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Some interesting info via Judy Mikovits, at 25:36 here. She mentions Chlorine Dioxide in the hands of a good doctor/medical supervision has been used as a treatment for autism in conjunction with other treatments I gather. A patent has been granted in the USA for Chlorine Dioxide as a cancer treatment by the patent office. She mentions Andreas Kalcker and Mark Grenon. I cannot evaluate the data on Chlorine Dioxide, but my sense of Judy Mikovits is that she has integrity and this is not BS, and neither is Chlorine Dioxide 'bleach' in this context.

Interesting find.

The C's have this to say about MMS:
Q: (Rabelais) Is there any medical benefit to taking MMS?

A: None. It is dangerous in the extreme.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there some reason this MMS is so popular in terms of controlling people, like with monoatomic gold, or does it just destroy their physiology?

A: Simple destruction and induced illness ultimately.

So what does this say about Mikovits? And Kalcker and Grenon?

People with integrity are prime targets for attack. And we have a good deal of information about the persuasiveness of psychopaths.

Mikovits said she was interviewed by Grenon sometime in the recent past. In the interview you linked, they bemoan Grenon being arrested for selling a toxic substance (MMS) as a health cure. Mikovits claims quite strongly that it is a violation of 'Freedom of Religion'.

But she has no question whatsoever about the efficacy of the substance being sold. Seems like she got duped on this one.

Here is one of many articles reporting on the arrest of Grenon, who appears to be threatening a Waco in retaliation.

So, what does Kalcker say about MMS on his website?

What is MMS?

MMS is the mixture of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) activated with citric acid that contains sodium chlorite and is of acidic pH. MMS It is the name Jim Humble gave to the mixture of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) activated with citric acid at the time. It works excellent for many illnesses, but there is a stomach reaction and it can cause diarrhea as a side effect and its taste is unpleasant for many. It is the basis for manufacturing CDS

So that's a big lie.

What does he have to say about Jim Humble, creator of MMS?

Oddly enough, there are still stories that seem to come from a novel, and I was wondering if they were real. The story that has perhaps most impressed me in recent years is that of Jim Humble, an engineer who worked in gold prospecting and who by chance seems to have found a cure for one of the world's worst infectious diseases, malaria.

While prospecting for gold in the Guiana jungle and approximately 400 miles from any hospital and in the middle of the jungle, his team fell ill with malaria. Not having foreseen this possibility, they did not carry medications that could relieve them.

The only thing Jim Humble had was a drinking water disinfectant called stabilized oxygen which is sodium chlorite (NaClO2). In the end, he decided to give a few drops to his people, who had a fever of over 40 ° C and were delirious in the midst of a malaria attack. His surprise was that after four hours, Jim found everyone gathered around the fire recovered from one of the worst infectious diseases in the world, as if nothing had happened. Shortly after, he fell ill with malaria and the MMS also worked ...

We share a great friendship and the fact of investigating, each in his own way, about chlorine dioxide, in a very deep way for many years.

What do the C's have to say about Jim Humble, creator of MMS?

Q: (L) Okay, I canceled our trip to Amsterdam today. Was that the optimal reaction to the revelation that they are going to suddenly have this Jim Humble there who's clearly in my opinion a snake oil salesman?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. My take on the whole thing was that his presence first of all was offensive. But what carried even more weight with me was the fact that they didn't want to invite Richard Dolan, and we let them know that he was interested in being there also. They said there were no time slots, so they basically refused to invite him. Then at the last minute, they put this Jim Humble in there. For me, it was the clearest statement that they had an agenda.

(Ark) Of course, they had an agenda to trap you.

(L) Was that it? Was there some kind of agenda?

A: Maybe not entirely conscious on their part, but, yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) An agenda that the Nexus organizers didn't know about, but that Humble's handlers imposed.

(L) Or somebody.

(Rabelais) Who are Jim Humble's handlers?

A: This sort of thing works through several levels of deniability. Therefore, few so called cointelpro agents realize that they have made a pact with the "devil".

Q: (Perceval) Was their motivation for inviting him financial?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) They figured they could sell a lot of his stuff.

(Ailén) It still sounds fishy because of this creation of his religion. Where'd he get that idea from?

A: Remember why you discontinued your subscription to the magazine?

Q: (L) Yeah, because it had become nothing but what I would consider to be cointelpro. It was like the whole character of it changed. I cancelled my subscription back when we lived in Florida, and that was eight or nine years ago. And I wasn't interested in anything they were doing since. So you asked something about the religion thing?

(Ailén) Yeah, where did that idea come from?

A: Humble is "handled" at a different level. You could say that he is more in the league with Vincent Bridges and his ilk.

Q: (L) Well, you said that Vinnie was like a "hot popper", and pathological. Does that apply to Jim Humble?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, that means that he is some type of psychopath?

A: Yes.

So to my mind, Mikovits' integrity score just dropped.

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So to my mind, Mikovits' integrity score just dropped.
Yes, in my mind also.
It's a good lesson, that although someone may be correct in many things, most especially in their areas of expertise and knowledge, that does not mean they can not be vectored, and used for nefarious purposes.
It also has the unfortunate byproduct of leaving Judy Mikovits open to attack and a discounting of much of the good she has done, for example in exposing Tony Fauci and demystifying the plandemic.
Thanks for going deeper on this iamthatis.
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