C's Misses?

It is clear that Texas, Florida, and a handful of other US states are the only relatively free places on the ENTIRE planet.

If someone asked me where I would like to be at the moment - I'd name any of those places in the US, without hesitation.


And no, demonstrations and protests in other countries don't count. The psychos mostly laugh about them.

So, the way I see it is: Europe is sliding full speed ahead into totalitarianism for the second time in less than 100 years, whereas the US, similarly to 80 years ago, is the only place where a semblance of freedom remains.

As of now, that's an indisputable fact.
You clearly know very little, if anything, about the world outside your exceptional free country. Oops, they are just 2 states - "and a handful of others", which ones if you don't mind?

Nothing even comparable? You may be right but not in the way you think you are. Just one example: there is a country in Europe called Poland. They didn't need any supreme court to strike vaccine mandate because the President promised it won't be introduced, and so far he keeps his word despite intense pressure from the 'medical' establishment and political opposition. In that "totalitarian European country" there is no censorship, can you imagine? The authorities even tried to stand up for Polish FB users arguing that what they were banned for is perfectly legal in Poland. Or maybe you have missed banning users, including the President himself, from social platforms, YT, and dozens of other places of your American free world for expressing their thoughts in a civilized way? Banning academics from giving lectures? Harassing them, destroying their carriers and reputation to the extent that some commit suicide?

And of course everything is indisputable for someone who notoriously refuses to answer honest questions, provide facts and details or enter a discussion with logical and factual arguments along with dismissing such arguments presented by others. But that's not the way this Forum works, so please make your mind and decide.
I would add that look at what's become with the discussion of this that it has value, that question, so... Many of us are grappling and trying to come to terms with a world that doesn't fit how we thought it would be, or it could be, or should be. Many seekers here are finding it difficult. it's a tough road and that's, that's the thing... It's a tough road... though I walk thru the valley of death I shall fear no evil. Easier said than done when you're in a dark road. It's been a tough road and I get angry and frustrated but I know I could have done more work. Many of my own failings, my being stuck is my own fault. Thankfully at least I can still see that I got stuck. And I hope to get unstuck and do more work when able. Laura, Ark, Joe, Niall, chateau crew l, etc., this whole group has at least provided hope and I know I need to do work, and if I don't have myself to blame.
The very fact that there IS a hit list for the C's implies that their material is not regarded as gospel and that it requires verification. We don't need a miss list. Everything that is not confirmed is potentially a miss but time and perspective change everything. The hit list celebrates the occasions when the network has validated a prediction from the C's. I fail to see how that is in any way complicated as a concept.
I agree that it is important to question and point out parts that seem off to have an objective understanding. However, your first post is slightly disrespectful. You are emphasizing the tiny errors without acknowledging the immense amount of highly beneficial material offered by Laura and her team. I think including your gratitude in your first post would be better, so that people do not interpret your post as disrespectful.

Cs prediction are not meant to be 100% correct. Future contains many possibilities. We live in a planet with billions of people with free will, making a 100% prediction close to impossible. 100% correct predictions will interfere with free will and avoid lessons learnt. If you read the "Hit List" chapter 1, you will see that the Cs did predict the 2011 Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake but it is far away from Osaka.

Q: (L) Can you give us more on that?
A: There will be activity about 8.9: 67 miles off Osaka coast; 9.7: central Tokyo.
Q: (L) Are all of these going to happen within this year?
A: No. Within 16 years.

The Japanese quake occurred 16 years and 5 months after this prediction, although its location was not 67 miles off the coast of Osaka.
The writer pointed out that the location is wrong. Even when the prediction is off, it is off slightly. The essence is the same.

circumstances of death of princess Diana
The Cs predicted suicide attempt, which is a less tragic prediction than what actually happened. The essence is the same. The later transcripts even mentioned that the prediction is slightly off.

- Vegetarian diet

I'm not sure if you are referring to this one below. I don't see any problem.
23 October 1994
Q: (L) Is a vegetarian style of eating good for one?
A: Not usually.

Q: (L) What did human beings eat before the Fall?
A: Vegetarian.

Q: (L) So, until we go through the transition we are not really designed to be vegetarian?
A: Correct.

20 August 2011
A: No not exactly. When humankind "fell" into gross matter, a way was needed to return. This way simply is a manifestation of the natural laws. Consciousness must "eat" also. This is a natural function of the life giving nature of the environment in balance. The Earth is the Great Mother who gives her body, literally, in the form of creatures with a certain level of consciousness for the sustenance of her children of the cosmos. This is the original meaning of those sayings.
"When humankind "fell" into gross matter" => after humankind fell from 4D Eden to 3D, animals are provided to humankind as food.

