Detoxification: Heavy Metals, Mercury and how to get rid of them


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I can't say for sure, but if you're suffering from some sort of stealth infection, the IV chelation may be disturbing biofilms and causing an immune reaction, leading to an autoimmune reaction. I'm just guessing here, but it could be the case. The site that Odyssey posted suggests a 3.5 to 4 hour chelation, so 1.5 hours seems very fast. Is there a way you could slow down the process to see if things improve?
Yes this is quite probable. Also when you are moving metals around it is not unusual to get inflammation and other 'detox' symptoms. I don't know much about IV chelation but I would expect it to be more intense, and therefore more taxing on the body than oral chelation. If it continues and gets worse or becomes unmanageable, I would stop for a while and see if it improves.
Yes I think it was a detox symptom, because I am in my 11 IV and the inflammation stops. I feel very good, no more join pain and no more inflammation.


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Just got this in my inbox, thought it may be useful for people who are trying to detox, I haven't heard of NBMI before, anyone else familiar with it?

Mercury detox: NBMI as a safe and non-toxic heavy metal chelator

Mercury toxicity is a big issue when it comes to anxiety and a host of other health issues. Detoxification of mercury can be a complex process and is often controversial. Professor Boyd Haley’s interview on the Heavy Metals Summit (airs online Jan 29 to Feb 5, 2018) addresses all this so well and shares some cutting-edge information. I was really quite blown away with this interview and highly recommend tuning in.

link to sign up for free

Effective Mercury Detoxification Strategies is covered by Professor Haley, a researcher I have been following for years. He is interviewed by one of the summit hosts, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who asks brilliant questions. Be prepared for deep questions and some pretty technical feedback.

Professor Haley shares this about mercury amalgams in the mouth and iron that is displaced:

mercury vapor can penetrate any part of the body it wants. Mercury would rather be in fatty tissues, and that makes the brain a prime target. Plus, you can take it in through the axonal nerves… from the nasal cavity up into the brain. And if you breathe it, it gets into the body and it travels, basically penetrating every cell or any membrane.

When mercury is converted from Hg0 [elemental mercury] to Hg2+ [inorganic mercury] it displaces iron from iron sulfur centers in the brain. And that iron is now free, and iron is a very potent oxidative stress inducer...that’s associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological illnesses [such as anxiety].

He talks about the synergistic effect of aluminum and mercury, and offers that the DMPS challenge test does show mercury body burden but isn’t good enough for reducing body burden, and that both DMPS and DMSA can make some people sicker and affect their kidneys. This has always been one of my concerns with this approach. I shared how I reacted badly to DMPS in my anxiety summit interview with Dr. John Dempster.

Professor Haley then shares how he set out to find a safe and non-toxic heavy metal chelator that would cross blood-brain barrier, get inside the cells and bind the mercury. The compound was initially sold as an antioxidant (as OSR), is now called NBMI and is in phase 2 clinical trials:

It was sold for a long time called OSR, Oxidative Stress Relief. And now, it’s called NBMI…it takes a carboxybenzoate which is found in berries and couples to the carboxyl groups cystamine which is cysteine without the carboxyl group. And when you do that, you neutralize both of the charges, and you make an uncharged compound that has two sulfurs off two arms that can surround a mercury atom or any atom of any size.

And that compound is what we’re working on today. We’re now going into phase two studies. When we gave it to humans in a phase one study, the safety and pharmacokinetics, it was 60-80% absorbed into the blood. And we didn’t have one single adverse effect reported. It is the same thing we had when we sold it as a dietary antioxidant - this compound not only does it bind mercury, it is a very potent oxygen-radical scavenger, just like glutathione.

As of now this compound is only available in Switzerland and chelates any metal that binds sulfur - like mercury, lead, iron, cadmium, copper – all of which can increase anxiety when levels are high.

Dr. Klinghardt has been using it with success and feels Professor Haley deserves the Nobel Prize for his work! This is so promising because as you’ll hear in Dr. Klinghardt’s interview: Biophysics of Heavy Metal Detox

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Zeolite not useful in heavy metal detox?

I've been taking zeolite powder for some periods of time for cleaning my bowels.

The zeolite industry and health practioners usually claim that the powder can (among other things) be used for heavy metal detox.

Reading the article linked below made me think again... :shock:

Zeolite myths
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