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What is the Flower Of Life?

I recongnized a few points that you mentioned, that was also brought in the Flower Of Life workshops:

* strong emphasis of the inner subjective feeling:
"no matter what you do, if it feels good in the stomach or in the heart, you've done it right. it does not need to be explained - How did it feel for you?"

* advertising technique using the associative principle:
listing of popular historical occurences, "popular" ascended masters, atlantis, bermuda triangle, etc. There was a return to nearly all open New Age questions.

* being pseudoscientific:
fibonacci numbers, logarithmic spirals, polyhedra, etc. It felt good for me as a technician to be confronted with a bit of this terminology again. When I asked a bit deeper in those topics, which was easy, there were usually no consistent answers.

* trapping disclaimers, truth-wrappers:
http://www.netmar.com/~maat/archive/jun1/editor.htm said:
"What I am about to say represents my own beliefs. I trust you to see it as opinion, not absolute truth. I honor you and your way, as you honor mine, for the "I Am Presence" lives within each of us." - Drunvalo
Actually a assertion, that he is at least partially not telling the truth.
http://www.netmar.com/~maat/ said:
"We seek the truth and integrity of spritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world." - Sprit of Maat Magazine
Reading that, immidiately comes to my mind the danger of believing:
RflctnOfU said:
"how could someone with that disclaimer NOT be telling the truth???"
Irini said:
what's the point?
I have none. I realized that as I went to bed yesterday. There are interesting open questions at every corner and answering them would consume lifetimes.

AdPop said:
As Laura asserts: whatever your personal interest, there is a CoIntel program just for you, ready to attract you and distract you, to vector your attention and get you thinking the way they want you to think.
Maybe it should consume my lifetime...

AdPop, your quote about the visualization technique sounds in principle like the MerKaBa meditation of the workshops.

Nevertheless I have a question regarding the mentioned "subjective feeling":
What is the (female) intuition about then? Is it the same as subjective wishful thinking?


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Data wrote:
What is the (female) intuition about then? Is it the same as subjective wishful thinking?
My dictionary says that intuition is innate knowledge or direct perception of truth. There's no gender to it. Is this what you mean, or has the combination into the phrase "female intuition" taken on some altered or special, colloquial meaning? If it has, it seems likely to be the result of 3D thinking. The C's mentioned in Session 000408:
A: In your density, masculinism/feminish is essentially a roll of "the dice." Remember, at higher levels gender is nonexistent.


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What is the Flower Of Life?

"Feelings" are said to be a rather female principle (the left brain hemisphere), while "thinking" is said to be rather male (the right brain hemisphere).

I asked because (again in the Flower Of Life workshop) we were encouraged to do what "the inner feelings" suggested. Combined with the theoretical understanding, it should constitute a holistic ascension system.

Maybe I confused "inner feelings" with "intuition" in my last post.

What is intuition anyway? I knew the definition from the dictionary, but it didn't help me unterstand. Is it a kind of channeling? One often is being told stories of people which made a choice based on intuition, which was "good" for them. Can/Should intuition replace a rational/analytical thought process or knowledge based acting?


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Data said:
"Feelings" are said to be a rather female principle (the left brain hemisphere), while "thinking" is said to be rather male (the right brain hemisphere).
You have your left and right the wrong way around


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Of course, you're right. What a blunder. Left is, where the thumb right is. What a mess. :rolleyes:

Back to the intuition:
About one year ago I wanted to decide if I should buy and read "The Wave" series. I had thoughts that wanted to prevent me from buying and reading it. I had only browsed in the internet a bit. I remember having thoughts like this: "Don't buy, it is enough, it is garbage once again, it burdens you".

This makes choices a bit difficult. So, is intuition always reliable? Do you have similar experiences?


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Data said:
Back to the intuition:
About one year ago I wanted to decide if I should buy and read "The Wave" series. I had thoughts that wanted to prevent me from buying and reading it. I had only browsed in the internet a bit. I remember having thoughts like this: "Don't buy, it is enough, it is garbage once again, it burdens you".

This makes choices a bit difficult. So, is intuition always reliable? Do you have similar experiences?
I also have found intuition a tricky thing to recognise and I can give an example of this that actually concerned the Flower of Life workshops. A few years back I had heard about these workshops and thought it sounded interesting.

