Krzysztof Jackowski - Polish Clairvoyant

That's interesting. Maybe he indeed had some glimpses but interpreted them incorrectly? When I read this, two space rocks that will hit the Earth come to mind. They probably would be presented to the public as rockets and could be used to ignite another military conflict somewhere.
It can be! that's why the rockets are empty, no nuclear rockets. And they will HIT the earth. No hit some country but the earth. You are on something Lukasz!
Yesterday's live stream. Is he talking about that "dirty bomb" thing or some biological weapon?
Ladies and Gentlemen, this threat may have two aspects. This one threat can raise two serious fears: air and what comes from the air or in the air, but it also reminds me of another thing, something with the skin. It will be separate. On the hand, it will be stains, spots. It will "react" to the skin and it will even be shown on television that "people will react to the skin". We will see it on TV, but even though we will see it on TV, it will cause great fear. What we will see on TV, that some people outside Poland have it, will be considered something dangerous. Shortly after that, we will be told to avoid clusters of people. It will be strongly explained to us that we should avoid clusters. It will seem that whatever is on the skin will be contagious.
Doctors will look at human skin ... Someone who wants to cross the border will have to show if there is any skin changes.
There will be uproar that someone will be accused of causing an artificial epidemic or endangering human life.
Food, milk. Basic food. It will be said that it ... I associate food with basic food and it will be talked about this food. Milk, bread, such as what we buy every day. I want to tell you something like this, all the time I use a basic feeling that I trust: these will be only words. If these words produce an anxiety effect, we are dealing with something long-lasting. With something that we will have to adhere to for a long time. We will get used to it quickly. Obedience will be required of us for our good or not for the spread of something.
It reminds me that our country is in a specific situation. This is nonsense for sure, but I have the feeling that there will be no future elections. I have the impression that there are no elections [next year in Poland]. Remember, during "the plague" I said that this government will not see future elections, there will be a government of specialists without elections, because there will be no elections. Some time until the elections ... I have a very strange association with Poland. Just our country. There will be no war, but ...

(...) I am very afraid of my vision from April 2021, because it was unambiguous. And what is happening around us economically and not only seems to be a very strange way of dealing with our country. If there are threats that I am talking about and there is a reason to fear, there is a chance to save "something" big. Then you have to start thinking rationally. Sorry for speaking in half-words.
Any clairvoyant's field of vision is determined by where he/she is on the Ladder of Being, I think. Their FRV governs which possible future timelines these persons will experience: and they see flashes only from these future timelines.

If you have a different FRV, different Being, then an alternate set of futures are laid out for you = you most likely will not experience, see and live the future timelines these clairvoyants are reporting. Especially the fear-inducing ones.

Each timeline is inhabited by people sitting beside each other on the same level on seats going around in a circle. On this image you see the yellow 'Staircase in the Work', which represents Being. Each level - circle of green seats experiences a different timeline: because they have different FRV / Being
Stadium example 4.jpg

A clairvoyant may see flashes from any section of the entire stadium. Representing only a specific future from the multitude of different timelines.

As you can see on the picture below, 'all the possible futures in the world of all timelines' I represented with a large stadium with many rows of seats, (timelines) offering many viewing angles (FRVs), at many staircase levels (Being). You can sit anywhere in a position in Life representing your advancement in The Work.

For the picture below, just for the sake of this example, lets assume:

1. the lowest rows of seats - closest to the green grass - represent people living most evil, STS / entropic / lives always gnashing their teeth, so they are positioned in Life most likely to experience possible futures of "Hell on Earth"

- versus -

2. the highest rows of seats represent virtuous people in The Work striving to present the best version of themselves, to get closest to STO graduation, so they are most likely positioned to experience possible future timelines of World Peace Breaking Out = "Heaven on Earth".

Between the above two extremes, there are many levels, many seats (in this stadium), where you can sit.

