Cs' Anniversary July 16!

Ursus Minor

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Thank you so much Laura and the Chateau crew for changing my life, happy anniversary! 💐🌺



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Amazing to think that it's 25 years since the C's first came on the scene. I didn't find Sott/Cass till 2003 but the material has continually inspired me to learn all that I can. Inspiration for perspiration.

Many thanks to all of you in the core team, you've changed so many lives for the better. On with the show....


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So much knowledge has been gleaned from the C's discussions. I couldn't hope to understand it all, but let me just say that all the hard work is very much appreciated, and it will be an ongoing legacy for many years to come! Congratulations on the 25th Anniversary.


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Happy Twenty Fifth Birthday Cassiopaea!
And Many Thanks to the curator's of the Cassiopaea Experiment.

As it continues to be a life changing experience, for the Good of Humanity.
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