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I have a small request for german speaking members:
Here is aricle with a study how masks harm kids.

It refers to this study done in Germany

Can anyone find any reference to this study in any german MSM?
I don’t find any, looks like it’s completely ignored by MSM and it would be nice to have it since I‘m about to have another discussion with the teachers because they informed us (parents) that from 22.2. also children in groundschool must wear the mask all the time.
And they want to switch from next week to partial homeschooling - 2 days homeschooling, 2 days in school (every other Friday in school as well, so every other week they will be 3 days at school) and that will go on for next month until Easter brake.
I‘ll try to take my kid completely out of the school but I still don’t have an idea how....

Thank you!


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Two superb articles below by maverick Irish journalist John Waters (now cast into the wilderness and much derided and despised i.e. he's a true prophet!) linked and reproduced in full below. I highly recommend you find the time to read them both for his breadth of understanding and the precision of his writing brings much valued clarity. If you enjoy maybe subscribe to his blog - he asks nothing and gives a lot. I would say they both deserve a place on SOTT.

By the bye, I recently introduced him to Lobaczewski's 'Political Ponerology' which he says he's devouring with a terrifying sense of dawning familiarity!

Wall of Lies

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Save The Last Trance For Me

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Thank you for sharing these two articles by John Waters, Michael. I didn't know him, and agree that he manages to put in context the whole madness we're living through, by explaining the concept and history of modern propaganda and the process of newspeak and the ritualization of irrational and paradoxical actions dictated by the authorities and the media. It took me sometime to read the two essays but it was worthwhile, like a breath of fresh and pure air in these difficult times. Only by understanding the manipulation we might have some hope to be free of it and helping others to see it too, for what it is, a war against reality, against real and conscious human beings and against all principles and values that make life so enriching, noble and beautiful. May he inspire others too!


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UK Government Report: Experimental mRNA Injections Caused 1716 Cases of Eye Disorders and Left 22 People Blind

The most shocking reports are eye disorders [numbers updated]:
  • 978 people were diagnosed with eye disorders after Pfizer-BioNTech injections
  • 738 people were diagnosed with eye disorders after AstraZeneca injections (1716 combined)
  • a combined number of 22 people who went BLIND

See the article for a breakdown of eye disorders. Also in the article:

The Pfizer/ BioNTech has caused sixty-nine incidents of Bell’s Palsy, a condition that paralyzes muscles on one side of the face.
Government continues to downplay rampant vaccine injury and death, perpetrating genocide

The experimental vaccines have a tendency to incite autoimmune attacks in the cardiovascular system, too. Twenty-one people experienced cerebrovascular accidents (strokes) after taking the vaccine.

There were other serious cardiovascular events, including brain stem infarction, cerebellar infarction, cerebellar stroke, cerebral artery occlusion, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke, and subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed and therefore the vaccine is not recommended during pregnancy. However, the Yellow Card reporting system reveals that some pregnant women bypassed this screening process and four pregnant women suffered from spontaneous abortion after the Pfizer vaccination and two suffered the same fate after the AstraZeneca vaccination.
Instead of halting this mass vaccine experiment, regulators continue to downplay these injuries and blame them on a patient’s “older age” or “underlying conditions.”
! HEALTH (1).jpg


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Another video by Barbara Loe Fisher that's well worth viewing (44 min) on Vimeo:
NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher calls for rejection of utilitarianism as the foundation of public health laws and the embracing of a more compassionate ethic based on respect for autonomy and informed consent.

A powerful defense of freedom of thought, speech, conscience and religious belief, Fisher provides a brief review and analysis of the history of philosophy and ideology that has impacted public health polices and vaccine laws in the U.S.

Read this fully referenced commentary to learn more about informed consent as a human right.

From Nuremberg to California: Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century (October 2017) - Why Informed Consent Matters in the 21st Century - NVIC Newsletter


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Accessed this from another thread - America's Frontline Doctors, Dr. Lee Merrit interview (30 min) and in her final comments, gets a shout out:




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Can anyone find any reference to this study in any german MSM
I've probably searched everything possible in MSM for half an hour now, except for that:

View attachment 43050since you can't read the article, I don't know if it's not written more critically, as I suspect.

It's amazing how the problem is played down in the media. How wearing masks for children is portrayed as "not so bad"...

I found that at

But I also don‘t know if it will help...

so unfortunately, I can't help much any further in this case, dear Mari... I'm sorry.


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After reading Pierre's informative post on virus (pg 1101), I'm a little confused about the "no virus" theory.

"Dismantling the Virus Theory" Dr. Stefan Lanks

(I've just begun reading but maybe a waste of time?)