A clairvoyants vision is comparable to shining a floodlight only onto a limited section of the large stadium below. The large stadium represents all futures of all kinds of people, all FRVs, all levels of Being, all timelines: a clairvoyant only ever sees a limited section of this large picture, shown with bright highlighted circles below.

Just because a clairvoyant declares something, it doesn't mean at all that you will experience the same future.
As you are very likely sitting elsewhere in this 'Stadium of Being', thus for You working on Yourself, I think, likely different futures will await:
Stadium example 2.jpg
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I love the analogy. Awesome work, Lillies, but I would add there are both sto and sts in all levels and sections of the seats. And there is not just one ballpark that all the clairvoyants are in. There are also clairvoyants all over the stadium with various limited fields of vision. And the seats closest to the action are actually often the best seats for seeing the action up close. A person who pays for the most expensive seat gets to walk around and look from anywhere, ie, the highest level of being is not limited to one section or one set of past futures.
Yust read this:


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The russian nuclear deterrents will do a nuclear exercises with 2 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Krzysztof has talked about two empty missiles...
Well, those "Grom" exercises are annual, so one could expect them to happen, but that "flash" part that he stressed two times:
This man waits for the signal to launch two rockets into the air. Rockets that will cause a lot of "flash", a lot of light, a lot of fear, but it is strange what I think, because he is waiting ... He is the president, but he is waiting for the signal. Two rockets, empty but visible in the sky.
After these two flashes, suddenly there will be a problem with food and many other things. An eruption of fear will take place instantly. At about this time, a second flashpoint will begin elsewhere in the world. If these things happen to you, then you should be very careful, because we will be eaten by fear and at this moment of fear you have to think very wisely. I repeat the second time, think very sensibly with your common sense. You cannot give in to fear of the flashes. Maybe it is the symbolism of two? There may be more of them. Sense. (...) I hope you understand more or less what I mean. That we distinguish very strongly what is an induced fear and what is the real cause of fear. We've learned to induce anxiety recently, so let's not get reinvented.
Will Russians show something that wasn't expected by the West? Some kind of new technology? I can see how that will create panic. When I browse major news portals here in Poland, the sentiment is that there is nothing to fear, because Russians have old rockets, and even some Ukrainian grandma can throw her jar more precisely. One of the Polish pro-Russian sources is telling that this will most probably be Sarmat, so it's new tech:
I guess it's time now to go to buy toilet paper then. It'll be devastating when Poles will discover that Russians have fridges and even LG ones like theirs ;) But I'm wondering if the panic and those launches are connected in a way or if those two launches are just a time marker before some serious escalation...

According to RT, it will not be Sarmat:
According to the Kremlin, land, sea, and aviation deterrence forces took part in the maneuvers. Targets located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East were obliterated by the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile, fired from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Arkhangelsk Region, and the Sineva ballistic missile, launched from the Barents Sea. Tu-95 strategic bombers also took part in the exercises.
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Short yesterday's session transcript:
Great anticipation of something that is going to happen. It needs to get colder for this to happen. What is to happen depends on the aura and temperature. Europe, not only our country, is waiting for what is to happen. When it happens, people will flee some areas, but I emphasize once again: there will be nothing really happening.
Some steel structures at the top are cracking. There will be three like chimneys, or three objects that resemble a wide chimney. Above them is a metal structure, very heavy. It collapses or breaks. One thing looks like a wide chimney, but after a while, something will happen to the other. When this happens, there is suddenly a great panic in many countries. Media panic, but also among people, among politicians. It is strange: why do I think that Europe is waiting for this? These are unexpected things, so why is he waiting?

Shortly thereafter there will be a great shortage of many things. Not in everything. There may not be cars to buy suddenly, there may not be many things. These deficiencies will be uneven, some things will be in abundance, and many things will not. When this happens, governments will try to maintain banking. There will be some banking restrictions so that the financial condition of countries will be maintained at some level.

