whole new spin on the 'spear' dream narrative...

And Oz, as it related to Hamlet;

L. Frank Baum's first published short story was "They Played a New Hamlet" (1895)...

Apparently based on one of his experiences while playing the lead role!

So with coincidences building, decided to dig a bit deeper;

The story of Shakespeare's Hamlet was derived from the legend of Amleth...

...prince Amleth (Amblothæ) is the son of Horvendill (Orwendel)...

Bingo, there 'they' are - had been down the 'Orwendel' dream path before;

The Khorasmians adopted Orion's stars as a figure of their zodiac in place of Gemini...The early Irish called it Caomai, the Armed King; the Norsemen, Orwandil...Weigel figured it as the Roman Two-headed Eagle; and De Rheita, of 1643, found somewhere among its stars Christ's Seamless Coat and a Chalice...

Also known as Aurvandil;

...cognate with Old English Ēarendel ('morning star, dawn, ray of light'), with Old High German Orentil and Middle High German Orendel, the name of a hero...

And coincidentally Ēarendel leads straight to 'Christ';

... a triad of Old English religious poems in the Exeter Book, known collectively as Christ. Christ comprises a total of 1664 lines and deals with Christ's Advent, Ascension and Last Judgment.

Interestingly enough also to Tolkien;

J. R. R. Tolkien was inspired by references in the Crist poem, deriving both the character Eärendil, also associated with the morning star, and his use of Middle-earth from it (see Sauron Defeated p. 236f.). The Quenya phrase, "Aiya Eärendil, elenion ancalima!", literally "Hail Eärendil, brightest of stars!", bears a strong similarity to the line "Hail Earendel, brightest of angels" in Crist I, even so far as to use the same syntax as the Old English version.

Which on getting to Hamlet / Amleth - soon became intriguing amidst the Artemis : Orion : Caesar : Arthur loop;

Amleth (Latinized Amlethus, Old Icelandic Amlóði) ... Amlóði is recorded as a term for a fool or simpleton in reference to the character of the early modern Icelandic romance or folk tale. One suggestion is based on the "fool" or "trickster"

'Fool and Trickster' once again terms intertwined with 'the Hunter';

‘Kesil Horeph’, in Hebrew, is another description of the Orion constellation and it also means ‘Fool’. It is said that Kesil may have referred to the ‘Foolish Messiah’, but that Nimrod (another version of Orion, the Hunter, the Trickster) influenced Kesil himself, according to Babylonian texts that were made after the great flood...


A more recent suggestion is based on the Eddaic kenning associating Amlóði with the mythological mill grótti, and derives it from the Old Irish name Admlithi "great-grinding", attested in Togail Bruidne Dá Derga. Amlóða kvern ("Amlodi's quern" or "Hamlet's mill")...

A curiosity that then set off the 'C's antenna when looking into 'the mill' mythology, as both the Poetic and Prose Edda's set the tale as occuring during the reign of a King Fróði.

...and this was at the time when Caesar Augustus proclaimed peace on earth and the Christian figure Jesus was born.

A correspondence that I've been chewing on since;

The form Fróði is still in use in Icelandic and Faroese and appears Latinized as Frotho or Frodo. This form of the name is used by J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings for the main character.

Because it seems like there's something important going on here?

From the Crist -

éala éarendel engla beorhtast
ofer middangeard monnum sended

The first line is paralleled by Frodo Baggins' exclamation in The Two Towers, Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima!, which in Tolkien's invented language of Quenya means, "Hail Eärendil, brightest of stars!" Frodo's exclamation was in reference to the 'Star-glass' he carried, which contained the light of Eärendil's star, the Silmaril...

Two days later, 'Alice' was back - this time with a different song;

Great tune, cool lyrics but didn't think much more about it, figuring the previous 'Caesar , Four near' etc. would suffice?