Shortly after I had first heard about them, it seemed like all of a sudden I was seeing or hearing some reference to them everywhere. I'd see a poster, someone would give me a book about it, or I'd hear someone talking about it. And then, low and behold, an actual workshop was being held only a 5 minute walk from my house. Well, I was convinced that these were signs and my intuition leading me to this wonderful learning opportunity. Then a funny thing happened - I walked down to the shop to register for the workshop and just as I was about to go in - I started feeling incredibly lethargic, so much so that I turned around and went back home without registering. The next day, I was all gung ho again and went marching back to register, (this was the last day) and - the same thing happened! I just started feeling like "oh I can't be bothered". I found myself turning around and going home again.

So I missed the workshop, and soon I was berating myself for my laziness which had stopped me from heeding all these (I thought) obvious signs. Much later on, after I joined the forum, I began to see it differently, and I realised that actually that lethargy and laziness WAS my intuition and those signs/synchronicities were more likely the work of 4DSTS. That old laziness of mine had saved me from joining all kinds of new agey groups over the years, but I didn't see it until very recently.


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Actually manitoban's example is a good one. Sometimes when the mind cannot decide or decides on something that is not in the person's favor, the body will let you know, or that has been my observation. When the myriad voices in my head argue about a matter, soon the little ones faint as the two opposing, loudest ones dominate. And a half of myself is as much for "yes" with all arguments to support it in line, and the other half as much for "no" with all arguments to support this in line. At that moment, before i go completely crazy :) , i "enter" my body and try to "feel" the "yes" and "no" in it. Usually it's very distinct, a feeling of Knowing with certainty somewhere in the belly and stomach area (at least that's where i feel it). Other times is not so clear, as our own programs get in the way, and if we don't identify them, they will obscure the intuitive reading. And this is a confused woman's perspective :P


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What is the Flower Of Life?

Channeling colinear with Drunvalo's FOL teachings:

I have to admit that I based my decision if I should go to the FOL workshop on an I Ching reading (which I find extremely stupid today). Back then I was really caught in New Age stuff and had no idea whatsoever about SotT or the work of LKJ. I recently realized by reading my personal notes from that time how deeply I have changed. This factor combined with the breakup of my relationship due to my belief based decisions resulted in a very painful situation, which to some extent lasts until today.

So, I smelled a rat in the FOL teachings and in every single thing I thought I knew. As mentioned in my posts above, I want to know exactly WHAT I did wrong that maneuvered me in my situation. I was confused and now I want to see clear. So I am still observing what is going on in the FOL "teachings". I am weeding. I have still occasional contact to the people I met at the workshop. I continued to join some meetings and tried to applicate the knowledge received from SotT and LKJ.

In this particular FOL group, there is a woman, G..., which is a channel. She owns a therapeutical "light worker" practice. As you might know, much of Bernard Perona's a.k.a. Drunvalo's material allegedly comes from Thoth a.k.a. Hermes Trismegistos. As it happens, this woman claims that she is also constantly in contact with "Thoth". Much more than that, she claims that "Thoth" is her "cosmic husband". She says that she is not from "here", that she is intimately connected with Andromeda. "Thoth" often tells her what to do and also "surgically" operates on G.... She told me, that "Thoth" inserted a kind of etheric device into her spine, that hurt her. I asked, if she gave permission to this interference. She simply answered "No" and that "he definitely knows what he does". She believes it is for her good.

"Thoth" wanted to gather the FOL group to perform a "guided earth healing meditation evening" twice. So, "Thoth" announced himself through G..., the message was forwarded per mail and about 16 persons came each time. In both meetings, "Thoth" spoke directly to the group, by a semi trance state of G..., initiated by drums.

I had read some of AdPop's channel watch series, and of course The Wave I and II, so I went there with the sole intent to just listen to and analyze the channelled material to compare it to what I've read.

I recorded the channelling, transcribed it and translated it from german into English for sharing it here. The channelled content as such definitely was not worth the work. I did it because it is a good example of "Mumbo Jumbo" and New Age "love, light, feeling, you're-special, brainless" crap squared, directly related to the Flower Of Life and teachings from Drunvalo.

Although it is "more chaff than wheat", I consider the whole thing to be not harmless. What can be expected from a "being" that does things without permission anyhow? The whole procedure included a voluntarily opening to unknown space brothers from Andromeda, to absorb foreign energies/information, to potentially get an implant in the spine, to charge a geometry with unknown energy/information (of which only god knows what it does), to bring this unknown stuff home and to integrate it into earth without being asked for it. And all this in the disguise of love, subjective feelings, personal comfort, the "your're special" hook and a plausible teaching in books. The emphasis of the text shows this.

