Cs' Anniversary July 16!


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Happy C's Transmissions Birthday!! I like the Silver Rose symbol, because 25 years of marriage is usually referred to as "silver wedding anniversary". 25 years of marriage between 3D and 6D, between you and you in the future :-) Thanks Laura, the Cs and everyone else involved for opening up a new reality :love:
Ditto to that and thanks so much for your determination, your persistence and your love of the Truth and your will to find the answers to this amazing puzzle. :love:


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They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. They didn't say that the "teacher" might come in the form of a future self transmitting from a higher density where time and space are entirely different. That the assistance would come in the form of clues and the answering of questions in a Marco Polo sort of way; now you're getting closer, now you're drifting further away. That the student must learn the rules of the process and the importance of learning via trial and error. That "we are you in the future" means that we were you who are now asking the questions and learning how to ask better questions, and in the process beginning to merge past, present, and future.

It's all much more fantastic than anything I could have dreamed up in my head. We wanted the truth and the truth was shocking, almost soul shattering. But there's power in the truth that a comfortable lie can never deliver... the power to transform. Having been around now for just over 16 years myself, I've seen the transformation of many individuals, of myself, and the group as a whole. And all the while under constant attack. Learning on the fly as it were.

So thank you Laura and Ark and everyone for doing the impossible and for knowing that there's still a lot more impossible to do!
Oh how grateful am i for connecting with this transmission. It has been a great change since this channel was born.Happy anniversary.Please raise your glasses and drink to the health and strength of this amazing lady LKJ. Thanks a million.


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Happy Anniversary and a big thank you to Laura, the C's and everyone involved. Thanks for your brave journey into the unknown, that opened the door to a new understanding of reality. Your work inspires me to learn and to grow and to find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes. Although it may be a rough ride at times, being faced with uncomfortable truths, I wouldn't trade it for a million bucks, because all the realizations and discoveries and experiences, all the information I'm gaining in the process is worth so much more... immeasurably more. Life would feel empty without it. :love:


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Whatever you have been doing not only for the last quarter of the century, Laura, you have been helping many others to change their life course through inspiration, knowledge, leadership, networking and making all that happen. Can't thank you enough. My gratitude and joy also goes out to Ark and the entire Chateau crew. You all rock and we are all blessed to have you... let's dance! :headbanger: :bacon:


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Happy anniversary! Thank you for teaching me that reality can be stranger than fiction and that we can choose to pursue the knowledge and the truth even amid the direst of circumstances.
Today is also the day when Saturn V and its crew started their journey to the moon, fifty years ago. I've just read that almost 25% of the people of my country don't believe that they really landed on the moon. Don't know why but it made me think of those who would never read any of the C"s material and all the research involved just because they also think it's impossible or ridiculous the idea of channeling while developing your self and others along the way.
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