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Texas gov lifts mask mandate & OKs businesses to operate at 100% capacity
This is the kind of good news I wanna read more frequently.
Feels a little bit like the announcements of chocolate rations increases in 1984, but I take it.
Mississippi joins Texas.



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2nd round of vaccination starts in Germany. :nuts:
Targeted are day-care workers, teachers and police.
They will be vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

I wonder how will they explain sudden rise in corona cases in schools and kindergartens. 🤔

North Rhine-Westphalia presents vaccination plan for priority group 2

Since last week, hospitals have been able to have their staff not named in priority group 1 vaccinated. In addition, the Ministry of Health asked the municipalities on Friday to submit a vaccination offer to the following groups of people:
  • Medical staff working on an outpatient basis with regular and direct patient contact. These include, for example, (dental) doctors, their medical practice staff, medicine providers and midwives
  • People who work in the public health service
  • Blood and plasma donation service personnel
  • Staff in SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and test centers

From March 8th, the following groups will receive a vaccination offer:
  • Day care workers
  • Teachers at elementary and special schools
  • Police officers with direct contact with citizens - starting with the members of the Emergency service
  • Personnel, residents and employees of the workshops for disabled people and in special forms of living

The Ministry of Health assumes that there are more than 750,000 people in the group of people mentioned, including 275,000 in schools and day-care centers, around 300,000 in outpatient medical care and 150,000 in integration assistance. AstraZeneca is usually given to people under 65 years of age. The country is implementing the latest medical findings and is postponing the second vaccination from the ninth to the twelfth week. The vaccination offers are coordinated by the coordinating units of the vaccination centers with the employers, employers and facility managers and take place both in vaccination centers and on site.

At the end of March, people with a previous illness within the meaning of the Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance will receive a vaccination offer.

The start of vaccinations for people over the age of 70 depends largely on the availability of BioNTech vaccine and the progress made in vaccination for people over the age of 80. "I assume that we can start vaccinating over-70s by May at the latest," said the minister.

Minister Laumann: “The planning for the second prioritization group is far from over. Over the next few weeks, we will gradually explain when and how the other groups named in the federal vaccination ordinance will receive their vaccination offer. "

In addition, Health Minister Laumann announced that as soon as possible - in the next few weeks - the vaccinations of people in need of care will begin in their own homes. Either doctors at the vaccination center will drive down several vaccinated individuals and vaccinate them, or the statutory health insurance associations will organize a vaccination through the family doctor system. Initially, 18,000 people will be vaccinated at care level 5 in a model project.

Vaccination start for teaching staff on March 8th

Status: 01.03.2021 3:42 p.m.

The AstraZeneca vaccine keeps lying around. Now it should be quickly offered to new groups - including doctors, police officers, teachers and educators.

In the race against the further spread of the coronavirus, there is only one thing to do: vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate again. "We need a turbo, we need more speed, we need more groups," says NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) about the corona vaccinations with AstraZeneca.

The Prime Minister does not assume "that AstraZeneca is lying around". However, many municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia report that vaccination appointments have been canceled and not taken. This not only causes a lack of understanding at the political level - because the Paul Ehrlich Institute recently made it clear that in addition to the vaccines from Biotech / Pfizer and Moderna, AstraZeneca is also safe and effective.

111,000 Astrazeneca vaccines so far inoculated

According to the NRW Ministry of Health, the federal government has so far delivered around 310,000 vaccine doses from AstraZeneca to North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 111,000 of these were vaccinated up to and including last Sunday.

The NRW state government is now pushing the pace. On Monday, Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) announced that the corona vaccination campaign with AstraZeneca will be expanded from March 8th - i.e. in one week.

Vaccination offer for around 750,000 additional people

It is a large group of people who are now being offered vaccinations, about 750,000 in total. Among others are: doctors, police officers, educators, daycare workers, contact persons for pregnant women or people with chronic illnesses. "It remains to be seen now whether AstraZeneca will really be rejected," says Laumann. Reliable figures on this are not yet available.

does not continue to be used by people over 65

Laumann made it clear that AstraZeneca will not continue to be inoculated to people over 65. He cannot say when this will be the case. Only the Robert Koch Institute can give an answer to this, not politics.

