Corona craziness


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This year the video game industry has created a ceremony to reward the best French video games. The "golden pegasus" is equivalent to the Caesar ceremony in France.

guess what? On the 09/03/2020 the best game award was given to the video game "a plague tale : innocence" . In this game you have to survive the plague in medieval times...
Funny coincidence.


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Guys, this is so funny!
And this is what I read today on the official website of our school district:
How can I protect myself against COVID-19?
The CDC recommends taking the same measures you would do to prevent getting or spreading the common flu. These include:
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are approved for student and staff use.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue, then immediately dispose of the tissue. If tissues are unavailable, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow, then wash your hands.
  • Stay up-to-date with the flu vaccine and all other vaccinations.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home if you are sick and do not return to work or school until your temperature is below 100 degrees, without the use of fever-reducing medication, for at least 24 hours.
How in the world staying up to date with all vaccinations will help protect against coronavirus???!


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Well, it's actually not that funny. We have less than two rolls of toilet paper left, and there doesn't seem to be any available in Tarrant County. My daughter spent just over $50 for, I think, 12 rolls from Costco, which they say will be delivered in 3-5 days. My workplace has locked up all rolls. One co-worker says he is now using baby wipes.
I'm off today, so I guess I'll drive around and see what I can find, maybe cash in what's left of my 401k for some rough single-ply.


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Saw this and thought it sums it up well:
Hilarious, but so are the comments - some gems:
  • The number of views of this video is bigger than the number of confirmed corona virus cases. It has gone viral, I guess.
  • First song ever to include the phrase "zoonotic transmission" - WINNING!
  • I'm surprised that weird Al didn't think of this
  • "He died because of the racism." HAHAHAHA And z-Dogg is now banned in china lol THE MAN ON THE WALL THOUGH LOL
  • "Can I have a LYME... with my Corona?" (Lyme disease pun)
  • wait until there are hoarding battles at costco and then release "kung flu fighting ". :)
  • And I just got called into HR because I was singing this at work😂
  • Funny, I am singing "My Corona" the whole time in my head with this melody. And now it became reality. I am a goddess! Wohooo! :-)))
  • Last time I heard a parody of My Sharona was back in the 80s with Ayatollah.
  • I showed this to an Uber lib friend and she thought it was hilarious until you blamed everything on racism. I guess you hit too close to home. (Come over to the Dark Side. We have cookies)
  • You guys are legends ! Comedy is the way to defeat the fear porn pushed by all media.
  • They must've remembered '9 coronas' from the mid 2000's 😂
  • The best parody since "My Bologna"....
  • I like in Alaska and we hoard masks AND toilet paper.
  • so I wasn't the only one who thought about this song when the corona virus broke out XD
  • Dude ,sorry for my bad Englisch but this music video was in the News on our TV and i'm from Germany 😄
  • Impeachment is failing, release the virus!
  • Laughed so hard I COUGHED!!!
  • Laughter truly is the best medicine. I just drank the entire bottle, Thanks guys😂😂😂.
Actually, a lime in your Corona is a very good idea (except people stopped buying Corona because of ... corona):
Limes are high in vitamin C, providing over 20% of your daily needs. They also contain small amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin B6, thiamine, potassium, and more.

However, this is the absolutely best virus protection ever!

So, laughter is the best medicine, but people can die laughing?!! What a conundrum!


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Well, it is funny how people react, indeed. Just made half of my last year's turnover in 1 week selling medical ventilators. All prepaid. Mostly private people. But on the other hand, I am stuck in Poland and cannot go to my family in Budapest, since Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary all closed the borders and introduced the marshal law. Poland will announce marshal law either tomorrow or on Monday locking down all major cities. God knows how long they will keep it and how long they will keep the travel ban. Lovely. This surely is a test run before the real pandemic.
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