Obviously not, receiving a solid dose of the same song the following off I went, eventually the songwriting team caught the eye-

Richie Sambora
Jon Bon Jovi
Alice Cooper
Desmond Child

Had never heard of the 4th character but considering Bon Jovi and 'Alice' had both previously been interpreted with connections to Caesar, had a quick look at Richie (ruler, leader etc.). Middle name 'Stephen' meaning wreath, crown (laurel?) though 'Sambora' turned up zip (didn't look that hard actually).

But none of that felt very relevant anyway, until I eventually discovered he'd recently ended a relationship with Australian guitarist Orianthi and my jaw dropped (26 years his junior...bloody rock-stars). Also wondering was that meant to be an 'Orion / Artemis' clue - figuring Mr Child would be the one to confirm it?

Born John Charles Barrett...cue eye roll;

There are numerous suggested origins for the surname Barrett. The chief source is the first name that has the form Berault or Beraud in French, and means "bear power." It is closely associated in derivation with Bernard, meaning "firm bear." ...

Leaving it at that, a couple of nights later (coincidentally the evening of the recent 'C's session) a stunningly radiant 'Gillian Anderson' (of X-Files fame) then showed up -


With this playing in the background;

Which was all very romantic actually, although I did think the song was by Maria Mckee. ;-)

Wrong Tom Cruise film...

And unsure whether the copper haired beauty was meant to be interpreted as 'herself' or Mulder's partner - started with 'Gillian';

Gillian is a medieval feminine form of Julian, which is derived from the from Julius...

Of course it was...because that made 'Anderson' a perfect accompaniment;

...a surname deriving from a patronymic meaning "son of Anders/Andrew" (itself derived from the Greek name "Andreas", meaning "man" or "manly"). It originated in parallel in the British Isles and the Nordic countries.

'Son of man', as it is, being an eschatological figure in some circles!

Needless to say her alter ego than became even more interesting, 'Dana', Danaë, Danu etc. all intrinsic with Cassiopeia in my mind, which left only 'Scully'?

... of Irish origin meaning "herald or town crier".

Which felt like I was just back to Eärendil, again...

So moved onto analysing 'Berlin';


The Bear is not only part of Berlin’s coat of arms, but also in the hearts and souls of probably every Berliner – everybody’s darling – and it’s literally everywhere...

Yep, so moving onto the vocalist that wasn't Maria Mckee - who also goes under the moniker 'Berlin';

I'm really starting to hope that her Christian name has got something to do with something...

A form of Theresa, the meaning of Terri is "harvester, reaper".

As mentioned elsewhere, finally got around to reading Dan Simmons fantastic Hyperion / Endymion quartet a little while ago (thanks again for the heads up luc) and feeling rather bereft following its completion (and the fate of Aenea), struggled for a little while looking for something, of similar quality, to continue in its place as light relief from the Romance novel project. Which annoyingly proved an awful lot harder than I thought it would until, in some strange twist, I now find myself part way into book 4 of Frank Herbert’s epic Dune series - a saga last revisited as teenager.

And intriguingly, though probably understandably, it’s proving even more compelling now than it did then (which is REALLY saying something) and mainly due to the fact that instead of just being drawn into, dazzled and titillated by the rich imagery, context and characters. Now, much of Herbert’s exquisite use of imagination and mythology isn't going straight over my head and thus, after all these decades, thoroughly captivating in that I also seem to be finding perceived dream connections everywhere?

Which while interesting subjectively, as a thought experiment if nothing else, still doesn’t seem worthy of sharing but then on the other hand, have also been having lots of funny synchronicities lately and if experience is anything to go by - that usually means I'm meant to share something 'Caesarean'... this one made me smile, following on from previous Ēarendel, Aurvandil etc. thought bubbles and as the previous post ended with a symbol of 'harvest' - in an attempt to provide some context - starting to read Hyperion had coincidentally come shortly after the last post and that part 1 'The Priest's Tale: "The Man who Cried God", introduced a disaffected holy man named Paul who symbolically;

...crucified himself to a tesla tree in a desperate attempt to rid himself of the cruciform. For seven years, Father Duré had been continually electrocuted and resurrected.