Successor model in Cologne

In the meantime, there is already a concrete successor model in Cologne: If appointments are canceled, people in the first and second priority group who have not yet been given the opportunity to get vaccinated. An ethics committee decides who will ultimately receive the vaccination dose.

An additional offer for teachers

In Krefeld, primary school teachers can be vaccinated from Tuesday, because there is still AstraZeneca vaccine left over there. "Now we hope that the staff in the Krefeld day-care centers will have a turn at the next special campaign," said city director Markus Schön

In Münster, groups of people who have not yet received a vaccination offer at the start of the AstraZeneca vaccination are now invited to vaccination appointments. This includes doctors who make home visits to inpatient care facilities, as well as dentists, otolaryngologists and pediatricians.

Two advantages of AstraZeneca

There is one advantage at AstraZeneca, as the vaccination center in Bielefeld emphasizes: For example, cans in opened ampoules can be stored for up to six days. With the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, these would have to be inoculated within four hours.
And another advantage of AstraZeneca: In North Rhine-Westphalia, the second vaccination with this active ingredient will only take place after three months instead of the previous nine weeks, announced Laumann. So even more people can benefit from the vaccination.

Soon a new recommendation for AstraZeneca?

The head of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, had recently announced a change in the recommendation for the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Stiko consider the preparation based on recent studies for a "very good" vaccine. Because of the lack of data, it was recommended that only those under 65 be vaccinated.


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Uh... Oslo, Norway

Sorry, if I am the messenger of more bad news, but I do like to cover the developments from Scandinavia here.

Through the Swedish site "TravelNews" which writes (2 mar 2021) about that Oslo, capital of Norway, is closing down from tonight at midnight until 15th of March. The boogeyman is of course "the new virus strain" being heavily promoted all across Scandinavia. It's the usual bla bla bla.

As usual - the increase of "spread" is solely based on the emergency approved but not validated "Prof" Drosten RT-PCR Covid-19 test kit - which by design can not determine contagion...

Oslo closes from midnight

From midnight until March 15, restaurants and shops in the Norwegian capital will close. Oslo residents are encouraged to meet friends - but only outdoors. This weekend, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health announced that the virus variant that was first discovered in the UK now accounts for 50–70 percent of new cases of covid-19 in Oslo.

In light of the capital's municipal management announced last Sunday that restaurants and shops - except grocery stores, pharmacies and Vinmonopolet (shops exclusively for alcohol) - will be closed to stop the spread of infection. Outdoor events are banned and special rules are introduced to reduce the risk of infection at construction sites.

“The new virus variants spread faster than previous variants. This means that we must now tighten the infection control measures ", said the chairman of the municipal board Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) in a press release on Sunday.

Oslo residents are urged not to spend time indoors, except with members of their own household. But company is still important, according to Johansen, who recommends meeting friends for a walk.

"It is beneficial for mental health. We know that the virus is less contagious outside. But keep your distance" he said at Sunday's press conference. The new measures will take effect at midnight on Tuesday and will apply until 15 March. But already on Monday, high schools and adult education changed from yellow to red level, which means increased distance education.

"We see that the infection has increased fivefold in the age group 16 to 19 in the last two weeks," says Knowledge Citizens' Council Inga Marte Thorkildsen.

Several of Oslo's neighboring municipalities are now considering following the capital's example. On Wednesday, both Lillestrøm and Lørenskog will take a position on stricter restrictions. Bærum has also announced stricter measures. Otherwise, the chairman Lisbeth Hammer Krog (Høyre) fears that Oslo residents will cross the municipal border to shop and go to a restaurant.

“We have to take that into account in our deliberations. National health authorities are very important if the municipalities near Oslo coordinate their measures, ”she says.


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80% of the nuns in this Kentucky convent got COVID 2 days after vaccine

Earlier this month, 35 nuns in a northern Kentucky convent received an mRNA-developed COVID-19 vaccine. Just two days later, two died* and twenty six others tested positive for the virus.