If you think vegetarian is healthier, please explain why. If you read the book list (I think it is found in the post for each newbies), "Deep Nutrition" by Dr Cate Shanahan, she lists the dangers of PUFAs in plant oils and how saturated fat is not as harmful as people think. And how traditional diets contain meat and animal fat. And the great nutrition found in bone broths and organs. Better yet, visit her website: drcate dot com which contains more updated info. Sally Fellon of nourishingtraditions dot com dispels myths that Blue Zones diet is mostly plants and low fat.

- How the WTC towers came down on 911
Can you find the exact session?

- Time when the comet cluster will hit (yes, I know time doesn't exist, plus it's very flexible etc. But still, they gave a pretty definite time frame at one time at least, instead of just saying "open" or something to the effect. So they were not correct at least that one time when it came to the time scale)
Can you find that?

The latest blunder includes the question whether the tyranny or craziness will be the most severe in the USA and less so in other parts of the world. I don't remember the exact question, also because it was not formulated precisely, so it left a lot of room for interpretation. But Laura did ask on two, maybe three, occasions whether the US will be the center stage of the turmoil (I'm paraphrasing here), and each time the C's said yes.

Well, we don't know what the future will hold, and what Laura actually meant with her question. In the end, there are a whole bunch of FEMA camps in the US which will likely be put to use at some point. And it's possible that the psychos in power will incinerate entire landscapes with their space based or microwave weapons, who knows. But as of now, the US is the ONLY country in the world (please correct me if I'm wrong) with states which have
The Cs did not specifically refer to the short-term future of the USA. They could be referring to the long-term future, which hasn't arrived. There are so many ways bad things can happen, such as robberies, gun fights, dollar crash, crumbling highways, volcano eruption in Seattle (which may mess up internet temporarily since many tech companies are there), toxic mainstream media influencing people to become more violent, underground bio-robots, man in black, secret tunnels, etc. Many delivery trucks had their goods stolen. Malls have their stuff stolen by groups of people. I imagine things will get worse. Gangs may even start hurting people to survive.

Q: (J) Internet?
(T) Is it like a big fence to keep us in?
A: You are dancing on the 3rd density ballroom floor. “Alice likes to go
through the looking glass” at the Crystal Palace. Atlantean reincarnation surge brings on the urge to have a repeat performance.

(T) The Atlanteans who have reincarnated are getting ready to do the same thing they did before with the crystals. So, this is an Atlantean type thing that is being done now? Different equipment, but the same type of thing?
A: All lessons must be learned before you can move onto bigger and better things.

Q: (L) Is that a general statement about the Atlanteans repeating the lessons, or that once we learn this lesson, we can move onto bigger and better things in counteracting this grid?
A: All that is present and future too.
The very fact that there IS a hit list for the C's implies that their material is not regarded as gospel and that it requires verification. We don't need a miss list. Everything that is not confirmed is potentially a miss but time and perspective change everything. The hit list celebrates the occasions when the network has validated a prediction from the C's. I fail to see how that is in any way complicated as a concept.
Exactly. But even more than that. With some subjects it's like quicksand and nothing is verified or falsified once and for good. New documents can surface, science can develop, new discoveries can be made and with that new understanding can come. What seemed to be true can turn false and vice versa. Not many things, if any, are written in stone and a lot of flexibility and open-mindedness is required. Yes, it can feel uncomfortable to live with so many unknowns, especially at the beginning of the journey, but one can get used to it. That's why we talk about working hypotheses in contrast to ultimate truths that tend to become a subject of ossified belief.

Just see how our views of proper diet have been evolving over all those years of research, experimenting and expanding our understanding. Did we follow the C's hints? Yes, in a sense and to some extent. We have never stopped researching though and it's quite possible that we had to go through all those stages to 'ultimately' better understand how it works, when and for whom. I'd bet there are more related chapters in the book awaiting their right time to be discovered. And that's a relatively simple example.