It has been with me since last summer… Human skin, arms, legs. Human skin will be examined. There will be something on the skin. Is it from something or some disease ... The mess that I associate with will be greater than during the pandemic or the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. This mess will hasten the world crash that will happen because of it.

When it will happen with these wide chimneys... There will be three and two will be broken, the planes will fly and spread something. But it won't help much.

I will say one more strange thing that I felt: when this happens, the conflict in Ukraine will be in the background, and it will be dim. Although it is possible that this could happen in Ukraine. The conflict will be eclipsed by this.
Reserves, we will talk about reserves of water, food, or some products. The word "reserve" will be very pronounced. That you have to save and watch over. It will be that a lot of a product will be stored, but not everything will be edible. Do you know what is the weirdest thing about all this? That it is a threat that will have a great psychological impact on us, this threat will be a psychological threat.

Tomorrow I will try to think deeper about it, but something that I have been feeling for a few months is coming up. We are close to this moment, which will be a powerful psychological fear.
So from what he has said in the course of months, it seems that:
- we are near some pivot event that will cause a collapse of the social order in Europe
- it will be preceded by some kind of provocation on the railroad (in Ukraine I guess)
- it will be preceded by firing two rockets (Russian nuclear tests that happened a week ago?)
- it will be preceded by some steel structure collapse that will cause some kind of contamination (perhaps in Ukraine)
- shortly after when the collapse starts, a new conflict, the big one that he felt for years will start

In yesterday's session, he also talked about his conversation with a friend that asked about where is some safe place where someone could go. He recalled, that the region of Bulgaria, Turkey, and even the UAE should be safe...

He kind of missed the prediction about the economic breakdown in September:
His latest one in a few bullet points (from my memory, sorry for the mistakes):
- 16-20 September this year as a time period when sudden global economic breakdown might happen
- the crisis will originate from the USA and severely hit the EU but is directed at Asia (economic coup?)
- it will be about the pillar of international banking (he couldn't name said pillar)
- there will be a sudden change of the President of the USA in relation to the crisis
But to be fair, the Bank of England announced emergency intervention on the 28th of September, and also information about Credit Suisse's 4 billion USD loss for Q3 emerged to the public at that time.
A new session from yesterday. He printed various geographic areas that he felt he needs to check. Quite a lengthy session, I've omitted his talks at the start and at the end. Worth noting is that he feels that USD will strongly rebound, but keep in mind that it may be from a Polish perspective, and currently Poland is sinking economically, so this may not be relevant to someone in Australia. A very interesting bit is about Mesopotamia. Has he sensed some time loop junction? I would also expect The Great Reset to happen mostly in Europe, the origin of the WEF neo-Malthusian movement, and it quite connects with what "fringe national movements" in Poland are signaling for almost a year: a merger of Ukraine and Poland will surely get used by Israel, to relocate some part of the population.
(...) I have a feeling that this area will be a neutral area [Donetsk, Lugansk, etc.]. This is how Russia wants to win so that the occupied territories will have their own autonomy and may be able to claim their own statehood. Russia will not want to turn these lands into the Russian Federation. Russia will want to prove that it acted in a liberating and not an occupational way. If there are talks between Ukraine and Russia, it will be a bargaining chip for Ukraine to agree to this solution.
Russia will create a "pact". A "pact" with various Arab countries will be a trade, business, and economic pact. This can be very dangerous for the present world order because Russia aims to create an international force that will be able to impose certain trends in world economies, which many countries that have these trends in the rule may lose.
(...) I have the impression that Russia will try to influence the Arab countries and balance something with oil. Perhaps not only Russia, but other states will also want to make the market competitive. I have the impression that it would be a very great economic power and Russia could influence the possibility of restrictions on other states, the great ones, of this fuel.

