Dreaming in a Totalitarian Society

I think something is definitely up "out there", but I don't know what. God knows, I've been through enough over the past year and a half to give anyone nightmares!

Now that I think about it, I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was actually crying out and apparently, I did so in reality and woke Ark up. He said I was just kind of moaning, but in my dream, I was really screaming.

I wonder if all of us are picking up on something unpleasant coming down the pike?

I too have felt something is up and recently had a similar dream where I was yelling only to awaken and told by my partner I was mumbling in my sleep. I can’t remember what the dream was about then, but I can recalldream earlier this year that I can’t shake it was so vivid I thought I’d share here as well.

It involved an impact event or volcanic eruption - or even an impact event that was being masked as a volcano eruption. The descriptions in New Light on the Black Death come to mind now.

Putting in quotes to keep the post not so long:
It was full color and with audio - news reports, people hurrying into underground shelter, and air sirens in the background. The setting was a large dust cloud taking up most the sky, but moving in slow motion which indicated to me it was very far away but getting closer. There’s was definitely panic around me although I was pretty calm and not overly concerned with what appeared to be an oncoming wave of debris. In the background a voice on a speaker was telling people to get into a shelter. It was inset in a mountain side while a news report on a tv somewhere provided details on the ‘event’ and unrest in areas most affected.

The other odd thing was that while this all was happening around me in my calm state I was rummaging through records that some people had set up on a table. We were talking bands and music from the Scandinavian metal scene which we had had some shared experience in.

The last scene I recall was entering a long passage into the mountain shelter and entering an underground complex where others had gathered to seek refuge.
It was one of those dreams that felt so real you go “whoa where the heck was I” after you awake. It terms of meaning or theme I would call it the cosmic intervention and with the volcanoes, earthquakes, Ukraine build up, vax up! campaigns, border unrest, etc, etc I’d say we’re headed for just that.

I also had a dream with old friends. I was hugging a childhood classmate that had took his own life after high-school. In the dream I remember giving him big hug and saying “you’re ok - he’s ok” to some other people standing by us.

In another dream I was at counter buying something and realized I didn’t have a mask on. I immediately felt panicked that I would be chastised for non-compliance or kicked out but then realized the clerk and people around me didn’t have masks either. My partner had a similar dream that night as well.

Last thing I thought to share, while not a dream but more sort of a vision I had in early February while meditating. I found myself recapping my and my families timeline while alongside history and our Yugoslav/Serb roots when I a hit a very intense soul shattering moment that then relayed - “Reunited Yugoslavia.” I immediately started crying 😭 I don’t cry easily but it’s hard to put into words the deep connection, pain, and joy it would bring me to see that happen. Wonder if others here would feel the same? To me it would really mean the Empire was over.

I’ve felt a tremendous amount of solace in the last weeks. But fwiw, I still feel hopeful about the future even though a sorta death dealer nemesis (wetiko?) energy seems to be passing through this area. Just trying to remain grounded and present for my family. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences it’s nice to know I’m not alone in all this madness. :hug2:


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Tonight I dreamed of one big house that I realized was a place where people from this forum come and socialize.
Some were sleeping in rooms 2-3 shared, some were on the computer, but the house was quite empty at that time.
There was some problem with water, like a flood in the house which was prevented.
As people were sleeping or doing stuff, I wandered around.

Then a lot of other people came and the house was crowded and since it was time for lunch, they all went to cafeteria which was up at the gallery (looked like a cafeteria in the firm where I worked...).

There was more to the dream but I don´t recall all the details, like people also inviting me to join the lunch, but I didn´t because of something and I hadn´t had much conversations with others...
I know only several people how they look like in real life; so, only those who are doing the shows on YT and ones I see on workshop.
So the woman inviting me to lunch looked faintly like Carolyn and those people at the computer looked faintly like guys from MindMatters. Others were complete strangers.

Anyway, since everybody was upstairs, no one realized that again there is flood downstairs. The water was clear and reached to my ankles.
I run around to find the switch to close the water, then 2 other people joined me and we run around each to different part of the house trying to find the switch (I didn't recognize those people).
We then realized it was a sabotage and went in a car to some man that works in the kiosk ( :-D ) because he knows everybody in that small city and would help us find responsible person.

At this point the dream started to blur and distort and that's all I remember....