Sister Aileen Bankemper, prioress of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburg, noted that the monastery was completely locked down, with no movement of people into or out of the premises for some time prior to having the sisters vaccinated.
In an apparent attempt to quell fears about the dangers of the vaccine, Dr. Steven Feagins, the Hamilton County public health director, explained that strong side-effects are “actually way more common than you might think.”
[Dr. Sheri] Tenpenny argued that the currently available vaccines do not merit the name vaccine since they don’t “meet any of the standards by which a vaccine is supposed to work: to prevent the spread of infection, to keep you from getting sick, to keep you from being hospitalized, to decrease the amount of illness, to protect people from this contagion that’s out there. It doesn’t meet any of those standards.”
*A third nun has since died.



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Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers

Pfizer's vaccine killed ‘about 40 times more (elderly) people’ and ‘260 times’ more of the young than ‘what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.’
A re-analysis of published data from the Israeli Health Ministry by Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Aix-Marseille University, and engineer Haim Yativ reveal, in short, that the mRNA experimental vaccine from Pfizer killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period. Among the younger class, these numbers are compounded to death rates at 260 times what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.
Yativ and Seligmann stipulate that even these “estimated numbers of deaths from the vaccine are probably much lower than actual numbers as it accounts only for those defined as COVID-19 deaths for that short time period and does not include AVC and cardiac (and other) events resulting from the inflammatory reactions.”

Nor do these numbers “account for long-term complications,” they write.


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Eugenics is alive and well: Covid-19 scam is the engine for accomplishing depopulation

Those that deny the mass eugenics efforts that exist in the U.S. and globally today, are either pathological liars, are censorship driven manipulative propagandists, or are completely ignorant of any reality whatsoever. The entire transhuman, technological, and technocracy movements that consume the ruling class today are highly based on eugenics. The openly sought and planned "Great Reset" being pursued by those claimed ruling 'elites' that currently run this country and the world; those desirous of that murderous and human-altering 'progressive' agenda, are the epitome of the modern eugenics movement. Due to the heinous nature and distasteful concept of this crusade as described early in the twentieth century, the terms used in the past have been altered to fool the collective and dumbed-down herd, and so far, that deception has been successful.

This fake pandemic is the first step being used to achieve human death and genetic alteration in order to eliminate and control millions or billions of common people, but the ever-changing reasoning for pursuing these agendas will soon morph into the excuses of sustainable development and 'climate change.' And given the planned destruction of the food supply that is already underway, and the intentional control and scarcity of energy, purposely-created food and energy shortages will be used to cause not only concern among the public, but to create sheer panic as well.

These staged events will be blamed for governmental controlled emergency rationing, and then certain segments of the public will be cursed for their excessive use of vital necessities during a 'crisis.' This is a double-edged sword, as without enough food and energy, the murder of large swaths of the population can be achieved under the guise of emergency efforts to protect the dependent population at the expense of those that have prepared for this type of critical situation. This is the ultimate use of divisive propaganda by injecting a psychotic survival instinct into the minds of an already frightened populace in order to stifle empathy for others. These tactics are simply psychological warfare against the proletariat class as a whole.

'Vaccination' (injection of poisons), introduction of pathogens through testing, mind control, lockdowns, premeditated murder, sterilization, and fear mongering will be the tools used to turn the tide in favor of the state by artificially altering human biology, by invasive psychological manipulation, by ever increasing draconian restrictions and mandates, and by state-sponsored terror at the hands of the enforcement arm of government. If the people do not stand up en masse against this assault, the situation as described above will almost certainly be the result.

By now, the purposeful elimination of some humans, the gene and mind-altering of others, and grand sterilization campaigns, especially in developing countries, should be seen as an obvious plot that is desired and in some respects, is already underway. It is extremely difficult to consider that part of society that claims superiority over others to such an extent that they want to be able to decide who lives or dies, who is free or a slave, and who should be forcibly altered to be worthy of existence, as human beings. They are mere evil monsters.


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Dr Wolfgang Wodarg english interview, (part 1)
Planet Lockdown Series

Nice that there is a good interview held in english with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (as many earlier ones, were mainly held in German) I consider him be this grounded, gentle, highly knowledgeable human being - outlining the underpinnings which lead to our Plandemic.

Unholy Marriage of WHO & Big Pharma

He tells a lot about how the WHO has been transformed into having become one of the major tools of corruption through which the sheep (nations) all follow. How Ebola, false Swineflu, birdflu, SARS and MERS became the playgrounds for Big Pharma to test their strategies, even mRNA “vaccines” (ebola) and sell their products over the head of people, who have gradually given up to care about the changes that gradually had been implemented and lead to the Plandemic.

