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Bholanath said:
But, not only is the scientific point of view not universally considered singularly most important, but is, in other world-views, a definite obstacle to the actual living/being in what is here referred to as "the Work" (or the Path, the Road, the Dharma, the Tao, etc.).
You seem quite certain about this.  Why is that so? 

b said:
This is just making a distinction between "knowing about" a "thing" and dropping all separateness. Dropping the separateness renders irrelevant such concepts as "success" and "individual-collective" responsibility dualisms. No status, comfort involved. No map, guidebook either.
This appears to be quite the stretch, based on what appears to be a limited understanding of science and equating it to 'knowing about' as opposed to 'knowing'  - now - why would you make such a statement?

b said:
  I personally prefer to concern myself with this moment in this density.
Unless you are fully awake, which you clearly stated earlier was not the case, such a thing is not possible, though dreaming one is concerning oneself with 'this moment' in 'this density' is quite possible indeed.

b said:
    Many people and societies, myself incl., feel it (LHC) is definitely "esoterically" a "bad thing".
ok - - and?

b said:
    Einstein....time....common sense....hyperdimensionality.  I'm afraid the world is much bigger than 'our' totally lost white 'civilization', and much wiser too.
I must admit to being rather confused by the inclusion of 'white' in this sentence.....   ......  ......   :huh:  Also, your point is lost on me - perhaps you could elaborate?

b said:
'We' just assumed our brilliancy, others' stupidity, 'cause we can waste 'em, dem primitives and their simple superstitions.
Thus, you are including yourself in this 'We'?   There appears to be a rather 'flat' current understanding in these statements of yours.  Perhaps it is a matter of word usage? 


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According to this AP article, the LHC malfunctioned within hours of its launch to great fanfare, but its operator didn't report the problem for a week.



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Cool webcam showing live feed from LHC. You can see people working and actual light from the proton collisions every minute or so!



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SAO said:
Cool webcam showing live feed from LHC. You can see people working and actual light from the proton collisions every minute or so!

Very good! thanks SAO, I enjoyed that. ;D


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Helium Leak Forces LHC Shutdown for at Least Two Months

Written by Ian O'Neill

It's this sort of news I really did not want to wake up to. At 0927 GMT Friday morning, a fault known as a "quench" resulted in the leakage of a tonne of helium coolant causing 100 of the LHC superconducting magnets to heat up 100°C. The fire services had to be called and it was some time before engineers could access the tunnels to assess the damage. It was worse than they were expecting. Although no one was hurt and there was no danger to the public, the once-supercooled magnets were hot enough to boil water and optimal vacuum conditions had been lost. To perform repairs, the rest of the damaged sector will need to be warmed up and then slowly cooled down again, resulting in a shutdown of LHC operations for at least two months…

The leak occurred between the Alice and CMS detectors (sectors 3-4) after repairs to the faulty 30-tonne transformer were being finalized and the systems were being powered up to begin a new series of commissioning tests. According to the LHC logbooks, temperatures rose by 100°C and the vacuum required within the equipment for particle circulation to be possible was lost. Engineers had to wait for oxygen levels to return to normal within the tunnels before they could investigate the "meltdown."

Although last week's fault with the transformer caused frustration, setting LHC experiments back by a few days, scientists were optimistic the incident would have minimal effect on the first scheduled particle collisions in October. Friday's quench, however, is a serious incident, knocking the largest experiment mankind has ever attempted offline for at least two months. Although this is sad news, many scientists are keeping a positive attitude:

"This kind of incident was always a possibility with such a unique and demanding project, that’s why we were so tense on the 10th [of September]. Having seen those tantalising first signs of beam in our detectors, everyone is raring to go. So it’s really disappointing, and hard for us to keep in perspective right now. But a delay like this in a 20-year project isn't an utter disaster and I’m sure the team at Cern will fix it, and make it more robust as they go." - Prof Jonathan Butterworth of University College London, the UK head of the Atlas detector.
So what happened? The basic operating conditions for the LHC depend on very low temperatures and a very high vacuum state. It would appear both key conditions were lost as engineers tested the electrics of the LHC in the run-up to full commissioning. There was a faulty connection between two of the superconducting magnets, so when the system was switched on, the high current melted the connection, causing the helium leak. The loss of supercooled helium caused a rapid release of stored energy (an event known as a quench), heating the magnets and destabilizing the vacuum conditions.

After such a smooth start to the first proton circulation on September 10th, these setbacks may come as a surprise. However, probing the frontier of physics rarely happens without a few hiccups along the way, so let's hope this incident will be the last and we can once again look forward to the first particle collisions toward the end of the year…


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This is only a suggestion, you understand...

...but in line with my inbuilt paranoia and distrust about the PTB, including all state-sponsered scientists, it occurred to me that maybe this latest press release about the LHC; i.e. that it is 'broke' and will take a year to fix, has been put out precisely because of all the negative publicity over the past few weeks.

