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Rhythmik said:
Lately I have been experiencing an accelerating number of deja-vus. They feel more profound/intense and there are definitely happening at a quicker rate than normal. Anyone else experiencing the same?
Hi Rhythmik,
I have experienced the same. Actually, I seem to experience deja vu in some kind of cyclic manner. In other words, I will have one or two or three deja vu experiences in the same day (sometimes within the same hour) and then might go months or even years with nothing. Then, the same thing happens where I experience what I think of a deja vu day where I experience several of these in the same day and then once again nothing for a long period of time. It always happens when I am with other people. It never happens when I am alone. It always disturbs me greatly and I always want to go home and be alone so that it will stop.


A Disturbance in the Force
Interesting read.

Since I was ten years old I've had dejavu, maybe four times a week and always thought it was normal till I was sixteen and a friend told me that people don't know what's going to happen before it does. So long story short I would dream the incident before it happened being fully aware of where I saw it and what happened, then I would simply wait for it to happen. Eventually over issues of 'fate' and having no freedom in my actions I had a breakdown and tried to commit suicide. I was treated for psyhcosis because of my dejavu, did CBT and that helped me come to the conclusion that I still saw things before they happened but I was now okay with it.

I have through choice sat in meditation and choosen to speak to myself in the future, my future self has answered back but was quite suprised and shocked to be answering the questions. I mostly got pointless answers back. Move forward to the incident in which I saw myself and I'm sat at the PC and the dejavu unfolds, my memory asks me a question and instantly I know the feeling of dejavu. So I respond just as I did in the past, in response, a question follows up, the same question I had asked months ago, I respond word for word how I responded. It is the identicial memory of the incident from the past except it is in reverse, it is a memory of the incident from my future self now playing the present. I spoke to myself in the future, do you know what I learned? My future self is a human who responds to questions from the past like a human, with shock, suprise and confusion. Knowing who the president is doesn't change anything, knowing world affairs doesn't change anything.

The understanding here is that dejavu comes with compliments from 4th density STS. I think I might understand that, it's not about 4th density STS messing with you as an individual in my opinion. It's about this 3rd density reality and it's restrictions, there is no time. The fact that we focus on time travel, that we see moving to the past or present is a restrction of our awaress here because they gave us their minds.

I guess while we continue to be human we continue to be subjected to time compliments of 4th density STS.


The Force is Strong With This One
Guys the C's are right Defo STS. Ever had a dream within a dream within a dream........? Trust me it was like a very sample of what groundhog day was/is and not only that "just imagine" what some are "going-through" - No regression needed thanks...

Ancient of Lore

The Force is Strong With This One
What happens to me is I will dream of a situation, but it will be a rather mundane one. Then later, say a few weeks, the very same thing that I was dreaming will occur "in real life". Then, as it is occurring, I will remember that I dreamt of this exact situation recently and the feeling of deja vu will happen.

But what gets me is why did this all happen? Why did I dream of this first before it happened? Like I said, these are completely mundane experiences, so I don't see what the importance of it all could be.
Exact same thing happens to me few times a year. At the beginning, I thought I was just imagining things and I believed it's purely coincidence that the same thing which happened to me in a dream for a few seconds later actually happened in real life. But then it started happening to me frequently so I thought had some kind of precognitive ability and that I could see the future for a few moments in my sleep. Now, since joining I know it's 4D STS who are responsible for this Deja vu phenomenon.

I gained this ability since 2014/2015 and it never stopped since.
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