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RE the Trader Joe vid, that almost looked like one in Santa Barbara. I wonder where it was. They sounded like Californians, ie, liberal very “blue” area. I went to Ashland Oregon recently which is a very rich liberal area with lots of vegan trendy millennials and students and their wealthy parents. Over 90% were masking up on the street! Not even a state mandate. The authoritarian follower/virtue signaling was appalling. My wife and I got many “looks”.

In poorer more red parts of the state, people are fed up and only mask up when necessary. But even so, college students are the most likely to be religious about masks. I find this disturbing. Back in the day, being young and liberal meant distrusting anything and everything the government and society said.

indeed, the programming is complete. Do you also notice the willing compliance by the young and “left” as a thing?


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free will, which leads to people eating all sorts of toxic things and living in toxic environments, which causes mutations, which are usually deleterious.
Look where it has gotten us, as well, free will to believe in lies.
With that in mind, shouldn't the ability to gain or re-gain these areas of knowledge enable us to regain/regenerate attributes and strengths? That is what GNM is a part of, in my opinion.


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I‘m about to have another discussion with the teachers because they informed us (parents) that from 22.2. also children in groundschool must wear the mask all the time.
Here's a video presentation by Dr. Lee Merrit at the White Coat Summit II [some added on US political stuff at the end]:

Masks: The Science with Dr. Lee Merritt

There's a youtube version, but the visuals for it have gone missing ???
Kat L4 months ago
Its strange, I watched half of this yesterday and the slides were there. Now they are gone? Anyway two of my favorite doctors

There's also this regarding masks causing lung cancer:

After viewing that vid of the maskless group attempting to shop at Trader Joe's, it's clear the majority of the population has gone completely insane when it come to masks. I hope what I've posted here helps, but the crazy really seems to be beyond any kind of reason, common sense, or actual facts. Good luck Mari.


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CDC: 929 Dead and 15,923 Injured Following Experimental mRNA COVID Injections

Besides the recorded 929 deaths, there were 3451 visits to Emergency Room doctors, 316 permanent disabilities, and 1869 hospitalizations.

Over 70% of the recorded deaths were over the age of 65, but there were also 151 deaths where the age was “unknown,” and it is likely that a majority of those deaths were among the elderly as well. Since these reports are voluntary, and historically only 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths are ever reported to VAERS, we really have no idea what the true numbers are, since the CDC controls the data.
As we have reported numerous times, the CDC is a corrupt organization that cannot be trusted. They are the largest purchaser and distributor of vaccines in the world, allocating over $5 BILLION in their budget (supplied by American taxpayers) each year to purchase and distribute vaccines from Big Pharma.

The CDC also owns over 56 patents on vaccines, and many of their scientists earn royalties from the sale of vaccines.
Meanwhile, outside the U.S. in news reports this week, Spain is halting the second dose of the Pfizer experimental mRNA COVID injections because 46 residents out of 145 in one nursing home in Spain all DIED after the second dose.

In Germany, as we reported earlier this week and also earlier today, whistleblowers from nursing homes are coming forward and reporting, along with video footage, that residents in their nursing homes are being injected with the COVID vaccines forcibly against their will, and many of them are dying.


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One-Third of Deaths Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Occurred Within 48 Hours of Vaccination

The latest VAERS data show that 799 of the deaths were reported in the U.S., and that about one-third of those deaths occurred within 48 hours of the individual receiving the vaccination.
According to the latest data, 3,126 “serious” adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse reaction reports from the latest CDC data also include:
  • 34 miscarriages and pre-term births
  • 917 anaphylactic reactions, 70% of which were reported after a Pfizer vaccine and 30% after the Moderna vaccine
  • Bell’s palsy (Pfizer 75%; Moderna: 25%)
So far, only Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — approved for emergency use, but not fully licensed — are being used in the U.S.
Meanwhile, the FDA has not yet implemented systems to monitor the safety of the experimental COVID vaccines. FDA officials told The New York Times they don’t expect the systems to be up and running before the Biden administration reaches its goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans — nearly one third of the U.S. population.
Historically, however, fewer than fewer than 1% of adverse events have ever been reported to VAERS, a system that Children’s Health Defense has previously referred to as an “abject failure,” including in a December 2020 letter to Dr. David Kessler, former FDA director and now co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Board and President Biden’s version of Operation Warp Speed.