Immediately captured the imagination, for a number of reasons (dreams included), such that I felt the urge to look into 'his' surname Duré - the first search result turning up;

This name derives from the Old Norse “Þórir”. 1) The variant form of “Thor (Þórr)”, the name of a Norse god, the personification of thunder. 2). A variant form of the Proto-Norse “*Þunra-wíhaR”, composed of two elements: “þónr” (thunder) plus “*wīhaR / *wīha” (fighter/holy).

And with Thor / Aurvandil et. al. intrinsically linked, to my mind (possibly alluding to Sirius, Osiris, Orion/Artemis etc.) made the addition of the 'tesla' component interesting. As mentioned elsewhere, the Slavic root of 'tesla' often given as meaning harvester.

Tenuous as that sounds, enough of a 'marker' to then send me rifling through dream diaries for an item that had perplexed for quite some time. Eventually finding it, back in April 2018, where following a very memorable sequence of events 'my' vision had been simply filled with;


Which meant nothing at the time and little more after doing some research.

Unless 'Hyperion' was meant be some abstract 'Caesar' reference?

Hyperion was regarded as the “first principle” by Emperor Julian,[5]

But that didn't really 'feel' right so it was left to ferment.

A curiosity that then made the timing of Laura introducing the Romantic fiction thread seem ironic, as I'd only made it to Chapter 2 "The War Lovers" at the time and had been further engaged with the introduction of a mysterious and passionate -'Moneta'. As it turned out another epithet of the Roman goddess Juno (what a surprise...Greek Hera, peacocks and all that) such that followed as it was by 'The Poet's Tale' (will get around to Shake-speare shortly) - by the time an enigmatic character identified as simply 'The Consul' had been introduced (Part Six, The Consul's Tale: "Remembering Siri")

Siri is a Scandinavian female given name. It is a short form of Sigrid, of Old Norse origin, and literally meaning "beautiful victory"

Had started to wonder that with 'Consuls' and 'Laurels' unfolding, perhaps dream 'Hyperion' had been an abstract 'Caesar' reference - all that seemed to be missing was an ursine underlay?

Well... that was until the 3rd book, 'Endymion', introduced a female protagonist and eventual 'Messiah' - who called herself Aenea;


Sending me back to the diaries again - from October 2017;

... a dream where I found myself being seated at a table with a group, preparing for a presentation. The impression being that the other participants had something to do with the ‘C’s [Laura wasn’t there though?] and we were about to be shown/taught something to do with ‘The Mysteries’.

Then as the screen started to roll a question was asked ‘Who is Aeneas’?

Followed by silence until ‘I’ answered something along of the lines of ‘the progenitor of Rome, ascendant of Caesar’. Which apparently wasn’t the correct answer…..

Where now I wondered if perhaps I'd misheard the dream 'question'...dumb as that sounds.

But anyway, (and apologies to any unfamiliar with this thread also Herbert's / Simmon's space operas) unsure of whether it was all the sub-conscious 'Duke' stuff from the romance novels, upon eventually moving onto Dune and another story revolving around Pauls and Messiahs. Soon found myself pausing at previously unseen details that years of etymological snooping (initiated by trying to make sense of these friggin dreams) now had the mind whorling. The early pivotal role played by Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam for starters.

That the 'Imperial Truthsayer' (Soothsayer) shared a Christian name with Gaius Julius Caesar firstly seen as an interesting choice by the author, later reinforced by Leto II's later use of the phrase "Et tu, Brute".

Also bringing to mind a random, though interesting, correspondence in light of earlier 'soothsayer' dream symbols;

Q: (L) So, in some alternate reality, DM is a preying mantis...

A: And so are you. And all others.

Q: (L) This is an essence of what?

A: Her being.

Q: (L) Are these aspects of our being coming to earth as part of the realm border crossing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are all of us going to have to face these aspects of ourselves as other beings?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there other parts of us in all realms doing other things at this moment?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And how is this going to be affected by the realm border crossing?

