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According to a recent Dutch newspaper article the MMS mafia is still active and thriving.

Amsterdam bishop and nature healer promotes dubious 'medicine'

The Amsterdam nature healer Stephen Oduro treats seriously ill children in Ghana with the poisonous Miracle Mineral Supplement, a bleaching agent sold as 'miracle medicine'.

Patrick Meershoek 17-02-19, 08:24

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) warned in March 2018 about the use of Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). The intake of the mixture of sodium chlorite, citric acid and water, which is advertised on the internet as a miracle medicine for all kinds of serious diseases such as cancer, malaria and AIDS, can, if taken regularly, lead to acute and chronic health risks, such as abdominal pain, severe fatigue, respiratory problems, burns in the gastrointestinal system and failure of the kidneys and liver. The Inspector General asked the Minister to take action against Internet commerce.

A video that appeared this week [link below] shows how the Amsterdam nature healer Stephen Oduro visits an orphanage in Ghana at the end of 2018 and prepares and distributes MMS to the children. The leader of the home is instructed to repeat the treatment every hour.

Oduro assures that the health of the children, including a number of carriers of the AIDS virus, must be greatly improved within a few weeks. With the help of a bottle, he administers the remedy by hand to a baby with a water head. He explains that his visit is part of a campaign to promote the medicine in Ghana.

Image from the video of Stephen Oduro in an orphanage in Ghana, end 2018,
where he prepares and provides MMS to the children.

In Ghana Oduro presents himself as Barima Asamoah Kofi the Fourth, the name he got in 2002 at his coronation to one of the many kings in the country. In Amsterdam Oduro, now 66 years old, was in that period active as a health worker at the GGD [Municipal Health Service], a job he combined with a seat in the district council in Southeast for the PvdA [Labor Party].

In an interview from that time he told about his big dream: traveling through his native country with a written-off methadone bus from the GGD to provide the population with good health information. Anno 2018 Oduro has another title: bishop for the Ghanaian establishment of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing, an American denomination with branches all over the world. It was founder Jim Humble who launched Miracle Mineral Supplement as a medicine. In 1996, in search of gold in the jungle of South America, Humble would have cured two employees of malaria within hours by administering them a mixture of water, sodium chlorite and citric acid.

Miraculous healing
Back in the United States Humble founded a churchlike society, with the miracle water as a sacrament. With the help of MMS, the sick world can be made healthy in a second genesis, according to the church, which recommends the solution not only as a medicine against almost all conceivable diseases and disorders, but also as an alternative to vaccinations.

"Oduro assures that the orphans, some with AIDS, will be much healthier after a few weeks."

On the website of the Society dozens of people testify of a miraculous healing. In Germany, Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia official warnings were issued about its use. Oduro came into contact with the church two years ago; by then he had a natural medicine practice in the Southeast of Amsterdam. He himself also took the miracle water and, according to a testimony on the internet, got rid of his back pain and a persistent snoring problem.

After following the compulsory courses he was appointed bishop of health in Ghana in March 2018. On the international website of the church Oduro is mentioned as one of the official suppliers of MMS.
In another video Oduro tells that he also uses the drug in his work as a traditional healer in his hometown Amsterdam. With the help of MMS he would have healed a man here from prostate problems.

"With the help of MMS Oduro would have cured a man in Amsterdam of prostate problems."

Since November, the church has also had a branch in Southeast Amsterdam, in the collective building for diverse churches De Kandelaar on the Bijlmerdreef. Whether MMS is used during religious gatherings is unclear, but the name Health Restoration Center seems to indicate this.

Internet shop
There is another track leading to MMS. According to the registration in the Trade Register, the church's head office in Southeast is at the address of Oduro's practice. He is not a bishop for the church in his home town; according to the website of the denomination, this is a certain bishop Steven.

This turns out to be Steven Soeten, not living in the Bijlmer, but in Belt Schutsloot in Overijssel. Just like Oduro, Soeten is a nature healer and also owns Natufarm, a European internet shop in MMS.
Oduro says he doesn't know Soeten personally. In response to questions about his involvement in the distribution of MMS, he initially sent a promotional video and documentation. After reading the current article he says he is convinced of the beneficial effect of the product.

"I have been drinking it myself for six years. Every morning I take a sip. I no longer need toothpaste. Other people may claim that it is toxic, but that's not my experience. Why should I poison myself?" About the orphans in Ghana, Oduro says that the church has protocols for the use of MMS by children and animals.

