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The Dangers of 5G Wireless -Dr Tom O'Bryan
Special Facebook Live - 5G
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Here I would like repost some links that I posted in different threads in this forum. I put them here for the people who follow only this thread.

Long term, low level Wi-Fi exposure a concern: expert
Does WiFi pose a danger to some people?
Wi-Fi - Safe or Harmful?
16x9 - Crossed Signals: Dangers of Wifi
Health Dangers of WiFi in Schools
Fox 5 News on WiFi Health Concerns in MCPS Schools 2/15/2016


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Mysterious 5G towers raise concerns
Residents share their anxiety with Consumer Reporter John Matarese.
British cows wear new tech 5G collars
This herd's 180 cows are fitted with wireless monitoring collars that work like fitness trackers and record their activity, sending it to the cloud using 5G mobile network signals.
From there, an algorithm analyzes the data, notifying farmers and veterinarians, through a smartphone app, if there are any fluctuations that could indicate an illness or other health condition that needs more attention. 5G technology helps the farm boost productivity and save manpower by allowing farmers to keep an eye on their herds remotely.
British cows moo-ve into new tech with 5G collars
On the dairy farm of the future, the cows are going wireless.
The bovine residents of a British agricultural technology research center are testing next generation mobile technology aimed at helping make dairy farming more efficient.
Health fears prompt Swiss 5G revolt | AFP
Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology has sparked a nationwide revolt. Demonstrators against the technology are due to fill the streets of Bern later this month, but already a number of cantons have been pressured to put planned constructions of 5G-compatible antennae on ice.
Dirty Electricity from Solar Systems and CFL's and how to remove
Solar City Inverter creates dirty electricity Chico Ca, 9/16/16 3 pm
Solar City Solar System creates dirty electricity due to the Power One inverter used here. Other solar inverters I have measured do not cause this problem. Eric Windheim is a certified Building Biologist and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist


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Dr. Havas has spent decades researching, legislating, teaching, and writing on pollution, electromagnetic toxicity and chronic illness. She has provided over 360 presentations in more than 30 countries and at more than 24 universities/colleges on her research.
Full Measure September 8th, 2019 Full Measure 5G Martin Pall
Martin Pall interviewed by Sharryl Attkisson on conspiracy between US government and Telecoms presenting the lie that radiation emitted by wireless devices is safe.
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5G - Lack of risk assessment, Prof. Martin Pall
Prof Martin L Pall / Tallinn-03-06-2019- evidence of wireless frequency chaos technology


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5G Crisis Summit is again for free.
For old and new subscribers, now you can watch or listen all the lectures for 7 day. You need only register on the the5gsummit_com site, then you get an e-mail that redirect you to healthmeans_com and you will have to register there to get access to all 5G Crisis Summit lectures.


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I already have the coaxial connectors wired in the house we bought so I think it would at least be faster than my current wi-fi and I wouldn't have to crawl around in the attic.

Here is one on amazon which is pricey ($90) but I guess it may beat drilling holes or running around baseboards.

It probably will take some testing to figure out the whole setup so I will have to think about what might be needed more.
Just to follow up on my previous post and maybe give some useful information I am expanding on the MOCA system.

@neonix posting has done a great job in motivating me to do something about the wireless pollution even if it is just a partial solution.

I found a more inexpensive (although not cheap) MOCA adapter that is faster than the Actiontec ones.

goCoax has MOCA adapters for $59.99. It requires 2 adapters to create a network.


For those owning older homes with coax cable this proves to be a great advantage wiring between floors. I still had to install one ethernet 50 foot cable in the attic but trying to go between floors was a huge obstacle.

Some homes have different room configurations on the different levels that make it almost impossible to find a matching vertical wall between levels as was my case. Even the cold air returns did not line up to feed wires. I finally decided to try the coax to ethernet system.

One consideration was how my wife would accept having to hook up to the system using a wired system. Her computer and iPad are well used so I wanted to at least make the set-up attractive or unobtrusive. This made my plan a little more time consuming and expensive but so far I have had no complaints.

I chose CAT 7 ethernet cables since the price has come down. I like the flat cables for maneuverability, ease of installation and appearance.

001_goCoax to router.JPG

The above picture is the starting point of the system where my DSL router/modem is connected.

002_ethernet 50 ft to bedroom.JPG

The above wiring is the 50 foot cable from the attic to the bedroom. I made a smudge mark on the wall installing the wall grommet (opps).

003_ethernet switch to island outlet.jpg

Above is the kitchen island where I used a desktop grommet that was less expensive and matches the room better. Inside the island is a 5 port switch attached by ethernet. The wire is a 3 foot ethernet to iPad adapter attached to the switch box by another short ethernet cable.

004_ethernet switch to iPad countertop.JPG

Above is the other side of the kitchen island with the switch box power cord and another ethernet to iPad cord attached to my wife's iPad.

005_goCoax adapter basement.jpg

Above is the other goCoax adapter connected to the coax in the basement fed by the upstairs router/modem.

006_goCoax to switch basement.jpg

Above is a switch box attached to the goCoax adapter by ethernet. This has two separate ethernet cords going to the kitchen island switch box and another switch box in the living room area. I used a total of 4 switch boxes.

It has been a learning experience and a bit of work drilling some holes that were not so easy to get to in spite of being done from the attic and an unfinished basement.

Some links you might find helpful:

MoCA 101: Part 1, Overview - YouTube

MoCA 101: Part 2, Passives - YouTube

MoCA Setup and Testing - YouTube

How do I disable the WiFi on my existing router? – eero Help Center

If I can help I'll try to answer questions. The system is working for me so I didn't have to understand the complexity so much. I think it is one possible way to go "Wired" depending on the situation.

Now, I would like to try to lessen the damage from 2 smart meters. One is for the water and the other one for the electric meter.

I do think I can feel a difference after turning off the wireless on the DSL router/modem but I suppose without having any test meters I don't know the specific differences.


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Devra Davis : protect children from wireless radiation
Devra Davis is a Professor of Medicine, President and Founder of the Environmental Health Trust (ehtrust.org), a virtual think tank and public education institution that notably conducts cutting-edge research showing the need for improved safety standards for sources of pollution, including wireless devices that emit microwave radiation.
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