The WHO has basically plunged the world into an continues pre and post Corona period, one wave going to the next, with help of manipulating the criteria for it - and still does so - that we are in a permanent (kind of) Corona-something state. (Pre, main, post)

It is a very illuminating interview.

And again, what is rarely spoken or reflected over is that after a human being takes an mRNA injection - you become a GMO, and in that position, there are some serious juridical consequences to reflect over. The laws for GMO organisms (and having patent over it) are different from the human right laws...

PCR tests = of DNA

Also - Dr Wodarg says that the PCR tests are in reality harvesting of DNA data, at the same time being sequenced and filed - on a global scale - without any insight or governance over it. Human DNA information is considered to be the “Gold” for the pharmaceutical industry (and god knows for whom else)

A very good interview, and Dr Wodarg speaks good english, which makes it easier.


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Another negative consequence of the mRNA vaccines:

MEDICAL SHOCKER: Scientists at Sloan Kettering discover mRNA inactivates tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote cancer

(Natural News) There’s a secret layer of information in your cells called messenger RNA, that’s located between DNA and proteins, that serves as a critical link. Now, in a medical shocker to the whole world of vaccine philosophy, scientists at Sloan Kettering found that mRNA itself carries cancer CAUSING changes – changes that genetic tests don’t even analyze, flying completely under the radar of oncologists across the globe.

So now, it’s time for independent laboratories that are not vaccine manufacturers (or hired by them) to run diagnostic testing on the Covid vaccine series and find out if these are cancer-driving inoculations that, once the series is complete, will cause cancer tumors in the vaccinated masses who have all rushed out to get the jab out of fear and propaganda influence. Welcome to the world of experimental and dirty vaccines known as mRNA “technology.”

After your Covid vaccination, RNA is transported out of your cell’s nucleus, and will no longer function properly as a cancer tumor suppressor

Substantial amount of people with blood cancer have the SAME inactivation of tumor-suppressor genes at the mRNA level


Note: duckduckgo has elevan links with the exact same title - naturalnews wasn't one of them.


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Jon Rappoport's latest:

Ebola: the new fake outbreak
The virus is the cover story
We’re being warned that a new Ebola outbreak is spreading.

Yahoo News (February 26, 2021): “On Feb. 17, the World Health Organization reported a cluster of Ebola cases in Guinea…The Biden administration is moving forward with plans to screen airline passengers from two African countries arriving in the U.S. for Ebola…”

Before yet another lunatic pandemic story takes off, people need to understand the multiple hoaxes behind Ebola.

I covered the story in 2017 and 2014. Here are the essential quotes from my pieces. Buckle up:

There is one predictable outcome: at Congo clinics and hospitals, frightened people who arrive with what are labeled “early signs” of Ebola will be diagnosed as probable cases. What are those symptoms? Fever, chill, sore throat, cough, headache, joint pain. Sound familiar? Normally, this would just be called the flu.

Here’s another point you won’t see discussed on the mainstream news: the reliability of tests used to diagnose Ebola.

Two of those major tests—antibody and PCR—are notoriously unreliable.

Antibody tests will register positive for disease because they ping on factors that have nothing to do with the disease being looked for. And even when the test is accurate, a positive reading merely shows that the patient came in contact with the germ in question. It says nothing about whether he’s ill or is going to become ill.

In fact, before 1985, when the science was turned on its head, antibody-positive status was taken to mean the patient’s immune system had successfully warded off the germ.

The PCR test is a sophisticated way of amplifying tiny, tiny bits of what are assumed to be viral material, so they can be observed. The problem here is this: if only tiny bits of material could be found in the patient’s body in the first place, there is no reason to suppose they’re enough to cause disease. Very, very large amounts of virus are necessary to begin to suspect the patient is ill or is going to become ill.

Bottom line: huge numbers of people on whom these tests are done are going to be falsely diagnosed with Ebola.
In order not to solve the problems of the people, a cover story is necessary. A cover story that exonerates the power structure.

A cover story like a germ.

It’s all about the germ. The demon. The strange attacker.

Forget everything else. The germ is the single enemy.