The worst thing is, however, that all the rest of the group, 15 persons, believed it, appreciated it, and quickly went under. So did I one year ago. Why? Because it came from a "higher source" and as such it must be true. Yeah, right.

RflctnOfU puts it best, when saying
RflctnOfU said:
BUT...creating the "vortex" through said teachings, IMHO, is just "inviting" things of which one has no idea whatsoever.
So I share this "more chaff than wheat" text without commenting in detail, as an example of the lower end of the channelling marketplace and as a warning to others to not apply their full power of analytical mind on the phenomena "Channelling" and to Drunvalo's teachings. Not later than "Thoth" lists the funny order of the planets, you should realize that the whole text has the quality of this list itself: "Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Moon and last but not least, Marduk".

[Maria, the virgin itself, speaks a few words]:

[Unknown "entity", as a precursor for the "main act"]:
Please, sense your prana tube within you. And know that you are one. Know that you are consciousness, like the starry sky. And the moon. Know that all information that now comes in this room is from higher planes, in which our intellect should be switched off to gain an improved sensation. And you will sense and you will find unity in you. But before we start, Hermes Trismegistos asked me to sing a mantra with you, that we from Andromeda especially like. Singal'janto. Feel your divine nature.
Who knows what this Mantra really means?
[Everybody sings]

[The main act: Hermes Trismegistos = Thoth, allegedly]:
Dear fellow habitants of the planet earth. I am speaking through this light channel A... [Soul name of the channel], as the one you know from the books of my friend [and beloved Drunvalo, mentioned in a previous session]. You can call me Hermes. I have asked that you gather here today. It is a very special meeting. It is rather a meeting with priority. You understand correctly, priority-of-light!
Noblesse oblige!

Please get now into your vehicles and activate your MerKaBa's. Everyone shall do this. By means of your conscious presence and your will you can serve now as a tool. Please join here and do your best and be comfortable. It is important to me that you feel comfortable. Nothing here is forced, it is all voluntary. There is an urge from the spiritual world, though, to now offer your service.
Damn, I feel good! Ok , I'll do it.

Every one of you will be accompanied today. It is a shiny spiritual being from our galaxy Andromeda Alpha. Beings from Andromeda have a high frequency and will support you. It can also happen, that the channel G... [the real name of the channel] speaks in foreign languages. The words will be codes of light that are transmitted to you in appearance of Mantras. Just sense, what this Mantras will do with you.

Now sense your light field, feel the force of the Christ Grid and perceive how you are taking with you the most important symbol of planet earth: It is the Flower [Of Life], that contains all and the last knowledge. Like a computer file, available only for very few souls.
I must be special.

We are prompted today in cooperation with brother Kryon and other light beings and master planes, that will guide you, to lift this Flower [Of Life] up and to newly integrate it into a new awareness plane. Because of this, it is necessary to start a journey in the here and now. It is a journey in a parallel universe.
Cool. Nothing can go wrong!

I prompt you now to connect to universe number four by simply visualizing this number.

Four is the force of practice. It is an advancement of Three, if you will. Now, sense your field, the Flower in front of you, connected with your heart. All your light fields are united in a large MerKaBa. Feel how you leave this house. Sense how you levitate smoothly. Be aware that this is real and also not real. It does not matter. It is simply important for us that you are here and that you are yourself.
Raise and see the stars, see the light gate that becomes brighter for you. It is like a comet.

[Voice becomes louder]

The light gate calls you! We ask you to go to it and look into it. This gate is connected to the number eleven. Like this month of year, eleven, it is a mastery. Know that this gate accelerates you. Listen to this message, man! Up with you in a higher galaxy of consciousness and awareness! Here and now. Feel and see! Two of you are still missing on this journey.
One of them was certainly me, because I was going to go nowhere.

We wait for them. Fast! Into the light gate, into the next galaxy! Feel yourself, feel the Flower that you take with you. Leave gratefully the earth. You will return again. Feel...

Leave the planets behind you. Come into a universe that you shall not know now now. Visualize universe Four. Open your hands. You are the unified force field.