In other words, the LHC is working fine, thanks very much, and if we let out that it's 'broke' we can continue to experiment with it without having to listen to your whinings and whingings. so there! :P

I'm not sure we have even been told the complete truth as to why it was built in the first place, or what it's real purpose is. Or if we have, it will be a first!

This is one of those occasions where I hope I am completely wrong!


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Littleton's 2500 Strand book and the atomic bomb:

(Littelton's family just heard about the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945)

When my parents returned home that evening, we talked about nothing else. 
Cov said that when he and his fellow screenwriters heard that it was a bomb based 
on splitting the atom, they solemnly shook hands and said it had been nice knowing 
one another -- 

[u]such was their anxiety about the existence of such a weapon and the 
possiblity that it could trigger a chain reaction that could conceivably rip the planet apart. [/u]

This, of course, proved to be an overreaction, but it does point up the extent to which 
some people grasped the bomb's apocalyptic potential almost immediately.


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The above material can be found on "alterinfo", a website which is a link of the French version of sott.
It is a serie of four videos about what is suppose to be going on in the LHC and an additional one (actually what I have named 'first video') dealing with supposed links with the Swine Flu threat.

The videos can be found at this adress:

I translated and transcripted two of the five videos so that those who don't read any french can understand and debate (maybe the thing will be debunked before any debate occures :). Since point of views are righly so not welcom on this forum (and mine would be founded on sand on that matter) I will just bring the material with no further comment :-[.

I have only translated two items since I didn't know ifit was worth it and if they were of real scientific interest or if the whole thing was just a hoax, a noise (in the flu issue).
Furthermore I am very busy translating other items to my native langage and many other things. But if you were interested in understanding the other videos I would do that job.!_a37067.html

FIRST VIDEO (linking the LHC with the swine flu)
A flu : A hidden truth
I advice you to listen carefuly the incoming documentary, even if what it contains might be chocking to you.

1-The questions :

Why is it that man, that complexe organism which has been able to cross thru times, evoluting within millenaries and gifted with an astonishing strengh and force can be put down so fastly by a virus ?
Mankind has never encounter as many Deadly illnesses as during this century. Aids, cancer, A flu, …The more we do evolute, the more illnesses there are..Is this normal ?
Shouldn’t man, on the opposit, be more able to find solutions… ?
My claim cannot be made on all viruses, but I know the truth about A flu.

2-The answers

The CERN: European organization for nuclear research. Located north of Meyrin. I used to work there for more than 15 years.
I was among the crew which elaborated the LHC project, (Large Hadron Collider), a particule Accelerator, which was intended to study matter and anti-matter to invalidate some théories about physic particules.
The LHC activities started in 2008…And the results happened to be far from our expectations. Following our discoveries, LHC was hijacked for prohibited manipulations by top-secret organisms.
Our research projects have been wrecked. We have been forgiden to enter the LHC site.
While trying to understand the motives of the sudden change, we have uncovered without realiseing it a deep state’s secret. This secret organism would have manipulated the LHC to perform other expériences, they could have expend a mass until a mini black hole and thus generate a space time curvature.
They have seen the future…
They have witness man in acquiring new ultre-complex senses.
At that moment words appears…(méditation, telepathy, telekinesis)
Because of the scope of these new senses and there sudden arrival, authorities have lost the control.
They have seen news human beings testing and searching for themselves, but not mastering the extent of their powers.
They have seen the world heading in paranoïa.
They have seen collective hysteria in the Streets. All of a sudden, everybody becoming uncontrolable.
They have seen the world going back to war…A modern, very destructive war …90% of the globe surface become unexploitable.
This is what they saw with the LHC. This jump in time allowed man to find a way to avoid this future… We have less than one year left, to change our présent.
They think that the easiest solution is to stop the neurological évolution of mankind.
In less than one year, they have to modified the genetic of all human beings on the planet… The best solution remains plasmids injection.
With a new severe illness as a justification and and by alerting the people thru the medias…The plasmid injection, disguised Under so-called vaccins, could be made in plain sight.
All the deaths link to the A flu are only manipulation. All the autopsy révéle that most of the people died out of a malign disease ending with a strong fever.
Nothing uncommon…
But the media persist in attributing thèse deaths with A flu.
This H1N1 flu hax never existed.
It is a man made disease, in order to lead the population into mass vaccination…
The plasmic injection intended to stop mankind’s own évolution would have succeeded.
Our unit was made of 17 people, it has been disbanded during Juily 2009.
The cost of the LHC to the CERN would have cost 6 billions Euros.
Why ? For research…Who do they think we are ?
They knew why they would use it.

