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I think it is a competition now, a Dark and Evil competition, STS 4th Density sends the "Idea" to the Brainless Pawn Drone, to see how far into STUPID, how far into SENSELESS and IDIOTIC the regular, fearful common population can be convinced to go "for the Safety of All".
Personally, I would get turfed out of this place in minutes, because you put ME into one of those things, it's TWISTED METAL BUMPER CAR TIME!! :lol: :lol:
Ocean City restaurant’s inner tube, tables-for-one ensure social distancing
Updated May 20, 2020; Posted May 19, 2020
In this image made from a video provided by Revolution Event Design & Production, "bumper tables," created by the company were designed to allow people to practice social distancing, are being debuted at Fish Tales, a bar and restaurant in Ocean City, Md. (Katie Kirby/Revolution Event Design & Production, May 16, 2020, via AP)AP

By Janet Krajcsik
A bayside restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, has come up with a way to keep customers at a safe social distance, according to a story on CNN Travel.

Fish Tales Bar & Grill, at 22nd Street in Ocean City, has new “tables” that look like an inner tube you would use to float on in the water. For the baby boomer generation, the table resembles a 45 rpm record.

An individual stands in the center (there is no seat to sit on) with a table-top around the person where they can sit their drink. Around the circular table is a rubber barrier that keeps them separated from other patrons in accordance with social distancing guidelines. The table sits on wheels that allows the patron to be mobile.

To get inside the inner circle, the patron can either crawl under the tube or the table can be lifted over-top of the person since it is not very heavy, according to D. Channing Muller of DCM Communications, the public relations company of the developer/manufacturer Revolution Event Design and Production.

Employees rolled out the tables over the weekend, showing how they will keep patrons 6-feet-apart. (When two tables touch each other, the patrons are 6-feet from each other.)
“Our goal for this year is to be here next year. It’s as simple as that,” Shawn Harman said. “We just want to make sure our employees are taken care of, and they can make enough money to get through the winter.”
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