And now we greet the habitants of the eeearth!!! Feel the light connection there. Feel the freedom on this plane. Feel the greetings. There are highly developed souls that are now embracing and greeting you. They are now cleaning and fettling your bodies. Yes, clean more and more. Be carried on love. At this place, only consciousness counts.

One of you is the light-carrier of the Flower. He shall now lay down the Flower in the middle. Every one of you is asked to gather around the flower. Reach you hands to the Flower. Now feel the light beam that flows through you, which has the rainbow colours of the new world. Yes, you can let rainbow colours flow through your crown chakra into your body, into the heart, into the solar plexus and from there through your hands into the Flower.

Yes you understood correctly. You are here to be this priority! Let the rainbow colours flow. The colours are dazzling, glittering and NOT from this universe. And now, my dear, program this flower with all which is important for you in the new world. You are the creators. What do you wish for your new world? Choose wise. Feed the flower with it.
Now I am creating my own reality by simply thinking it! Of course will I choose wise.

Now, we ask you to lie down with your head pointing towards the flower, into the flower. Feel, perceive. You, the clairvoyant will see or sense, perceive or hear, what the new world is like. Hear and be.

[long pause]

Feel the connection to your spine. In there is now this new information, available for you at any time.
What, did we get an implant?

Now, we ask you to move the Flower to the side. Stretch it. You have to make it big, bigger than your imagination can do it. The Flower is like your sainthood. Stretch it more and more. Send you thoughts while you are doing this. Now stop. The end of the Flower is golden. Now relax and see what happens with this Flower. It is now docked on what you would call spaceship. These are our freight ships. You are invited to get into one of it. We will bring it down together.

Fist to the sun, one time around the sun, connected to the solar wheel. Let the planets pass by: Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Moon and last but not least, Marduk.
Are you completely crazy?

Feel all the beings curiously watching what you are doing. Let them know that it is an act of creation. And take their love into your heart. It is a gratefulness, which one only can feel.

Now, position yourself in front of our planet. Stretch the flower again. It must embrace the whole planet. Now, go into the earth and literally blow the flower into the earth.
Doing without being asked, again.

[Voice rises again]

All earth planes - the Flower has to be imprinted in all earth planes! Everyone has its own working area! Work! Move! In every cell, in all planes! Don't stop! Take care of Mountains, Lakes, everything! Valleys, Countries! Humans, Populations! Everything you can imagine! Inform with help of the element air and wind. Do it!

Now Relax.
Few sentences in "andromedanian" language. At this point I got angry, because I did not want to be "informed" in any way!

Now, feel your body again. Feel the arrival in this house. The light beings are now weaving a fabric from this rainbow colours. And all the masters of this universe thank you for your work. "Sumalo" means "Thank you". It is for you.

Now we are asked to stand in a circle. This is the beginning and the end. Everything is one. But, before the earth and man was created, the heart was created. Let us send love to everyone in this group...


The Living Force
What is the Flower Of Life?

As a sidenote, though, it seems to me that the Flower Of Life as a geometrical pattern as such (see picture in my post above), without an accompanying "teaching" is not harmful, rather the opposite; because it contains a high degree of geometrical and mathematical order and symmetry. I simply state, that this and other similar patterns were used as a hook by various disinformation systems, (like Drunvy's seminars) to attract people. Or were misused by religion. After all, there must be a good reason, why this type of geometry was used for building cathedrals and other "sacred" sites. I did a kinesiological test which a laserprinter sketch of this pattern and it showed positive energetic effect on my body. Maybe it is absolutely unimportant today, but I simply try to understand.


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What is the Flower Of Life?

I laughed reading your account Data! :)

But one phrase that jumbed out for me was this one:

Feed the flower with it.
despite the directive to "feed" this "flower" with your imagination and wishes - part of your own consciousness energy, i remember making a similar association in my head regarding "flowers that feed" a while ago. It was at a time i was contemplating the predatory behaviors of human beings - well, myself especially - and my observations led me to think that sometimes predation happens as if automatically, perhaps without even a behavior that accompanies it, as if the individual just by being who/what he/she is, has the "honey" that draws the "bees" to it. At that point this image came to my mind of the flowers that are so beautiful with their colors and so fragnant with their aromas and the only purpose of this beauty is to attract insects so the flower can devour them. I heard that these flowers need to eat insects because they live in jungles where the sunlight can't reach them. Otherwise, they'd be "eating" sunlight.

