FrankM4326754's Poetry


Baby shoes, never used, for sale.
Cried tears, broken mirrors,
All my fears have spoken.
Loves reach, never felt,
My heart damaged; broken.

Life to suffer, never buffer, the depth of despair.
Lesson taught, food for thought, now I have awoken; grateful.

Because it did not happen.


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Okay, this took me a lot longer than expected...but I've now finally completed the song I composed to Frank's wonderful poem 'The Path of the Fall'. :-)

@Frank: Would you be okay with making this public outside of this forum? I mean, like making it public for others non-forumites to view on YouTube or e.g. Facebook?

The video is still unlisted on YouTube, so please do not share outside this forum until we have also Frank's permission.



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Okay, Frank has now given me his permission to make the song/video public on YouTube. Feel free to share, if you want to.


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Aragorn -

This is very late but I’ve finally listened to your work, it’s great! Thank you for doing this and sharing it with us, much appreciated!
I'm glad you liked it! Sorry for the typo, however correcting that would require me to edit the video and upload it again. So, I hope it's not a big deal.

Perhaps we'll do another one at some point in the future?
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