long-term benefits of sexual morality in a culture


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That makes sense to me. There's a hypergamous side to female sexuality as well (just like how there's a polygamous side to male sexuality), and when they cheat or switch partners it's usually with a higher status male, of which there are a lot more in urban areas if the woman is herself of low social status. There tends to be less inequality in more rural areas.
That's also kinda what makes the sexually liberated culture such a trap. It sounds good on the surface to people, but most of them don't actually even want what it brings. The "red-pill" / evolutionary psychology crowd tend to have a pretty toxic and one-dimensional worldview, but it seems they're right in that when the crowd is left to its most base of drives and desires, hypergamy and the 80:20 rule come into play. The whole thing's quite a mind job, and the only party who "benefits" is the psychopath.

Then you have the media and pop culture always telling you sex is great, have more sex, and you're a weirdo if you're not. But also same culture telling you males are creeps and rapists :lol: . Moreover, the soy-ification of society and the easy times culture is making males more timid and neurotic, and the whole bizarre structure of things is increasing people's anxiety and loneliness (which they can then blame on themselves and spiral further into negativity). And finally to top it off you have an endless cornucopia of fake sexual satisfaction, of varying degrees of perversion and weirdness, all at a computer or even phone screen, so there's no need to even bother!

You could argue that all this is just a natural consequence in a Universe where entropy tends to take over when you chase short term pleasure. but to me it does seem more like the plan of a very intelligent and wicked mind. And if so hats off to them, they executed it pretty brilliantly.

At the same time the message of those like Jordan Peterson has now found fertile ground in those who are sick of it.

It's really unfortunate our prefrontal cortex matures ten years after our sexuality does. I wonder if this is why arranged marriages or at least more parental participation in choosing partners was more popular in traditional societies.
Yes that is quite a weird thing, although it does seem people did grow up faster back in the day. In today's world though with these influences abound, you can probably extend that prefrontal cortex development time to indefinite or never.

One of my favorite youtubers named The Distributist wrote a four-part video series entitled "The Lies of the Sexual Revolution."
This looks very well thought out and interesting, and even those paragraphs sum it up much better than I could. Thanks for sharing.


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The article (especially the second quote below about the ‘sexual energy’) and discussion in this thread made me think of a couple quotes from the C’s and some thoughts that might connect it all.

From the article:

Highest flourishing of culture: The most powerful combination was pre-nuptial chastity coupled with "absolute monogamy". Rationalist cultures that retained this combination for at least three generations exceeded all other cultures in every area, including literature, art, science, furniture, architecture, engineering, and agriculture. Only three out of the eighty-six cultures studied ever attained this level.
The old adage, "correlation does not entail causation", probably holds true here as well. Unwin makes it clear that he does not know why sexual freedom directly leads to the decline and collapse of cultures, although he suggests that when sexual energy is restrained through celibacy or monogamy, it is diverted into more productive social energy.
Q: (L) Regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami, there is a huge buzz on the net that this was not a natural phenomenon. Some say it could have been a meteor; others say it was a US nuke; others say it was India and Israel playing around in deep sea trenches. Then there is the speculation on an EM weapon of some description. The New agers are saying it was the start of the final 'Earth Changes". So what really caused this earthquake that happened one year minus one hour after the earthquake in Iran?
A: Pressure in earth. Not any of the proferred suggestions. But remember that the human cycle mirrors the cycle of catastrophe and human mass consciousness plays a part.

Q: In what way does mass consciousness play a part?