I never thought about it again though until i read this today.


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I received this morning this message from someone. I wrote some thoughts in blue.

Marie Allizon is interviewing Drunvalo Melchizedek about the future and what is coming.

Marie: During our previous interviews (December 2000 & July 2002), you did not seem as optimistic about what is happening in the world as you are today .
Drunvalo: I know we are going to make it because I have been allowed to see into the future. However, even though I optimistically say "we make it" we are still going to pass through this little "eye of the needle" where it is going to look like it is hopeless. And they [my guides] wouldn't let me see what this was - but something happens and what looks so hopeless turns around very quickly.

He is more optimistic; the situation is better. Please help me, i do not see it like that. And he said that it will turn around very quickly. Is-it because of some ET's tricks???.

Marie: Is it like the three days of darkness that we used to talk about?
Drunvalo: No, this doesn't have anything to do with that. It looks as if the outer environment we live in will completely and totally die, and everything in it. We are going to come to that stage. So it is going to look hopeless. My angels didn't show me that part of it. All they would say is that you are going to witness in your life a place where it looks like it is just over. Then this "thing" is going to happen. And the world situation is going to be quickly and completely turned around .

Marie: In the workshop you spoke about "waves" of people who will die. Can you explain what you were talking about?
Drunvalo: The waves are spoken about in Native American prophecy. There was an American Indian from a long time ago that was allowed to go to all the various tribes - mostly in the United States and to the secret societies (the Grandmother societies) and to collect and write down the prophecies from these tribes to find out what they had in common. He found one thread which ran through all the prophecies which talks about the time which is approaching. There are three waves of people on the earth who are said to die in a very short amount of time. I don't know what that is about exactly, but when I was reading about it, it felt like it occurs in about 10 days time. Something very quick, something VERY BIG happens and kills an enormous number of people.

Another one who speaks about the three waves.

Outwardly it looks horrible. It could be Atomic war, the bird flu, or who knows what. Outwardly, to the survivors, it looks like a catastrophe, but inwardly the people who leave this way have planned it. They want to leave, and they want to leave together. When they collect over the top of the earth, the first wave goes to a specific place in time/space/dimension so they can be with their own kind. Because they are not really in tune with the Earth, they can be in harmony together (elsewhere).
Then it is said that there is another bigger change coming with another wave of people leaving the planet. Again this is by choice on the inner levels -.not a kind of suicide- but on the inner these people know something is about to occur and they come together in order to go to another place in space/time.
Then there is a third wave where a massive amount of people die. This group called "hitchhikers" in the prophecies does not know where their home is so they leave, looking for that place and eventually they do find there home.

After these waves pass, there are only millions (not billions) of people left in the world - a much smaller number. The people that are left over will come together in one heart, according to Native American prophecy. They become as one living being. Regardless of race or religion, all the divisions are dropped and the remaining people become as one family. Then, with this new found higher consciousness, those that are left take the earth and they fly it - as if the earth is turned into a space ship which is flown to a new place, and a beautiful new way of living emerges on earth. The prophecies actually use the word, space ship.

Well, the left over will come together in one heart??? Or could it be in one herd?

Marie: So the actual earth is used as a space ship... so do you mean Mother Earth is going to clean herself in this process?
Drunvalo: Yes, everything is solved. We totally fix everything through pure Consciousness, not through technology or anything like that, but through our very being. From a Melchizedek point of view, we actually change orbit.

We totally fix everything Through pure Consciousness. Another way, to keep us sleeping or not doing. Do not do anything because everything is ok.

Marie: In our last interview, you said that we move into a parallel earth, and then another parallel earth, and so forth. Has this theory changed or evolved?
Drunvalo: All I am saying is this is a Native American prophecy. The Melchizedeks believe there is more to this - a lot more. But the idea with the Native American prophecy is that most of the people are going to die and leave the earth and go somewhere else. This may very well happen. I don't know for sure. I am just saying that many tribes have this in common.

Marie: But hearing you this week, it feels like humanity (we) will be "going home"...
Drunvalo: Oh yes, because after that, we leave the earth altogether. There comes a point where we completely leave the earth, we transcend it, we go into another level of existence and that is the beginning of a very rapid, but very long journey. And we end up completely beyond the stars and planets. We end up existing in another way and in another octave of existence.

