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Yes, there are. I already saw some calls to ruin the 14 july (national day).
We are in France and we follow several channels of resistance, some of which are mentioned here. The resistance is getting organised. Some French people have not lost their warrior soul and all my family (partner, mother, sister, children,...), friends and acquaintances are not ready to collaborate. I am a home help and will be subject to compulsory vaccination from 15 September for my job. I have decided to go and work in the fields from September. Concerning transport such as the train, it is abject because many students use this transport.
They are not going to stop there because they are still discussing vaccinating the children for the start of the school year. For the moment it's a lot of intimidation, but apparently it's working because the website for online vaccination appointments has been taken over.
There is a lot of movement, but for the moment nothing is decided.

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Nous sommes en France et nous suivons plusieurs canaux de resistance dont certains cités ici. La résistance s'organise. Certains français n'ont pas perdu leur âme de guerriers et toute ma famille (compagnon, mère, soeur, enfants,...), amis et connaissances ne sont pas près à collaborer. Je suis aide à domicile et vais être soumise à la vaccination obligatoire à partir du 15 septembre pour mon emploi. J'ai decidé d'aller travailler dans les champs à partir de septembre. Concernant les transports comme le train, c'est abjecte car beaucoup d'étudiants utilisent ces transports.
Ils ne vont pas s'arrêter là car ils discutent encore de vacciner les enfants pour la rentrée scolaire. Pour l'instant il s'agit beaucoup d'intimidation, mais apparement, ça fonctionne assez car le site pour la prise de rdv vaccination en ligne aurait été pris d'assaut.
Ça bouge beaucoup, pour l'heure rien n'est joué.


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I think that for the moment the resistance is possible. It will be different when the pass will be necessary to access medical resources or simply access your money or perhaps you will have to pay a huge tax if your not vaccinated or something like that. I'm sure they can invent something really, really annoying. This is just the beginning.


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Thanks for sharing MK Scarlett, I'm astounded by these dreadful news. Basically they are forcing people to get vaccinated by implementing a whole series of restrictions and draconian unconstitutional measures while keeping alive the illusion that you still have a choice since the jab is not mandatory, at least not yet, but if you don't get the jab your daily routine and movements will be limited to your home, workplace and grocery store, if you want to enjoy more freedom get in line and bend down.
If you don't get the jab or a test (and test will not be free anymore) you can't go to the grocery store (He said "centre commerciaux" so that's big grocery store, you should be able to go to the shop arround the corner). That still have to be approved by the parliament or something.
Meh, more manipulative attempts, similar to those happening in most western countries, or will be soon. The problem is that vaccine uptake is rather low in France, hence the manipulative tactics. This is just manipulative talk and threats for now, all designed to get people to take the vaccine, and we will have to see if and how those threats are implemented. I expect significant resistance at local levels.
This French comic was spot on ten days ago. In substance: "If you refuse the jab, then the jab will become mandatory and we will loose our freedom. But if everyone take the jab the government will not be able to get the jab mandatory and our democratie will be saved."



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Can you point me to the quote please?
Bonsoir Ellipse,
Je viens de relire les principales citations, il est précisé que ce sera obligatoire pour le personnel soignant, sinon ils ne pourront plus travailler ni être rémunéré.
"La vaccination est rendue obligatoire pour les soignants "sans attendre". Des contrôles et sanctions auront lieu dès le 15 septembre."
Effectivement j'ai mal écouté, entendu.
Cette quantité du mot "obligatoire" m'a induit en erreur.
Merci de me l'avoir montré, par votre question.
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Good evening Ellipse,
I have just reread the main quotes, it is specified that it will be mandatory for the nursing staff, otherwise they will not be able to work or be paid.
"Vaccination is made compulsory for health care workers "without delay". Controls and sanctions will take place from September 15."
Indeed, I did not listen well.
This quantity of the word "mandatory" misled me.
Thank you for showing me this, through your question.
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(L) So basically, some kind of cabal in the deep state of the US is at the bottom of some kind of One World Order plan to really basically bit by bit take the entire planet under its control. Is that it either overtly or covertly?

A: Covertly at present, but overtly eventually.

Q: (Joe) That's been the goal for a long time.
And four years later... Mr. Macaroni emerges from the presidential plate grasping for ketchup. Unfortunately, the waiter is wearing a yellow vest.


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