A: When those with higher centers are blocked from full manifestation of creative energy, that energy must go somewhere. If you cannot create "without" you create "within".
(L) Well, since we have a pretty good idea of who did it, we know the answer to that. Okay, so that leads me to a question that's been on my mind for the last day or so. I noticed that the "Black Hats", the bad guys, the whole pathological community seem to be quite well-organized and unified to some extent in their public activities. For example, Israel is able to get all these students, the Hasbara program; the Pentagon has hired all of these people to engage in cyber warfare; there are trolls that go all over the internet swaying public opinion and writing commentary. Edward Snowden has come out and explained exactly how it's done. I mean, they have a HUGE, elaborate cyber warfare program and train people to get out there and work for the control of people's minds. It's just absolutely staggering. So, one thing about it that really gets me is that first of all, even with this revelation of Snowden that has hit all the major media, people don't stop and think that EVERYTHING that's going on could be part of that disinformation program! The second thing is, why is it that people with peaceful, world-benevolent opinions and approaches - people of conscience - can't get together in the same way that evil does? Evil seems to coalesce, and people of conscience seem to... it's almost like their conscience forces them to fight with each other! I mean, assuming they even have a conscience. What's the deal here? I want to know.

A: First of all notice that the STS side uses two hooks: money and promises of power. It is not so much "unity of purpose." Secondly, just as you have learned from your studies of psychology and from the work of Gurdjieff, people with the genetics for "soul" or conscience are very wounded by the programming of family and society.

Q: (L) So, it's their wounds, their programming, their buffers as Gurdjieff says, that keeps them all pointing in dozens of different directions with different opinions, ideas, wounds, fears, and so on. And that prevents unity. Is there anything that can change that?

A: Sure!

Q: [laughter] (L) What?

A: Work or a huge shock!
(Pierre) There was this earthquake in Mexico that happened on the 19th of September in 1985, and then another on the same day in 2017. For the second one, you had people in Mexico commemorating the thousands of deaths in 1985, and then the second one happens that very day. Did the commemorative event have an effect on the second earthquake?
A: Indeed!

Q: (L) I guess you can refer to that session where we talked about the day after Christmas earthquake in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Isn't that the one that had the tsunami and some 200,000 people were killed? The Cs said that if you can't create without, you create within.

(Pierre) I don't think it was only the grieving in Mexico...

(L) It was the current state of affairs.

(Pierre) The injustice and poverty and misery that is so widespread...

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?

A: Yes!!

Q: (Pierre) The human-cosmic connection goes both ways. And the crazy cosmic events make people more crazy, so then they trigger even more events. It's a downward spiral.
In terms of the article quotes and the C’s quotes, I don’t know if the sexual energy that is diverted away from society and its progress (ie “creating without”) when they are not restrained and are instead directed toward the self and fulfilling sexual desires through power and money, greed, etc (“creating within”) is the answer for why the societies and civilizations fall. But maybe there is a connection there to explore…

Something along these lines:

Deviants and/or psychopaths influence society to loosen sexual morality.

This then leads to destruction of family, etc that Pierre details in post #17, which degrades society and cultures.

This also leads to what Laura pointed out in post #27 in terms of when sexual morality is loosened, it gives psychopaths room to operate and take over and destroy organizations and systems (ie Ponerology) and to continue to degrade things like a virus.

This then leads to psychopaths rising to the top of all organizations that affect society and civilization, which doesn’t allow “those with higher centers” to “create without,” since they are effectively shut out from making positive and create things happen. And then they could also be ‘tainted’ by self-interest in life in terms of chasing of money, sex, power, which could be “creating within,” via baser self-gratification instead of the good of all and society. And/or another take or addition might be that these individuals with “higher centers” see less and less opportunity and may also see the state of the world with feelings of despair from all the “injustice and poverty and misery” leading to “creating within” both on the personal level via dissociation and at the level of the planet via whatever process the C’s were referring to.

This then leads to…

(L) I have a theory that when you have oppression of human beings en masse without them being able to release it, that energy goes into the Earth and then the planet reacts for them. It may destroy them in the process, but it reacts for them. Is that anywhere near close to true?

A: Yes!!

Q: (Pierre) The human-cosmic connection goes both ways. And the crazy cosmic events make people more crazy, so then they trigger even more events. It's a downward spiral.
… and the destruction or takeover of civilizations and societies when the cosmic or earth related events take out the weakened civilization. Or something along these lines of thought.