Marie: Do we leave with our body?
Drunvalo: Initially we do. We leave with our body and then our body mutates into something that would look more like an ET. After that we become Everything. But that is only the beginning of the journey.

Marie: That's exciting. That is what Barbara Marx Hubbard is talking about in her new DVD "Humanity Ascending". We can't keep going in the way we are today. It is sick.
You mentioned that in the case of the-end-of-the-world prophecy of August 1999, that they were wrong for the first time. I was wondering... since everyone seems to be saying that something is happening "soon, soon, soon", do you feel this end-of-the-world scenario will be happening before February 2013? Or much sooner?
Drunvalo: Yes, and for many South American tribes, there is even a prophecy about this year - 2007. I don't want to say what that prophecy is - I'll let them say it, but there is many indigenous tribes expecting much change to take place this year. So I think between now and 2013, we will be going to go through a lot of transformation.

Marie: I personally watch the galactic center and Pluto at 29 degrees Sagittarius. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happens around those dates (12/28/07). So are you saying there may be several stages, you know like Phase I, Phase II, Phase III?

That date (12/28/07) seems to be very important. I read in a book that our problem will really start around that date because a lot of planets are going to be in a specific kind of alignment. It is a working hypothesis. We will see it at the end of the year, if it is a valid hypothesis.

Drunvalo: It does go in stages. It isn't something that goes like that (Drunvalo snaps his fingers). You never see a plant grow from a seed to a big tree instantly. Life always moves in segments though sometimes those segments can be pretty big and sometimes very violent. But the primary thing I hope people will realize is that they will be fine. The most important thing right now that I can see is to find the sacred place in the heart.

If you can remember the ancient way of living and get into that sacred place, and just sit and watch all of this like a movie and not have to be concerned in any way at all. Remember Mother Earth knows who these people are that are going to become the one heart. Really the better way to say it is one lotus. This place in the heart has always been referred to as the lotus. And when you find your way there, Mother Earth will completely take care of you and protect you and provide everything for you. Even though everything outside seems to be insane, it will be miraculous.

Marie: How can we best prepare?
Drunvalo: I don't think anybody can prepare on a physical level. It isn't possible to prepare for what is about to happen. You see, nobody knows. The preparation is inside of you. That's the primary place.
Have you read about what the Pentagon says is going to happen? The Pentagon gives us one to three years left of normal life on this planet. That's their guess. Everybody's guessing. No expert on this planet can tell you what's is going to happen or exactly when. In the last 250 million years, we only have two examples we can understand to see what is going to happen.

You have all the ocean currents of the world slowing down, and definitely the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean appears to be stopping. The last time it slowed down was in the 1300s, and it did exactly what it is starting to do now. The crazy weather: hot/cold, dry/wet. In the 1400s, especially the West went through a period where there were 47 years without a drop of rain. Every river, every lake, every tree burned to the ground. And that's why the Anasazi had to leave. They couldn't live there. This is all on record. And the East became extremely cold. If you look at George Washington crossing the Delaware, there are blocks of ice floating in the river, recorded in paintings of this scene.

We think that our weather has always been this way. But this weather has only been this way since 1850. It took 550 years for the weather to come back to the way it is now. Okay. I could go into great detail and spend hours on that subject, but that's being pretty much what is projected down the road. Now you have Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth, whom I find very optimistic, as he gives us ten years. But I don't know a single scientist on the planet who gives us ten years or anybody else who gives us that long.

What the Pentagon talks about is the rapid changes in climate, making it impossible to live in certain areas. Exactly where those areas are, they don't know. All they can do is go back to those last two times in history and see what happened. But will it be the same? Maybe and maybe not. What they do know is that there will be areas that will be uninhabitable. The time before last, where it stopped, which is what we think it is doing now, the place which is now New York City was uninhabitable. It went under about a mile of ice. You can't live under a mile of ice. It's just not possible. In fact, Norway, Denmark and Sweden went under ice and the Pentagon's predicting that they'll also be under a half mile of ice soon.

That part about the rapid change in wheater rejoins the article that Laura wrote.

Marie: Does very soon mean within three years?
Drunvalo: It will begin soon. There will probably be a constant storm that never goes away - a time when it is winter, all the time. So, people will have to leave that area. It is the migration patterns that the Pentagon is mostly worried about. Because you are going to have billions of people forced to leave from where they are and will have to try to survive somewhere else. This causes everything to collapse. No more food in the grocery stores, the economy collapses, etc. You can't grow food when this begins, because there's no beginning and ending to the growing seasons. Plants go crazy, and food then becomes one of the most important commodities.