Toward the other end of the scale, there are topics that involve new concepts for which we don't even have words yet. Where approximations and metaphors need to be used and a lot of good will to understand each other when exploring that unknown land. How can we verify or disprove that??? But there will always be not so humble individuals ready to do what is easiest and requires no knowledge and no arguments no matter the complexity of a given topic: to attack and/or ridicule it. Well, if it makes them happy, so be it. But in such cases, there is no point in trying to engage in a discussion because discussion is neither wanted nor possible. If that's what we're dealing with in this thread is to be seen, hopefully soon.
Regarding Diana's death, a possible explanation for the Cs answer that Diana was not murdered could be that Diana has reality-bending power like SV.

23 March 1996
Q: (L) SV comes from that area where that Nordic covenant, what is it, Minnesota, she’s from Minnesota? Oh, I never made that connection! Holy Frijoles! ‘Nordic Covenant was a duality’ ... so, when you made mention of the Nordic Covenant, and the banking scandal, was that a double-layered statement to us?

A: Maybe, but you are missing the point! All persons of Nordic heritage hold secret power centers, can be of darkness, or of light... SV is of Teutonic bloodline leading directly to such super power source such as Thule Society and others, and she is aware of her powers and mission. It is of positive orientation. However, you are being tested by 4th through 6th density forces to determine if you have the strength and wisdom for continuance!


Q: (L) Now, when we were flying back home, and we were flying through that storm, was that storm, which began before we left, and we flew through it on the way back, was that a byproduct or bleedthrough of a battle between the forces?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was it trying to harm us in any way, because we had to fly through it, and couldn’t fly over it? I mean, even the pilot was worried, and he had been flying for years!
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What brought it to an end?
A: Vitale. Notice how “unaffected” she was?!?

Q: (L) I told you that the whole thing about being scared was a fake!
(F) Yes, she was scared on the way up, when there was nothing to be scared of, and on the way back, when we were bouncing around like a pinball in a pinball machine, she’s sleeping, I’m getting sick, and Laura’s going ‘Ride em, cowboy!!!!’ [All laughed] (L) Ok, so how are we supposed to react to this situation?
A: Up to you.
After her and Dodi's souls decided it was time to die, her (and maybe Dodi's) soul may have some hyperdimensional abilities that altered reality to increase the likelihood of the accident. There were some strange occurrences, like the accident happened at a location that used to worship the goddess Diana. Could it be a sign from the universe that resulted from her special abilities (instead of the illuminati's work)?

Apparently, a five year old boy from Australia claimed he is a reincarnation of Diana. (_5-Year-Old Boy Says He's The Reincarnation Of Princess Diana And Has Information To Share) He could remember past lives of Diana at a very young age. Is this a sign of her hyperdimensional abilities?
just chasing away from the forum anybody who asks questions is not necessarily good strategy or sto oriented aciton. by this, i don't justify anyone's actions harmful to the community in any way, but want more nuanced view.
The thing with on three is that I don't think that he/she was truly asking questions, sincerely with the intent of aiming at the truth. Onthree was pointing out the inconsistencies that onthree had "found" and then went on to carry on that line of behavior without a goal or a point, or at least not the one that was stated explicitly. The conversation went a little bit like this:

"the C's are wrong"
"Well, several places, the point is, they're wrong"
"are you sure about that because there's a lot of context and.."
"listen, they're wrong ok?"
"ok, but where?"
"several places! which means Laura is wrong, and a bad writer by the way"
"really? well, that's subjective, but where?"
"several places!! why are you aggressively asking me questions? that's very cultic"

So, at that point, one concludes that was initially presented as questions, weren't really questions, they were more like lashing out against something Onthree had already decided deserved condemnation. Which fair enough, but the question always remains, as Chu pointed out, if someone so deeply disagrees with what this forum is about, why stay and start a whole thing about it?

Why would onthree remain instead of leaving? and when one contemplates that, one can't help but conclude that Onthree was getting something out of stirring up this discussion, what was it? perhaps Onthree likes the attention, who knows? the point is that without a benefit, onthree would not stick around.
There are so many here engaging you in a peaceful, and mostly cooperative manner @othree, and you'd be a tad blind if you don't see that. Other forums would have treated you much more poorly. Times are tough and the show's a nail-biter, and it's difficult not to anticipate what the next scene is, or ruminate on only dark outcomes when the universe is about balance. You can be open with us about what troubles you and we can help you. Part of what you can "give" in that exchange even though you're asking for help, is to be graceful about how you ask. Demanding is in no way graceful, even if you appear to be scarred on the inside.

