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Don't have time now, but later want to post about federal money to colleges/universities requiring incentives for Covid vaxxination. Hubby is involved with that and on the fly I told him it's mandatory to have informed consent.
Ok - I'm going to tackle this, but first an explanation as to what I'm referencing:
ARP: American Rescue Plan (HEERF III)


The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (HEERF III) is authorized by the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Public Law 117-2, signed into law on March 11, 2021, providing $39.6 billion in support to institutions of higher education to serve students and ensure learning continues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ARP funds are in addition to funds authorized by the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 (CRRSAA), Public Law 116-260 and the Coronavirus Aid, Recovery, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, Public Law 116-136. Emergency funds available to institutions and their students under all emergency funds total $76.2 billion.

Note: This page is dedicated to the new funding (HEERF III) established by the ARP. Information about the HEERF II established by the CRRSAA can be found at this link. HEERF I established by the CARES Act can be found at this link.
My hubby tells me that one of the previous HEERFs requires that a portion of these funds be used to incentivize student vaccination. I've only located FAQ documentation in HEERF III that says "may" use the funds for that purpose:


What I'm noticing is no mention whatsoever of the required informed consent in regards to a EUA inoculation. I asked hubby about that and he wasn't aware of that being addressed as far as he knew. Shocking - no? That little detail being completely ignored across the board everywhere. And then there's that pesky little detail that nullifies EUAs if there are other viable treatments i.e. HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. Is anybody informing students that the vax they are getting is, in fact, EUA and not the FDA approved Comirnaty?

Frankly, I'm thinking by not providing adequate/realistic informed consent, these higher ed institutions are leaving themselves wide open to lawsuits when the inoculated start having adverse events/deaths. The Federal government could say it was the institutions' responsibility to provide informed consent and failing to do so is their liability. But, I guess the injured inoculants would have to make their case against their signing off on getting the vax. How nice that being age 18+ gives one legal status as opposed to formerly 21 -
an age one must be to buy tobacco products in Ohio!

I'm giving my hubby grief as I write all this including the Ten Stages of Genocide! If he's helping, even indirectly, to promote vax without truthful/factual/accurate informed consent, then he's guilty of crimes against humanity as are all others involved.

So, my thought was to compose a document/graphic that outlines truthful/factual/accurate informed consent - perhaps something that could be posted on Sott even. Sottreader's observations can be useful in addressing the highly misinformed notions among the younger set particularly (college to middle age) -

  • No one who's ever taken Pfizer and got covid has ended up in hospital or died from covid. This is because the vaccine stops severe illness and death.
  • Ivermectin is for animals, not humans. In America a lot of anti vaxxers are overdosing from ivermectin and clogging up hospital resources.
  • Don't read or research, just take the jab.
  • The vaccine has been tested and is safe. 3 billion people have received it and this shows it's safe. If it isn't then it'd be known by now.
  • Anti vaxxers are killing people with their refusal to take the jab.
  • If you took the vaccine you'd never have got covid.
  • If you take the vaccine now that you've had covid, your smell will come back almost immediately.
  • Vaccine induced immunity is better than immunity induced by natural infection.
  • I wasn't drinking because I have an elevated heart rate post covid, I was told if I took the jab, my heart rate will go back to normal. 🤦
None was aware about the situation in Israel. None was aware the effectiveness of the jab wears off in a couple of months after the second jab. ADE might as well be an alien concept. All think there's scientific consensus. No one thinks about the long-term to their health from the jab even though most said they had severe reactions to the jab which cleared by itself. Very few are aware they are being injected by a genetic product. Adverse effects might as well be alien concepts. None know anything about the spike protein. Very few appreciate that they will be asked to take a 3rd shot.
So that's going to take some time and effort to get going. I have some ideas, but need to pause for now. Please think on this as well as input from the group could prove most productive. I do think whatever is produced has to reflect hard, cold substantiated facts suitable for an informed consent document to be presented to a potential vax recipient.

To be continued. BTW - I have no experience doing anything like this, but will give it my best effort. 🙂


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I visited Oxford ... A huge proportion of people on the streets... wore masks. This also included people walking by themselves. ... I thought it'd be the opposite if anything. I'd put the general IQ of the city / town as above average
I live in a US city surrounded by the richest and most educated towns in the state and it is exactly this way in ALL of them. In my old, industrial, poorer city, as of a week ago, with rare exceptions, I am now the only one in the stores without a mask, though I generally do not see a majority wearing them in the park.


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Aaron Kheriaty, Professor of Psychiatry at University of California at Irvine School of Medicine and Director of the Medical Ethics Program at UCI Health, chairman of the medical ethics committees at UCI Hospital and at the CA Department of State Hospitals, has sued the University of California for not letting him back on campus because he is not vaccinated even though he has natural immunity. This is a scientific argument using due process 14th amendment arguments.