A: Will merge.

Q: (L) Do we need to do extensive hypnosis to bring these aspects of ourselves up and deal with these things a little at a time?

A: Will happen involuntarily. Will be like a thermonuclear blast. Message follows: See pattern. Orion, Pleiades, Arcturas, Cassiopaea...

Considering 'Harvest', the Wave and transitioning to 4D as a dream topic anyway;

The name mantis, which means “diviner,” was given to this insect by the ancient Greeks because they believed that it had supernatural powers. Its current name, mantid, or “soothsayer,” also reflects this belief. Numerous myths and legends are associated with the mantid because it can remain motionless or sway gently back and forth, with head raised and front legs outstretched in an apparent attitude of supplication. According to superstition, the brown saliva of a mantid can cause blindness in a man, and a mantid, if eaten, can kill a horse or mule. The common name praying mantid and the scientific name Mantis religiosa, together with many other names such as Gottesanbeterin (German), prie-Dieu (French), prega-Diou (Provençal), and the West Indian “god-horse,” suggest piety.

Where Herberts's use of Islamic terminology and 'her' surname being Mohiam - too seemed rather striking.

Hiam is a muslim girl name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. 'Hiam' name meaning is Czar lover...

Particularly as the prefix 'Mo-' apparently means hair in Urdu - just like caesaries does in Latin.

The word "czar" is of Slavic origin, etymologically originating from the name "Caesar", as with the word 'tsar,' a title of sovereignty, first created and used by the First Bulgarian Empire.

The Bulgarian connection then making the book-ending of 'Helen', with names of Caesar, stand out;

...the Celtic and Slavic languages belong to the same linguistic family, Indo-European, which means they ultimately stem from one and the same source language, perhaps spoken somewhere in the broad region of the Crimean Black Sea, approximately 10,000 years ago? As we have already seen, ‘elen’ in Slavic Bulgarian means ‘deer’. In Russia, a girl’s name meaning Helen is Jelena; in Poland, the word for a deer is jelen...

'Her' sharing a name with the daughter of Nemesis also quite the symbol, touched on elsewhere, from Manly P. Hall;

The siege of Troy is a symbolic account of the abduction of the human soul (Helena) by the personality (Paris) and its final redemption, through persevering struggle, by the secret doctrine--the Greek army under the command of Agamemnon...

An explanation that had originally come as a bit of a shock, coming as it did a couple of years after an interesting dream experience;

...while analysing the imagery and furiously trying to remember ‘Her’*, the image began to fade and the dream moved on :( yet at this point I also became aware of incessantly hearing the name ‘Agamemnon’.

*Yes an Artemis figure but the reason for the striking familiarity took a while to dawn on me. Eventually recognising that ‘she’ was mirroring the pose of the ‘Orion’ constellation - when seen from here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Even more so after finding this reference in the early transcripts;

July 16, 1994 [1]

"Frank", "Candy" and Laura

Q: Hello.
A: Hello.
Q: Do you have any messages for us?
A: Keep doing what comes naturally.
Q. (L) In what respect?
A: Study.
Q: (L) What is your name?
A: Mucpeor.[2]
Q: (L) Are you an alien from another planet?
A: Alien from your perspective, yes.
Q: (L) What is your group called?
A: Corsas.
Q: (L) Where are you from?
A: Casiopaea.
Q: (L) Where is that?
A: Near Orion.

[2] This was an unusual name. Up to this point in time, the names we had been given had all been, more or less, familiar. Names like "Dave" or "John" or "Mary" were not uncommon with the "dead dude" type contacts. Some of them even used archaic, but still familiar names like "Agamemnon" or "Aquila." So, a completely unfamiliar name with no known connection was a first.

And as others relate 'Helen' to grail keeper, Arthurian muse, The Shekinah, Artemis and all sorts of other cool (and perhaps Celestial) things?