First impression - shaky. In Europe, there are quite ongoing preparations for "One State". Not all of Europe will become "One State", but some countries. The crisis will worsen. Many decisions will be made deliberately in favor of the crisis so that Europe will find itself in economic and economic trouble. Then when there is a deep crisis in Europe, and this can happen quickly, then an idea will arise (which is already being arranged): some countries will agree to "One State". This will cause the European Union to shrink. Countries that fail to do so will become satellites in this "diminished" European Union. It will be a smart procedure because the EU will want to get rid of the countries that it does not tolerate. It will not take away other states' rights, but it will "pluck" them. (...) A creation will arise where the countries not fully accepted will not be fully accepted in the "One State". These countries are going to fall, but some will get caught. Those that the "One State" deems to fall away will fall off. Great Britain will enter this "One State". There will be no Poland, Poland will be a satellite.
This "One State" will enter into completely different economic principles, there will be no social benefits, and there will be a radical return to the practice of pure capitalism. Surprisingly, it will bring positive results very quickly. Countries that fail to do so will notice that they have made a mistake. They will have to introduce a similar policy at home, and it will not be easy, I don't know why, but this is how I feel.

China's policy will be on a "deterrent" principle. I have a conclusion that Russia in this economic war took on its shoulders such "bullying", while China will try to show its military power. (...) China is weakening world economies, they will continue to do so. China is struggling in a way to undermine the world industrially. They have to do it quickly, only in this way can be effective, because a long-term method would build up their base in relation to China. He could then become self-sufficient. They do it quickly, with a certain morality.

[I've omitted talk about the same matters all over again]

(...) Israel awaits an exodus in the future. (...) It is a very important moment for Israel, this period, what is happening. (...) The exodus of some people from Israel will not be caused by something bad in Israel, but by Israel's expansion in the world.

Middle East: Turkey, Iran, Syria
The first thing that came to my mind was a strange thing. I felt that if there were to fall "nuclear" anywhere, it is the Middle East. South of Iran. So from the side of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In my opinion, these regions are endangered. Iran will be attacked, it will be a very silent attack, it will be sudden, and it will not be heard that it is about to be attacked. There will be no threats. The matter will radically arise, and interestingly it will be prefabricated [I didn't understand what he meant later, but he was telling something about Afghanistan and weapons USA left there]. The world will also be surprised by what will happen in Iran. What happens in Iran will move some people from Israel to another place. But nothing bad will happen to them [Israelis].

The first thing that threatens us is that Poland will suddenly start to lose economically in the European arena. It will become a very deep and widely understood crisis, which will be bigger than in other European countries. It will come to the point that the editors and the television will notice it, they will ask the Government, and the Government will try not to notice it, to downplay it. He will say that this is propaganda, a short-lived trend. Poland plays a unique role in this situation. There is no war ahead of our country, there is a threat ahead. Let's not go into what the threat will be [he obviously didn't want to talk about it on YouTube]. It will be such a threat that all threats from 2020 will be small in relation to what awaits us. The arrangement of this threat will be aimed at making us believe it. (...) I have the impression that whoever succumbs to this fear or uncertainty and makes "moves", leaves, leaves something for a while to feel safe, and then comes back, these people will lose from this threat. I have a feeling that if that happened, we should be on our guard. A trick awaits Poland. Or maybe differently: a trick awaits Polish citizens. I won't say more. We need to be extremely vigilant. [Is this connected to the "Israeli exodus"?]

Mesopotamia. God knows why something made me print it ...
I find it nonsense ... The third and second millennium BC ... Strange. And when THIS [nuclear attack] with Iran is fulfilled, there will be crowds of people "no one needs". People who cannot be helped ... After this event, in several places around the world there will be such “cemeteries of people” that cannot be helped. May I be wrong here!
(...) I have a feeling that this area will be a neutral area [Donetsk, Lugansk, etc.]. This is how Russia wants to win so that the occupied territories will have their own autonomy and may be able to claim their own statehood. Russia will not want to turn these lands into the Russian Federation. Russia will want to prove that it acted in a liberating and not an occupational way. If there are talks between Ukraine and Russia, it will be a bargaining chip for Ukraine to agree to this solution.


When I have read this it has seemed to me like something that they could value doing.

