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Officials worry evacuation centers will become breeding grounds for coronavirus spread.

Typhoon forces evacuation of hundreds of thousands in Philippines

Strong waves caused by Typhoon Vongfong batter houses along the coastline of Catbalogan city in the eastern Philippines on May, 14, 2020. (AP Photo/Simvale Sayat)

MANILA: May 14, 2020 - A powerful typhoon hit the central Philippines on Thursday, forcing an evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people who had been confined to their homes amid coronavirus lockdowns.

Typhoon Ambo (Vongfong struck as Metro Manila and several other areas remain under community quarantine with nearly 11,900 people known to have contracted the virus and 790 to have succumbed to it.

With winds of up to 155 km/h near the center and gusts of up to 190 km/h, the typhoon made landfall over San Policarpo town in Eastern Samar at 12:15 p.m.,the Philippine Atmospheric Geophys- ical and Astronomical (PAGASA) said, adding that the storm was bringing violent winds and heavy rain to the northern part of the province.

Heavy rain also hit parts of Northern Samar, Masbate, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Albay, Camarines Sur, and the rest of Eastern Visayas.

Typhoon Ambo continues to batter Philippines

Floodwaters caused by typhoon Vongfong inundate a village as it passed by Sorsogon province, eastern Philippines on Friday May 15, 2020. (AP)

MANILA: Typhoon Ambo (Vongfong) has left a trail of destruction in the central Philippines as it continues to hit other parts of the country, adding to the woes of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who had to be evacuated amid the coronavirus lockdown.

In Eastern Samar, where it made its first landfall on Thursday, the storm caused “unimaginable” damage to infrastructure, Governor Ben Evardone said on Friday.

Among the damaged facilities were schools that have been converted into COVID-19 quarantine centers. Pictures shared by netizens showed roofless buildings, uprooted trees and toppled electric poles. Several major roads were blocked by floodwater and debris.


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Yesterday morning i received two video's from friends in Dubai showing a huge storm taking place there now. Stormy rain clouds swept through the emirate on Sunday afternoon, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. A clean-up operation was under way in Dubai on Monday following torrential rain and high winds, as forecasters warned more wild weather could be on the way.
Residents reported extensive garden damage on social media, while golfers took cover and abandoned their round as high winds whipped-up sand and dust making play impossible. Other communities had windows smashed by flying debris and dislodged roof tiles. In one video, sun beds could be seen clattering into buildings after being picked up and thrown around in gale-force winds.

Normally, the month of May has zero rain days:

One thinks of the portal over the Middle East and a possible battle going on....

A: We told you long ago that there is a large portal over the Middle East. This was a breaching of the realm curtain.

I found this reference to a portal over the M.E. in the 4 October 1997 session:

Q: [...] On page 33 of Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak writes: "there have been different portals on earth that have allowed different species, creator gods from space, to insert themselves. One of the huge portals that presently being fought over is the portal of the Middle East. If you think back over the history of the Earth, you will realize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It's a huge portal with a radius of 1,000 miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the Lizzies use." Could you comment on that information. Are there other portals that are that large which are used by positive entities?

A: Portal is dual.

Q: So any [one?] can use it. Is it correct that this is a large portal over the Middle East?

A: Statements made in publication are close, but not absolute.

Q: Is this idea of portals extremely significant. Are they fought over?

A: Yes, but you do not need to explore these truths, until you have learned more.

Q: Okay. Marciniak also says that there are benevolent Lizzies. You once said that the incidence of benevolent Lizzies was so rare as to be not worth mentioning. Is it true that there are benevolent Lizzies as she says?

A: There are benevolences evident even in the darkest circles.

Q: Is the Rose symbolic of Prime Creator and the Cross the conflict between STS and STO?

A: No.

Q: Anything you CAN tell me?

A: You are so inquisitive, you will uncover all you seek, even without us telling you directly.


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This article is a good summary of whats happening now. :shock:

Really Bizarre Things Are Happening All Over The Globe
Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
by Tyler Durden
Thu, 06/25/2020 - 18:30

Just when you think that 2020 has been filled with enough trouble, even more stuff starts happening. Coming into this week, we were already dealing with a new COVID-19 surge which has pushed the number of daily cases to the highest levels we have seen so far, a global economy which is in the process of imploding all around us, massive civil unrest in U.S. cities from coast to coast, and giant swarms of locusts that are wiping out farms all the way from eastern Africa to parts of India. Unfortunately, now we have several more items to add to our growing list.

Let’s start by talking about an alarming new outbreak of locusts. The following comes from a British news source

Dramatic footage captures an “astonishing” swarm of locusts swarm through farmland and destroy crops.
The short-horned grasshoppers are capable of devouring the same amount of crops as 2,500 people would each day.
Some of you may have just read that paragraph and come to the conclusion that this is “old news”.
After all, we have been hearing about the colossal armies of locusts in Africa for months, and I have published numerous articles about that unprecedented plague.
But the news story that I just quoted wasn’t talking about those locusts. Instead, that report was about a brand new infestation that has erupted in Argentina, and one local official is saying that he has never seen anything like it ever before.
Just like on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, these little critters are voraciously gobbling up everything in sight, and countless farms are being destroyed.
Now these swarms are heading for Brazil, and Brazilian officials are definitely extremely alarmed. One of my readers in Brazil sent me an article about this emerging crisis from a Brazilian news source, and the following is a quote from that article which has been translated into English…
In approximately one square kilometer they can have up to 40 million insects, which in one day consume pastures equivalent to what 2,000 cows or 350,000 people eat, Argentine agronomist Héctor Medina told Reuters.
What would you do if 40 million locusts suddenly descended on your farm?
Of course the truth is that there would be very little that you could do that would make any sort of a difference. Just like so many other farmers around the globe, you would simply watch as all of your hard work is completely wiped out.

