More than 40% of Ukrainians do not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus

Less than half of Ukrainians (47%) agree to get themselves vaccinated against coronavirus, approved by the World Health Organization.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

Thus, the study showed the following results:

47% of those surveyed are ready to be vaccinated;
42% said they did not agree to do it;
11% were undecided about the decision.
Among those who refused the vaccine, 33% believe that the epidemic was invented, and the danger of coronavirus is exaggerated. Another 21% are sure that under the guise of coronavirus vaccination they can do something else.

Also, 20% of respondents said that the coronavirus vaccine cannot be tested so quickly, so it can be dangerous.

In addition, 18% of those surveyed believe that since a vaccine cannot be developed quickly, it will not protect against infection. 17% said they were generally against vaccines - because they harm more than they do good.
Have you guys noticed how RT and Zerohedge have lately changed their attitude toward the Covid-scam? I remember us being a bit surprised and frustrated with these 'old friends', since they echoed the official narrative so tightly. Have they now genuinely 'smelled the rat' and started promoting the truth? Or, are they 'jumping ships' because they know the official one is sinking? I'd like to think it's the first reason, but who knows.

Zerohedge has long had a reputation as disaster porn, laughable extrapolations from flimsy evidence, the world always in a state of near collapse. Pandemics have long been a staple of all disaster porn sites, and they all figured our governments would do nothing or act too late. The immediate fascist-response to COVID took them all by surprise. They didn't see it coming, and it took them a while to re-orient their disaster porn ship. Quite ironic.
Looks like Deep State hands in this one. First RT mentioned one recent death by The Plague in Mongolia,
. . .
Mongolian man dies of BUBONIC PLAGUE amid growing concerns over potential outbreak
. . .
then this:
California confirms 1st case of PLAGUE in 5 years, health officials urge residents to take precautions

I think they are busy cooking up a lab-tweaked version - with the added new chief feature that it has to look like / camouflage itself as Yersinia, but of course will be able to spread in the air or spread by CIA agents onto Common Surfaces: mostly supermarkets and anything people touch on public transports - handles, grab bars, balusters, etc.., I think.
Apparently the CIA - probably in collusion with "democrat"-aligned power financiers started to spread The Black Death in the US in order to win the election somehow or just wreck the chess table, if they cannot make their own satanic candidate become president.
Sherri Tenpenny talking to Brian Rose about face masks and lots of other things
That pdf in your link is so good I'm attaching it here. It's an excellent summary about masks.

Everybody get this and throw it at anyone who says masks are safe or helpful or whatever crap they say!

They will probably not read it, but then you can always say, "I gave you 8 pages of evidence masks are useless, and you've shown me zero evidence they are good for anything or safe."

It has these sections:
  • Public Health Experts Keep Changing: Mask vs No Mask
  • Mask Mandates as Public Policy is a Disaster
  • Particle Size: The Key to it All
  • N95 Respirators
  • Surgical Face Masks
  • Cloth masks
  • Wearing a mask blocks oxygen
  • Wearing a mask increases CO2 – leading to cognitive dysfunction
  • The psychological impact of mask wearing
  • Masks dehumanize us
Each has summaries of and links to a bunch of articles or studies with more info.

Last section is "Four Key Reasons Why People Choose to Not Wear a Mask" and summarises it in 4 points :
1. Masks offer no protection to the wearer
2. Evidence is lacking that masks protect anyone: the wearer or the public
3. Masks increase the risk of contracting an infection: COVID19 or others
4. Masks might harm the wearer

This is really good stuff that will save you a lot of explaining, so make good use of it.

thai nightmare:cry::cry:
God help us. Our society has invented a new thing: Mandatory Child Abuse.
(Which, sadly, while it sounds like just a silly term MI invented, is actually a perfectly accurate description. Prove me wrong.)

mandatory child abuse.jpg

mandatory child abuse 2.jpg

Please pass them around and raise as much hell as you can. Politicians should all be hanged for this one issue if not for anything else.


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Yeah, I've been avoiding wearing masks unless there's an authority nearby. I wear it for a brief moment and then I remove it. I don't want to get a fine or whatever consequence they may bring. My biggest problem is that people were deeply programmed and act like an extension of the enforcers of such draconic measures. It feels like The Matrix, where people turn into Agent Smith and start attacking you.

We're going back and forth with the quarentine levels, from forbidding family meetings, to just social distancing. Do any of you have the number of the comet cluster? I am willing to pay for a long-distance fee!
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