'Her' part in the testing of 'Pauls' humanity under threat of the gom jabbar, then really got me wondering whether Herbert's choice of wording was purely coincidental?

Jabbar (Arabic: جبار‎) is an Arabic word meaning "giant" or "almighty"... it is one of the Names of God in Islam...

In medieval Muslim astronomy, Orion was known as al-jabbar...

And amusingly (in an Art, Arc, Ark kind of way) the first result on searching for a root of 'gom' happened to be that it's Korean for well as an obsolete, euphemistic term for God, whose root was identified as the Irish "gámaí" - meaning fool.

The Bible mentions Orion three times, naming it "Kesil" (כסיל, literally – fool).

Thinking that was a bit ridiculous, decided to follow another track;

Borrowed from Late Latin gumma, from Latin cummi, gummi, from Ancient Greek κόμμι (kómmi), from Egyptian qmy (“anointing oil”), qmyt (“acanthus resin, gum”).

Where 'acanthus' caught the eye;

Acanthus is a genus of about 30 species of flowering plants in the family Acanthaceae, native to tropical and warm temperate regions, with the highest species diversity in the Mediterranean Basin and Asia. This flowering plant is nectar producing and is susceptible to predation by butterflies, such as Anartia fatima, and other nectar feeding organisms. Common names include Acanthus and Bear's breeches...

And had to laugh at 'Bears' breeches' - a double plural - considering both 'Pauls' Father and son (a male twin) were both named Leto... mother of the twins Artemis and Apollo and who could go past checking out the gloriously named 'Anartia fatima';

Anartia fatima, the banded peacock, is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It is commonly found in south Texas, Mexico, and Central America but mostly studied in Costa Rica. This butterfly prefers subtropical climates and areas in which there is a lot of moisture, such as near rivers. It spends much of its time in second-growth areas, meaning woodland areas that have regrown after harvest.

Where I figured things were just getting silly so figured if I was going analyse Dune like dream symbols, then I was going to need a couple more lifetimes so dropped it.

Then as these things often happen, while immersed in book 3 'Children of Dune', around about the time 'Paul' (now blind) walks off into the desert leaving the 2 children in the care of Fremen - Michael B-C shared this fantastic post;

This emblem is representative of a balancing of a deep duality that runs as a seem of gold through all the works. It is the signature of the Gemini and a sign post to the reality of ‘both your poets’, the series of references in the sonnets that has much baffled scholars for good reason.

The esoteric title, or statement, or self-identifier, SHAKE-SPEARE, is extremely ancient in source meaning. The same goes for the other esoteric tag line SWEET SWAN OF AVON. Neither of these have anything to do with Stratford or Warwickshire. They are occult terms with very profound roots in hidden knowledge and processes.

If you are a SHAKE-SPEARE, you are a sworn initiate of the gods Apollo and Athena.

Where the naming choice for the twinned AA symbol was intriguing.

Then strangely enough, after sharing a 'C's quote regarding "paying attention to repetitive dreams" a couple of days after;

How can you remember dreams?

The dream maker decided to treat me to a couple of nights of repetitive crooning...quite romantic actually;

And not for the first time with this tune either...but had never bothered with trying to make sense of it before - figuring 'Olivia' would have something to with an Olive Tree, 'Newton' was literally new town and 'John' meant grace - as for 'Grease' who knew.

But this time around, Greece popped into my head and badum tish - yep... Olive tree + Greece = Athena.

And 'Hercules' too so it turned out (via his 'club'), which slayed the Lion of Cithaeron, whose pelt he removed and wore over himself... of the labours of Heracles was to catch the Cretan bull, which would fit the Orion–Taurus conflict in the sky. Ptolemy described him with club and lion’s pelt, both familiar attributes of Heracles, and he is shown this way on old star maps...

Where the fashionably late arrival of Odysseus' patroness, in the dream scheme of things, then also seemed likely notable, considering;

But on the other hand, there weren't any 'Lions, Tigers and Bears' connections?

