Cassiopaean Crystal Connection - Care and Maintenance

Just want to say that I have mistakenly been keeping my dream crystal near where I sleep. When I sleep with it under my pillow what a difference!
In 3 nights dreamt very vividly. In one a truck exploded. It seemed like a terrorist situation. 2nd night was Laura in the dream where I was pinning questions for the Cs on birch trees and she was looking at them and determining that most of them weren't that awesome. 3rd night was about Prince Philip diving into a swimming pool but also needed a candelabra to rescue the person. Time seemed to frozen for a bit. Looking forward to tonight.
Now my question is, what do you think, does it protect the crystal even with this coarse structure? On the other hand, a Faradaic cage is also not completely closed...
If you want to be on the safe side, I'd probably wrap another silk cloth around the crystal and then put it in this bag like this. But I'd also wager, considering the Faradaic cage and the fact that people carry their personal crystals around their necks while they are seated in coiled silver wire (as it's suggested in the booklet that came with the crystals), it might be safe by the silk texture of the bag.

There may be other perspectives, though.

And btw., thank you for sharing the picture - the bag looks beautiful with the lace on the bottom! ❤️
I have received mine. Do not remember the labels but thats ok i think i should be able to feel them out. i feel like they have a pink aura around them. Btw what is the green stone? water stone right?
what is the green stone? water stone right?

I think, the green stone is a probably dream stone.
And rest of the other Crystals are house protection, personal protection, and water- crystal.
If you requested extra crystals for car-protection, or traveling-protection, then all together you would have 6.
But if you don’t remember which crystal you should using for your needs or circumstances then, you have to figure that out.
And besides that you have to constantly sing to them “In the Garden of the Universe “ at 8 PM.
And read for them “morning and evening reading “, that way all your crystals are connected to all other members crystals and information field, thus fortify protection.

A: We suggested that linkage between group members might be enhanced by utilizing crystals charged by you here.

Q: (L) How would you select a crystal for each person by dowsing?

A: Obtain large selection. If you, Laura, select, you will be assisted!!

Q: (L) Okay, and what exactly is this process supposed to do?

A: Shores up defenses when individual is in weakened condition, and adds a little kick when not weak.

Q: (L) Defenses against what?

A: Anything that can negatively affect the “essence”.

Q: (Pierre) What is it? The crystal will be like an interface between the person and the information field...?

A: Close.

Q: (Pierre) It enhances this connection.
Ok, hi -- help!! I'm having a bit of a problem with one of my crystals. A couple of weeks ago I was applying Reiki to one of my meals like I usually do, using the "cho ku rei" symbol, but this time I'd had my personal protection crystal in my pocket which was the only thing different from usual. I hadn't intended it at all, but I think the stone ended up picking up some of the energy from the symbol, and now whenever it's nearby I feel emanating from it a sensation like, harshness and unpleasantness, not just the strong, but calming energy like it normally is. It's gotten so bad I can't even keep it in the same room as me without this unpleasant sensation bothering me, so now it's sitting in the furthest corner of one of the other rooms just to keep it away. I tried letting it sit a while with the thought that this effect might subside, but even after waiting and doing another recitation to the stone, the unpleasant sensation still persists.

I just don't know what to do now. Any ideas?
I just don't know what to do now. Any ideas?
Not sure what's going on. But I have always kept my personal crystal on me when doing Reiki, thinking it would help me and sort of be synergistic. Do you know your Reiki lineage?
Not sure what's going on. But I have always kept my personal crystal on me when doing Reiki, thinking it would help me and sort of be synergistic. Do you know your Reiki lineage?

Eh, this is where I have messed up. At the time that I'd gotten into learning about Reiki I was intrigued, but there wasn't anybody nearby that seemed reputable to start learning it from, and I was so desperate from various pains etc. that I was willing to try anything. So, using the best information I could find, I started doing Reiki myself. The part where I was mislead was that, it actually WAS seeming to have some kind of effect, I could feel things physically changing and the like, but there were various side-effects too. You have this forum where you talk about, among other things, malevolent extradimensional beings and so on, right? I'd been having long-running problems with nightmares and other weird effects during the day that it seemed reasonable to assume it was just related to that (in the sense of being just another impediment to my personal progress) and not, in fact, just due to the un-attuned-ness of the energy. So, I persisted in spite of that, and I was in great error all that time.

I am certainly never doing it again, but you see my point. Does that explain things enough?
Yeah, it sounds like something else. Because you cannot just randomly do Reiki without attunement, OSIT. Assuming using the proper symbols, I'd think it has the effect that putting a message on or singing to water would have, as in a slow information charge. Probably best to discontinue and looking into other areas to improve.
I have been a bit remiss with my lovely crystals...actually lazy would be a better term. I have not sung to them as often as I should have done. I wear my personal crystal on me at all times, day and night and I keep the dream crystal under my pillow. The water crystal is a bit neglected however, as I do not like the taste of the water when the crystal has been in it and I do not pay enough attention to my house crystal as I should. I feel bad about this neglect after Laura and her helpers took their valuable time to select these crystals for everyone. However, my question is, will my crystals still be energised if I start doing things as they should be done, daily and in good faith? None of them have every been exposed to harmful influences.
Vos cristaux n'attendent que cela que vous vous occupiez d'eux...
Faites le et vous verrez leur puissance... Tenez nous au courant... Merci...

Your crystals are just waiting for you to take care of them...
Do it and you will see their power... Keep us informed... Thank you...
Hello, Does anyone know how long it is harmful for the crystal to be under water?
My little daughter, took her crystal when I didn't realize, and left it in the bathtub under the water, for at least 5 hours until I came home and noticed 😔
Does anyone know if it would be better to order another crystal for her? , after that incident happened, I continued to treat the crystal in the usual way, i.e. continue praying and chanting with the other crystals, but I am still wondering if it would be better to replace it.
Thank you
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