Although..., I think it will only happen when Russia is in a position of strength over Ukraine, so in order to have a "way out", they may accept a solution like this.
The second part of his sessions about what's coming in 2023 was streamed yesterday. I didn't bother to translate the first one, because it wasn't that interesting. But this one is grim, and he speaks about April (maybe that's "our April", at last!).
A strange thing ... Airplanes remind me of passenger planes. It's as if there will be a space excluded from passenger plane flights.

Some people will spill something in some places. some kind of liquid. They will spill it. From the spillage of this liquid, a mighty panic will arise. Please do not confuse this with the panic in Poland that lies ahead. It reminds me that it will be in a different place. It will be poured on the sand. It's strange because not much is poured out, but this liquid will cause a lot of panic and it will be very loud. I don't quite understand it, it reminds me of sand.

2023… Reminds me of marching soldiers. It's like here in Poland, but nothing is happening here. Soldiers are walking in groups, and there are many things provisioned. Civilian people will have to obey orders. There will be reports, information, and orders. It will look as if not only in Poland but in some countries, I also associate with the Balkans, there will be some announced states: be it a state of emergency, martial law, or disasters. It will look like the world is fighting. Here I associate discipline in Poland, not fighting.

This army will be after "something big" that will happen. After "great losses" somewhere, but not in Poland. After something big exploded. This situation feels like "after the worst". There is relative calm, but it's not good... It's going to happen outside of Poland... It's the second time: such a threshold - April [he felt that in previous vision also]. Perhaps the threshold of a certain discipline? In the vision, time is hard to catch, but April is a threshold, it's important!

Why can't I see what happened? I'm in a situation where "the worst" has already happened. And here are these ... Balkans, our country ... Such "sides" in which there is discipline and there is "some state", it will not be nice at all. It'll look like we're locked in barracks. As if there is a temporary calm after something big has happened, but this does not mean anything good at all because the situation will be uncertain, and unclear and we will be uninformed. We will talk a lot about the air! It is possible that something very serious will happen ... before April? This does not mean that we have quiet time… (...) It will look as if a serious clash has taken place and has been stopped. After one clash it stopped and such uncertainty about what will happen next. Such a momentary freeze. Then there will be shortages of many things. There may be assignments. As long as I've been doing these visions, I've never had the feeling of something gloomy that I associate with this atmosphere.

Let me tell you this… It would seem, although I am not sure, that the “something big” that happened was Ukraine. I have the impression that it is more towards the south of the world. It will be the worst there.

If that happens, there will be the talk of a wave of famine. Scarcity of things. There will be a lot of misinformation. In fact, many of us will not know what will happen tomorrow. Whether to be afraid of something or not. This disinformation will be dismal, it will overwhelm us.

Not all of Europe will be in this situation. I have a feeling the further part [of Europe] will be much better. (...) I don't know why I can't feel what's going to happen. I don't want to wedge, because the logic may turn on. This will be related to environmental contamination. In this gloom, we will pay attention to the air. There will be the talk of areas where there may be environmental contamination.

It is also very strange ... In this whole situation of "freezing", some States will assume that it is better to "define" how to be "threatened" ... [???] It reminds me of Scandinavia. When I try to ask myself the question: "the government, our government", it is as if emptiness brings to mind. This does not mean that there is no government, but we are informed by several people. Sounds like orders in a way.

Many people will come to Italy. The Vatican. People will be fed, those who will come. On the streets. Everyone will hope that after this "big what happened", everything will calm down. Even if this is to be the case, it will not be known for a long time. It's gonna be so gloomy.

It's strange ... I'm in one place in space-time all the time, "after something". It will be so strange that in some countries people will not be sure if they are a country. They don't know who they belong to, or they don't know who to listen to. As if independence and security will depend on the situation of something in the world, that either we will be victims of one side or the other, or one side will liberate us and the other will make victims ... Such uncertainty, and confusion.

