Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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Things that make you go hmm . . .

Oh darn! Now I'm not gonna know how to avoid the deadly virus set to sweep the world - or does it somehow involve using DOESKIN dinner napkins . . . they do come in beautiful pastel colors, after all!

For your pandemic needs:

NOTE: Colors do not match the Public Health Alert color-coded system; they can coordinate beautifully with your fashionable clothing. Napkins do not inhibit viral spread; a false sense of protection guaranteed when appropriately folded and worn as a bandit scarf mask. Not responsible for any bank stick-ups while using this product, or the TP-ing of trees or houses.


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(California) Alameda County eases into indoor dining with 25% capacity
2 hours ago
OAKLAND, Calif. - With Alameda County graduating into the less restrictive orange tier for COVID-19 reopenings, health officials are allowing restaurants to operate at 25% of normal indoor capacity, or no more than 100 people. They must also and abide by other safety rules.
The orange tier is the second least restrictive tier.
Southern California Coronavirus Cases Confirmed Cases Deaths | Results are updated daily.
United States 8,387,047222,447
California 886,86517,262
Los Angeles County 296,9306,974
Orange County 58,0101,440
Riverside County 65,7571,279
San Bernardino County 61,7261,070

National Center for Biotechnology Information
COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) .
Get the latest research from NIH: Coronavirus (COVID-19). Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: NCBI SARS-CoV-2 Resources.

Mayo Clinic Oct 23, 2020·
On #MayoClinicQandA podcast, @drgregpoland, discusses current #COVID19 clinical trials. He also covers the possibility of reinfection with COVID-19, and the importance of getting a #flu vaccination to protect yourself from influenza during the pandemic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Anyone making COVID-19 masks a 'political issue is an absolute moron'
10:21 PM · Oct 23, 2020

I feel fantastic and have already been walking the streets of Cleveland

Published on Friday, October 23, 2020 Snip:
As new coronavirus case numbers rise, Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell warned Thursday that stricter measures are needed to control the spread of the virus.

Speaking at the Health Ministry’s coronavirus press briefing, López-Gatell noted that national data now shows that new case numbers increased 8% in epidemiological week 41, which ran from October 4 to 10, compared to the previous week.

He said the increase in new case numbers is most marked in Chihuahua – which is set to return this weekend to the highest risk level on the national coronavirus stoplight system – Coahuila, Durango, Zacatecas and Nuevo León.

The deputy minister also noted that new case numbers are on the rise in Aguascalientes and Querétaro.

“If you live in these federal entities, the risk of Covid infection is higher,” López-Gatell said. “Therefore we have to return to general control measures similar to previous stages of the epidemic.”

Mexico Times' 1st Breaking News
US FDA approves #Remdesivir as #COVID19 treatment. It is the first US-approved drug for people with the #coronavirus as the US approaches 223,000 deaths from the #SARS_CoV_2 virus, 20% of the world death toll.
11:37 PM · Oct 22, 2020



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It looks like Fauchi is undermining President Trumps announcement that an early cure will be available. Also the recommendation is for Remdesivir in more advanced cases, not surprising.

I have questions about the availability of using hydroxychloroquine for covid in my state. I've heard bits and pieces about it's availability nationwide, leading me to believe it isn't prescribed in most states. This report says it is available nationwide for covid in most states with a doctors prescription but in some cases only if admitted to a hospital with covid. So this looks like promising information and may be helpful for anyone interested.

Is HCQ banned in your state? (probably not)
Various Sources - links inside | 8/18/2020 | States



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10:05 AM · Oct 24, 2020·Slate
LIVE WEDNESDAY: A pandemic, an election year, civil unrest, and more. We definitely need some advice. Thank heavens for Prudie. Join Danny Lavery and a special guest for a live episode of Dear Prudie! Sign up here:

France will put at least 46 million of its residents under curfew in 54 departments and one overseas territory effective from midnight on Friday.

Some 38 departments were added to the curfew from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, after nine metropolitan areas were restricted last week in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

French president Emmanuel Macron said he had no choice but to extend a curfew to more than two-thirds of the population after official figures showed the country had now surpassed more than one million coronavirus cases.