Forget the fact, for example, that a recent study of 15 pharmacies and 5 hospital drug dispensaries in Sierra Leone discovered the widespread and unconscionable use of beta-lactam antibiotics.

These drugs are highly toxic. One of their effects? Excessive bleeding.

Which just happens to be the scary “Ebola effect” that’s being trumpeted in the world press.

Forget the fact that pesticide companies are notorious for shipping banned toxic pesticides to Africa. One effect of the chemicals? Bleeding.

Forget that. It’s all about the germ and nothing but the germ.

Forget the fact that, for decades, one of the leading causes of death in the Third World has been uncontrolled diarrhea. Electrolytes are drained from the body, and the adult or the baby dies. (Diarrhea is also listed as an “Ebola” symptom.)

Any sane doctor would make it his first order of business to replace electrolytes with simple supplementation—but no, the standard medical line goes this way:

The diarrhea is caused by germs in the intestinal tract, so we must pile on massive amounts of antibiotics to kill the germs.

The drugs kill off all bacteria in the gut, including the necessary and beneficial ones, and the patient can’t absorb what little food he has access to, and he dies.

Along the way, he can also bleed.

But no, all the bleeding comes from Ebola. It’s the germ. Don’t think about anything else.



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Even though they're vectors, at least they're not a mRNA vaccine.
So the C´s said that SputnikV is safe enough meaning if we apply health protocol and keep our bodies in check.

What about this CoviVac vaccine? It says here that:

Unlike the Sputnik V vaccine, which uses a modified harmless cold virus that tricks the body into producing antigens to help the immune system prepare for a coronavirus infection, the CoviVac vaccine is a “whole-virion” vaccine.

This means it is made of a coronavirus that has been inactivated, or stripped of its ability to replicate.

“The vaccine we have developed... reflects the whole history of Russian, as well as global, vaccine science,” the Chumakov Centre’s director, Aidar Ishmukhametov, said on Saturday.

The advantage, according to virologist Alexander Chepurnov, cited by outlet Lenta.Ru, is that CoviVac includes all elements of the virus, creating a broader immune response that is likely to protect against any variants.

So it looks like it is "classic" vaccine, developed in the same method like vaccines against i.e. measles and mumps?
That should also be "safe enough" (comparing to other vaccines)?


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I don't know if it has been posted anywhere yet. But this came across my path today. Unfortunately only in German, but I tried to translate the article with Deepl into English. (I hope it is not just noise I am sharing)

Professor Winfried Stöcker has developed an antigen against Covid 19 and has already tested it on himself and on his coworkers and friends. When he tried to get it out in the public, of course, a case was brought against him. He also presents the recipe for the vaccine on his site so that interested doctors can make it and give it to their patients.
Unfortunately, I know too little about medicine to say if it is anything useful, but my thought was why else would they denounce him? :halo:

In the past, under my leadership, an extremely efficient research and development department was established at Euroimmun, dealing, among other things, with the diagnostics of infectious diseases. Our scientists were among the first to create reagents for the detection of a number of emerging infectious diseases, often in collaboration with specialists from international infectious disease research institutions, in Germany including the Bernhard Nocht Institute in Hamburg and the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin: Crimean-Congo, West Nile, Japanese Encephalitis, Usutu, Dengue, Chikungunya, Mayaro, MERS-Corona, Zika, SARS 1, Ebola.

Based on our extensive experience in reagent development for the diagnosis of novel viral diseases, we have rapidly and accurately created and recombinantly produced an antigen construct that can reliably detect antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. It is based on the receptor-binding domain within the S1 subunit of the spike protein, which the virus uses to bind to receptors on target cells. To me, it stood to reason that immunization with this protein would provide a protective effect against infection.

There are vaccinations with a large potential danger and others with a very small one. There is a difference between injecting a healthy person with attenuated viruses or viral RNA and injecting a small inconspicuous recombinant protein that cannot do much in the organism except for specific immune stimulation. For decades, recombinant antigens genetically engineered in culture cells have been used in immunization against infectious hepatitis A and B. In the past, the immunization antigen was obtained from blood donations of people formerly suffering from hepatitis, but the recombinant antigens come from the retort, they are easy to produce and carry no risk of infection - a major advance. I myself have immunized thousands of my employees with them. However, you have to take three injections in the first quarter of the year, then measure the antibody level every five to ten years and give a booster vaccination if necessary.

