Cassiopaean Crystal Connection - Care and Maintenance


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Yeah, it sounds like something else. Because you cannot just randomly do Reiki without attunement, OSIT. Assuming using the proper symbols, I'd think it has the effect that putting a message on or singing to water would have, as in a slow information charge. Probably best to discontinue and looking into other areas to improve.

I guess I will just have to figure something else out, yeah.

Hello, Does anyone know how long it is harmful for the crystal to be under water?
My little daughter, took her crystal when I didn't realize, and left it in the bathtub under the water, for at least 5 hours until I came home and noticed 😔
Does anyone know if it would be better to order another crystal for her? , after that incident happened, I continued to treat the crystal in the usual way, i.e. continue praying and chanting with the other crystals, but I am still wondering if it would be better to replace it.
Thank you

Do you know if it was exposed to sunlight also during this time, or not? Going by @beetlemaniac's post with Laura's comments on the first page of this thread, it should probably be ok, but as @PERLOU says an expert's comment would be best...

I have been a bit remiss with my lovely crystals...actually lazy would be a better term. I have not sung to them as often as I should have done. I wear my personal crystal on me at all times, day and night and I keep the dream crystal under my pillow. The water crystal is a bit neglected however, as I do not like the taste of the water when the crystal has been in it and I do not pay enough attention to my house crystal as I should. I feel bad about this neglect after Laura and her helpers took their valuable time to select these crystals for everyone. However, my question is, will my crystals still be energised if I start doing things as they should be done, daily and in good faith? None of them have every been exposed to harmful influences.

While I don't think I can speak for the group, if you get all your crystals together and do the routines with them they should all perk up. That's how they usually seem to me after a reading.


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I while ago I found a video of Laura singing "In the garden" which is the song we sing to our crystals. I had it in my favourites bar but I had to reprogramme my computer and it has disappeared. Can anyone help me locate it please?


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I have a question: what should I do with a dead person's crystal?
My father died recently and he had a personal crystal. For now it is lying on the shelf next to his picture. But I don't know what to do with the crystal next?

First of all my condolences Korzik18, I hope your father has gone in peace.
Then, depending on the relationship you had with him, it might be a good idea to make him a little altar with your father's picture, as is the case now.
In any case, this crystal is a piece of information from him.
I imagine that there are a thousand and one possibilities, and that perhaps the crystal itself will choose one.
Good luck.
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