Mass Migration - a plan, or just a consequence of some other plan


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A video clip that says:
#Greece is begging #Turkey on refugee issue, they do not have the capacity to prevent refugee flow, Greeks are confused & do not know what to do after disagreement in talks between union and border police in their country, says Turkish Foreign Minister Suleyman Soylu.
Turkey would let all non-Syrian refugees such as those from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco, Africa go to Europe as well. So far only 20/25 % of those crossed into Europe are #Syrians anyway, says Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.
A more accurate version of a Tweet posted earlier:
Refugees who cross to Europe will soon top to a million, European governments will fall, their economies will be destabilized and their stock exchanges will tumble and they can't do anything about it, says #Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.
More on Grey Wolves near border:
And allegedly
Türkisch police are forcing Syrian ppl. To stap out the bus by Evros. When ppl refuse, the police beats and force them with a gun to go out the bus..
Perhaps the above could explain part of the reason why Turkey has placed special police forces with high powered rifles or is it because of this which shows large groups of fit to fight young men attacking the Greek border.


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Thank you very much for updating us on the situation, thorbiorn.
Just want to note on this tweet:
Farmers spraying "something" pesticides or more likely animal fertilizer
In the comments below some replies, perhaps from Greece, claim that it is just water to keep the fence and ground more 'fireproof' and thus the farmers help firefighters who are barely managing to take care of the area.


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In the comments below some replies, perhaps from Greece, claim that it is just water to keep the fence and ground more 'fireproof' and thus the farmers help firefighters who are barely managing to take care of the area.
Thank you for the correction.
In the meantime some more events:
From Abdullah Bozkurt there is this:
Caught on camera by A Turkish reporter identified as Vedat Sezer working for #Erdogan family owned news channel is seen here guiding & trying to convince a refugee on how to cross #Evros river with a boat and make it to #Greece.
Nothing wrong here: Red carpet treatment at the European Union for #Turkey's thugs who threatened to destabilize European governments, collapse their economies and tumble their stocks with organized refugee flows into Europe.
#Turkey's President #Erdogan brought his message of "one-flag, one-nation, one-state & one-country" to multi-ethnic, multi-lingual #Belgium. Addressing his fans in Brussels, Erdogan also describes them as his ears, eyes and arms in Europe.
In this post they say, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Romania have promised to assist Greece.
While #Erdogan is meeting with EU leaders in Brussels, his special ops men in #Turkey's border province continue to run up and down on Evros river, with fingers on triggers and eyes set for #Greece troops.
In a joint press event with visiting #Turkey President #Erdogan,
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expresses his concern about tension on Turkish-Greek border.
The moment for stirring the migrant issue is if not well chosen at least a suspicious coincidence. Would it be wrong to say that Europe is becoming more divided? Add Coronavirus, which helps to lower the expectations of economic growth. For instance several passenger planes in Europe now fly empty because there are too few passengers, as tourists stay home to avoid the possibility of catching a cold, but airlines are afraid of loosing their arrival slots at the airports, so they HAVE to fly to keep them.


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Would it be wrong to say that Europe is becoming more divided?
There was a translation on (Which appears like a Neocon/Conservative/Zionist Thinktank). Here is a comment from Turkey:

In a March 8, 2020 column titled "Destiny Of Islam, Humanity Depends On Turkey"[1] in the Turkish daily
Yeni Şafak, which is a mouthpiece of Turkey's ruling AKP, columnist Yusuf Kaplan wrote: "Turkey is face to face with two important sieges that will determine the Islamic world's destiny in particular and the world's destiny at large... If Turkey is able to overcome the secular shackle siege that has led us to be stopped from within, and the Shi'ite siege from outside, we will start making both our region and the world's history again within the next century-long timeframe." Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Yusuf Kaplan in the hospital in June 2017 after the latter had a stroke.[2] [...]"We Must Be Well Prepared To Break The Double Siege!"Turkey was stopped with secularism. For a thousand years, Muslim Turkey that has been the representative of our civilization claims, which made it possible for us to make world history, disappeared. Secular Turkey was the project hatched in order to stop Muslim Turkey; in other worlds, it is an attempt to make us deny the civilization claims that have made it possible for us to make world history for a millennium and draw us to self-destruction and, as a result, prevent our historic march."The Islamic world is being stopped through Shi'ite attacks, by paving the way for Iran and the Shi'ite-Persian empire to dominate the entire Arab world; the foundations of the great sectarian war are being laid! The Shi'ite world's invasion of the Sunni world, the collapse of the Sunni backbone is a great disaster whose consequences will be extremely destructive and turn upside down the structure of Muslim societies and the flow of history."If Turkey is able to overcome the secular shackle siege that has led us to be stopped from within, and the Shi'ite siege from outside, we will start making both our region and the world's history again within the next century-long timeframe. Therefore, we must tread carefully, with foresight, carefully strengthening the inside front in terms of Islamic identity and sensitivities in preparation for the blessed future that we can build once again."
But not all Muslims are fond of Turkey, one such is Sheikh Imran Hosein who speaks from his studio program called for the last few weeks "Signs of the Times" He speaks about Turkey and prophecy from around minute 32 in this talk from February TERRIFYING POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS OF A TURKISH INVASION OF SYRIA

One week later he made another talk: Turkey's Tattered Islamic Credentials: Part 4 of 4 Sheikh Imran Hosein
In one comment to a reader, he says:
Here is a comment from a critic who explains the Qur'an (falsely so) as follows: "DO NOT TAKE JEWS AND CHRISTIANS AS FRIENDS AND ALLIES BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS AND ALLIES OF EACH OTHER." IF this is what Allah Most Wise has declared in the Qur'an, then the horrible implication would be Allah Most Wise would have declared something which clearly false, - since Jews and Christians were NEVER friends and allies of each other. In addition, to this day, the only Jews and the only Christians who are friends and allies of each other are the those who belong to the Zionist alliance. My explanation of the Qur’an is correct: “Do not take such Jews, and such Christians, as your friends and allies, who are friends and allies of each other. And whoever from among you turn to them for friendship and alliance (as Turkey has done with its NATO membership), belong to them (and have thus left this Ummah). And Allah does not provide guidance to a wicked people.
Imran Hosein has some insight into politics and also the Quran from a traditional perspective. He claims that Turkey was disappointed with NATO because it did not wish to support their military work in Syria against Russia. As a reaction he claims Turkey let the refugees into Europe. Imran Hosein calls it black mail. He is utterly, thoroughly and completely disgusted with the policies carried out by the Turkish Government in this respect. He is also ashamed of them considering that the Turkish politicians claim themselves to be Muslims. For the sections where he expresses the above points and more, there is this:
Turkey has been helpful in destabilizing Syria, and it will probably have a similar role with regard to other countries in Europe too, as it is in its interest from the perspective of its present ideology.


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The following few headlines adds clarity to the most recent Turkish inspired wave of refugees:
US now openly admits its goal in Syria is to make it 'difficult' for Moscow and Damascus to defeat terrorists
US-Israel is predictably behind Turkish aggression in Syria
US offered Ankara intelligence on Idlib, FM Cavusoglu claims, says S-400 won't stop Turkey from getting Patriot missiles
Europe must not fall victim to Erdoğan's migrant blackmail
Perhaps the above can also be seen in the longer historical perspective:
The Long Roots of Our Russophobia Som har:
The origins of Russophobic discourse date back to a schism in the Church during the Middle Ages when Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the Roman empire and modified the Christian liturgy to introduce reforms execrated by the Eastern Orthodox Churches of the Byzantine empire.

Mettan writes that "the Europe of Charlemagne and of the year 1000 was in need of a foil in the East to rebuild herself, just as the Europe of the 2000s needs Russia to consolidate her union."