Motion injunction

Kheriaty declaration

UC declaration

McCullough declaration

Kheriaty website


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In Australia, New South Wales used to receive a daily ’covid update’ (code for propaganda brainwashing/fear porn) - until today. This ‘update’ consisted of the repeated pleading, begging and imploring people to “come forward and get tested”/“get the jab” accompanied by repeated warnings that until we reach the “target” of 70% double vaccinated, nothing will change. Those “targets” are now being pushed to 80-90%... ahhh the wishful thinking!

I have a strong suspicion that part of the reason for this change in communication is that people are starting to realise that the only people dying with Covid, are the people that have been vaccinated (mostly consisting of those who were double vaccinated, mostly those in their 60’s/70’s/80’s+ with underlying health conditions.

I guess they can’t exactly keep reading out a steadily rising death toll that doesn’t include many unvaccinated people. It’s just not ‘healthy’ for the propaganda campaign! 🤪


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Ignorance appears to reign supreme and some actually discourage you from reading or researching but just blindly believing the "experts" on TV.
You know the old adage - "Ignorance is bliss" - a phase coined by the English poet Thomas Grey in 1768. All those ignorant people are blissed out and they will probably remain that way until the really scary stuff starts kicking off.

I asked a few of my colleagues questions about their taking the vaccines weeks before the vaccinations actually began. None of them had done any research or reading about the vaccinations. They just literally took it for gospel that the "authorities" knew what they were doing. They actually got that bit right - the "authorities" did know exactly what they were doing.

I was in a bookshop a while back and two young assistants were discussing the vaccinations. One of them said she was furious because a friend had been given the vaccination already and she had wanted hers first. Like it was a competition to see who could get jabbed first. I think some people are seeing it as a badge of honour - doing the honourable thing for their fellow citizens.


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And then I notice this little carrot/stick item from the ABC...

Singapore reaches 80 pc double-vaccination rate but life is not returning to normal​

“Having passed the 80 per cent double-vaccination mark last month, the case of Singapore suggests that achieving a milestone coveted by Australia is not a guarantee of returning to anything like pre-pandemic life.”
"They set a target of 80 per cent, which is too low … it would have worked fine for the Alpha strain but this is Delta, a variant with easily two to three times more transmissibility,"
"We're finding quite a lot of breakthrough infections among vaccinated people, but these are mostly mild or asymptomatic."
(No mention of the unvaccinated)
“Singapore has only 35 seriously ill COVID-19 patients, with seven in ICU, according to its Ministry of Health.
Perhaps they were hoping for more?
"They now need at least 90 per cent vaccination, which is technically not possible due to hardened anti-vaxxers or refusers."
(AKA people who can still think)
“Prime Minister Scott Morrison set a vaccination target as part of his four-step opening plan for Australia, with phase C triggered when double vaccination reached 80 per cent.”
So it’s not 70% any more?? How surprising. 🧐

Singapore shows Australia that 80 per cent vaccination won't stop infections surging


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Now that the population is tired of security issues, and medical tyranny has been selected as the means to obtain complete control over the human population, the same technique is being used again, however, the branding is now "health" issue
Here is the aptly numbered US bill HR 666, which goes to extreme lengths to put the CDC in charge of racism as a health issue. You can read the full text or just search on occurrences of "disease." Text - H.R.666 - 117th Congress (2021-2022): Anti-Racism in Public Health Act of 2021

It makes many references to "antiracism," which is, of course, racism (by the pre-Newspeak definition: determination made on the basis of race).


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Is it a trap for you ? Well, see what will happen for next interviews, it's almost sure that the vaccine topic will be discussed, and if it's not, you should try to get informed about their policies on the matter. Seems like "the universe" arranged to offer you something a normal person would not refuse (supposing that you'll be offered the job). As it's of key importance for you (at least it seems to, but maybe not so important ?), maybe dedicate/open a thread in the swamp so people here will better follow & advise you, if of course you search for advises.

Yes, I will explain it in the swamp thread, because it has to do with a decision I made.


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So I thought this strange... last December I visited Oxford for a long weekend as a sort of getaway. I wanted to get a feel of the place and also check out the world renowned university. In any case, in my meanderings through the city I noticed something quite peculiar for the UK. A huge proportion of people on the streets, including young people wore masks. This also included people walking by themselves. We're talking out in the streets here, not in shops, restaurants etc. This really stood out to me as I thought it'd be the opposite if anything. I'd put the general IQ of the city / town as above average by way of the university being their and it being one of the most expensive places to live in the UK.

So I don't know if the PHDs are just keeping a low profile or whether that study was a bit dodge!
Same in the university town in which I reside.