Marie: So a solution may be to learn how to breathe and stop eating?
Drunvalo: It is a good stepping stone. There is a book in Germany, published by my new publisher showing how in 9 days you can learn to go without food and water. You totally get your nutrients from the prana and air so you can live completely without anything.
Yogananda is about to demonstrate that to the world. Everyone thinks he is dead. He's not dead. When Yogananda "died" in the 1950s, all of his bodily functions stopped. After 20 days, according to mortuary officials, his body appeared completely normal, but he wasn't breathing, no heart beat, nothing. At some point he's going to wake up and say, See? I've been sleeping for 50 something years with no food, no water, nothing and I am fine. That's Kriya yoga. That's the effect of working with the devas and light energy of Mother Earth. That's our God-given right though most people don't seem to believe this.

Hoping that is good for every blood-group. =D

Marie: You were talking about Goddess Amaterasu (in earlier interviews). How old is she now?
Drunvalo: The Japanese see Amaterasu as the light of the sun. She is the energy that gives light to the earth, and consciousness. Amaterasu is in everything that is alive, at this point. And she is linked to everything coming from the Sun, solar flares included.
The spirit of the earth is a different thing, and Mother Earth is roughly 23 or 24 or 25 years old. Really smart, really aware.

Marie: During your workshop we learned about getting out of our mind and into our heart and operating from the sacred place in the heart. You explained how the mind works in duality and while existing in the heart, we just "are" pure being. If all the participants of your workshops practiced your heart meditation, would this energy expand exponentially, helping all of us to eliminate fear and transition smoothly?
Drunvalo: It will help get rid of fear but that is not exactly how it works. Mother Earth is changing the world. She is in control now, so we don't have to do anything but just be of service. If she says to do something, okay we do it, and if she doesn't, then we can relax. We've won the game, everything is almost in place. Everything is in balance. There are things to do, but they will be taken care of ... We just have to keep moving. But a time is coming when sitting in a restaurant like this is going to be a memory. We won't be able to do this and the most important thing I'm concerned about in this time is that good light workers don't go into fear and think "oh, it is all over". No, it is just beginning. Stay out of fear and just believe in the presence of God. We will probably lose a few people during that time, because if you go into fear then it is over.

When everything starts breaking down, the Taos Indians say, go into your house, and pull the drapes so you don't see all the craziness going on, which could cause fear. And just stay in your heart and let Mother Earth and all the energies that you are intimately part of do their job and stay in trust. It is easy to say and harder to do. It is just like when you get cancer or something like that and people are told that they are going to die, then they get really worried. But we are immortal, we've always been alive, we are going to get through this one. Remember it is a time of transition. Transitions always get crazy. Stay out of fear and be in the presence of God.

Marie: I personally believe that people back home, once you leave the flock, will miss you.
Drunvalo: Are you talking about me? Oh, no! I'm staying with Earth. Where we are going to as a planet is where I came from. That's why I was sent here, because there had to be a memory connection to it. So now, the ascended masters have made their way back to that place, some of them HAVE come back here, so humanity has already got the path and the understanding. It is already in us. It is in who we are, it is our very DNA, at this point.

I hope that i have the choice.

Marie: I was fascinated by your sharing about the earth's kundalini energy moving out of Tibet. Then being stuck at the Panama Canal for a while and finally released --thanks to the help of hundreds of tribes five years ago-- and reaching Peru and Chile. Can you tell us more please, especially about the White Pyramid?
Drunvalo: There was a White Pyramid in Tibet which the explorers have found. There was also one before that in Atlantis. Now the energy has moved to Chile. Somebody will physically build one there because it will become the most important place in the world.

Marie: So when was the energy released from Panama?
Drunvalo: It was September 2001. Right about 9/11. But it took a longer period of time for it to reach South America, so it was sometime in mid-2002, when it actually arrived in Chile. There were 112 tribes forming a circle waiting for the energy. Since 2002, everything has been completed. I'm writing a book about this now -- so all these stories and everything around this whole subject will be coming out in print soon.