Video link (cannot be embedded):

What is MMS?
Miracle Mineral Supplement, also traded as Miracle Mineral Solution or Master Mineral Solution, is traded in liquid form, in tablets and as a spray. The product consists of a part sodium chlorite and a part citric acid or hydrochloric acid that is dripped in water.

The result is chlorine dioxide, which is used, among other things, in the production of bleach. According to internet vendors, MMS enables the body to destroy harmful substances. Sodium chlorite is only allowed in the Netherlands as a disinfectant. It warns that the product may not come into contact with food, drinks or raw materials for those.

"Worldwide prohibition needed"

The practices of the Genesis 2 Church in Ghana have been uncovered by the Irish activist Fiona O'Leary, who has been campaigning against the use of MMS for six years. "It has been scientifically established that it is a toxic bleaching agent unfit for human consumption. In Ireland, it is prohibited by law to offer MMS as a medicine. That must be done worldwide."

The images of the orphanage in Ghana make O'Leary furious. "These are vulnerable children who are used as guinea pigs. These children are in serious danger. I call on the authorities in the Netherlands and Ghana to put an end to this dangerous form of quackery."
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Hey all, many thanks for all the research here on MMS. A young girl who I started working with just told me she heard about MMS and is starting a regimen. She is repeating the standard line of it curing everything under the sun. I didn't know much about it, but when she mentioned that Jim Humble had started a church around it, alarm bells went off. So I had a good conversation with her about the deep need to question absolutely everything - including so-called alternative cures. Knowledge protects! So, how do we know? How do we make decisions in a world fraught with predators and psychopaths? I'd read through the C's session on monoatomic gold, and referenced that for her. I mentioned I could check into MMS for her to see what I could find. She agreed. I don't intend to force the issue, and abridge her free will as per the suggestions of the C's. The findings here, and compiled on sott, will be hopefully be welcome information for her.

Kay Kim

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I just want to post a Session Transcript here, so let everyone knows what is Cassiopaean’s view-points about Jim Humble and MMS.

Session Date: April 25th 2010

(Rabelais) Who are Jim Humble's handlers?

A: This sort of thing works through several levels of deniability. Therefore, few so called cointelpro agents realize that they have made a pact with the "devil".

Q: (Perceval) Was their motivation for inviting him financial?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) They figured they could sell a lot of his stuff.(Ailén) It still sounds fishy because of this creation of his religion. Where'd he get that idea from?

A: Remember why you discontinued your subscription to the magazine?

Q: (L) Yeah, because it had become nothing but what I would consider to be cointelpro. It was like the whole character of it changed. I cancelled my subscription back when we lived in Florida, and that was eight or nine years ago. And I wasn't interested in anything they were doing since. So you asked something about the religion thing?
Ailén) Yeah, where did that idea come from?

A: Humble is "handled" at a different level. You could say that he is more in the league with Vincent Bridges and his ilk.

Q: (L) Well, you said that Vinnie was like a "hot popper", and pathological. Does that apply to Jim Humble?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, that means that he is some type of psychopath?

A: Yes.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there any medical benefit to taking MMS?

A: None. It is dangerous in the extreme.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there some reason this MMS is so popular in terms of controlling people, like with monoatomic gold, or does it just destroy their physiology?

A: Simple destruction and induced illness ultimately.

Q: (Ark) Is there any danger that if we publish this, we will have a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Humble?

A: Who is he going to sue? Sixth density?


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I am not an expert but is it the same product as this MMS which is Chlorine dioxide?

Saw that this morning :


And here's the link mentionned in the post : https:// healthimpactnews.com/2019/how-to-remove-glyphosate-from-the-body-and-restore-digestive-health/


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Hi Gandalf! I checked the composition of MMS, and yes you're right, it is made of Chlorine dioxide.

Here is a quote from Stephanie Seneff in health show:
- and I'm almost afraid to recommend this because there's so much controversy - but there's a woman named Kerri Rivera who lives in Germany and she claims she has reversed autism in something like 360 kids have had their autism reversed. She uses an organic diet and probiotics, and humic acid and fulvic acid which are organic matter from the soil. And she uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy and also she really likes chlorine dioxide which is the controversial thing that she uses. She has told me that without the chlorine dioxide she has not been successful in reversing the autism so I find this really, really interesting. I want to understand what it is that the chlorine dioxide is doing.