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In the past 20 or so years, there has been times, when I saw constantly dreams about my apartments door being unable to be closed/locked. Lock was broken, and I couldn't fix it. Sometimes I woke in the dream and saw bunch of people that came from that door to my apartment, who looked at me. Although they were unknown to me, I sensed no threat about them.

More recent in the same subject was, that I was on vacation, and after that returned to my apartment, and noticed, that the lock in the door didn't work, so I called the janitor. He had all kinds of excuses, and it was like he just left the phone and went away. After that I heard only hiss/noise from the phone. I wondered, what gives, or why is it so difficult for him to do such a simple job to repair the door/lock.

During past two months, there has been two dreams of new flavor(for me at least), that had common theme - skiing.

In first dream I was skiing at winter games. I followed a person ahead. We were both clumsy skiers, but anyway, we arrived to the junction and had to stop because of traffic lights(for pedestrians). While we waited, that person got angry/upset about something, and extended his/her(didn't see face) right arm, and sent some kind of 'pulse' towards one of the cars, that was on the road. That car was like something hit it.

In the second one I was skiing, and suddenly was at the top of dune in desert like Sahara. I looked back, and saw two skiers approaching.
They tried to grab me, but were quite sloppy at that. I tried to look straight in their eyes, but they avoided it. Then I saw far away several other skiers approaching. They stopped, and raised their rifles like the ones in biathlon, and shot the two, that were at me.

In some of the nightmare dreams, I have a great difficulty to open my eyes, or try to shout something to defend myself, but the words get stuck in my throat. It feels like a form of suffocating.


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Maybe this recent uptick of strange dreams has something to do with what was discussed in The Wave Chapter 2: Multi-Dimensional Soul Essences? A few excerpts:

Q: (L) Is that why the night before Ruth’s session, I dreamed of ants that I could have stepped on and smashed, and for some reason I decided I did not want to take the life of even a single ant?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was that dream preparing me for what I was going to experience in that session?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, what do we do about these essence parts of ourselves? I mean, I don’t like it that there may be something of the predator in me. I would like to not have it, or get rid or it, or transform it, or whatever.

A: Wait and see.

Q: (L) Well, am I going to have to remember myself doing things like that in order to come to terms with it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is that going to happen to me, that I am going to have memories like that surfacing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, I am having a hard time coping with it in someone else, how am I going to deal with it in myself?

A: You will.

Q: (L) Is this something we are all going to have to do?

A: All eligible fourth density candidates.

Q: (L) Are these aspects of our being coming to earth as part of the realm border crossing?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are all of us going to have to face these aspects of ourselves as other beings?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there other parts of us in all realms doing other things at this moment?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And how is this going to be affected by the realm border crossing?

A: Will merge.

Q: (L) Do we need to do some kind of work such as hypnosis to bring these aspects of ourselves up and deal with these things a little at a time?

A: Will happen involuntarily. Will be like a thermonuclear blast.


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Anyway, since everybody was upstairs, no one realized that again there is flood downstairs. The water was clear and reached to my ankles.
Funny because around the same time last week I had a flood/water dream as well, albeit a little different.
"We" (I don't know who else, but I wasn't alone in the dream) were invited for diner in a big house near the ocean. You could see the rocks down below from the terrasse with the waves crashing on them and everything. It felt warm with a nice breeze but it smelled more like the mediterranean than the ocean (nostalgia probably). The ocean began to rise so the hosts went to wake up the kids to drive to some nearby mountain, but I told them that every thing would be fine because the level will only submerge the first floors. Then we all went to the said terrasse to watch the spectacle until the level of the ocean stopped as the our level and I thought "this dream is fantastic".


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Last year I had a terrible nightmare. Now that I think about it, I think he was telling me about the situation we are in now.

It's night time and I'm in my room. Suddenly I hear a noise and with terror I realize that someone has entered my apartment. I am terrified and I call my dogs who are not there, nor Claude who does not answer. I get up and open the door of my room. Indeed people entered my house, it is dark but they have lanterns. And they come towards me!

The next scene takes place in my husband's room. My husband is lying on his bed, as if tied up. The men are nurses and they want to give my husband a shot. I try to protect my husband, to remove the ties that hold him in bed and at the same time to fight against the nurses. I am very scare. I scream and scream and scream so much that I wake up screaming.