Marie: Can you then talk about your next book then?
Drunvalo: The book about the Kundalini of the Earth, its movement and everything that has happened with the indigenous tribes and the ceremonies relative to this new energy. It is a story of hope and inspiration because this is a very POSITIVE EVENT that is taking place. This is also a story of inspiration for females because it is a story about the change of energies moving from the male to the female.

Marie: Thank You so much Drunvalo.


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Drunvalo Melchizedek and the future

Odd that all the "love and lighters" of years gone by who all said that they were changing the world by thinking happy thoughts and how much better everything was going to be tomorrow, are NOW suddenly acknowledging - even if only by default - that things may not be going the way they were advertising and it might be a really rough ride. But notice how he soft-sells it. And that's not to say that doing so is altogether out of line either. I just don't think that there is so much "choice" in the matter of all the "waves of death." More like "that's just the way it is: 4th density must be "fed."

Anyway, thanks for this interesting interview. Doesn't give much comfort to me that what I was saying all along is now becoming common currency, but at least he's quit some of the BS. But still, he manages to turn it into a money-making enterprise!


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Drunvalo Melchizedek and the future

Yes, the whole bit about billions being reduced to millions sounds exactly like what the PTB are apparently planning. Drunvalo is spinning this as a "good" thing -- don't worry if we see three waves of death.

<< just sit and watch all of this like a movie and not have to be concerned in any way at all... we don't have to do anything ... we can relax. We've won the game... go into your house, and pull the drapes so you don't see all the craziness>>

The interview struck me as containing mixed messages. There's the above, which is the "detachment" mantra of a big segment of the New Age. But then there's the suggestion of preparation and work, such as before we evolve into flying space mutants, we should learn from the 50-years-dead guy how to live on breathing alone.

I suppose if "relax and detach" were the totality of the message, then it would be harder to profit from.


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I know this is an older thread, but I had to place this info here cause it highly relates to this topic.

A friend came by today and was extremely excited about this "South American Profit" named Drunvalo Mechizedek. That the material he presented was awesome. So being the investigative person I am. I went to the website and started listening to the video interview.

During the first part I had some doubts. So I of course I went immediately to this forum to see if this "profit" was mentioned in any of the threads posted here. Well I got plenty, thank you to those that posted here.

I also did a search on the internet and found some good info. The funny thing for me is that I had never heard of this man nor the Flower of Life material. I have been in the new age/metaphysical/neo-pagan (no longer, thank you) community since the mid 80's and have never came across it all. Curious! Also have I been skeptical of the people I have met along the way during this journey of mine, there was way to many conflicting schools of thought. Never have I joined a "coven" or a school cause I have pretty much always thought of myself as a "seeker" and read so many books on different paths and religions that I incorporate what feels right for me out of what I have studied. Even facilitated a workshop with my husband once called "What's my path" that really encouraged people to find their own path and not follow blindly behind some "teacher" cause when that "teacher" takes a back track on their own path and maybe makes a dump on the road, the only ones to step in that dump is the teacher and who ever is following them. Forge your own path!

Anyway I have had my share of experiences with meeting cults and gurus. Once even at a new age show in Fort Lauderdale Florida, there was a crossroads section of the rows of vender's that my husband and I avoided as best we could because each corner had a different cult stationed there, On one corner there was the Scientologists, another the Ralians, one another the Saint Germain people and for the life of me I can not remember the fourth corner booth. Did not mean anything to me I guess to remember. I just remember the harassment from each group. We just found it all amusing.

Also had experienced the Eman Society. They were a very secretive and harassing group. Caught onto their schtick right away. But never this guy. So to make a long story short, while watching this video interview I started getting very sleepy and could not watch the rest. It was loaded with light stuff and what I call fluffy bunny bubble blowers stuff. Like the world changes are gonna be wonderful and all we have to do is sit back and let it happen. And that the new Spiritual Center of the world is someplace in northern Chili, moving from Tibet. Another was something about the tongue being the connection to the higher self. Maybe for a charlatan the tongue is a mighty tool. So I thought I would share the info and see if anyone wants to check it out.

Here is the link.



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Rumor Mill News is a well-known dis-info site. They are the same people who talked for years and years about NESARA and its plan to re-distribute wealth throughout the country. Pretty much everything that gets vetted through Rayelan is tainted.

Also, your use of profit is not correct:

profit: to derive a benefit from; "She profited from his vast experience"

* an authoritative person who divines the future
* someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God

You may wish to edit this important distinction.
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