The phrase "Lions, tigers and bears" is a direct reference to The Wizard of Oz...

Unlike with many of these dreams and now seemingly 'embodied' by the intriguing Aenea?

Plus, there was something about Michael's post that 'felt' very important, so transposed Athena back to Olivia and Shake-Speare and hit search...

Olivia is a fictional character from William Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night, believed to have been written around 1600 or 1601. She is at the centre of the various plots, both the comedic and the romantic. She has various suitors.

Hello...'Twelfth Night, or What You Will' - 12th Night, Knight, night sky, Arthur - round tables and all that.

...a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written around 1601–1602 as a Twelfth Night's entertainment for the close of the Christmas season. The play centres on the twins Viola and Sebastian, who are separated in a shipwreck. Viola (who is disguised as Cesario) falls in love with Duke Orsino, who in turn is in love with Countess Olivia. Upon meeting Viola, Countess Olivia falls in love with her thinking she is a man.

Plus Dukes AND twins...

Orsino as a boys' name is of Latin derivation, and Orsino means "bear". Orsino is an alternate form of Orson (Latin): in an old French story.

A male twin named "Sebastian";

Latin Sebastianus. This was originally an ethnic name meaning ‘man from Sebastia’, a city in Pontus named from Greek sebastos ‘revered’ (the Greek equivalent of Augustus).

And a gender bending love triangle featuring a female Viola disguised as male Cesario!

Hmmm...wondering then why 'Viola' seemed so familiar - eventually recognising that it was mentioned in the transcripts somewhere;

Q: (L) My son read the last session notes and he wants to ask what kind of instrument he is?

A: Base Viol.

Q: (Atriedes) Bass Viola or Violin? (L) Bass Viol. (Atriedes) Are you guys being like arbitrary about this? I mean is it just like picking randomly, like random number theory or something? (L) Must be. (Atriedes) Okay I'm a bass. I am a bassist I like that. Thank-you guys. (B) Well I've got to have someone to counter rhythm my tuba. (L) What is Athena?

A: French Horn.

Q: (L) What is Galatea?

A: Piccolo.


AND an 'Athena' I looked at what exactly a 'French Horn' was?

The name "French horn" is found only in English and Dutch, first coming into use in the late 17th century. At that time, French makers were preeminent in the manufacture of hunting horns, and were credited with creating the now-familiar, circular "hoop" shape of the instrument. As a result, these instruments were often called, even in English, by their French names: trompe de chasse or cor de chasse

Where 'cor' as Latin for heart and/or related to Kore etc. prompted an investigation of 'trompe' - which returned meanings such as trunk, horn or probiscus with this as an example of usage;

"la trompe d'un éléphant" an elephant's trunk...

And seeing as last time I came across Augustus and elephants I ended up at a red river and Acis, out of curiosity I wondered whether there was any connections between Shake-speare and Piccolo. First search result turned up the following;

" Shakespeare's Winks " are three pieces for piccolo (flute, recorder, or any other melodic instrument) composed by Juan María Solare (an Argentine pianist who lives in Germany) and performed by Cecilia Piehl...

The composer's eye catching name seeming a nice touch, plus the old Cecilia, Sicilia, Catania conundrum echoed the perceived coincidence that the performers surname 'Piehl' was derived from arrow - so just had to have a look;


Hahaha...thought that was gold ;-) I've done it.

Just finished with dinner, start ironing work clothes for tomorrow and next to me my youngest starts merrily singing away to herself (head-phones on).


💜 I've done it.

A comment by Laura regarding 'pattern recognition run amok' seemed rather ironic the other night, deeply contemplating just that subject recently (not for the first time) and brought to the fore once more on catching 5 minutes of the recent Graham Norton Show. Sitting down in the middle of an interview with an African American actress who, to my embarrassment, despite looking vaguely familiar turned out to be quite the accomplished professional. Academy, Tony and Emmy award winning and this year apparently ranked by The New York Times as ninth on its list of "The 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century"...

