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Except that Caesar's eyes were said to have been black (dark brown).

I agree that it's a great job!!!

My first thought was - checking out the last link "done for fun" - the eyes are too light, I wanted to suggest to the artist "You need to darken the eyes!". Then I read your remark that General Caesar's eyes were said to have been dark. :D


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I think they were much darker. Suetonius (I think) said that they were very dark, almost black.

I wondered where the writings of his loyal follower's memoir's are kept?

Can you tell a person’s personality based on their eye color? Many people agree that the eyes are indeed a window to the soul, and really, if your tongue can lie, making your eyes to lie is rather difficult.

The eyes can show a variety of emotions that we have learned to recognize, but can they tell more about one’s personality? Scientists say yes. After studying the personalities of 428 subjects, scientists at Orebro University in Sweden have found a pattern.

In their study, they concluded that every eye color comes with a distinct set of personality traits that the other eye colors lack or combine (depending on the color). This correlation is a result of a gene that is responsible for the development of the iris.

In fact, the same gene responsible for the development of the iris is the one that plays a shaping role of the frontal lobe of the brain, the part of the brain that influences personality.

As Dr. Anthony Fallone of the Edinburgh University points, “The eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function.”

So, what does your eye color say about your personality?

These heavily pigmented eyes leave the impression of being black. This rare color leaves a hint of mystery in the perception of others. If you have black eyes, you were most likely born a leader, and if you can’t see yourself in this description, it’s at least how others tend to see you.

According to a study, people with dark-brown or black eyes are also seen as more agreeable.

Dark-eyed people are also better at target-hitting sports (like tennis), requiring accuracy and fast thinking.

The ability to think fast comes as a result of the increased amount of melanin in the iris (and thus the brain), which functions as an insulator in the connectors between the brain cells. This allows the cells to communicate more quickly and efficiently.

Another thing that dark-eyed people are good at is remaining sober. Unlike those with light-colored eyes, people with dark eyes choose to drink considerably less.

The New Face of Julius Caesar (Photoshop Reconstruction)


Julius Caesar July 2020

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According to Suetonius, Caesar's eyes were "nigris vegetisque". Vegetus = enlivened, lively, animated, vigorous, active, brisk, sprightly. Niger = black, sable, dark, dusky.

One translation: “Of outstanding height, light coloured, well shaped limbs, slightly full faced and with piercing dark eyes".

I'm guessing if he meant black-black, Suetonius might have used the word ater (coal black). So "dark brown" is probably as close as we can get (also considering Suetonius is a relatively late source). A couple real people for reference: Salvini:

Actor Enver Gjokaj:



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Over on Alibaba there are a number of marble and bronze busts for purchase of various likes. Here is one with Caesar with a beard, although can't recall a likeness with a beard, and this does not resembling others posted here so much:

Julius Caesar Marble Bust​

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