Before the schism, European rulers had no negative opinions of Russia. When Capetian King Henri I found himself a widower, he turned towards the prestigious Kiev kingdom two thousand miles away and married Vladimir's granddaughter, Princess Ann.

A main goal of the new liturgy adopted by Charlemagne was to undermine any Byzantine influence in Italy and Western Europe.

Over the next century, the schism evolved from a religious into a political one.

The Pope and the top Roman administration made documents disappear and truncated others in order to blame the Easterners.

Byzantium and Russia were in turn rebuked for their "caesaropapism," or "Oriental style despotism," which could be contrasted which the supposedly enlightened, democratic governing system in the West.

Russia was particularly hated because it had defied efforts of Western European countries to submit to their authority and impose Catholicism.

In the 1760s, French diplomats working with a variety of Ukrainian, Hungarian and Polish political figures produced a forged testament of Peter 1 ["The Great"] purporting to reveal Russia's 'grand design' to conquer most of Europe.

This document was still taken seriously by governments during the Napoleanic wars; and as late as the Cold War, President Harry Truman found it helpful in explaining Stalin.
The way they wish to unseat Russia is little different from an attempt to unsettle all of Western Europe.


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Somehow I’m not that convinced that Mohammed and his friends are coming in peace. And just look at all those women and children who need our help.
Twitter is literally loaded with video's like this.

I share your concern. Even when only a very few percent of migrants were diverted IS fighters, there are many potential adherents of radical movements, some of them who would never be that way if the circumstances were not ripe for it. No doubt that some multinational NGOs and figures like G.Soros helped to make this happen when the West created such a fantastic opportunity with its never ending wars. And finances flowing from Saudis to many Western states to support local imams and mosques, where the radicalism is taught to many more, further escalate the problem.

However, perhaps the time of EU splitting is coming very soon. That's how it seems to me. The EXIT mood is present among population of many countries and because EU leaders are less and less able to deal with the situation, it plays out in favor of those politicians as V.Orban and M.Salvini. We have this corona craziness in place to cover various political and economical moves but I think that in the end it will turn out unexpectedly for all. Some states will end up in a better position than they were before the start of the crisis / quarantine. I am not overly optimistic when it comes to France, England, Germany and Benelux but there's no point in predicting anything at this stage. We can act though. On a personal level we have much more influence than ever, or so it seems to me. In crisis more and more people look for some sane answers. Who else has them if not people who take active part in networks like this forum?

On a side note, did anyone notice how when the migrant crisis started every single establishment's politician claimed it is simply not technically possible to close the borders to stop the flow of migrants and suddenly CORONA! and here we go... borders closed?


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Some good weekend news from the Greek-Turkish border:

Turkey has signaled that it is winding down its two-week operation to aid the movement of tens of thousands of people toward Europe, following a tough on-the-ground response from Greek border guards and a tepid diplomatic reaction from European politicians.

Migrants at the Greek-Turkish land border began to be transported back to Istanbul by bus this week, witnesses at the border said, de-escalating a standoff that initially set off fears of another European migration crisis. Greek officials said the number of attempted border crossings had dwindled from thousands a day to a few hundred, and none were successful on Friday, even as sporadic exchanges of tear-gas with Turkish security forces continued.

Also Friday, Turkish officials announced that three human smugglers had each been sentenced to 125 years in prison for their roles in the death of a Syrian toddler, Alan Kurdi, whose drowning came to epitomize an earlier migration crisis, in 2015.

That announcement and the week’s other developments were interpreted by experts and European politicians as signals to Europe that the Turkish authorities were once again willing to police their borders and quell a second wave of migration.



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A daily occurrence in Europe nowadays. There are so many cases that the mainstream media, very consciously, does not show. And Merkel? We did not hear about this terrible incident last week. The authorities are far to busy fighting the ''extreme right.''