Well that going to actually provide chloride to the immune cells in the gut which will allow them to then produce hypochlorite, which is a very powerful antimicrobial agent that the body naturally produces to fight the microbes. People say the chlorine dioxide is like eating bleach, and therefor they say that it's really bad, although they let their kids swim in water that's been treated with chloride. So, it's basically like Clorox. The American medical establishment have been really down on Kerri for this chlorine dioxide. She gives it to them in very small amounts and she has not had any bad reactions. She's treated thousands of kids around the world. She treats very few children in America because America has basically put her on a black list essentially. So Americans are very shy about taking this chlorine dioxide. But people in India, in South America, in Europe have all had success with reversing autism through chlorine dioxide.

I think it's because it's providing the chloride. The chloride channel is wrecked by glyphosate. The chloride is actually disturbed in the brain which causes GABA to go in the wrong direction. It's a very interesting process that happens at birth that turns GABA into an inhibitory neurotransmitter instead of an excitatory one. And that all depends on chloride channels that can get destroyed by glyphosate. So I think GABA ends up in the wrong direction in the brain and that's part of the issue in autism that can be fixed.
So, she admits it's controversial.
It can be true that it destroys glyphosate, but at what price? (side effects++)
In the link you give, she says:

Back in 2005, the US government pointed out how wonderful chlorine dioxide is for use in food processing plants to keep away biofilms. It is very good at destroying biofilms and biofilms are where microbes and pathogens hang out and defeat the immune system because they are protected behind the biofilm wall. Chlorine dioxide breaks those down, which is really important.
If it destroys gut bacterias too, then it's not good. We now know how important the micobiome is. Biofilm is not a bad thing, it allows bacteria to live in difficult environments by protecting them and to communicate (like our fascia web that protects mucles and allows comminication between our cells from an organ to another). especially since she also says:
It is very difficult to get rid of glyphosate once it is in the body.
There are only a few microbes that can break it down enzymatically, such as Acetobacter in probiotics.
Acetobacter is also a bacteria naturally present in our gut. Taking chemical products like chlorine dioxid could probably destroy it, and other good microorganisms.

Anyways, there are other means she gives that can help against glyphosate: prevention of course, fulvic and humic acids (which are soil acids by the way), foods containing sulphur like cruciferous (I would prefer supplements containing sulfur like NAC or glutathion), antioxydants, etc.

I will not be surprised if i learn that our commensal helminths, beside bacterias like acinetobacter, are able to disintegrate glyphosate molecules. I think that we must preserve, as much as possible, our microscopic friends. There is an interesting article provided in this thread about worms


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Came across the following on bleach and was not sure where to post it (was hesitant with this MMS thread and Jim H) - however it concerns bleach in the body (although the weaker kind that is produced within the body) and not what is added; yet one wonders even if diluted it could not eventually attract bacteria as what is being described seems to be doing with a number of particular bacteria's, especially with inflammation (notwithstanding it is apples and oranges here). Here, too, it is bleach that seems to be the attractant of H. pylori rather than a repellent. What they posits is that the protein TlpD is utilized by H. pylori as a sensor - to seek out in what they call a chemoattractant. It is not harmed by bleach, it seems to need it to build up populations.

Wonder if glyphosate is also a chemical synthetic chemoattractant in the gut for a host of bacteria, too, when broken down.

Here was an earlier 2015 article on H. pylori before this bleach business below that was assessed.

August 29, 2019 article (photos say a lot):

New research reveals that a human stomach pathogen is attracted to bleach

by University of Oregon


A heat map showing H. pylori swarming toward a source of bleach is shown top. The protein TlpD that senses bleach is shown inset. Credit: Arden Perkins

Researchers at the University of Oregon have uncovered a molecular mechanism by which the human stomach pathogen Helicobacter pylori is attracted to bleach, also known as hypochlorous acid or HOCI. The study revealed that H. pylori uses a protein called TlpD to sense bleach and swim toward it, and that the bacteria Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli can use TlpD-like proteins to detect bleach in the environment.

The researchers propose H. pylori uses the protein TlpD to sense sites of tissue inflammation, which could help the bacteria colonize the stomach and perhaps locate damaged tissue and nutrients. The paper, "Helicobacter pylori senses bleach (HOCI) as a chemoattractant using a cytosolic chemoreceptor," appeared Aug. 29 in the journal PLOS Biology.