A critic familiar with VAERS’ shortcomings bluntly condemned VAERS in The BMJ as “nothing more than window dressing, and a part of U.S. authorities’ systematic effort to reassure/deceive us about vaccine safety.”


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Getting notice:

Why did 150,000 fewer Chinese people suddenly stop receiving state benefits just after Covid outbreak began? Beijing in new row over virus ' deaths cover-up'

Disturbing Chinese government statistics reveal a huge drop in the number of old people receiving state payments in Hubei – the province containing the city of Wuhan – in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic’s eruption.

The official data, which shows a fall of more than 150,000 people receiving the benefits in the first quarter of last year, will fuel fears the death toll from Covid-19 in China was far higher than the government has admitted.

According to the Chinese authorities, there have been only 4,636 Covid deaths in their nation of 1.4 billion – with all except 124 of the fatalities in the central province of Hubei. There is widespread scepticism over these figures.

They conflict with studies of cremations and news reports from Wuhan, one of which claimed 10,000 funeral urns were delivered over two days to a single funeral home before news was censored.



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Interesting that the US military is saying it can't make troops get the vaccine because the vaccine is not fully FDA approved and is only under emergency use authorization.
Pentagon officials said as long as the vaccines are under Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization, and are not fully approved, DOD cannot require service members to take the vaccine.


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So in Poland there is a "survey of the ground" or the introduction of a ban on "cotton" masks or scarves, etc. Or in other words: the government should designate which masks are obligatory... Let's hope it doesn't go the way of Bavaria in Germany.

Prof. Horban: the government will ban the wearing of certain masks and covering the nose and mouth with anything
The government claims that because of the 'irresponsibility of the Polish people', we are in danger of another epidemic and a very large increase in infections. For this reason, most of us expect that the government may reinstate some of the restrictions that have been loosened since 12 February for a trial period of two weeks. However, there may be something else - a ban on wearing certain masks.

In the first half of next week, the government is expected to announce what is next in terms of the existing restrictions. Already now, however, government representatives are repeating like a mantra the words about the irresponsible behaviour of Poles - it is, among others, crowds in Zakopane that would contribute to a jump in the number of infections. At the same time they fail to see that they themselves have created the conditions which favour such behaviour. Unofficially, there are already first reports about future government decisions - the closure of ski slopes, among others, is to be considered. It is likely that the rest of the restrictions will remain unchanged, although it is also possible to reduce the limits of available guests in hotels or people in the audience in cinemas or theatres.

It turns out, however, that this is not all - the government, after almost a year of the epidemic in Poland, has reportedly decided to regulate more precisely the obligation to cover the nose and mouth. Or at least that is what the Prime Minister's advisor, Professor Horban, claims.

A ban on wearing certain masks and an end to covering the mouth and nose with a scarf?

In the programme "One on one" on TVN24, Professor Horban, advisor to the Prime Minister, informed that the government is preparing a new regulation concerning the wearing of masks. The government might even indicate specifically which masks are allowed. The regulation is also to ban covering the nose and mouth with "anything" - i.e. a scarf or a shawl. This solution is commonly used by many Poles. As Prof. Horban stated, "we should forget about these pseudo-protectors, they are a nuisance. The point is to use decent masks".

The regulation would appear relatively soon, perhaps even today. The problem is, however, that the words of the Prime Minister's advisor have not yet been confirmed by the Minister of Health or the Ministry of Health spokesperson. The question is whether the government has actually finished working on such a regulation (or whether it is still working on it), or maybe it was just an idea which no one in power has actually started to implement. In this case, we must therefore wait for the official position of the Ministry of Health.

At the same time, if the government really decided to introduce such regulations, Poland would not be an exception in this respect - similar rules have been introduced by other European countries, in which the wearing of cotton masks is also prohibited. Only surgical masks or masks with appropriate filters are allowed.