Munich: Migrant attacks driver with axe

The migrant is said to have seriously injured his victim’s head in the process. The victim's wife witnessed the attack from the car.

With axe-like object, a pedestrian is said to have hit a car driver on the head in Schwabing late on Sunday afternoon. The victim has been in hospital ever since. The Munich police only made the incident public two days later in order not to endanger the work of the investigators. At noon on Tuesday, police forces arrested the suspect in the city, a 34-year-old migrant.

On Gernotstrasse, a 33-year-old man from Munich was driving with his wife towards the Mittlerer Ring, stopping at Burgunderstraße because a pedestrian jumped in front of his car and began to suddenly hit the hood with his hands. The 33-year-old got out of the car and physical confrontation ensued.

According to the police, at that moment the pedestrian pulled out “a kind of hatchet” and hit the left side of the 33-year-old’s head. The man from Munich suffered an injury that left him bleeding heavily. He was rushed to hospital. His wife, who had remained in the car during the crime, was not injured. The offender fled.

On Monday, the suspect, a 34-year-old Iraqi living in Munich, was arrested. During the forensic investigation conducted at the scene of the crime, a fingerprint of the 34-year-old was found on the hood of the car and on Monday evening a warrant against the suspect for attempted murder was issued.

On Tuesday around 12:05 pm the suspect was arrested by police headquarters’ task forces in the city. Whether he will be taken into custody or sent to a psychiatric hospital is still unclear.

As a rule, the Süddeutsche Zeitung does not report on ethnic, religious or national affiliations of suspected offenders but deviated from this rule in this case.


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A daily occurrence in Europe nowadays. There are so many cases that the mainstream media, very consciously, does not show. And Merkel? We did not hear about this terrible incident last week. The authorities are far to busy fighting the ''extreme right.''
Sadly yes, we here of all that from Czech alt media and the regularity of those crimes is just astonishing, even considering the number of people living in Germany. When a crime is committed by a migrant the mainstream hides nationality / race of the perpetrators while white man always implies the right wing extremism (and there rarely is a white man raping little girls and boys, not to mention gang attacks).

It's hard not to think that this is being covered for a purpose of replacing the original population with newcomers who will have no attachment to the land and roots in its culture. Demographic statistics up to 10 years of age shows clearly prevalence of migrants.

The real estate agents here have registered rise in people from Germany, Holland, Belgium and Britain interested in buying property here (perhaps also in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary). The trend has been going on for at least 3-4 years. Yet when you look at the election results you would say that Germans are happy with A.Merkel.... I can't help but see a massive voting fraud or totally suicidal tendency of German nation (German girls-volunteers in refugee centers who became victims of rape and beating, defending their migrant attackers come to mind). It's insane.


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This post elaborates on the migration pressure on Western Europe and the role of players like the Grey Wolves with base in Turkey. From Gulags in China?
[...] Other leading representatives of WUC have vocally endorsed Turkish military interventionism. The political statements of Seyit Tümturk, who served as WUC Vice President, underscore the extremist and militant politics behind WUC’s carefully cultivated image as a “peaceful and nonviolent” human rights organization.

In 2018, Tümturk declared that Chinese Uyghurs view Turkish “state requests as orders.” He then proclaimed that hundreds of thousands of Chinese Uyghurs were ready to enlist in the Turkish army and join Turkey’s illegal and brutal invasion of Northern Syria “to fight for God” – if ordered to do so by Erdogan.
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) warned Bulgaria on Thursday that expelling asylum-seeking members of China’s Muslim Uighur community “would constitute a violation” of their rights.