Imagine a being who, even though feels tremendous pain, does not lash out with mind/body/soul at others, and simply asks for help with no strings attached. Without even expecting any help in return, but still chooses to trudge on, finding and holding that light within when he or she cannot see any light in sight for miles and miles. The universe would be hard-pressed not to help that being!
I just read the session of 24. Nov. 1994, there the C's said, that there is only interpretation.
There they talk about, that someone (Karla) predicts, the C's are lying, because there are to less data for here.
May this is important, because we have to interpret things, to learn, and then there are so many propabilities, you can't say exactly what will be, so they can only say as they say, all other will be impossible (free will).

I hope I dont missed the point here. 😜

Q: (L) Well, obviously that is something that can be said, but she thinks that since you did not come right out and describe everything in precise detail about those two little boys in South Carolina, that what little you did say, she interpreted as a lie. What else is going on here that...

A: There are no lies only interpretations.

Q: (L) Is it important for her to receive information from this source?

A: It is important for all on planet to learn at their own pace.

Q: (L) Is Karla's pace slower?

A: Apples and Oranges.

Q: (L) I would like to address the issue of accuracy. How can we increase or determine or work on accuracy?

A: Accuracy is 3rd level concept.

Q: (L) Well, you do understand that at this level we determine whether information is correct or good by whether it happens or comes true, particularly in terms of prognostications.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And if a source misses on a prognostication, very often people lose faith in that source. Is that an unrealistic expectation?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is that because accuracy is an impossible task because of variability of reality?

A: If it were possible there would be no existence. The universe is nothing more than a learning laboratory.
I have some reservations about this discussion. I have the impression that it has turned into a scuffle. There is nothing substantive in it. What I see here is mainly malice that leads to nothing but an escalation of the conflict.
I am attacking her skills as a writer, not her as a person.
Have you read any of her books?
Maybe I will answer this comment substantively. Without any personal attacks. Isn't that the best way to defend the specified approach? It is not for me to judge.

So, Othree, you have criticized Laura's writing style, but have not given any specific argument. You didn't say what exactly you meant, you didn't say why you thought so. What is the point of discussing or voicing your views if you are not arguing?

Thus, I do not believe that attacking you without any arguments is right. And I don't want to attack you or anyone else. I would like to say how I see it.

I am, among others, a philosopher by education, I am currently studying theology. In the literature, there is such a concept as hermeneutics. This is the theory and methodology of interpretation. Whatever we write, however much we try to express as accurately as possible, if it is not a closed axiomatic system, can be interpreted in many different ways. And even a closed set of axioms can be an object of considerations in the philosophy of mathematics.

Hence, a literary work in itself has no objective value that we can give it. We may like individual authors more or less because of their writing style, which is more or less close to us, but it is not an objective assessment.

Nevertheless, philosophical, historical, and theological literature are governed by certain laws that are generally accepted. If we write in accordance with these laws to some extent, then it cannot be accused of our style of writing being wrong. Yes, our writing style may not suit someone, because, for example, we use words that they do not like, our descriptions are too long or too short, we pay attention to something that does not interest the reader, we omit something that interests them. However, this can be said of any book. About any book we choose.

Meanwhile, there is a characteristic in Laura's books that is a very valuable aspect of theological, historical and philosophical literature. This feature is synthesis. When we talk about a topic as a physicist or mathematician, we don't necessarily need that synthesis. We describe a specific problem and formulate equations. However, when it comes to inquiry of a historical, theological or philosophical nature, synthesis is of great value.

Could anything go wrong in the synthesis process? Of course, we can be misunderstood. If Hegel did any synthesis, would he be understood? He would be, but only if we knew his views well enough. Without it, his synthesis seems cloudy.

In my opinion, Laura wrote very clearly in many places in the book. The most important aspects have been explained in the simplest possible way. So that the person reading the book does not have to have an education in a given field. The concepts were clearly presented. In the first chapter of the book, the author allowed the reader to get to know her, so that in the following chapters the reader fitted the author's mind and guessed what she would write next.

Additionally, the synthesis was carried out in an interesting way. The author has compiled many literary concepts and items that have not been compiled before.

The writing style was also characterized by building a certain tension. In fact, a person who has no philosophical, theological and historical knowledge may not see connections at some point. Someone who knows about it can immediately see what the book is going to. On the other hand, if someone does not know about it, he should let the words flow, remember them, simply read and receive certain information. The synthesis will connect them, all you need is patience.

Additionally, it cannot be accused that the books are written in isolation from the generally accepted methodology of the humanities. They are written in strict accordance with the methodology, while Laura has her own original style of writing. Many authors do not have their own style. So, even if we don't quite like this style, I think it should be appreciated.