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*** Translated with (free version) ***


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So in Poland there is a "survey of the ground" or the introduction of a ban on "cotton" masks or scarves, etc. Or in other words: the government should designate which masks are obligatory... Let's hope it doesn't go the way of Bavaria in Germany.

France seems to be going in this direction as well. Certain home made masks have already been banned, although translated French websites say they are only advised against, not banned. UK Guardian says home made masks have already been banned in France.

If this goes on, using the same strategy thanks to which one can boil a frog without the poor reptile noticing, they will slowly get everyone to wear Darth Vader style facial covering :nuts:

I suspect all this is going to do is increase the infection rate of viral and bacterial lung issues. With the economy going downhill people will try to save money on masks and the same mask will be worn for as long as possible.


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How about a question of "Are viruses really the cause? Like Firemen are always at fires, are they the cause of the fire?"

Viruses are not only correlated to some diseases but are demonstrably the causative agents of these diseases. Tons of papers describes the isolation of a virus, the inoculation of this virus in cell lines and/or animals and the observation, soon after inoculation the apparition of cytotoxic and/or symptomatic effects.

This applies to SARS-COV-2 too. For example this paper describes in detail the enhanced isolation of SARS-COV-2 and its cytotoxic effects on some cell lines (VeroE6).

Now, it doesn't mean that all viruses are pathogenic for human beings, out of billions of types of viruses, a mere 200 types can be pathogenic for humans. It doesn't mean either that the only effect of viruses is diseases, for some viruses are known to have beneficial effects.

But these deleterious or beneficial effects might hide the real purpose of viruses: DNA in most life forms is, at least partly, made of viruses (endoretroviruses - ERV). In humans, full ERVs represent 8% of the genome and more than 2/3 if you count all ERV fragments. And these ERV play vital roles, when their expression is inhibited a number of physiological processes, including embryogenesis cease.


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If this goes on, using the same strategy thanks to which one can boil a frog without the poor reptile noticing, they will slowly get everyone to wear Darth Vader style facial covering :nuts:
It is just a pity that once again they are putting the blame on 'the people'. That they have loosened too many restrictions in Poland.

lub V For Vendetta Mask.. :phaser:


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If this goes on, using the same strategy thanks to which one can boil a frog without the poor reptile noticing, they will slowly get everyone to wear Darth Vader style facial covering
About boiling the frog. It would help that process if the drinking water would be spiked to keep everybody calm.
In the urban environment i'm in, there is no escaping feasible from the privatized public water system.
A bit of fluor or lithium would be a cheap and safe way to help keep people waiting at home while the government is addressing the problems of the great reset? ohoh, conspiracy..
Where i'm from, the mask mandates are being enforced more at schools. One provision is that when a kid in primary school tests positive for Covid, the whole class will have to isolate at home for 10 days, but could come out after 5 when tested negative. Sick yeah, i know, and many parents are disturbed by this divide and rule setup.
But there is a second provision that is even worse, in such a case the city health service can issue extra rules, which the schools then have to follow. Like mandatory testing at he door?
I keep in mind that the virus was originally a vaccine spread dna altering substance, that turned out to be enhancing the capabilities for some to resist the great reset, and the youngster group 16-26 is always the greatest force in society, as they can fight like there is no tomorrow. A 'zero covid' goal would be perceived necessary, as there is no rational reason to give to vaccinate this group, when comparing the risks of vaccine and covid.


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This 'dismantling' is dismantled elsewhere - here, for example:

Lanka won that case, but only on a technicality, on appeal:

His legal victory does not mean he is correct about 'the non-isolation of the measles virus'. You can read more about this stunt, from the point of view of the doctor who accepted his challenge, here.

A German federal court ruled conclusively on this in 2016, finding that "Lanka was free to judge whether any evidence sent in for his bet, was good enough in his opinion."

He won that fight through legal semantics, NOT through strength of scientific argument.

David Icke, Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, German New Medicine, Torsten Engelbrecht, Sayer Ji, Tom Barnett... the same names keep popping up behind what we've come to term the 'No Virus Theory'.