SECOND VIDEO (the time machine "conspiracy" first document)

Ndt:Starts with beautiful pictures of the Alps where the CERN is located (actually not far away from where I am doing this translation)

Located at the French/Swiss border, the LHC is the largesr particules Accelerator in the world.
That gigantic 27 kilometers circumference’s ring is also the most expensive machine made by human bings (More than 9 billion Euros !)
Last september the 29th, (Ndt : 2008) a new incident occured in that gigantic structure stoping again the starting of what is considered as the most important scientific research for mankind. Indeed, this was suppose to start during the spring of 2007…at the begining.
Afet 20 years of hard work, thousands of scientists and engineers and other occasions for being late, one of the most powerful« magnets »in the world and located at the LHC, broke down. It is a electromagnetmade of « supraconductors »material which can only exista t températures close to absolute zéro (– 271e C).
This could seem little alarming at dawn… (the picture depicts a huge fire and heavy dark smoke in the valley)
They are used to funnel proton’s beam, so there has been a leak of liquid hélium (necessary at thèse extreme température)which has lead to considérable damages : 29 to 30 millions Euros…
The European Research for Nuclear researches has thus decided to report the expériences which had to occured last fall to summer 2009.
Why so much security for that collosal infrastructure buried at hundred meters depth. The sacurity protocols are as drastic as in nuclear plants in France…
Would it be dangerous ?
So much money invested for a scientific experiment (once again the most expensive in the history ) only research oriented…Is this « credible ? »
Wouldn’t the LHC be a power device rather than a subject for studies ?
Firts… We have to consider how many ingeneers, scientists, institutes and different countries actively contribute to that project…We’ll come back to this later on.
What the heck are they doing at the LHC ?!
Many expériences are underway about the nature of matter, energy, space and time. Among all things, it is suppose to recreate the Big Bang conditions, the very begining of the universe.
That is one of the reasons why some call the LHC a »Time Machine »…
A Time Machine ?!
Space time studies will be effectively realised and some scientists are expecting to observe the création of wormholes which would allow that hypothesis.
But some amongst the most serious scientists envisage it in the (very) huge project… This is even a part of the programs.
These programs are frightening if we do consider them with the new scientific theories…
Knowing that these authorize in fact time traveling !!
Let’s examine globally their project to understand :
Each of the 5 principals experiments will be attributed to appropriâtes éléments within the infrastructure :
- The collider
- LHCb
What is the use of it ?
In order:
The collider : It is the ring around which is built the infrastructure and inside which are sent protons to speeds close to the speed of light, in to opposit directions so that, in effect the particules collide.
To fraction particule that way allows to find other subatomic particules which until that day on, are confirmed by the theory.
That is :
- The Higgs boson
- « Stranges » particules
- Microscopic black holes abovementioned
- Antiparticules already discovered a few years ago, should also appear in the LHCb, but we’ll come back to it later.
ALICE : ALICE is an imploder which will create a plasma quark-gluons. It is the most powerful ever created. It is Inside ALICE that are found the hottest température in the universe. Trillions and trillions degrees…
ATLAS : Among the particules created in that ring, Atlas will be in charge to capture some of them among which is the famous Higg’s boson.
CMS : It should capture the new particules and allow un work on the empty energy dilatation so as to be able to to work, among other things, on négative energy.
LHCb : It should be used to study « beauty » particules and also the antiparticules (anti-matter particules) to experiment about what is named « breaking (violation) of the CPT symetry »…
That is the subatomic symetry of the space time.

Until now, this might seem complex…But the comparison between the theories implied by these experiments and a report by the phycisist Paul Davis (awarded Templeton price of science and Kelvin in physic) published in 2001, will be made :
Clearly : prof Davies explains that it is possible to build a time machine.
It takes to provide singularities in a collider to abtain (wormholes) and then charge them with an extrême energy in an imploder.
Then the wormhole is filled with space, thus stabilised by one (or many) dilatator(s).
Then the two exits from this -thanks to the particule accelerator -stabilised wormhole are differed in time.
It takes to accelerate one of these exits to a speed close to the speed of light to create a « relativist » effect : A « physical » temporal différentiation between both exits.
What is thus required is : A collider(like the ring), an imploder (like ALICE), a dilatator (such as each of the three other structures) and a differencial (the particule Accelerator).
In other words :
All the essential élément required to build a time machine are in the LHC !
That cannot be a coïncidence !
This investigation has been realised to clearly demonstrate what is going on in the LHC.
To clearly understand what is going on in the LHC, it take to carefuly observe the opening phases, the the accès to the wormhole which will unable to cross time in whatever direction (past or future).
This will be the subject of this report.
But before all, to those who still not have clearly grast the analogy between the Davies’s report and the real aim of the LHC, this is a painting by Magritte which can faily well sum up the situation :
« This is not a pipe » is shown .

To be continued…


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Good job Sankara! I asked myself posting a link to this video and I don't do it due to the language.

For me, this is good disinfo. Real and false informations presented in a such way that the whole look ridiculous and finally deserve those who alert about the H1N1 threat.
However, the LHC as a time machine, I don't know, but it's an interesting question.

Ark, do you have an opinion about this ?
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