I often think about this nightmare. It was before covid. So I think it was kind of a premonitory dream.


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This thread is remarkable.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that has stayed with me - i wrote about it first in the Deja Vu thread, because it was the first time I experienced deja vu in a dream. Apologies for repeating the story, but:
Basically, I was in “my house,” which was cold, gray, and nothing like my real house. Very cave-like in its atmosphere, and also institutional.
I sat down at a table facing two women I’ve never met. They were talking to me, I don’t remember the subject matter. Then, I blinked. When I opened my eyes, one of the women was naked and covered in little scratches. This was when the deja vu kicked in, and I knew I was seeing this for the second time in my life.
The other, still in original presentation, wordlessly noticed that I could see the state of the other woman, and she was grinning and nodding at me.
I blinked again, and the naked women was then a Jaguar. The patterns in her “fur” were purple and pink light. I blinked again, and everything was back to normal.
After much reflection, I have a phrase stuck in my head, which is “death by a thousand cuts.” I believe the naked woman is a face of myself that is suffering the slow, all-encompassing bleeding out of the psychological attacks imposed on us.
The Jaguar, though, gives me hope (and has all along.) I feel that the Jaguar is what kept this from being a “nightmare.”
Over the weekend, I was listening to Graham Hancock. It was the first time I’ve heard him speak about Jaguars.

Also this weekend, I read this thread for the first time. Here’s why it matters:
My friend told me a couple of months ago about this “ridiculous” dream she had, wherein we were all standing around at some function, watching a clownishly dressed Hitler sing silly songs and do a silly dance for our kids.
She asked me what it could possibly mean.
Thanks to all of you, I was able to share the excerpt at the beginning of this thread, as well as the amazon link to the book (currently unavailable.)
Thank you for facilitating a very painful and important lesson 💗

My husband, Henchman 21, has told me a few times that every time he donates he gets a “level up” in one insight or another. Friends, he’s not exaggerating!


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Last night I had another scary dream. I've been plagued with bad dreams for over 3 weeks every single night. It started with me waking up, in the dream, under the SpaceX rocket ship, just as it stared to ignite their engines. I didn't feel anything, I was engulfed by the blaze it looked like golden strains of condensed light. It was scary but beautiful.

After that I went home, on a bus, which is weird because I never take the bus, even less chances of me taking it now that we are under COVID-19 restrictions. During the drive I sat next to a lady, she was an ex lover's mom. I've never seen her in real life, but I just knew it was her and so did she. We started talking about makeup and skincare products and then out of the blue a plane came crashing down onto the street killing many people, it was a big Boeing, and it completely shattered into pieces and metal plates came flying everywhere killing and harming more. Everyone on the bus was ok, but we were so scared, so much that the driver changed the trajectory and took us on a costal road highway. As we were driving away the police arrived at the site of the accident, they started to paint the bodies red, even the street, you could not see anything any more just bright red. When we got to the costal highway I noticed that the pavement had sunken in and the waves were crashing into the road, I yelled with all my strength to the driver to watch out! And he used hi emergency break to avoid falling into the collapsed highway. After that I don't remember much, but I was at my ex lover's house, he was not around. Her mom was acting very weird and wanted me to go buy her some stuff for a pretty cheap unreal price and I saw what looked like an ashtray with a lot of joint buds in it.

Then my family appeared there, my older sister and her husband, my niece and my mom, we were talking about the accidents and were pretty shocked by them. After that I went to the mall to buy the things, but I got distracted by what it looked to be a witch, she was spying on me, so I ended up trying to fool her into not knowing what I was looking to buy, it seems silly, but the dream felt real and very intense.
A great thread!

In some of the nightmare dreams, I have a great difficulty to open my eyes, or try to shout something to defend myself, but the words get stuck in my throat. It feels like a form of suffocating.
I have had dreams like this too, where I am trying really hard to do the simplist of things and I can't. The other night I dreamt I was at work, cooking in the pub kitchen, only instead of it just being me, there were loads of cook and all I had to do was plate one roast dinner. Nothing would stay on the plate, the skewers holding the meat ( I've never served a roast with skewers!) kept rolling onto the floor. By the time I took the plate of food to an elderly lady, her fellow diners had all finished theirs. I had thought about blaming someone else for the delay (never done that either!) but decided to fess up and admit I kept dropping it...the lady was kind and laughed and said it wasn't a problem. A very short time later everybody had to leave the pub and I looked out of the window and there were 2 black wolves outside...I thought, I won't go out of the window and disturb those wolves, they look busy, so I exited through the patio doors...I felt no fear of the wolves.