Meanwhile, an absolutely gigantic plume of dust from Africa has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and is about to hit the United States. The following comes from CBS News
A massive plume of dust from the Sahara desert in northern Africa has been traversing the atmosphere, thousands of feet above the tropical Atlantic Ocean, and is now cloaking the Caribbean and closing in on the southeastern United States.
Every once in a while a dust plume from Africa can cross the ocean like this, but the monstrous one that we are witnessing right now is truly unusual.
In fact, one expert says that this is “the most significant event in the past 50 years”
“This is the most significant event in the past 50 years. Conditions are dangerous in many Caribbean islands,” Pablo Méndez Lázaro, from the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Public Health, told the Associated Press.
As this plume travels across the U.S., air quality in some areas will drop precipitously. Some of the dust has already arrived, but a “thicker layer” is projected to starting hitting Texas on Friday
On Wednesday, the dust is forecast to move across the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas.
Thursday morning, people in places like Brownsville in Texas and Houston will likely wake up to a beautiful sunrise and a hazier than normal sky.
Forecast models show the thicker concentration blanketing most of Central America and Mexico Thursday.
This thicker layer is likely to reach Texas by Friday and then take a turn to the east. If the forecast model is right, it will move over most of the Southeast and MidAtlantic states over the weekend.
On top of everything else, the west coast is starting to shake in a major way once again. On Wednesday, southern California was struck by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake
California residents received an emergency alert on their phones which read: “Earthquake! Expect shaking. Drop, Cover, Hold On. Protect yourself now. – USGS ShakeAlert”. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck 17km south-southeast of Lone Pine. The tremor originated at a depth of 2.9km, with an epicenter around 17 kilometers south-east of Lone Pine.
According to a USGS interactive shake map the impact of the earthquake could be felt in the Death Valley National Park.
The earthquake has since been downgraded to 5.8 magnitude.
That quake was followed by numerous sizable aftershocks, including one that was measured to be magnitude 4.6.

Overall, there have been 2,267 earthquakes in California and Nevada over the last 7 days, and that is definitely alarming.
Farther south along “the Ring of Fire”, Mexico was hit by a magnitude 7.4 earthquake on Tuesday
A powerful earthquake struck Mexico’s southern Oaxaca region on Tuesday, killing at least five people and shaking buildings hundreds of miles away.
The 7.4-magnitude quake struck mid-morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Its epicenter was off the Pacific coast about seven miles southwest of Santa María Zapotitlán, near the beach resort of Huatulco.
Very large seismic events are happening so frequently now that they barely make a blip on the news these days, and that is unfortunate because people need to wake up and understand that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.

Here in the United States, scientists have been strongly warning us for years that we are way overdue for “the Big One” to hit California, and this is one of the things that I will be addressing in the new book that I am currently working on.
At some point there will be no more sand in the hourglass, and an unprecedented disaster will strike the west coast. Let us pray that we still have quite a bit more time before that happens.

But nothing can stop the inexorable march of time, and the deeper we get into 2020 the crazier it gets.
Unfortunately, the truth is that this “perfect storm” is just getting started, and that means that what we have experienced up to this point is just the tip of the iceberg.


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SHANGHAI July 3, 2020 - Rainstorms are expected for large parts of China over the weekend, the state weather bureau said on Friday, forecasting of even more extreme weather a day after some regions suffered more than 200 mm of rainfall.

China braces for more rainstorms over weekend, climate change blamed
China’s emergency ministry warned that water levels in the middle reaches of the Yangtze river were expected to exceed warning levels, raising risks of geological disasters and urban waterlogging in central and southwest regions.

Following the forecasts by the China Meteorological Administration, regions as far apart as Yunnan in the southwest to Liaoning in the northeast were bracing for violent storms.

Water levels in some sections of the Yangtze were already more than 2 metres higher than normal on Thursday, the Ministry of Water Resources said.

The ministry said it will regulate water levels at the Three Gorges and other reservoirs further upstream in order to ease flood pressures on the lower reaches of the Yangtze, which flows all the way to Shanghai on the eastern coast.

China regularly faces a summer flood season, but environmental groups say climate change is causing heavier and more frequent rainfall.


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A little more on the Three Gorges Dam. China has admitted that the dam experienced displacement, seepage and deformation although claim it is within "normal limits"

The floodgates were opened earlier than announced with satellite images showing the floodgates open on June 24th. It was not announced until June 29th. Did they open the floodgates without mentioning this to anyone downstream?

"On June 27 and 28, multiple videos posted on social media showed the city of Yichang, which sits just below the Three Gorges Dam, experiencing extensive flooding. Residents were cited on social media as suspecting that the flooding was a result of the massive dam opening its sluice gates to relieve stress on its structure, while ordinary citizens below pay the price. "

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