This 'dismantling' is dismantled elsewhere - here, for example:

Stefan Lanka, a molecular biologist by training, did his doctoral thesis and subsequent PhD—irony of ironies—on the viral infection in brown algae, but other than a few co-written articles he hasn't contributed anything in terms of scientific publications. Rather, he has been on a crusade against the idea of viruses (harmful or otherwise) for decades...

Lanka published an English language article called "Dismantling the Virus Theory" on his personal website, so this seems to be the place to find an explanation for his "deconversion" from science.[5] He optimistically writes:

Anyone who has knowledge of biology and the genesis of life, of the development and functions of the tissue, of the body and of the brain, will automatically question the assumptions about viruses.[5]

Not many scientists will go along with that, for sure! And again, a very odd claim:

A different approach to the virus phenomenon is possible and necessary: any layman with some background knowledge reading scientific papers about pathogenic viruses can realize that such viruses do not exist and what is being described are only typical components and characteristics of cells.[5]

He seems to deny the existence of all kinds of viruses, except one, the so called bacteriophages (lit.: "bacterium eaters"). However, he sees them as only beneficial instead of harmful, and of bacterial origin (without providing sources for these opinions other than "it was found"), where science views them as non-cellular life forms, anti-bacterial and parasitically invading bacterial cells.[11] Nobel Prizes have been won to elucidate the intricate processes involved here, but Lanka dismisses this work as simply a mistake. All that virologists are seeing under their microscopes, he maintains, are "dying cellular particles", but no viruses. [...]

Previous to this Coronavirus thread was the Bird Flu-Swine Flu-Vaccines thread. I posted there twice in April 2009 regarding Dr. Stefan Lanka and referenced him in this thread as well - post #10,737. The article I referenced is dated to 2005 whereas the pdf @cholas referenced is dated 2015. I remember Dr. Lanka won a court case regarding the measles virus in Germany:
Lanka won that case, but only on a technicality, on appeal:

...the courts ruled Lanka had won the bet. According to independent pharmaceutical journal DAZonline, the higher regional court judges in Stuttgart, where Lanka filed his appeal in 2016, did not doubt the existence of the virus.

But they did say Lanka’s challenge was neither a bet nor a competition but an award. And only the promoter of the award, Lanka, could determine the rules and decide if its criteria had been met.

His legal victory does not mean he is correct about 'the non-isolation of the measles virus'. You can read more about this stunt, from the point of view of the doctor who accepted his challenge, here.

A German federal court ruled conclusively on this in 2016, finding that "Lanka was free to judge whether any evidence sent in for his bet, was good enough in his opinion."

He won that fight through legal semantics, NOT through strength of scientific argument.

David Icke, Stefan Lanka, Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, German New Medicine, Torsten Engelbrecht, Sayer Ji, Tom Barnett... the same names keep popping up behind what we've come to term the 'No Virus Theory'.

It was a quirky sideshow when the Covid business began, but today it's gaining ground to become THE alternative view to the official narrative. And that's scary because it will obviously tarnish-by-association all skepticism of the authorities' handling of Covid-19. It may also expose believers in this nonsense to serious risk of becoming ill and/or improperly handling disease.


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In the research that Dr Stefan Lanka has dedicated his life to bring to the world, he is not saying there is "no virus".
Lanka has been trying to get the world to understand that the little information transfer particles of Nature, that the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry NAMED "virus" is not the CAUSE of illnesses.

The fact that teeny, tiny little invisible bits, which are Naturally produced by ALL living BEINGS, are being used as invisible Boogie Men, and that it is the Money Maker for Big Pharma and the Medical Industry is why the Powers that Be have turned his research, and Many other researchers into a Circus of disinformation. At least, that's how I understand this stuff at this time....

This web site and the videos offered may give you a bit more info and food for thought.
Debra, respectfully, this whole line of thinking is loco. German New Medicine is to science and medicine what word salad is to New Age philosophy.

You do catch illness. Contagion is real. Ryke Hamer's 'iron laws' are not actually laws, much less iron-clad. One can become ill - suddenly or progressively - without a preceding psychological trauma.

Psychology - the patient's life events, state of mind, and so on - is sometimes relevant (or even important) in the onset and progression of their disease, but it is not always.


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I think that's one of my good qualities. What it looks like if the situation were there is on a different sheet.
But I've already experienced so much that I feel like it's going on somehow. And I'll make the most of the situation. Sometimes I'm so stoic that I'm scared it's ignorance... but my emotions and feelings say something else... and so I have to go through the given circumstances... :flowers:


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Whistleblower: 8 Of 31 Residents In German Nursing Home DEAD After Being FORCIBLY Injected With Pfizer Experimental MRNA Shots AGAINST THEIR WILL​

Shocking Video

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, talking about the residents who were previously in good physical health and only suffered from “dementia,” stated:

One of them was a runner, in his late 70s, or WAS a runner, I should say, who was also an opera singer.