A product of the Julliard School (name for Augustus Julliard), had to roll my eyes on hearing her name was Viola, one of her roles a 'Dr Minerva' and her husband Julius.

Back to pondering odds of coincidence, probabilities, degrees of separation and so on as it regularly seems, whenever I ignore, cut short or disregard 'urges' to share certain dreams on the forum - feels like there's just no getting away from 'reminders' about the subject, no matter where I look?


Stopped in for a pint the other day and uncharacteristically didn't have any cash...

Obviously nothing that would raise an eyebrow normally, except that the abstract 'Olivia / Grease / Viola' dream thing has been going on for a while now, from the night following the previous post as it happens - where the long deceased Father of my first love paid a surprising visit.

Looking fit and well, very animated and appearing much as when I saw him last actually (30 years ago), which would have placed him in his 50's. And that being said, there was something notably different about 'his' appearance that I also couldn't quite put my finger on... coming across as a bit of a Johnny Cash / Elvis / Fonzie type character, such that I was unable to focus on what he was attempting to tell me - instead fixated on trying to figure out who 'he' reminded me of?

Giving up after a while and returning attention to what he was saying, the only thing I could understand was the word 'kenickie' - then he disappeared? On waking, thinking that was pretty amusing because in hindsight 'he' had looked like a character from the movie 'Grease' - reminiscent of an 'old' Danny Zuko actually :-)

Also realising it was the classic 50's 'hair' that had me intrigued, but then I wondered why 'Kenickie'? What a strange thing to say - so started there;

His facial features consist of dark-blond hair which is always styled in either a pompadour or an elephant trunk...


Uh-huh, well that was new one on me, knew what a pompadour and a ducktail was but...

So on considering the inclusion of 'Olivia' etc. in the post the day before, figuring it looked like we hadn't finished with the 'Grease / Greece' subject yet?

Which was then taken as interesting in that, in real life, my dream visitor's surname also happened to have been Hunter and with the root of his first name resolving in to leader of the army, army commander etc. References taken as perhaps revisiting Artemis / Orion in combination with Agamemnon / Caesar?

Or was Athena / Olivia / Viola / Cesario something to with Sandy?

But couldn't see any link between 'Sandy' and 'Kenickie' so moved not only discover that the guy who played the character had a hell of name to interpret - Jeffrey Charles William Michael Conaway - he was also at one stage married to Olivia Newton John's sister...making then for an interesting metaphorical relationship relative to 'Olivia' as Athena!

But, funnily enough, the main thing that 'kenickie', as symbol, kept triggering in my mind was actually his 'on screen' partner 'Rizzo'...and that was probably because Stockard Channing's spunky character had captured both my heart and precocious imagination a looonnngggg time ago, the memory still vivid of having been taken, as a 6 or 7 year old, to the Drive-in to see the film as a new release. Also my poor Mother, for years afterwards, suffering a barrage of questions that were always disappointingly answered with 'When you're older you'll understand'...

So had a look at 'Rizzo';

The surname Rizzo was first found in various parts of Italy including early references in Emilia-Romagna, Venice, Bologna as well as in Lombardy and Tuscany. This name comes from the Italian word "ricco" meaning "curly." The name most likely referred to someone with curly hair.

Hmm...coincidentally similiar to 'Kenickie's' elephant trunk.

So sensing a pattern, started working back through the post from the previous day. Trompe from 'French Horn' - Athena / Olivia / Viola / Cesario - Twelfth Night - Arthur / Orion / Oddyseus and back to Gaius Helen Mohiam - whose name seemed drenched in Caesarisms, 'hair' being one.

the prefix 'Mo-' apparently means hair in Urdu - just like caesaries does in Latin.

Before moving forward again with 'Rizzo', where the uniqueness (to me) of 'Stockard' as a female Christian name begged further investigation;

Scottish: occupational name for a trumpeter, Gaelic stocaire, an agent derivative of stoc ‘Gaelic trumpet’.

