Descriptions of the "afterlife"


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This thing about "information field contains ALL possible information" could be understand that way:
* We know all letters from alphabet - a b c ... x y z and a space sign (break between words). Then we create an machine with alghoritm that randomly produces strings from all signs of alphabet along with space sign sometimes as well. Then if this machine would run within infinite amount of time, we would find there any book that has been written through entire human history and any other possible information possible to be created with words. Even if it will not run for infinite time, it has a POTENTIAL to create any information possible.
In that sense the information field might word if it really exists. And if information field exists, then some kind of universal information storing language-coding should exists as well.

This is my own understanding of that topic of course.
It has a sense, of course. It can be exercised in many ways, and your and mine are once of ways to it. What is amazing is to think about all of that EXISTENCE that is already exists! Any book, any scenario, any timeline in the history of our worlds, any words, universes is somewhere. The enormity and beauty of this. And that we potentially have access to all of that! And EXPERIENCE all of that. Isn't it worth living? Of course, it is...


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At the age of 8 or 9, I had an NDE-like experience and it was in some ways by far the most profound experience for me in this lifetime.

It happened over several days when I was asleep: It was a series of 'dreams' with the deepest feelings of love, peace and joy sort of combined into one feeling of bliss. I didn't even know that such a depth of positive feeling is even possible, something like 50-100 times more than a normal feeling.

The first night was the strongest in terms of bliss: I saw myself walking in a slightly hilly grass landscape at dawn. There was still the night sky above me, but over the horizon I saw a white-golden sun and I felt the urge to run towards it, since the bliss was the strongest when I looked at it. So I started running towards it, but stumbled and fell softly onto the grass.

I call it an NDE-type experience because I read other people's NDE accounts who described basically the same experience: a very profound combination of all positive feelings in one and also seeing a white-golden sun or disc of light.

It seems that my Higher Self gave me this experience early on to remind me of what is possible and that there is this deeper reality. It happened around the time that I started to experience the joy or bliss less and less often in daily life than during childhood.

And I remember that when I was around 9 or 10 I knew that I would need to get back to that place, to find those deeper feelings again, even if I did not understand that it is really the connection to the Authentic Self and Higher Self.
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