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Dear all, at the moment I am not able to participate in EE workshop and wave reading workshop. My boss decided to minimise work force in order to earn as much as possible, instead of 10 workers he arranged team of 3, so I'm working form 8:30 in the morning to 24:00, and without a regular pause. My contract expires on first of October, and since Covid-19 decimated tourism in Croatia this job is "take it or leave it". On the other side tourists are eating, and drinking like crazy, and before we have had regular rush hours for lunch and dinner, but now it's all together one big mess and no end to the hedonism.

I wish you peaceful EE, looking forward to October meeting. Love you all. :hug2:


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I won't be able to join today as I'm feeling a little under the weather. I'll catch you all next time.
Same here, I caught some very strange stomach bug that gives me a cough so breathing exercises aren't a good idea. Enjoy your session everyone and I'm looking forward to meeting you next week!
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The Living Force
I was unable to join earlier as we had a meeting at 6pm that took longer than expected. I was in the study and after the meeting, around 7.30pm, my mind was so focussed on finishing case studies, and my body was recovering from exercise, that I forgot it was a Monday. See y'all next week! :-)

Get well soon, @Ant22 :flowers:


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Also from me a thank you to everyone.

I can't confirm often enough how important this course is for me and how the smallest progress is fun and joy for me.
Thanks logo5x5 and Yas!

See you next week and get well soon@Ant22 u. Zar.
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