The health burden caused by H. pylori is particularly large, researchers say, because it infects about half the world's population with nearly 100 percent infection rates in some developing regions. The bacterium takes up residence inside small pockets in the stomach, called stomach glands, that are thought to shelter it from the hostile gastric environment.

H. pylori causes chronic inflammation and stomach ulcers. It is a major risk factor for stomach cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer worldwide.

"Part of the rationale for studying this particular protein is that we know the navigation system that Helicobacter pylori has is really important for the bacteria to be able to infect and cause disease," said lead author Arden Perkins, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oregon. "If we come to learn what the function of this protein is, there is potential that we might be able to disrupt its function with a new drug."

H. pylori, like most bacteria, use special proteins to sense chemicals in their environment. The process, known as chemotaxis, allows them to regulate their flagella to swim toward or away from compounds they encounter.

The research team set out to determine how bacteria respond to the presence of bleach, which is produced by white blood cells in the body and is a key part of how the immune system fights bacteria.

"It's important that we understand the protein machinery of bleach sensing," said study co-author Karen Guillemin, a professor of biology and member of the UO's Institute of Molecular Biology. "It turns out that this is not a machinery that is exclusive to Helicobacter pylori and it allows us insights into other bacteria that have similar proteins."

Work began 2.5 years ago to determine the molecular function of the TlpD protein, which the researchers knew was involved in regulating the bacteria's flagella. They knew TlpD was a sensor molecule but didn't know what it might be sensing. In order to get to the bottom of the uncharacterized protein's function, Perkins isolated the TlpD protein and two other proteins involved in transmitting the molecular signal to the flagella.

"Isolating the components of the molecular signaling system gave us a much clearer understanding of what was going on," Guillemin said.

Previous research had revealed that reactive oxygen species might be the compounds that were sensed by the TlpD protein, so Perkins tested different compounds, including hydrogen peroxide, superoxide and bleach. The surprising results showed that TlpD produced an attractant signal when exposed to bleach.

The bacterial stomach pathogen Helicobacter pylori swims toward a needle filled with bleach. The bacterium uses a protein called TlpD (center) to sense the bleach as an attractant. Credit: Arden Perkins

Although it seemed counterintuitive for the bacteria to be attracted to a noxious chemical, further studies using live bacteria confirmed that the bacteria are unharmed by and attracted to sources of bleach at concentrations produced by the human body.

Perkins and co-workers couldn't deny what they were seeing after repeatedly performing the experiment and controlling for different explanations.

"This project started from this really rigorous molecular insight, and then we progressed to thinking about what this means for the behavior of the bacteria," Guillemin said. "We were able to proceed with really strong confidence that the phenomenon we were studying made sense at a molecular level."

Normally, bleach produced during inflammation is effective at killing bacteria. But H. pylori is unusual in making its home in inflamed tissue for decades apparently without being eradicated by the bleach. The research team believes H. pylori may be attracted to bleach as a means of locating and persisting inside the stomach glands, which are full of white blood cells but serve as crucial reservoirs for the bacteria.

Surprisingly, the researchers found, the toxic compound produced by the white blood cells could be interpreted as an attraction signal by the invading bacteria.

"We know that in the course of its infection, the bacteria is able to live in inflamed tissue for years and years, so this result suggests that maybe part of the way it does that is by being attracted to inflamed tissue," Perkins said. "It's clearly evolved sufficient protections to be able to endure that environment even though there are potentially high concentrations of bleach there."

Researchers found TlpD-like proteins from Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli are also able to detect bleach, indicating that bleach-sensing may be a previously unrecognized phenomena performed by many types of bacteria.

The research eventually could lead to new therapies to disrupt the ability of harmful bacteria to sense their environment and could have implications for reducing antibiotic resistance.

Typical antibiotics used clinically today kill or prevent bacteria from dividing by targeting things like the bacterial cell wall. As a result, bacteria face selective pressures to develop resistance to those kinds of drugs in order to survive.

In the case of Helicobacter pylori, approximately 30 percent of infections are resistant to antibiotic treatment. With a more thorough understanding of the mechanisms at work, Guillemin said, researchers may then be able to develop more effective means of combatting bacteria.

"It might be that there are less strong selective pressures for bacteria to overcome a drug that just makes them disoriented," Guillemin said. "By 2050 there's going to be pandemics of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, so there's a real need to think about new strategies."
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