"We have to do this," said Macron, as a new record of 42,032 positive COVID-19 cases was recorded in 24 hours on Friday, bringing the total to 1,041,075 confirmed cases since the start of the epidemic in March, according to official health ministry figures.

"In the phase we are in, we have no other choice, given the number of infections per day, than to reduce our social life as much as possible... if we really want to preserve our health system and our fellow citizens," the president explained after a meeting with the teams of the René-Dubos hospital in Pontoise, Val-d'Oise.

"It is too early today to say whether we are moving towards local or wider reconfinements", he added because we have to wait "until the middle of next week [to have] a clearer vision of the impact of the measures." He also indicated the country would have to live with the virus "at best until the summer of 2021".

Announcing the extension of the curfew to 38 new departments on Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex had already warned that if the epidemic was not contained, the government would "consider much tougher measures".

"The situation is serious. It is serious in Europe, it is serious in France," he said at a press conference.

"The health situation in our country has continued to degrade," Castex said, explaining that the virus progressed 40 per cent in one week. Cases are doubling every 15 days, Castex added.

He called on citizens to wear their masks, to wash their hands, and to respect a one-metre distance. He said it was a subject of "collective solidarity" to reduce social contacts.

"When we are not affected, we think we are untouchable," Castex said. "No one can consider themselves safe from this, even young people."

France has recorded a record number of daily cases in recent weeks, often surpassing 30,000 cases a day. That means, health minister Olivier Véran said, there are more than 1000 new cases every hour of the day and night.

"The month of November will be difficult," Castex said, and that the government could take stricter measures.

@Prefet70 attended on 20/10 an operation to fight against incivility in Gray, in the presence of the mayor.
17 gendarmes mobilized
48 cars and 15 two-wheelers checked
5 violations noted

There will be no ascent to the Tourmalet due to the state of health emergency decreed in the neighboring northern country

Israeli-Developed Nasal Spray Stops 99.99% of COVID-19 Infections

Israel: immunity passports for patients cured of Covid-19
i24NEWS Français Oct 22, 2020 / 1:18

Published 10 hours ago

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The World Economic Forum in Davos is preparing us for a world without owning anything and predicts that we will be happy nevertheless.

And what's up with; "Western values will have been tested to the breaking point'' That's them saying that the world they have in store of us will be unlike anything we consider natural.
Santa Greta Thunberg came for one reason, to advertise us of our future. When she said "how dare you!" it was not for nothing. I am sure she is very, very happy of this future the AI is preparing for us. That's why I think maybe Greta is a robot? ;-D


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I'm wondering if those early voters are now regretting voting Biden. And for fence sitters:

WOW! Joe Biden Says He Will Mandate Mask Wearing on All Interstate Highways — in Your Vehicle (VIDEO)

That’s not science.

That’s crazy.

Joe Biden says he will mandate mask wearing on US Interstate highways while traveling in your vehicle.

That is crazy.
No thanks.

Yep - the case of the exploding cases. Here's the Deal - it's SCIENCE, man!


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Hey Debra, I am curious to hear your thoughts about the implications of what you've posted.
Hey @iamthatis , took me a couple days to get back to you.
I had some sleuthing to do, regarding this stuff.
Well,when I first saw these documents, my first thoughts were fear and confusion responses, due to my non-conformist anti-vax/Big Pharma opinions.
I was uneasy and creeped out!
Why is our Canadian Government, constructing these types of facilities?

So, I talked to a few people that might know a few facts, rather than diving into reading more rumors and fear porn.

We have several friends and acquaintances some who are retired from the Forces, but there are a few that are still on active duty and they are all from varied and different positions of the Canadian Military.

Is it relevant as a piece of information because it demonstrates that there are parties interested in contracting the building of Internment Camps?
The document was for "Tender", and the Govt. of Canada closed the bid on the 19th of October.
I considered it as a bit of data, putting it in context, with a few more data points, has now made it information!
There will probably be a lot of ads for Construction workers and Contractors over the next while.
And as such, its less of a disinfo scare, and more likely as a possibility? Thanks.
These Facilities are being built.
The disinfo that "Scares" us, usually, is our fear of the unknown, the assumed but Unnamed.