I'll tell you that by doing this vision... It's crazy what I'm telling you. (...) What I am telling you now is beyond me. (...) I remember how the pandemic was, you asked me what will happen in 3.5 years. I was talking about empty spaces then. About places, you can't go. It seemed nonsense then ... Let me tell you that if we think that now is the time when it may begin to clear up and calm down, then according to what I associate, we are just before the "rupture of the ulcer". Once it breaks, it will be very grim...
My first thought when he talked that he isn't able to see that big event: was that because he is somehow blocked from reception of something that is in the "space rocks" category, as @Lukasz wrote some posts ago?
"Let me tell you this… It would seem, although I am not sure, that the “something big” that happened was Ukraine. I have the impression that it is more towards the south of the world. It will be the worst there."

"It's strange ... I'm in one place in space-time all the time, "after something". It will be so strange that in some countries people will not be sure if they are a country. They don't know who they belong to, or they don't know who to listen to. As if independence and security will depend on the situation of something in the world, that either we will be victims of one side or the other, or one side will liberate us and the other will make victims ... Such uncertainty, and confusion."

Hi , thanks for your translations/reports KS, the above bolded parts bring Kurdistan in mind here's a map:

Afficher l'image d'origine
I love how the predictors move on to 2023 without batting an eyelash as all the dire predictions of 2022 fade in the rear view mirror. This is not a specific knock on Krzysztof. (And 2022 is not over). But, All the political, social, financial, astrological and psychic soothsayers are pretty much in the same boat. Predictions of epic earth shattering convulsions and it still looks like the same slo-mo gradual train wreck to me.

I am reminded of the old movie house serials back in the 30’s. Flash Gordon falls out of his rocket ship and is about to be obliterated by Ming the Merciless death Ray as a 50 ton boulder simultaneously is about to crush his spine. You come back next week and Flash easily gets out of the jam and moves on to the next predicament.

Those 4D STS forces are too clever to be anticipated. I think I heard that somewhere. And anticipation may not be “the way” as, anticipating, watching and waiting, is a kind of passive inaction. Perhaps as long as we go from crisis to crisis, real or perceived, we are dampening our own FRV. That IS what the 7/24 “news cycle” is designed to do: keep people stressed out on the edge of their seats. Just a thought, folks. When the real SHTF, we’ll know it and it will be felt in the guts and the prognosticators will not be necessary.

Sorry if this sounds harsh. I have been thinking about this for a while. I have taken some actions based on the dire predictions I got sucked into and the results have been less than stellar. I don’t regret any of this and I am fairly well positioned (OSIT) but the “big event”, whatever it is, will or won’t happen whenever. Hanging on the words of fools and tools is…foolish.

Recall that approx a 67% track record of getting things right is GOOD! Maybe even great! And even a blind hog can find an acorn 33%. So it’s a tight band width, just like the STO graduation percentage. All you need is 51%. But is a guy or gal with basically a 50-50 chance of being accurate (at best) worth paying serious attention to? You can get the same result by tossing a coin. At 55-45, or above, a source is worth the attention IMO. At some point it is a good idea to look at a persons track record to validate if they are really worth the time and energy.

At another point, religiously following certain people can become an obsession. Or it can be like watching a TV soap opera. Yes, I realize we can’t stick our heads in the sand and ignore the leaves blowing in the wind; the narratives and their significance and I will continue to follow along. So I do appreciate this and other threads where people bring to light the various…possibilities. For me it is now more like following the sports page.

To repeat-this is not just about the Polish dude. It’s about all of them.
@BHelmet Thank you for your post. For me spot on... it's such a struggle every day to remember that I am a soul first of all.
"Perhaps as long as we go from crisis to crisis, real or perceived, we are dampening our own FRV. That IS what the 7/24 “news cycle” is designed to do: keep people stressed out on the edge of their seats. Just a thought, folks. When the real SHTF, we’ll know it and it will be felt in the guts and the prognosticators will not be necessary."
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