He outran one of the nurses who is in her mid 30s. He was still singing operas on the day that he got vaccinated.

After he got vaccinated, a couple of days later, he died.

So this opera singer, doesn’t sing anymore.

One of the most disturbing things about what these whistle blower videos reveal, according to Attorney Fuellmich, is that now they are getting more and more calls from other whistle blowers in nursing homes, in Germany and around the world, where they are reporting the same things.

We are getting more and more calls from other whistle blowers from other nursing homes in this country, plus we’re getting information from other countries, Sweden for example, Norway for example, Gibraltar for example, there are also incidents in England and in the United States that match these descriptions.

Attorney Fuellmich is not afraid to state exactly where this evidence leads us:

It means that people are dying because of the vaccines.

What we are seeing in this video clip is worse than anything we ever expected.

If this is representative for what’s going on in the other nursing homes, and in other countries, then we have a very serious problem.

And so do the people who make the vaccines, so do the people who administer the vaccines.

It looks more and more as though we’re dealing with homicide, and maybe even murder.


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Debra, respectfully, this whole line of thinking is loco.
Lol, yes it is totally loco!
I have no problem being that crazy loco old lady for you.
My journey into Loco land started out as a fun and exciting adventure.
The intensive course of undoing the victim programming that the Establishment of Modern Medicine encourages, HAS most likely left me a bit odd and loco to many others as well as yourself.
German New Medicine is to science and medicine what word salad is to New Age philosophy.
Sheesh, Wikipedia...just sayin', and then, comparing GNM to New Age Sewage, eeewwww!
You do catch illness.
All I wanted to do, was gain the knowledge required, in order to unravel why the all powerful "Information field" governing human beings, the Field that determined health and well being, was so flawed.

How did millions of years of Intelligently Designed, biology and DNA, become so full of errors and mistakes?

Why were all of us so weak and vulnerable?

Why were humans "catching" these diseases and illnesses?
Illnesses that mysteriously happen, or in med speak "Cause unknown" that can only be controlled but usually not cured by drugs and surgery.
Contagion is real.
Sure, maybe it's kinda like putting two smart phones together and they start downloading and sharing information.
Research is needed!
Ryke Hamer's 'iron laws' are not actually laws, much less iron-clad.
His use of "iron law" is old terminology translated from the original German, to English, and was used in his original Thesis.
He clarified in his thesis that he was referring to the iron clad laws in Nature.
The definition : a law or controlling principle that is incontrovertible and inexorable.

"The Laws of NATURE" don't care if any of us believe they are laws or not.
"The wind always wins"
One can become ill - suddenly or progressively - without a preceding psychological trauma.
That isn't disputed,or denied in GNM studies.

But, it is not as common, as a sudden, unexpected shock, unless it is due to a toxic spill, or intentional mass poisoning, or as is happening today, with the great experiment of mRNA injections.

It may happen, in masses of people, after say, an overhead meteorite explosion.
I have yet to come across any medical documentation regarding the Russian meteorite hit, back in 2013.
I would be interested in finding out if anything happened, health wise, to the people involved in the shock of the explosion and aftershocks.

G N M maintains that poisoning, or being malnourished, and the cumulative results of toxic air, toxic water, toxic food can and DO create illnesses and death.
Those are readily identified, as they follow patterns and have symptoms, in a class of known symptoms.
Interestingly, Parasites are also usually present as well, with toxins and poisons.

There is a fine line though, because being constantly Fearful and afraid of invisible toxins, just like being afraid of invisible "germs" can and DOES produce an ongoing trauma for many "sensitive" people.

There is also an epidemic of "allergies", in humans, and getting more common in pet companions as well.
The research and documented cases indicate that the majority of allergies are caused by "unknown origins", or "sudden immune system response" but, behind closed doors, the mumbles from the white coats are validating more and more that most allergies are psychological in cause.
Psychology - the patient's life events, state of mind, and so on - is sometimes relevant (or even important) in the onset and progression of their disease, but it is not always.
The fields of psychology and psychiatry are heavily controlled and regulated by the same governing Powers as the rest of the Medical Association.
Modern Medicine is based on Darwinian, Newtonian and Cartesian foundations and enforced regulations, the Psyche/ Soul usually isn't considered, or as you wrote"sometimes relevant".
I prefer to pursue studies where everyone's Psyche/Soul is always relevant, and the Whole Self is the focus.

So, @Niall thanks for your respectful reply and opinions.

My interest in GNM is based on the theory that The Divine Cosmic Mind IS in charge and perfect.
Natures laws, and all the living beings on this planet, are not full of flaws.

So far, the learning is REALLY FUN, and the results are very life affirming.
The downside, is that the "belief" de-programming can be a bit of a challenge, but, worth it, from what I have found, so far.
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