Who are the ones benefiting from doing the scaring?
The Creepy, Dark Hearted weirdos, the authoritarian Haters, the Twisted Basement Soy-boys that love and thrive off of negatively influencing people, behind a keyboard, in a dark room.
The minions feeding the STS side of things, in my opinion.

So, please read the quote I am posting below.

From my experiences, most of the men and ladies in the Canadian Military, and our Reserve Forces are everyday people, like you and I, at least the ones I know personally.

This quote is copied from a public Youtube comment.
This is not a word for word quote from any of my personal friends, BUT, it is very close to what they were able to share.

"The Canadian Forces aren't about to start imposing Martial Law & imprisoning people. Give your head a shake. Obviously, nobody here has even served in a reserve unit for long -- and have no idea of our obligation to NOT FOLLOW orders if they are deemed illegal/unethical.

Smarten up folks.

This is the same organization - comprised of your fellow Canadians - that blew the whistle on poorly run retirement homes in Ontario.
The same organization that provides Search & Rescue.
The same folks that come provide you with emergency help when your homes flood EVERY YEAR (because heaven forbid you stop rebuilding right near rivers that flood annually...)

Also, the UN couldn't plan or fight it's way out of a paper bag. Truly. Not remotely kidding.

I do know the purpose of these proposed camps, and it does not include martial law. So rest easy :)

The locations of these COVID camps are all fairly close to border crossings. They aren't intended to be sprawling or house a ton of people or anything, but they are proposed to be large enough to hold a few dozen at the most.

The idea behind the camps is that -- this is one election where we may see a small segment of American society attempt to move to Canada. (As they say they'll do every election year, if their candidate doesn't win.)

Because of the political climate in the US right now, there actually may be Americans crossing the border (legally, and trying to sneak across) post election. And because of the severity of the COVID problem in the US -- the camps are intended to temporarily house folks that may be a problem if they were to enter Canada.

*In Canada, you have the right to not be arbitrarily detained, as per the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Your charter rights exist regardless of whether martial is declared or not.*"

Hope this answers your questions.


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Will they have gone too far in Wales now? Supermarkets have been banned from selling books, clothes, cleaning supplies, phones, fireworks for Guy Fawkes' night and other stuff as of yesterday evening for the coming 17 days. Non-essential businesses are closed and all people can buy is food and of course alcohol. The rest is for online buying only. Guess where the money flows?


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Will they have gone too far in Wales now? Supermarkets have been banned from selling books, clothes, cleaning supplies, phones, fireworks for Guy Fawkes' night and other stuff as of yesterday evening for the coming 17 days.

Well, if there is someone in your life who keeps making you miserable that might actually be their intent all along.

The international tyrants are trying to remove the possibility for all life’s small Joys. The psychopaths at the top are trying to make our lives as difficult as possible so that they can break us.


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This is a shock for me. Not because I will contract the virus given my condition, but because of the statement that I will mark in bold.

According to Golikova, 27 percent of all infected patients have diabetes among their comorbidities, and this is often complicated by increased glycemia. As of the start of 2020, 5.1 million people in Russia had a diabetes diagnosis. She noted that the risk is even higher in patients with high blood pressure.

Curiously, earlier this week, American Covid-19 patient Mario Buelna experienced exactly the opposite situation – he developed diabetes for the first time, having contracted coronavirus. According to his doctors in Mesa, Arizona, Buelna’s diabetes was triggered by Covid-19.

I developed diabetes in 2007. Before I was hospitalized, almost going into a diabetic coma, my previous symptoms were those of a very bad flu. And this happened to me while I was living in Spain, for that year.


In Russia, the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko went into "self-isolation" due to the coronavirus in a family member.

In addition, the governor of St. Petersburg today also went "on self-isolation" because of contact with someone who had a covid

PS It seems to me that all this clowning with covid is too long. At least in Russia I see that people are tired of all this shit. A huge number of economic problems have accumulated (a drop in the ruble by 30%, an increase in food / drug prices, an increase in unemployment), which cannot be attributed to a fake pandemic.
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