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The article cites a book called Primal Screams: How the sexual revolution created identity politics by Mary Eberstadt. I read that recently and it was excellent. Her argument is that the destruction of family, religion and community in the West via the sexual revolution of the 60's has led to the "primal screams" of mass killings, extremist identity politics and a massive increase in mental illness. I could not recommend it enough. She's obviously a conservative in nature and religious, but it's hard to argue with her points so I don't think it's a case of confirmation bias. It's under 200 pages and pretty sure it only took about 5 or 6 hours or reading time to finish. That was one of those books I was bummed was over! Here's the relevant part from the article:
I found a review blog post of this book here:

A pastor who is even half doing his job will be on the front lines of what might be called “the long loneliness.” It’s a term I’ve coined for the epidemic of alienation in our society.

It surfaces in many forms with different people. The long loneliness is seen in the woman who never had children in order to please a selfish husband, who then divorced her for a younger woman. It is there in the face of a sincere, but nerdy young man who can’t find a decent girl to marry or the faithful young woman who is left on the shelf because all the men she knows are either panting for promiscuity or frightened of commitment.

It surfaces in the faces of children broken by their parents’ divorce, the young men who don’t know how to be men, and the young women trying hard to be men. It’s revealed in the old people sitting alone in the assisted living center with no one to visit because they only had two children and those children had no children and besides “they are very busy and live in Oregon.”

I could go on describing the multitudinous manifestations of the long loneliness brought about by the sexual selfishness of the revolution of the 1960s. The human race is only now realizing what demons flew out of that particular Pandora’s box. We have done what our race has never done before: we have learned how to turn off and turn on our baby machine.

Mary Eberstadt’s new book Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics tackles the problem not from the pastor’s study, but the research journalist’s desk. Puzzled by the sudden surge of identity politics, Mrs. Eberstadt traces its genesis to the sexual revolution. In a short, but punchy and well researched study, she suggests (more than proves) how the sexual revolution contributed to the breakdown of the family which consequently left people as social orphans.

In her cornerstone chapter, “A New Theory: The Great Scattering,” Mrs. Eberstadt traces some of the causes of family breakdown. Divorce and absent fathers, alienated, angry, and confused children, the weirdness of artificial conception and it’s dysfunctional and distorted family relationships, the lack of siblings due to small families and the falling birth rate, all contribute to an epidemic of loneliness, alienation, insecurity, and lack of clear identity and belonging. Declining rates of church-going also contribute to the alienation since shared faith strengthens identity and belonging.

Mrs. Eberstadt then focuses on four particular expressions of identity politics showing that all four are the “primal screams” of faceless, lonely people grabbing at an identity like a shipwrecked person clutching at flotsam.

Cultural appropriation is the rage when one group feels threatened that their identity is being hi-jacked. Mrs. Eberstadt sees contemporary feminism with its manifestations of butch vulgarity, sexual aggression, and angry posturing as another group staking out their identity territory and defending it with irrational rage. Meanwhile other alienated souls seek to survive by crafting an individualistic sexual identity. Androgyny is the tabula rasa onto which they can design their own sexuality which then defines them and their tribe. Finally, the #MeToo movement is the expression of abused women who have had enough of a sexual playground which has turned out to be a war zone.

Mrs. Eberstadt’s analysis is complemented with comments by Rod Dreher, Mark Lilla, and Peter Thiel. In the face of the crisis, Mr. Dreher recommends the “Benedict Option.” Mark Lilla, making a liberal response, highlights some of the economic factors involved in identity politics, and Peter Thiel offers brief support for Mrs. Eberstadt’s basic thesis and suggests other social trends that contribute to the crisis.

One can scarcely disagree with the essential argument—that family breakdown has contributed to identity politics. However, I’m reminded of Hilaire Belloc’s blunt statement that “every argument is a theological argument.” Mrs. Eberstadt mentions the thought of Rene Girard and his theory of mimetic desire as an element at the heart of human nature that also contributes to the problem of identity politics, and in my opinion, in those few paragraphs the author is really getting down to the heart of the matter.