Good grief... from elephant trunk to trompe to trumpeter !!

A correspondence that actually briefly inspired an image of Donald Trump, with his over the top hair style seemingly not that unlike the boys in Grease - also making his recent alignment with Caesarisms seem a little spooky :shock:

Then moved onto 'Channing';

... of English, Irish origin meaning "people of Cana or wolf cub".

Which happened to be interesting on both fronts; 'Cana' the purported location of Jesus' first miracle and secondly, the She-wolf a pretty recognisable Roman Icon. Mythologized Mother of twins and depending on who you read, the original wolf goddess was 'Leto'... so was back to Artemis / Apollo...or the Atreides?

Inspired then by 'Hunters' and 'Horns', on a whim randomly Googled Gaelic and chasse - ala trompe de chasse;

‘In medieval continental mythology and in regions of Britain,’ says Nigel Jackson, ‘the ancient god-king Arthur is seen as the leader of the Hunt, known in France as the ‘Chasse Arthur’ [Arthur’s Hunt] He took souls away to ‘Arthur’s Bower,’ the chthonic northern airt...


Arthur conflated with not only Wotan but Osiris...again.

...Odin as Orion another intriguing postulation imo

But that still left one thread hanging;


An abundance of different tales of the Wild Hunt have been recorded in Germany. The leader, often called der Schimmelreiter, is generally identified with the god Wotan, but sometimes with a feminine figure: the wife of Wotan, Holda ('the friendly one'; also Holle or Holt), Fru Waur, or Fru Gode in Northern Germany; or Perchta (the bright one; also Berchta, Berhta or Berta) in Southern Germany.

Who was on first base?

The following night, the dream DJ seemingly back on deck;

And after taking ages to identify the bloody thing, seemed a worthy effort because it turned out to be a funky song and the lyrics made me smile;

I was waitin' for the operator on the line

Communication breakdown all around

You got me runnin' (run, run) you got me searchin'

Insufficient data coming through...

Album cover was cool too :cool:


Then on reading this;

The large spaceship on the album's cover (by now symbolic of the group) was designed by Kosh with art by Shusei Nagaoka. It was based on the logo Kosh designed for ELO's previous album, A New World Record, and looks like the space station with a docking shuttle from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A name jumped out and smacked me between the eyes - 'Bowman'...the movie's protaganist!

What a spaz.

Intending to set the film apart from the "monsters-and-sex" type of science-fiction films of the time, Kubrick used Homer's The Odyssey as both a model of literary merit and a source of inspiration for the title...

How hadn't I recognised 'that' before...also quite a coincidence following only just posting a link to Thomas Degeorge's 'Ulysse' - as Orion!


Therefore prompting a review of the memorable 'Blue Danube' scene;

Guess what the shuttle turned out to be called...

Uh huh...and on it went - the twinned AI;

HAL 9000 was originally named Athena...

Hahaha, starting to wonder that maybe trompe et al, as something to do with 'Trump' might not have been such a dumb idea after all?

Q: (L) Well that makes me think of something. Reading all of these analyses about the Odyssey, it's almost like the Odyssey is an epic story that describes a world similar to our own. When Odysseus comes back to his home, he finds it occupied by these psychopathic, consuming, partying, drunken, rude, obnoxious people. He himself comes into his own as a stranger, a beggar, is treated like dirt, insulted, things are thrown at him... Basically, that's kind of like what our world is doing today. The poor are being oppressed. It's like the whole global elite is acting the part of these suitors in the Odyssey, and Odysseus is everybody else in a certain sense. Just reading this story, it's like apocalyptic. People start behaving that way and it's like they bring down destruction on their own heads. Am I kind of on to something here?

A: Yes. And it is a good exercise for your forum because it will convey many truths at a deep level.

Q: (L) Anybody else? (Ark) I mean, who is going to play the role of Athena?

A: No dice!

Iacta alea est.

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