Corona craziness


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No comment to avoid any risk of contagion of stupidity as a result of this campaign:
The Generalitat has launched the campaign 'Viatgem en silenci' (Let's travel in silence) aimed at users of the different public transport services with the aim of reminding passengers that keeping silent and not talking during journeys "considerably" reduces the possibility of contracting covid-19.
DeepL. La Generalitat lanza la campaña 'Viatgem en silenci' para los usuarios del transporte público


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I don't know whether this will make you laugh or cry (I actually shed a few tears), but I thought this was a beautiful sight in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, showing some people celebrating Valentine's day (while protesting) in the streets despite the corona madness. :love:

It shows that the creative spirit stills exists.

The text on the yellow umbrellas says freedom and the people are singing "Live, live as if it's your last day, as if morning doesn't exist, take everything you can get":


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Well. it's funny yes, but at the same time, it's quite frightening watching the world go insane right before your eyes. I never would have dreamed of any of this in a million years. I hate the fact that people are training their children to wear these horrible plastic contraptions, and to be mindless order followers, and paranoid of everything around them. I can't even imagine what the future generations (if they even are allowed to exist) will be like.. I am glad I'm not young, I would not want to have 50 years ahead of me


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Some time ago, when here in finland was a freezing weather(-20C or below), I was at the bus stop, waiting for the bus.
There was a young woman approaching the bus stop, and she put the mask on. She had eyeglasses, and they got steamed, and froze.

I was about to burst to crazy laugh, but got my poker face instead. There she was like: 'I'll do, what they tell, although I can't see a thing!'.


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The wokers are getting Dr Seuss books canceled, and Japan is having a disagreement with China over Anal Swabs.
So, somebody did a mashup and made this meme.
Geezus....both true stories, and happening now.

No anal swabs, please.
Japan says its people don’t want to bend over for one of China‘s potentially humiliating COVID-19 tests, which involves sticking a cotton swab into the patient’s rectum to check for the coronavirus.

The Japanese government on Monday called for China to stop using the invasive new testing method on visitors from Japan, citing the obviously cringe-inducing impact on test subjects.

“Some Japanese reported to our embassy in China that they received anal swab tests, which caused a great psychological pain,” Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, said at a news conference on Monday.


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This was received (and perhaps it has been already posted), although it is not so crazy as the thread title denotes. It was published in at least one of the weekly mainstream community papers (Aberdeen Publishing) representing Alberta and BC - generally with community news and a left leaning woke slant. That was surprising. However, not sure the context in which it was presented. The clip features the 10 Laws scribed on the WHO/CDC covid-medical cult tablets (#10 being a sheep) representing the existing covid-realities in society that are being ignored:



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The political elite is forced to publicly fake vaccinations. Everyone does their best: they turn away from the camera, use syringes without needles, even bend needles, like Kamala Harris.

Oh, but there is such a wonderful syringe! And no problem - you are "vaccinated"! No one will suspect anything.

Excuse me, if this was already on the forum.


People have allowed themselves to become mindlessly petrified of contracting Covid-19. All those ridiculous face masks (funny but ridiculous), outrageous head gear and wrapping themselves entirely in plastic. Can they actually breathe I wonder? What a way to destroy your immune system, even before you get the vaccination. The PTB and their friends must be aching from laughing so much. :lol2::lol2:


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Here's another one!
Oh, my! As if a car engine filter would filter out a virus! :rotfl: It seems that masks, and such, that are killing brain cells more than protecting from a virus are working quite well. Just one of the many things those in control want.

Or, thinking positively here, maybe this person only wants to show others how ridicules it all is? I know, probably not.
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