This uncomplicated vaccination scheme, which has been tried and tested for decades, with a trivial antigen that has long been available, would be the order of the day in the case of Covid-19. The fact that completely new approaches are being pursued here, such as introducing viral RNA into the body of the vaccinated person, which is supposed to synthesize the immunization antigen in the person's own organism first, may be very effective, but many people are afraid of this because they fear that the viral RNA will take on a life of its own in the body and cause unexpected damage. Lengthy vaccination studies have therefore had to be set up, during which the virus has been able to spread through the population like an avalanche. And the active ingredient is very difficult to produce, requires a continuous deep-freeze chain from production to vaccination, many people are allergic to the polyethylene glycol additive needed for stabilization, and half of the vaccinees report sick after the second injection. Above all, however, it takes years to manufacture the vaccine until demand is met and everyone is immunized. Scientists can make a name for themselves and the patent holders can make a lot of money, while millions of people die because they cannot be vaccinated in time. "Woe, woe, whoever stealthily commits the murderous deed!" Who attaches himself to his soles?

Likewise, culture-produced and inactivated coronaviruses are obsolete for me as vaccine antigens, with hepatitis such a thing is long outdated, what is the point then with corona? It is also not necessary to infect anyone with vector viruses in order to introduce viral antigens. I apply the ready-made, extracorporeally genetically engineered antigen, which poses virtually no danger. And so far, none of the more than one hundred vaccinated people has become ill, none has been incapacitated.

Some resistance has developed to my approach. People are not able or willing to recognize the potential of the vaccination I propose, but it is virtually risk-free, based on an inactivated vaccine that can be shipped unrefrigerated and kept in a refrigerator, that does not introduce the dreaded genetic information of the virus, that does not contain an attenuated virus or vector, that causes few allergic reactions, much less to polyethylene glycol, that any doctor can administer in his office, virtually risk-free, and that would therefore be far more acceptable to the public. And which can easily be produced in large quantities. Excellent for mass vaccination. The first vaccination was anything but heroic, but banal. No vector, no RNA, no inactivated coronavirus, just a small peptide.

Take 15 micrograms of recombinant RBD of S1 subunit (Arg319-Phe541) three times for one person. I used Alhydrogel from InvivoGen as the adiuvant: Shake properly and draw up 200 microliters of it with the tuberculin syringe. Draw up 10 milliliters of saline into a larger syringe and add the 200 microliters, mix. Of that, 500 microliters per shot to mix your portion of antigen with. Everything pretty sterile.

A single 2000-liter reactor can produce 45 grams of antigen per day, which would be enough for 1 million people. A high-density culture system can produce five times that amount. Within half a year, vaccine for 80% of the population of Germany could be produced in a medium-sized laboratory.

I have asked the Paul Ehrlich Institute for permission to immediately replicate this trivial immunization with a larger number of volunteers to see if it works as well as it did for me and my family, and if there are no side effects in them either, including exposed individuals. If the PEI had not objected, we could long ago have put a manufacturer in a position to supply the whole of Germany and provide effective protection.

Instead of responding to my proposal, the Paul Ehrlich Institute coldly sued me. Perhaps because they felt ignored in their divine function - after all, I had already carried out a trial on five (!) people (which I am entitled to do as a doctor, so I can mix together whatever I think is right for my therapy: Who knows so well with the paragraphs, should actually know that) -, perhaps to give an advantage to other applicants, to whom one feels obliged? But I do not act as a vaccine manufacturer, I have no profit intention in this matter. I deliberately went public with my action right away and did not apply for a patent, so that no one else would claim this way for themselves, but I only want to show a simple and harmless way to counter the pandemic quickly and effectively.

Necessity justifies unconventional means - in the case of this pandemic, one cannot wait two years until the last doubts about possible side effects have been resolved, as is the case with other vaccines, but action must be taken quickly. In this respect, the Paul Ehrlich Institute must be accused of complete failure. They had to foresee that the delivery of the vaccines that were granted approval would take several years. In this situation, sensible people would examine all possible alternatives and support their implementation. People would have immediately come up with the highly effective immunization in Lübeck, would have supported the project, and by the end of 2021 the whole of Germany could be virtually free of Covid-19! The vaccination of over one hundred patients with recombinant S1-RBD antigen in Lübeck was almost free of side effects and extremely effective, 95% of the vaccinees developed protective antibodies in high concentration within six weeks.

