Dead Dudes and Hospitals


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I find the story interesting Ask-seek-knock,

I had a similar experience last year, not that strong , i am not sensitive to that kind of stuff really,

in my case a uncle who lived in my country of origin passed, I probably saw the guy one time in my life and I was little. Not long after he passed, noises and things started to fall around my house.

The strange part is that i never had any emotional connection with him, however i guess my mom does somehow even though they didn't interact that much according to her.

At one point things in my room started to make noises and things falling in the bathroom and that kind of stuff, so one night i started to meditate, and when i was I had calmed down and focused, I started attempting to engage conversation with whatever it was, did feel an energy but I'm not that sensitive i did not feel a person,
once that happened I called the C's to assist me with clarity, while I could create a the light in my minds eye, like visualizing the light and invite that thing to see what I was seeing and walk into it. I forgot exactly what I said or how it ended, but the falling and noise stopped basically.

I have had suffered from sleep paralysis all my life, very often actually, though not 2 or 3 times where entities appeared.


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Thanks Palinurus. I'm ordering it this afternoon.

Thanks for your story Felipe4. Wow! Maybe your uncle "saw" that you were someone that could help him even though there was no emotional attachment and he was trying to get your attention. Sounds like you did what you were supposed to do since the poltergeist effects stopped. Knowledge protects us and helps us protect others. ;)

As for the sleep paralysis…I'm super glad it only happened that one time for me (knock on wood). I never heard of such a thing until it happened and I find it curious that so many people experience it. Thanks again for sharing.
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