However, it is difficult to write anything more to me, when you have not specified your allegations.

I think it is the same with books, pictures, poetry and music. When we pay attention to a fragment detached from the whole, we may get the wrong impression, we may find a point that does not quite suit us. However, I think that the most important thing in all this is the perception of the whole and the general message of a given work.

In my opinion, from a philosophical and theological point of view, Laura did this job very well.
In my opinion, from a philosophical and theological point of view, Laura did this job very well.
Perhaps I am not qualified to judge literary styles. I am a physicist and, to some extent, a mathematician. I like clarity and precision. I like sincerity. While Cleopatre VII concentrated mainly on just one point of the spectrum of Laura's writing, the most recent book, dealing with history and theology, I would like to mention that for me the first Laura's book "The Noah Syndrome" is a pearl, a pearl of clarity, simplicity, sincerity. As a physicists who went through every sentence in this book before its publication, I am taking full responsibility for its content. And a style is also perfect. It perfectly fits the content.
From my point of view:

The Cass material bring up the coherent and logical picture of reality if process is accompanied of deprogramming and recovering from hypnosis. I think it is not applicable to Cass I mean something like: "misses or not misses", because everyone will see in it as much as it is possible for him/her, and see as deeply as it is possible for him/her.

Also the beauty of this experiment is that it addresses a wide range of issues, giving alternating: general clues as well as simple and concrete answers, considering the situation of all of us and considering the STO way of interacting with us (including respect for free will). Thanks to which, on the one hand, you can capture a stable substrate (it's for those who are able to capture it), and on the other hand, it pushes you to your own research and development in interested topics. And there is another group of those who will not see anything, or by projecting their own subjective interpretations on it, assuming that they understand everything in advance even after the first contact and that is also beautiful, because the material is adapted so that everyone can find themselves on one of sides of it. This is how I see it.

Cass have helped me many times and I still wonder how much there is to discover for me. The Cassiopaeans are not a matter to speculate as to exactly how much they are correct and how many are not. But ask yourself: "To what extent am I able to take it out for myself and how much of it I am able to process and share it with others *" (*if I am interested in developing towards service to others).

And are we able to do a good job in this regard? Everything will come out, the Universe will give the answer. Everyone will find out after all of it finishes. Ultimately, in some point, in the spiritual plane. Everything will turn out. Basically we have nothing to lose but to just learn and discover.
For myself personally, I have never had a problem with reading anything Laura has written, so I was a bit astonished to see what 03 had shared and confused about why they could not work harder to push past their issues to find the ‘gold’ that was being offered to the reader.

I am no ‘academic’ but I was able to clearly comprehend what Laura so honestly and bravely shared in all her work that I have read - specifically because of her style of writing, the clarity with which she offered the information (even to the average layperson such as myself) and thankfully this was delivered beautifully often through her very distinctive, natural and wonderful sense of humour.

Also because of broader concepts Laura had shared I found it quite easy to make connections the C’s were offering. Yes there were things I came across that later were discovered to have been misinterpreted or perhaps red herrings, but these things allowed me to think for myself and explore many pathways I may have not, had all those things been edited out. They also showed me that I was thinking for myself and I could feel my mind expanding as I contemplated many subjects from a broader, more expansive perspective.

I personally struggle to put down anything Laura write... for me it flows easily and allows me to receive with great clarity. Maybe it has to do with the wavelength of an individual or perhaps FRV?

03 appears to me to be creating antagonism consciously... and I wonder if this is being driven rd parties who see it as their role to intentionally attempt create discord and try to sabotage the group. Hence the reason for the forum and a separate fellowship...

I’m sad when I see this, as I’ve witnessed it more than once, but I feel it also only serves to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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Ugh I hate it when I accidentally push a button by accident...

That should have said “being driven by third parties”

Another thing to consider when it comes to the accuracy of the Cs, is that their answers were not always about the questions that were vocally asked. But, you'd have to read The Wave Series to understand what was really going on during some of those sessions.

Because of things going on at the time of any particular session, Laura may have asked, vocally, a question, but mentally she was asking something different and that was what was answered. She talks about this in The Wave series. Also, as has been mentioned, some answers were given in a symbolic fashion. And there is the questions being asked in 3D and the Cs having to interpret from 3D to 6D and then try to put it into a 3D frame of reference with their answers.

So things are not as cut and dried as many would like them to be. And, there are many who don't want to take the time to read the books that could give them so much more clarity on things.
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