Joe Szimhart & CultAware - New Niche for Psychopaths


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Hesper said:
Hopefully this forum member is not going to be accosted anymore by this sociopath and his enabling family members! Fortunately, now that this thread has opened up, there is actually a trace of the truth available in a Google search of J Szimhart's name.

Yup, if someone googles "Joe Szimhart and Cultaware" (no quotes) this thread is the #1 hit :evil:


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Szimhart's "artwork" is downright creepy too, and the guy appears to be obsessed with the Catholic religion, ravens, and young, scantily clad girls.

I wonder if there are ANY Catholics left who aren't interested in scantily clad children?







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"Religious Freedom Watch" hosts a wealth of information. This sounds like exactly what just happened to a member of this FORUM. I wonder how much his or her family got soaked for?
The “Intervention” Con

The con job perpetrated by so-called “deprogrammers” on the public goes like this: After frightening their marks with vicious, blatant lies about a family member’s religious beliefs, “deprogrammers” insist the parishioner in question must be “deprogrammed” or suffer dire consequences at the hands of their religion. In this way they manage to extort thousands of dollars in fees from a now-desperate family.

For these “services,” Rick Ross came highly recommended by the Cult Awareness Network, whose executive director touted him as one of the half-dozen “best” deprogrammers. Through violence and intimidation, Ross and his cohorts kidnapped parishioners of various faiths and held them for days against their will in an effort to force them to recant their religious beliefs. By the time Ross and CAN were finally called to account for their actions in a court of law, the damage to the individuals and their families was devastating.

From all outward indications, the Ross Institute is performing precisely the same function as the old Cult Awareness Network. By promoting intolerance and hatred on the Internet and to the media, Ross attempts to establish himself as a “credible source” for at least one gossip columnist, Jeannette Walls at This in turn promotes his deprogramming business.


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Guardian said:
Szimhart's "artwork" is downright creepy too, and the guy appears to be obsessed with the Catholic religion, ravens, and young, scantily clad girls.


The religious torture paintings are very interesting. On a side note, I've always wondered in all these paintings of the crucifixion with the women at the feet of jesus in tears, looking up all pious - why aren't they working to get the poor guy down?

It's the original psy-OP to get people to passively accept torture.

Anyway, art is a glimpse into a person's mind and these glimpses are quite telling.


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Wow this is pretty mind-blowing MCES is in actually pretty close to my hometown, about 30 minutes by car. That's disturbing in and of itself. Going through all the stuff posted in this thread, it seems that institutions like these do exist all over the country, no doubt praying on the mentally disabled or otherwise already troubled individual.

The insane are literally running the asylums... :jawdrop:

Possibility of Being

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Not sure if you all have noticed but on the last picture posted by Guardian of Jeanne d'Arc there are two notes put by the girls' feet: "age 11" on the left, and "age 12" on the right.

Again, creepy is an understatement.


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Possibility of Being said:
Not sure if you all have noticed but on the last picture posted by Guardian of Jeanne d'Arc there are two notes put by the girls' feet: "age 11" on the left, and "age 12" on the right.

Again, creepy is an understatement.

OMG! My eyes did not see that until you mentioned it :barf:

....and this guy is a Case Worker at a Mental Hospital that specializes in children :scared:
The reason for the ages is a very clumsy way to show the episodes of Joan of Arc's life. It says 19 on the left and 12 on the right.

At 12 she said she had her vision, hence the drawing.

At 19 she was burned at the stake.


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Puck said:
...Going through all the stuff posted in this thread, it seems that institutions like these do exist all over the country, no doubt praying on the mentally disabled or otherwise already troubled individual...

There are lots and lots of "troubled" individuals, thanks to our psychopathically-inspired religious institutions. The mainstream ones mess with people's minds, and then the fringe ones offer an escape from that that is even worse. In my case the problem started with an awful family life (they were "religious," of course, and authoritarian followers) and naturally the churches teach that you should "honor your father and mother."

The people with the best chance of coming through this system undamaged are the ones that ignore everything they are told -- the psychopaths. Many others take what they like with a grain of salt and ignore the rest, and do OK. I wasn't so smart, and neither was my mother.


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The fact that Szimhart has set himself up as an "expert on cults" would be hilarious if some people didn't actually take him seriously.