Bulgaria must not expel Uighurs: European rights court
Bulgaria must not expel Uighurs: European rights court

February 20, 2020 - Bulgaria refused their asylum applications, saying they had failed to show they had to leave China because of ethnic or religious persecution.
While seeking to orchestrate a color revolution with the aim of regime change in Beijing, the WUC and its offshoots have forged ties with the Grey Wolves, a far-right Turkish organization that has been actively engaged in sectarian violence from Syria to East Asia.
And from this Tweet:
A daily occurrence in Europe nowadays. There are so many cases that the mainstream media, very consciously, does not show. And Merkel? We did not hear about this terrible incident last week. The authorities are far to busy fighting the ''extreme right.''
Which "extreme right"? where are the Grey Wolves in this?
The organization has long been a prominent suspect in investigations into the Turkish "deep state", and is suspected of having had close dealings in the past with the Counter-Guerrilla, the Turkish branch of the NATO Operation Gladio.
And the same Wiki under Germany:
Under Devlet Bahçeli, who assumed the leadership of the MHP and Grey Wolves after Türkeş's death in 1997, the organization has been reformed.[29] The organization has also been active in the Turkish-controlled portion of Cyprus. It has affiliated branches in several Western European countries with significant Turkish populations, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. According to a 2014 estimate, the Grey Wolves are supported by 3.6% of the Turkish electorate.[16] In Germany they make up the largest right-wing extremist organization.[17]
The Germanölfehas:
Gray wolves (Turkish Bozkurtlar or Bozkurtçular) is the name for Turkish right-wing extremists such as members of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) or the Great Unity Party (BBP). They have committed numerous acts of violence and murders in the past and especially in the 1970s. [1] [2] [3] [4] They describe themselves as "idealists" (Ülkücüler).

In Germany, the party is represented by three umbrella organizations, which include around 303 clubs nationwide with more than 18,500 members. The oldest organization active in Germany is the Federation of the Turkish Democratic Idealist Associations in Germany (ADÜTDF) and the Turkish Federation (Türk Federasyon), which is a founding member of the Turkish Confederation in Europe (Avrupa Türk Konfederasyon [!]). Furthermore, members of the Association of Turkish Cultural Associations in Europe (ATB) and the Union of Turkish Islamic Cultural Associations in Europe (ATIB) are included in the movement. Even unorganized nationalists see themselves as "idealists". [5] The Gray Wolves' youth organization is the "Idealist Youth" (Ülkücü Gençlik).

After the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey in 2018, there is an impression that Turkey is trying to make the extremist group of gray wolves in Germany hopeful. Cemal Çetin, chairman of the umbrella organization of the Gray Wolves in Europe and newly elected MP of the MHP, belonged to the Turkish delegation at the NATO summit in July 2018 and was photographed together with Chancellor Angela Merkel. [6]
According to the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Gray Wolves are the largest right-wing extremist organization in Germany with more than 18,000 members. [30]
Largest right-wing extremist organisation!
The oath of the "Idealists" is not on the English Wiki, but in the German one finds, if it translated:
"With Allah, the Koran, the Fatherland, the flag is sworn. My martyrs, my front line fighters [veterans] should be safe. We, the idealistic Turkish youth, will continue our struggle against communism, capitalism, fascism and all kinds of imperialism. Our struggle goes to the last man, to the last breath, to the last drop of blood. Our struggle continues until nationalist Turkey is reached until Turan. We, the idealistic Turkish youth, will not shy away, will not waver [collapse], (but we will achieve our goals), achieve, achieve [exist or succeed]. May Allah protect and exalt the Turks. Amen. "[11]
The Grey Wolves in spite of the oath claiming to "struggle against communism, capitalism, fascism and all kinds of imperialism" probably have some favorites:
Joe wrote an article that may indicate the role of groups like the Grey Wolves: Russia versus NATO's Gladio 2.0: Turkish jihad from China to Syria -- which includes:
In July this year the Thai government stopped over 100 Uyghurs on their way to wage glorious 'CIA-had' in Syria (via Turkey), and sent them back to China. The US State Department was very annoyed - so annoyed, in fact, that in August a bomb exploded at a shrine in Bangkok, killing 20 people, mostly ethnic Chinese holiday-makers. The key suspect fled to Turkey. An accomplice to the bomber was arrested and found to be carrying 11 Turkish passports. The bombing is now suspected to have been carried out by the Grey Wolves in retaliation for Thailand's previous deportation of Uyghur terrorist suspects back to China instead of allowing them to travel to Turkey, and then Syria.
The following article does not give ud more than a headline, but it is still indicative of the role played. Grey Wolves take on black flag in Syria
A note about the etymology of "Turân" and "Turkey"
In the oath of the Idealists, they mention Turan, so I wanted to find out what that was:
Perhaps less related, but I wanted to find out where Turan is and the Wiki explains Turan - Wikipedia
Turan (Persian: توران‎, romanized: Turân, pronounced [t̪ʰuːˈɾɒːn], "The Land of Tur") is a historical region in Central Asia. The term is of Iranian origin[1][2] and may refer to a particular prehistoric human settlement, a historic geographical region, or a culture. The original Turanians were an Iranian[3][4][5] tribe of the Avestan age.
Turk (n.)
c. 1300, from French Turc, from Medieval Latin Turcus, from Byzantine Greek Tourkos, Persian turk, a national name, of unknown origin. Said to mean "strength" in Turkish. Compare Chinese tu-kin, recorded from c. 177 B.C.E. as the name of a people living south of the Altai Mountains (identified by some with the Huns). In Persian, turk, in addition to the national name, also could mean "a beautiful youth," "a barbarian," "a robber."

