Comet Elenin


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Laura said:
I'm inclined to think that the main things that will be happening will be more geological and weather events related to the Electric Universe theory and thus the proximity of the Elenin debris field and the Apophis. More earthquakes/volcanic eruptions are certainly in the offing, more sky strangeness, that sort of thing.

What the PTB will do is something else to consider. Certainly, things are heating up and they might use this as an opportunity to tighten their grip by some staged terrorist business that gets partly blamed on "comet/apocalyptic fever".

Once again, your cognition converges the light, backed by the years of your dedicated, research, and analysis of the facts, of what the possibility's could, would, and may be.

Everyday is another example of the direct results from our planetary, and galactic neighbor's to the real influence's that are affecting planet earth, and the solar system, which continue to demonstrate, their ability to impact balance of life on the BBM.

No human power of influence, no matter how evil, can deni the truth, (though they try), of your studies and C's transmissions. Try as "they" may, only to make feeble attempts, in there diseased minds to spin the possiblitys as too something that it is not. "Knowledge is protection"

i'll take logic and over insanity any day of the week.

Thank you 4 your most valued insight.
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