St Columbkill’s Roman Catholic Church — Papa Popodickon Standing


Joe Szimhart
Woodbridge Lane
Douglassville, PA 19518

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Holy Name Society and Ladies AOH and Congregants of Saint Columbkill’s Roman Catholic Church
Parish of the Allentown Diocese
Pastor: Father Robert C. Quinn
200 Indian Spring Road
Boyertown, PA 19512
FAX 610-369-0242

About the Sponsor:

Ancient Order of Hibernians, Holy Name Society and Ladies HOH Information about the sponsoring organizations can be found on the church’s website.

Mission statement:

We are a growing, faith-filled Parish Family facing opportunities and challenges of our future, ever mindful of the strengths of our past. We are a worshiping community committed to Christ and striving to understand, appreciate, and relate to the uniqueness of all members.

We seek to serve our community through Evangelization, Religious Education and a heightened awareness of social concerns. We will focus our efforts on the evolving spirituality of all our people, in particular, our families and our youth.
About the Artist:

Joe is a graduate of the University of Dayton, Ohio, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, with degrees in drawing and painting. His journey as a young artist took him to New Mexico where he made a living as a “starving artist” sketching portraits in charcoal and pastel for tourists and teaching part time at St. John’s College.

Joe has had a long career addressing cults and groups that use undue influence and served as a deprogrammer from 1986-1998. He remains involved in that field internationally. His biography can be found at

Currently Joe is working in the mental health industry and looking to resurrect his art career beyond his involvement with several annual exhibits with the Perkiomen Valley Art Association.

His work is on display at St. Columbkill’s as a commissioned permanent installation depicting the 14 Stations of the Cross illustrating the Passion of Christ
Clearcoat Specialist:
Leroy Heisler
Heisler and Son Custom Kitchens

St. Columbkill Catholic Church

Saint Columbkill of Iona is a Parish of the Diocese of Allentown and the world-wide communion of the Roman Catholic Church. Founded in 1921, the Parish continues to grow in opportunities for spiritual development.

We have made a great commitment to the children and youth of our Parish. We have an integrated religious education program for our children from preschool through 12th grade.

Over 1,100 children participate in our religious education program or are enrolled in Catholic schools. We are convinced of the necessity of giving our children an understanding of their Faith that is truly alive and dynamic.

We are committed to have each child have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this relationship that will carry each person through life.

Saint Francis Academy is our Parish Grade School. Our students are also enrolled in St. Aloysius School, Reading Central Catholic High School and St. Pius X High School in Pottstown.

These Catholic schools are committed to excellence in both proclaiming Christ and in preparing students academically.

We have a junior and senior high Youth Group that meets regularly. Judy and Al Carey direct these groups. They are involved in activities, trips and Christian social action projects. We have an active network with other youth groups of the Allentown Diocese and also Steubenville University’s program for spirituality for teenagers.

Being a parish of young families, we have a Family Life Ministry, headed by Sister Nancy Kramer. It is our aim to provide opportunities for spiritual growth for all family members. Part of this Ministry is a Mothers Group for young mothers as well as the Sunday Morning Children’s Liturgy of the Word during our 9am and 10:30am Masses.
An important part of our family life is our senior parishioners. St. Columbkill Seniors meet monthly and have instructional, spiritual and social activities and trips that are open to all seniors.

The most important event in our week is our Sunday worship. We gather as a church to praise and adore a God who is truly great and loving. The proclamation of God’s Word and the celebration of Eucharist give us the stamina and direction we need to live a life in God’s presence for the following week.

We invite all who are looking for a church family to call their own to “come and see”. You are always welcome!

Saint Columbkill offers masses daily. The Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confessionsis offered Saturdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m. or by contacting the parish office. The Sacrament of Baptism, and Matrimony are offered on a regular basis; prior arrangements are necessary.

A variety of services, worship groups, activities, prayer meetings, Bible Studies, fundraisers, counseling, consultations, and opportunities for learning and social interaction are offered for all age groups to meet assorted needs within the congregation.


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Hmmm... do ya s'pose this Joe guy is like Opus Dei or something?


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Just goes to show ya.
Scratch the surface of any mainstream religion, and beneath that squeaky clean facade you'll probably find the sick and twisted minds of psychopathic predators, usually in positions of leadership where they can mine the innocent and gullible.
And what better organization for predatory behavior than the Catholic Church? :mad: :mad: :mad:
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