Dealing with past life karma


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hey pecha, how are you going?

am a bit late but i think the advice you received is very good
specially about EMF and diet

know that you're not the only person to be through these "episodes"
the fact it was an acute psychosis/stress induced "memory" and not something you were seeking yourself should raise flags
synchronicities by themselves mean nothing, people saying strange things that "fit" mean nothing other than maybe their susceptibility to these forces
as we know these "post signs" can be there just to help you process something that fits the same emotional profile
and of course they can be distorted to casually feed on you

fear not
I'm doing a lot better now thank you. I managed to get a full time job in a field I love after some years of hard work. Looking back, the episode gave me a fresh perspective on life, and helps me understand better the predator mind that lies within and in the shadow. Being able to deal with it is a reflection of how good I can be to others in this life and has helped me polarize more towards STO step by step. I thank everyone who has helped me on the way and am looking forward to paying it forward.

I've accepted what has transpired and it has led me to be stronger mentally, to recognize the crucial and timely moments where I can have a positive impact on others and myself in the process. There were a lot of hardships after that incident, and I feel that crazy experience helped me to deal with them as I go in a better way in the future. Like the Japanese art of kintsugi and the healing process of bones, we can come back even stronger than before after being shattered. No fear indeed!

Edit: I got a Qlink and switched to having an ethernet connection (moved the wifi router out of my room and far away in the kitchen) and that has helped me tremendously!


A Disturbance in the Force
I had a psychosis-induced episode in my life where I've been led to believe that I've caused a lot of trauma in a past life and would like to ask for help. Would going to certain places linked to my past life and reflecting on it be a good option to help the others' I've hurt in the past and move on? I try everyday to build more self-awareness so I can be more suitable to help others, but I feel that is never enough. I'm not financially stable enough to make any major moves at the moment, but am working towards being more independent in this way. I'm also looking into maybe doing past-life regression/psychoanalysis to be able to confirm my suspicions, but I'm almost certain that I did cause this trauma. Would this be good for me?
Always know your limits. You can tackle the trauma in your own way you are comfortable with.
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