Jordan Peterson: Gender Pronouns and Free Speech War

Interesting that this thread has veered to wokeness or right-think in corporations and politicians as well. IOW, either RFK Jr really believes the CO2 and anti Putin rhetoric OR he is playing games in order to be allowed to have a political voice. If he is going to be allowed in the game as an anti-vaxxer, perhaps he has to take on those other stances. If he has already caved in to the PTB, what good is he going to be in office? Much like Trump ended up going along with a boatload of garbage he ultimately had no say in.

The notion RFK Jr running for office is a sign of real change is wishful thinking, IMO. Consider the political goals of the system masters: to create dysfunctional division and reduce the so-called land of the free to the land of the dependents…and perhaps to Balkanize the USA. (How many “countries” were once called Yugoslavia? A bunch). So, sadly, RFK Jr only knows too well what happens if you attempt to double cross the game managers. And they would probably never let him win anyway but only use his presence in the election to splinter the vote and support some narrative about a bizarre outcome. (Assuming an election actually occurs which it might not)
Message from God, the Universe or just a coinky-dink?

This Twitter post is making the rounds via Christian forums. Lighting strikes woke church celebrating and holding LGBTQ+ events. Looks like it burned up pretty good. No injuries or fatalities thankfully. According to some posters, the church was an advocate of Drag Queen dance and story hours with children + gender transitioning of kids.


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All in all, this interview gave me the impression that RFK Jr. has some blind spots that somewhat surprised me. On the plus side he has many opinions and views that are way healthier and sound than most of the US politicians.

Yup, this reminded me how I saw one of the final questions during Kennedy's Twitter Spaces last Monday, this guy Balaji asked about bank insolvency, financial crises, devaluation of treasuries and other esoteric financial topics, and RFK Jr. said "if you have a solution I want to hear it", which I thought strange at first, not having an opinion formulated on the topic already. But then, why should he know this stuff well? Or pretend to know it, as most politicians do? He'll have advisors as all Presidents do. Then this fresh answer struck me as geniune and authentic, healthier too.
Frank Castle aka Punisher was one of Marvel's most violent characters.

When mobsters slayed his family, Frank Castle vowed to spend the rest of his life avenging them. Equipped with state-of-the-art weapons, he wages a one-man war against crime as the Punisher.

Until about a year ago the Punisher was characterized by a huge skull on his chest, which annoyed Marvel's woke readers and they requested a change of logo resulting in the following:


So Marvel's woke artists just added horns and fangs and that seemed less violent (?), however, writer Jason Aaron continued to write violent and even biblical apocalypse-inspired plots which pleased conservative readers but not Marvel whose executives ordered the denigration of the patriotic Vigilante.

Woke Marvel Eliminates The Punisher Due To "Problematic" Conservative Fan Base​

A year ago progressive news outlets were calling the idea of the culture war a “right-wing conspiracy theory” that had no basis in reality. Yet, the injection of far-left politics into entertainment media had already started years previous, with noticeable propaganda efforts in movies, streaming television, children's shows and books, even commercial advertising was replete with progressive ideological imagery by 2016 onward.

The goal is relatively obvious – To erase competing ideals and viewpoints while saturating the market with only one political vision; a woke vision. It's called social engineering, and anyone who claims this is not happening in the US today is gaslighting.

Strangely, the American comic book industry has become a major battleground in the culture war, with heroic symbols being increasingly erased or hijacked as vehicles for woke talking points. A vast array of comic book characters are now race-swapped, converted to LGBT or they have had their histories rewritten to make them more “acceptable for modern audiences.” At the same time, they promote everything from BLM, to climate change propaganda, to gender identity politics and anti-gun messaging.

Why would leftists target something as frivolous as comic books heroes? Because pop-culture is first and foremost a playground where children grow up, and by rewriting heroes as social justice crusaders and communists they hope to indoctrinate the next generation.

However, one hero figure in particular is seen as so egregious and so triggering that leftists want him memory-holed altogether – The Punisher.

The concept of citizen crime stopping and vigilantism was becoming popular in the cultural zeitgeist in the 70s, with many people living in metropolitan areas dealing with increasing criminal violence and unreliable government protection.