The breakdown of the family is rooted in the sexual revolution, but the causes of that breakdown are greater than just the sexual revolution. At the foundational level is not only Girard’s “mimetic desire” but also the Ressentiment outlined by Max Scheler. When the insights of these two thinkers are conflated we have a grim picture of the human heart, soiled by the power plays of Eden.

Mrs. Eberstadt’s study is a welcome contribution to the current crisis in an increasingly secularized society. It is an attempt to pick away at a problem that is a vast tangle of personal motivations, subconscious drives and desires, societal currents, historical trends, socio-economic factors, and the irrational reactions of the mob. She’s done well to hone in on a crucial aspect to shed light on the problem.

As in Rusty Reno’s recent book, I found myself admiring the author’s learning and agreeing with her analysis, but I found myself hungering for suggested solutions. Mrs. Eberstadt would agree that a return to faith is vital as part of the solution, but how does one do that? Just as we are in a historically unique situation after the sexual revolution, so we are in a historically unique situation in being post-Christian. We can’t simply mutter, “You should go back to church!”

What will they find if they do go to church? Mr. Dreher points out that they are likely to find the dreaded Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism. I might add they are also likely to find bored boomers desperately trying to keep the denominational show on the road.

John Allen’s 2009 book Future Church considers current trends for the Catholic religion and world Christianity generally. If we read those trends correctly, a lot of hand wringing about evangelization is not the answer. Top down programs of evangelization and clever media gimmicks won’t do the trick. I’m not sure Mr. Dreher’s “Benedict Option” is a magic bullet either. It will be part of a solution, but not the only answer.

Instead the Spirit blows where it wills, and I believe the renewal of Christianity and a subsequent rebirth of Christian civilization will be a long term project beginning with a zealous and vibrant Christianity from the global South which will springboard into the East and plant seeds of a new Christendom that none of us can yet imagine.

While we bite our nails about identity politics, trans-sexuality, the demographic winter, and the long loneliness, this resurgent Christianity from the South will simply sweep over us like an incoming tide. This is not to denigrate Mrs. Eberstadt’s book, but to point out that there are larger global movements that may, in the long run, not so much solve our problems as obliterate them as the dawn banishes the dying night.


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And to think that so much of this issue can be laid at the doorstep of Darwinian pseudo-science!
What's more, today's evolutionary psychology pseudo-scientists see themselves as the last defense against feminism and postmodernism, not realizing they are part of this whole malaise. That's really so strange.


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Gilad Atzmon writes about this in his latest book, taking the TV show All in the Family as a case study, showing how it was used to push identity politics and political correctness into people's heads while they were "having beer or popcorn on your sofa laughing your head off in front of your TV screen." The producer of that show also happens to be Jewish.
Indeed. I watched All in the Family on YouTube a while ago and stopped watching it, because I came to the same conclusion. Archie, the main character, is a conservative and a family man. He is depicted as racist, anti-Semitic, old-fashioned, sexist and so on. But all the while he is bringing home the bacon with his leftist daughter and her husband (Meathead) still living at home. His other good qualities are being ignored. Back in the day the series was broadcast by a leftist broadcasting company in Holland (VPRO), which should have told me something. :whistle:

Indeed. And it reminded me of what Laurent Guillenot says about the sexual revolution. I don't have the text at hand, but the "zionist connection" was quite possible based on his arguments, I thought.
This bit is from Guyénot's From Yahweh to Zion. There is more...:
According to the psychoanalytic diagnosis, Christian societies suffer from sexual repression. The cure, therefore, is sexual liberation. Jewish intellectuals were the spearheads of the attack on moral and Christian values and the fight against the censorship of pornography.
Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement which forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish. Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s.
I think Alain de Botton is a new generation sexual revolutionary with his 'School of Life' videos like Art and Masturbation. I couldn't bring myself to watching it, but here is what he says on YouTube:
Art has enormous prestige in our society; masturbation certainly doesn’t. And yet there are some fascinating correspondences between the creativity entailed in both processes.
That sums it up.:wow:
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