Carl Jung's Secret Life: "The "Aryan Christ" - something rotten in Jungian psychology?

Seems to me that, incarnated as 3D humans, we are here "to be used" in the grand scheme of things, by one 'side' or the other, as vehicles for one kind of 'energy' or another. Our relative lack of awareness means we don't play much of a conscious part in the proceedings, but as the Cs say, are kind of 'directed' by 'others': either our 'higher selves' or other forces at work in this drama.

Remaining isolated as individuals, we are easy prey for the machinations of those 'other' forces, but united into a group, we stand a better chance of resisting those machinations because we pool the little awareness/knowledge we do have. This would be especially true if, as suggested, we are in some way part of a larger 'soul group' and by uniting in this way we embody and grow closer to that more objective and 'higher' reality. This idea is even reflected at a material level with the well-known, and very practical phrase "united we stand divided we fall", although the caveat seems to be what a group unites around, because there are plenty of examples of a united group 'falling'.
I quite agree with you, but only in situations where there is time to "decide".

There is a situation and I will do this or that about that situation.

But when the reaction has to be immediate that is not possible, what we are, who we really are will be the one who acts.

The following happened to me. I was with my wife walking up the mountain. She and I alone, with no one for miles and miles around. Just a peaceful flock of sheep grazing a few meters from where we were walking.

Then, in a few seconds, a huge mastiff dog weighing more than 80 kilos pounced on us. Around the neck the dog wore a metal collar with spikes, to be able to fight the wolves. The wolf attacks the neck and the dog was wearing it protected with that spiked collar.

Now the huge dog is barking, mad with fury, drooling its jaws a scant meter from you.

Well... what will it be?

You are going to run trying to save yourself without looking back.

You are going to get behind your partner so that he is the one who takes the dog bite.

You are going to put yourself in front protecting your partner, knowing that you can get badly injured or killed.

If there is a job in life choices, in situations like that it is clearly visible and...

We are the ones we choose.
when the reaction has to be immediate that is not possible, what we are, who we really are will be the one who acts.

Who we "really are"? Or just our fear and the extent of the control we have over it? Can that reasonably be viewed as a definition of "who we really are"?

Well... what will it be?

Since you left us all hanging, I have to ask, what did you do in that situation?
Since you left us all hanging, I have to ask, what did you do in that situation?
Well, the first thing to say is that these are situations in which there is no time to think, so it may be that in a similar future situation I will react differently.

My wife's reaction was to run, so I grabbed her and put her behind me.

Don't even think about moving! - I told.

With her behind I faced the dog and stared into her eyes without moving. Completely still, without moving a muscle looking at the dog in the eyes of him.

I was ready for anything, not knowing what I was going to do with my bare hands, but I wasn't going to do anything but defend both of us when the dog attacked.

No anticipation, just waiting to react.

After five minutes the dog began to calm down, following us completely immobile.

After fifteen minutes the dog began to check the sheep and after half an hour the dog forgot about us and we were able to leave.

If I don't get to hold my wife and she runs, she would be seriously injured or killed.

And about who we really are, you mention fear, but our action determines everything, our egoism, our envy, our hatred, etc...

If a person can plan an action, they can think I am going to do this because it will be fantastic for me. I will be someone very good at doing good. Good for me.

But sometimes you do what needs to be done and that's it...

And there is no prize.
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