Academia does not only select for intellect. If anything that's a secondary consideration. Neuroticism is much more strongly filtered for, as is authoritarianism and conventionality. As a rule they don't use their brains to understand reality, outside the bounds of whatever their little specialty is. They apply their intelligence to discerning what the herd believes, and then adopt that belief before being told they even have to.

There are exceptions but we keep our heads down.


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In response to mandatory vaccine, or maybe as research tools for the government, a number of groups have recently started on fb with back-up groups on other platforms. The first is Businesses United Australia, a group where businesses who will not discriminate on vaccine status are advertising. The membership of this group grew rapidly with 100k members in the first 48hrs. It's now at 157k.

The second is Jobs with no jabs where employers and employees who are against vaccine mandates can meet.


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Compatible with all new corona mutants? Non-mRNA-type prophysical drug of "spraying in the mouth" to be commercialized​

Israel, the world's earliest vaccinator, has reported that its effectiveness in preventing infection has dropped to about 60 percent in six months and 40 percent in seven months. There are also reports that 60% of inpatients in the country are vaccinated. As a result, the country has already started its third inoculation. However, "repeated immunity with the same antigen has resulted in an increase in the number of deaths in animal studies from the fifth time; nearly half of them die after 7 to 8 repetitions," says Yasufumi Murakami, professor emeritus at Tokyo University of Science. Now that there are only "vaccines" other than lifestyle, "murak antibodies (Mulak antibodies)" that are considered effective against multiple mutant strains have been developed and may be marketed in the near future. This "Mulac Antibody" is an antibody jointly developed by DD Supply Co., Ltd. and a research team led by Professor Emeritus Yasufumi Murakami (Ph.D. in Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo) and Representative Director of Tailor-Made Medical Research. Last year, Professor Murakami's team began developing a new corona diagnostic kit in collaboration with Alfresa Pharma, and succeeded in creating a new coronavirus antigen rapid test kit to replace PCR testing. The kit was launched by the company in March this year with approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It was widely reported that this inspection kit shortened the judgment, which had previously been 15 minutes, to 5 minutes. Delta strains, which are currently spreading worldwide, are likely to shift from conventional PCR methods to antigen rapid diagnostic methods because the amount of viruses produced by infected people is much higher than conventional (1,000 times that of conventional methods). In fact, it has been reported that the U.S. will stop diagnosing with PCR from 2022. Prof. Murakami's explanation at the media briefing held on September 9 will be introduced below. Prof. Murakami contributed to the "third and subsequent additional inoculations." See article 1 related article. ■ Delta "before" and "after" changed the world Until the emergence of delta strains, vaccines have certainly been the trump card for pandemic convergence. However, with the advent of Delta stock, things have changed. Research has found that delta strains have a powerful infection power of 1 to 8 people, and their ability to spread viral infections is equivalent, whether in inoculated or non-inoculated. Mutations occur randomly, but as vaccination progresses, vaccine-resistant mutant viruses are "selected". Viruses are largely grouped into DNA type and RNA type, but coronavirus is an RNA type virus. Dna-type viruses have a mechanism to correct dna replication errors that have resulted in the process of proliferation, so it can be said that there are fewer mutations in genes compared to RNA viruses.

Carlos Alberto

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There's been some recent reporting in Canada about large numbers of nurses leaving the profession:

Stress, staffing shortages brought on by COVID-19 causing nurses to leave the front lines

Of course, the MSM diligently omits any mention of government responsibility and rather puts the blame on the awful pandemic, as well as antivaxxers. Some quotes from the article:

Many nurses report having left the front lines after the stress of COVID-19 made their jobs more difficult and less safe, creating a shortage of health-care workers in certain regions and even forcing rural areas to temporarily close hospital units.

Debra Lefebvre, a nurse, mental health practitioner and member of the board of directors with the Registered Nurse Association, estimates that close to two-thirds of nurse professionals in Ontario alone are looking to change careers right now. She says this is largely because of unsafe staff ratios, working conditions, poor mental health and patient violence experienced during the pandemic.
They fail to mention that many nurses are leaving because of the vaccine mandates and that the poor working conditions and low salaries are the government's fault and go back way before the pandemic.

Also frustrating nurses are protests outside hospitals of those who oppose face masks and vaccines. Anita says this is an affront to those working to save lives.

"Those people that are demonstrating, if they become ill, they will then come to us -- who they are demonstrating against -- for help," she said.
Here again they fail to say that these protests outside of hospitals are organized by the Canadian Frontline Nurses who are protesting against vaccine mandates and medical coercion. Instead, the media are characterizing the demonstrations as harassment against medical staff which are causing them to be discouraged and quit their jobs.

I don't know how these "reporters" sleep at night.
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