The regulatory authorities are overwhelmed. They can do nothing but proceed according to a tried and tested pattern. They are helpless in the face of the catastrophe, but they have caused it themselves. As the very first institution, they could and should have foreseen the avalanche-like outbreak of the pandemic. If they had immediately taken up my suggestion to immunize the population with such a banal antigen, the spread of the disease would have been stopped very quickly. Hundreds of thousands of people would not have become ill, tens of thousands would not have died.

It is unbelievable how the PEI is still being courted, like gods who are pleased to approve a vaccine under certain conditions and after long and careful examination of every single detail, whether every stamp is in the right place and every piece of paper is folded correctly, while social life and the economy are collapsing. For me, these slowing down authorities are just as bad as the disease itself and unworthy to bear the name of Paul-Ehrlich, whose achievements would not have come to us in the environment of increasing excessive bureaucracy. Entrepreneurial qualities would be more in demand here, not paralyzing dirigisme. And no impotent stammering on television. It would do our society good if the Paul Ehrlich Institute had a little competition, something like the Technical Inspection Agency or DEKRA.

In the current catastrophic situation, one does not need lengthy double-blind trials to precisely work out differences in efficacy. Vaccinate the first thousand test persons (preferably with the Lübeck method) and make them immune right away. If that goes well, ten thousand people get it, and then the rest. But some clinicians always have their eye on their third-party funding account and want to approach the matter scientifically in a way that is tried and tested for them, and first carefully find out whether a few percent more or less anti-covid antibodies develop in a vaccine candidate. After all, not every vaccine will be able to induce antibodies in very high concentrations that eliminate (neutralize) the coronavirus in 95% of patients, like the one from Lübeck.

Initially, it is not important to prove a long-term effect in a time-consuming manner. First of all, a herd immunity has to be established immediately, and in one or two years we will see if the pandemic has been largely contained. The main thing to check was whether the side effects were kept within limits, and this is precisely what takes too much time with RNA vaccination and the like; with the Lübeck variant, this could be answered within six weeks.

By the way, my suggestion of rapid immunization with the Corona S1 antigen was received with enthusiasm by several scientists. And by others it was dismissed and criticized without any sense: Who did not come up with this idea themselves, or who possibly get their research budget financed by (newly) established vaccine manufacturers. Perhaps some "scientists" receive so much in third-party funding that they talk down my simple approach to a solution so as not to go away empty-handed. Because the manufacturers will not allow a comparison, because they are afraid that my vaccine can compete with their newly patented substances, then the patents become worthless and the expected sales of hundreds of billions of dollars and euros are questioned. I do not rule out the possibility that our so admired god-like authority is not only hostile to innovation, but may even have acted on someone else's behalf by turning a blind eye to the simplest solution and suing them. And with so much money at stake, I am now putting my life in danger as well. "From you, you Corona victims up there, if no other voice speaks, then be my murder complaint raised!" Victims of short-sighted "scientists", cowardly paragraph servants and bureaucrats.

In the same context is to be seen certainly the demand of the Paul Ehrlich institute that one is to recognize a positive antibody result in the vaccination certificate only if it came by a certified vaccine. There even persons are to be inoculated again after survived Corona infection, who earned their antibody honestly. Apparently so that the minions do not miss anything. Will someone report the Paul Ehrlich Institute?

To avoid the stupid accusation of some of the said "scientists" that my "self-experiment" has no probative value, I gave in to the fervent wish of some of my colleagues and friends and legally immunized them according to my scheme - as I did with my family last April. As a physician, I am authorized to do so and do not require the approval of any authority. During our vaccination series from December 2020 to January 2021, we did not experience any relevant undesirable side effects, and we were able to detect very high titers of anti-spike IgG in 60 of 65 patients in our laboratory in Lübeck; five are still being revaccinated, and in 64 the antibodies were virus-neutralizing. No vaccinee became incapacitated. All positive patients are happy about their newfound freedom.

Winfried Stöcker
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