In English, the Ottoman sultan was the Grand Turk (late 15c.), and the Turk was used collectively for the Turkish people or for Ottoman power (late 15c.). From 14c. and especially 16c.-18c. Turk could mean "a Muslim," reflecting the Turkish political power's status in the Western mind as the Muslim nation par excellence. Hence Turkery "Islam" (1580s); turn Turk "convert to Islam."
Young Turk (1908) was a member of an early 20c. political group in the Ottoman Empire that sought rejuvenation of the Turkish nation. Turkish bath is attested from 1640s; Turkish delight from 1877.

In the article by Joe that I mentioned earlier there is:

In 1979 the "Bear" was in fact the Soviet Union but most of it is what today is known as Russia.
A Time cover from 1979. Russia is the menacing bear. Islam, represented by the crescent symbol, would be distorted into 'global jihad' to become the new anti-ideology against which the West will pretend to 'crusade' in order to 'defend Western civilization'. In actuality, the West will spread the black flag of jihad in order to maintain a permanent war footing and thus 'contain' Russia and any other threat to its hegemony.
On the one hand it looks like Western Europe and its populations are the targets of planned immigration, but what if that is only a part of the reason for the push. Even if Western Europe has not been a good partner for Russia in recent years, it has still been relatively stable, but is that about to change, and how might that affect Russia? Perhaps a day will arrive when some countries who now look West will look East, but if that is going to happen, we are certainly in the very early phases.
I came across this radio podcast by Dr. Michael Nevradakis with author and ex-university lecturer Evans Agelissopoulos who discuss in detail the developments following Turkey’s decision to “open the floodgates” and release hundreds of thousands of migrants towards Greece and Europe.
Although I have not listened to it yet, it looks very promising.

From the description:

Are Greece’s borders really “closed” or does the sea passage towards Greece remain open while the media narrative focuses on the pressures at the mainland border with Turkey?

Are the Greek and Turkish governments mutually taking advantage of this situation for their own ends?
In Greece, might we be headed towards the establishment of a national unity government?

Will the current government attempt to proceed with the construction of “closed” migrant camps, but this time on the mainland?
Are the “refugees” really escaping war and violence in Syria or are they from elsewhere?

Are these developments leading to the resurrection of patriotic sentiment in Greece?
What was the outcome of Erdogan’s recent meeting with Vladimir Putin and what can be expected from Erdogan’s meeting with EU officials?
How are the mainstream media, the “left” and the “alt-right” each framing the narrative surrounding the migrant crisis through their own biased lens?