But yes, back to simple tasks being very hard, including just walking down the street, it's felt like I'm walking through treacle in those dreams. Once, when I was married to a controlling and abusive man, I dreamt that he was stood in front of me and I was trying to slap his face, but my hand never made contact, it would stop just millimeters from his cheek.


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I had a dream last night of at least two shooters. I was at a shopping mall, and someone started shooting so people ran and hid. Once the shooter was taken care of or stopped shooting, we thought it was over, but soon after another guy started shooting. So, I ran again as the shooter was walking in my direction, and hid behind a couch in one of the stores. When it was all over, I told Joe and Artemis who were in the same store, that I recited the prayer and focused on becoming (literally) invisible to the shooter (silly, I know!). We also discussed what went on. Near the end of the dream my phone was stolen, and the shop owner told me to vacuum/clean their floor in the back of the store (while doing so I was thinking to myself that I don't work there, plus Artemis is waiting for me outside so we can go and let others know we're okay). Also, near the end of the dream, the people at the store spoke German, so it happened in Germany? The shooters were both white young men, and I was thinking they were 'Greenbaumed' perhaps. Strange dream.


I will share a dream I had last night. It starts with my companion and I looking into a cave, it’s night. We are considering entering the cave to rest. Then we hear something deep in the cave rushing towards us. To the left was an embankment, earthy with lots of rocks and roots. We’re forced to climb this embankment to escape. As we’re climbing, I can feel a weight on my back, which I assume was a backpack. What’s odd is my consciousness is riding in this dream body and is pleading for the dream body to release the backpack in order to go faster. But the dreambody couldn’t hear me. Eventually I get to the top, turn to extend my arm to my companion and she is pulled screaming down the embankment. She too was carrying something on her back that she’d refused to let go of. There’s nothing I can do, I know if I go down there I’ll be dead too. As I’m running away, I hear continual screaming as if she’s being eaten alive, I note I feel sadness, resignation and relief. It’s one of those clear dreams, seared into the memory.


I had a couple of strange dreams the past couple of weeks. In the first one, I was in a parking lot at night with others. It was illuminated in that bright orange glow similar to the light that is shown on highways. I was transported to a dark brown room with a door to my right leading to the outside. There were others there with me and I spotted a few classmates who look like younger versions of themselves, like the age we were in high school. He walked over to me and he asked me what year it was and I said it was 2021. Another classmate joined in and said that no, it was 2020. I felt some sort of disconnect from my environment there and started to panic a bit saying "where am I?" and then I awoke.

The other dream was more disconcerting. It also took place at night, but in my neighborhood. There was some kind of Purge-esque thing going on. I went to check outside and locked the door behind me and as I turned around I found a man pointing a pistol at me. I banged the door to have someone in, and I was able to and lock the door. Another scene occurred when an old classmate of mine knocked on the door. I opened it and he looked completely exhausted and collapsed on the floor. My family and I moved him into one of the beds to recover. A few moments later in the living room, we heard gunshots and I told my family to stay low to the ground. We have a giant window on the second floor overlooking our front yard and didn't want them to see us. I peaked my head from the window to see what was happening and saw some neighbors tying people (supposedly those who were the troublemakers) and laid them on the ground. A neighbor began painfully executing them..

That dream shocked me the most and took me some days to recover from it. To me it seemed like a message to hold a frequency, similar to the energy of "be as gentle as a dove, and wise like a serpent", and hopefully more STO energies can help to prevent that possibility from ever manifesting.


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Had a lovely little nightmare last night. I was at a vaccination clinic in a large room full of people. Effectively, I was pleading with the nurse to not give me the vaccine, she FREAKED out, stabbed me in the neck with the needle, injected, and turned to the room full of people to make an example of me! That was all with that one.

The night before that I was in Costco wearing my mask as mandated here in my area and I looked up to find that no one else was wearing a mask! (note: the people in my area are exceptionally pro-mask) Some people were looking at me with a weird look that said, "why is he wearing that?". I promptly took off my mask and felt a wave of elation that I no longer had to wear it.

So quite the splitting of realities in my dreams!
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