The same exact conditions are returning to the US today, and debate is boiling once again on vigilantes (just look at the media fury over Kyle Rittenhouse or Daniel Penny). The mainstream left is adamantly opposed to any form of civilian intervention (unless it's Antifa or BLM), while also being adamantly opposed to any intervention by police. In other words, they want to let criminals run wild and then threaten to prosecute anyone who dares to do anything about it.

The Punisher as an icon has been highly popular among conservatives, military veterans and law enforcement officers in recent years. The trademark skull symbol can be found everywhere, with patches, gear and flags sporting the image, often as a representation of citizens taking matters into their own hands. The symbol was also seen at the January 6th protests.

This month, though, Marvel officially declared the Punisher persona non grata, eliminating the character as readers know him. Did he go out in a blaze of glory? No, in typical woke fashion Frank Castle is captured by progressive heroes, chained up and forced to go through a struggle session in which he is admonished as a murderer and a terrorist.

Excellent testimony and statement.

UPenn swimmer, Lia Thomas' teammate and What is a Women whistleblower Paula Scanlan speaks out about the injustice she endured as a female D1 swimmer. Scanlan tells her personal story of being silenced by the NCAA and her Ivy League university when she dared to question the decision to put a transgender athlete on her team. Now, she joins Riley Gaines in the fight to protect women’s sports.

Excellent testimony and statement.

Yes, thought so too. Riley Gaines had made hints on others who may be willing to speak out, and here is Paula Scanlan.
The girl's speech was going well until she started talking about somewhat biased geopolitics.

Noted that, and recall that this was from The Daily Wire (TDW - Shapiro host production). So, rather than only focus on the Scanlan/Gaines Trans story, which they more or less did, running it out for near 4 min., Paula then mentioned her heritage roots, Taiwan, which launched into American exceptionalism for the next 30 seconds. There was a narrative cut, and TDW might look to have then coached Paula for the next 30 seconds with their overlaid photos, playing the China message up so it would appeal to their base reader/viewership. If so, nothing seems to help more for some than the feel of the American democratic dream, synonymous with might and aircraft carriers. Thus, aside from these Trans-men usurper-swimmers; the real story, the TDW villain du jour also became China, who recently moved closer to Iran - TDW would not like that.

So, not so sure it was the 'girl's' doing, although she ran a short China narrative, it seems it was TDW's doing?
Do No Harm Expert Testifies at Congress
When it comes to transgender treatments for children and adolescents, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction. That’s what Do No Harm Senior Fellow Dr. Miriam Grossman did in testimony at Congress on June 14th. A practicing child psychiatrist, she outlined the truth that transgender activists tend to ignore, with the goal of guiding policy in the direction of protecting children.

Dr. Grossman testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Health. She made clear from the start that this debate desperately needs an infusion of reality, not more radical activism:

“I’m here today to provide you with facts you haven’t heard. You haven’t heard them because when it comes to youth gender dysphoria (also called ‘transgenderism’), the public and most importantly parents, are, I am sad to say, consistently fed misinformation.”
Dr. Grossman then discussed 7 key truths grounded in science and evidence, directly contradicting the misinformation spread by activists:

1 Suicide of youth with gender dysphoria is extremely rare.
2 Gender dysphoria is a psychiatric condition. There is no established evidence of a biological cause. Most cases resolve on their own, by young adulthood.
3 There is no evidence that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender surgeries are lifesaving or medically necessary.
4 The U.S. is increasingly an outlier in the treatment of youth with gender dysphoria.
5 Health authorities in the UK, Finland, Sweden and Norway now recommend exploratory psychotherapy as the first line of treatment and have severely restricted hormonal interventions, reserving them for exceptional cases.
6 Those countries have done systemic reviews and concluded that long term benefit from medical interventions has not been established, while the risk of harm is significant.
7 In US hospitals, young teens’ natural puberties are prevented. Girls as young as twelve are having mastectomies. Minors are also having genital surgeries. We have no long-term evidence of benefit of these drastic interventions in the current population

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