Caesar Soup

Miss.K said:
When you say coconut cream, Is that coconut milk, or is there a fatter coconut cream?
If so, could one use the fat that separates from the water when putting a can of coconut milk in the fridge?

I sometimes use coconut milk that separates like you write, so yes, I pour the whole thing into it (especially the fatty part).

Miss.K said:
It looks a sounds just delicious! (unfortunately I´m unsure if I can eat shellfish, but this would be a lovely way to do a lot of testing :P )

Maybe try the shellfish first, just one shrimp and one scallop to see if you can eat them? Wait a day to notice any allergy symptoms, and if not then you are good to go. Shellfish allergies can be bad, I wouldn't want anyone to get sick.

Aya, that photo is great! 10 for presentation :perfect:
Aya said:

We cooked the soup this yesterday. I LOVE IT! :love: Thank you Alana for the recipe and also for sharing the article about saffron, such a beautiful herb.

Wow, this looks de-li-cious. Thanks for the receipt. We will try it at home as soon as possible!
I also had the pleasure of trying this soup and it is pretty amazing. It was like being transported to a 7 star restaurant where people pay $1000 per plate. Yea, it was that good! :P
Yeah it's REALLY good! We had it last night and it was the perfect antidote to a very cold winter day.
Yum !!

I made this yesterday without the saffron. Ohhh my gosh this is good soup. I substituted a tinge of tumeric for the is delicious.

And thank you for the recipe. :cool2:
This past weekend I bought all the ingredients save saffron and asked my mom to cook it for me, since she has tons more experience with cooking and working out a recipe. When I cook, I usually need exact step by step directions with exact measurements for the first few times and I didn't want to waste all of the shrimp and scallops if I messed it up. The soup was great and after watching and talking to my mom about how to make it, I'm going to give cooking it a try in the next couple of weeks. I also added turmeric to my part of the leftovers and enjoyed it even more!
I also tried the soup this evening and enjoyed it with my parents. It had been just a little bit modified: cardamom was added, and instead of tarragon and chervil thyme went into the pot next to parsley and chives. My father said: "It tastes like some kind of gala soup you get served in a five star hotel." So, for at least two other people next to me it was very delicious - and very filling. It's a great recipe. Thanks for sharing, Alana!
We tried it last week and it was just gorgeous!!! We couldn't get the right proportions as we bought too small packs of shrimps and scallops, but overall it was very testy and filing. Thank you very much! :)
Thank you for sharing this recipe. We had it for dinner tonight and everyone loved it. My oldest son said it was the best soup he ever had. ;D
CNS made the soup tonight.

It was the best soup I ever had as well!

(sorry mom, no offense)

Thanks Alana! :hug2:

Oh, and a special thanks to you, CNS! :thup:
Thaigrr said:
CNS made the soup tonight.

It was the best soup I ever had as well!

(sorry mom, no offense)

Thanks Alana! :hug2:

Oh, and a special thanks to you, CNS! :thup:


I might actually be able to stomach seafood every once in awhile. Fantastic recipe, Alana.

Thank you for cooking for all of us tonight CNS. :flowers:
Alana, heck of a recipe!! I was not able to afford saffron, so I gently substituted a little tumeric, although there is no real sub for saffron...but it was fantastic nonetheless. The only down side is that it is a bit expensive of a meal, but well worth it! Perfect for special occasions. :D

I added a little lobster tail as dugdeep suggested, but I don't think that made much of a difference. I can imagine that broth with crab meat as well...yum! Can't wait for tonight's left-overs.
This is the best thing I ate in my life, I worked exactly according to your recipe, there was little left for dinner, my daughter is thrilled,, wants it for lunch tomorrow, can not wait to go tomorrow in the fish market, is worth every penny (especially saffron)
Thanks for sharing the recipe, something priceless :perfect:
I have made this a few times now, but using Pollack instead of scallops :-[ but it tastes amazing, the first time I had none of the herbs but it still tasted great with meat herbs like sage, rosemary, oregano.
The other day I made a veg/mince meat version using the same base recipe (lots of butter, can of coconut milk) and it turned out pretty good! mince-strony! not nearly as good as the ceasar though.
Made it some time ago, delicious! Added some mussels to the mix as well. Now I know what saffron actually tastes like. Craving some fatty soup right now actually... yum! Good idea Diplodocus, this coconut millk/butter base could be used for other meats and seafood as well, it's so quick and easy.
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