How is #IStandWithGreece being co-opted by “patriotic” Greek organizations that have not supported Greek national issues in the past?
How is it that Turkey does not have one reported Coronavirus
(Covid-19) case when it operates as a transit point from countries where there have been outbreaks of the virus?

Finally, what’s behind the politics of open borders and free migration?



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On a side note, did anyone notice how when the migrant crisis started every single establishment's politician claimed it is simply not technically possible to close the borders to stop the flow of migrants and suddenly CORONA! and here we go... borders closed?
Borders have been quite closed, true. It is not clear yet if the following will happen but it is a possibility to be aware of. as there are ideas from the UN who would like the member nations to carry more of the impacts from the policies they themselves promoted, and which they now try to fix.
First the problem:
COVID-19 pandemic could push 60 mln people into extreme poverty: World Bank
Source: Xinhua| 2020-06-03 15:43:11|Editor: huaxia

Developing countries are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, which jeopardizes decades of development progress, according to the World Bank.

WASHINGTON, June 3 (Xinhua) -- The global economy is suffering a devastating blow from the COVID-19 pandemic which is threatening to push over 60 million people into extreme poverty this year, World Bank Group President David Malpass said Tuesday.

At a press call on the launch of the analytical chapters of the Global Economic Prospects report, Malpass said that developing countries are facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, which jeopardizes decades of development progress.

"The poor and the most vulnerable are hardest hit, adding to the deep inequality caused by growth that was often too slow to great jobs, higher medium incomes and better living standards," Malpass told reporters.
Second a possible result and solution:
UN chief asks for protection of people on the move during pandemic
Source: Xinhua| 2020-06-03 17:08:26|Editor: huaxia

- "Let us remove unwarranted barriers, explore models to regularize pathways for migrants and reduce transaction costs for remittances," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

- This impact will be even more devastating to the large number of people on the move who live in least developed countries.

UNITED NATIONS, June 3 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday asked for protection of people on the move in face of COVID-19.

In a video message for the launch of a policy brief on the impact of COVID-19 on people on the move, Guterres asked countries to develop a new mindset on human mobility.

"The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to re-imagine human mobility. Four core understandings must guide the way," he said.

First, exclusion is costly and inclusion pays. An inclusive public health and socio-economic response will help suppress the virus, restart the economies and advance the Sustainable Development Goals, said Guterres.

Second, human dignity must be upheld in face of the pandemic. Lessons should be learned from the handful of countries that have shown how to implement travel restrictions and border controls while fully respecting human rights and international refugee protection principles, he said.

Third, no one is safe until everyone is safe. Diagnostics, treatment and vaccines must be accessible to all, said the UN chief.

Fourth, people on the move are part of the solution, he noted. "Let us remove unwarranted barriers, explore models to regularize pathways for migrants and reduce transaction costs for remittances."

Guterres expressed gratitude to countries, especially developing countries, that have opened their borders and hearts to refugees and migrants, despite their own social, economic and health challenges.
Of course a new migration stream promoted and justified by Covid19 may work both ways. While this situation could lead to a lot of migration from warm poor countries, it may also later be used as an argument for these poor areas to take in people from one day formerly developed countries in a reverse migration wave, in case these at present developed countries are hit with major natural upheaval.

One notices in the quote from the UN that "Third, no one is safe until everyone is safe. Diagnostics, treatment and vaccines must be accessible to all, said the UN chief." Where this suggestion might lead is possible to imagine, when knowing the ambitions and investments of some big pharmaceutical companies.

We have had refugees from "climate", from US fueled conflicts in so many countries, so why not now from Covid19 collapsed economies? A shadow of such a migration could be a variation of what we are seeing in the US at the moment with the George Floyd riots, - more chaos.
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