It was a quirky sideshow when the Covid business began, but today it's gaining ground to become THE alternative view to the official narrative. And that's scary because it will obviously tarnish-by-association all skepticism of the authorities' handling of Covid-19. It may also expose believers in this nonsense to serious risk of becoming ill and/or improperly handling disease.

Niall said:
His legal victory does not mean he is correct about 'the non-isolation of the measles virus'. You can read more about this stunt, from the point of view of the doctor who accepted his challenge, here.

Interesting links:

"100,000 Euros for giving evidence that measles are a viral disease – this sum awarded in 2014 after more than 200 years of discussions of viruses and after 100 years of research that gave positive evidence." ~Simons

"Well, I would love to rechannel the money Mr. Lanka has made with his publications against vaccinations into new vaccination programs." ~Bardens

Add the graphs showing how vaccines all but ended measles. And the "Interactive map of The Council for Foreign Relations showing the reported measles outbreaks of 2015" emphasizing a large outbreak in Germany, apparently due to the "quacks" who refuse the vaccine. E.g "follow Lanka's theory".

It seems like damage control/ "get your vaxx today"/ don't believe this "quack". To me anyway. (I'm very much NOT into vaccines as well)

Your other source, Africa Check: "Anti-vaccination movements and vaccine hesitancy are linked to increased outbreaks of measles in both wealthier countries, and poorer countries such as South Africa." E.g "get your poison coctail now!"

"Africa Check is a partner in Facebook’s third-party fact-checking programme to help stop the spread of false information on social media.". Really?

And here: "According to independent pharmaceutical journal DAZonline...". "Independent"? Can a "pharmaceutical journal" be trusted to give an "anti-vaxxer" a fair shake?

Again, seems a bit like damage control and/or a mild jab at "vaccine hesitancy". Fact-checkers in general are questionable depending on where there funding comes from. Big Pharma/facebook in this case? Why are there really "outbreaks"?

From your wayback link:

"Disappointing outcome of Bardens vs. Lanka: measles proven to exist, but anti-vaxxer Lanka keeps his money".​

Back to the "anti-vaxxer" bs. You don't think this source might be a little biased? "Proven to exist"? Yeah?

I'm in no position whatsoever to agree with Dr. Lanka. I may or may not look into it further but I do see a lot of energy put into attacking his ideas. And apologies Niall but your sources are questionable. To me anyway.

Also, after reading some of his papers, it does not seem like he is a "virus denier" which is a common mode of attack. Rather that virus, alone, is not responsible for disease.


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it does not seem like he is a "virus denier"

If Lanka is not a virus denier how can we explain the following statements made by Lanka during interviews:

But neither has ever a bird flu virus been demonstrated to exist, nor has the existence of any virus whatsoever that would have anything to do with anybody's falling ill been demonstrated. Such viruses do not exist.
it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses -- as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous -- in fact do not exist at all.
A lot of hemophiliacs died from hepatitis, and it was blames on nonexistent viruses.
The school medicine protagonists/practitioners need the paralysing, stupid-making and destructive fear of disease causing phantom viruses as a central basis for their existence


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Look where it has gotten us, as well, free will to believe in lies.
With that in mind, shouldn't the ability to gain or re-gain these areas of knowledge enable us to regain/regenerate attributes and strengths? That is what GNM is a part of, in my opinion.


I love that all sides of the coin are looked into (and it seems to me that now there is a larger opening) And yes, I am aware of that all sides / version / branches can easily get corrupted.

I didn't say it will be easy.

But it seems to be vital into opening up, and explore all sides - instead of shutting doors. Why I am writing this ? All my life since a child, I've always noticed that the human psyche appears to be a vital part of the whole; even so in the partial manifestation of dis-ease; albeit I had of course no evidence back then as a teenager, but more of hunches and observations within my family and friends / surrounding.

Nor do I today exactly know, how it all comes about.... as it clearly is endlessly more complicated, the deeper you explore different roads, theories, evidences, claimed evidences...

Nevertheless - I truly appreciate that many of you here at the forum, make really good efforts into highlighting the many aspects !
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