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Bycycle-throwing may be a first instance in Germany, but it has been seen in at least one other European country when immigrant youth and left wing radicals set up riots a few weeks ago. For the record I post the following developments, which can hardly come as a surprise, but what is next and later next to next?

‘Absolute no go’: German police officers injured in clashes with BICYCLE-THROWING asylum seekers
Published time: 1 Jun, 2019 20:17​

Five police officers have been injured in violent clashes with asylum seekers, who have staged a riot in a shelter in the state of Bavaria, Germany. German crime statistics also show that migrant violence is becoming a new trend.​
Police were deployed to a large refugee shelter located in the small Bavarian community of Stephansposching on Friday evening following reports of asylum seekers going on a rampage. When the officers arrived at the scene, they were confronted by a group of some 30 aggressive refugees and migrants, Bavarian Radio reports, citing police.​
The officers were harassed and even spit at in the face from the very start. The situation then dramatically escalated when they attempted to detain the alleged ringleader. In response, the group assaulted the officers and started beating them. Some asylum seekers even threw bicycles at them.​
The rioters then attempted to prevent the police from leaving, with one man jumping at a police car’s side window while others built barricades and blocked the shelter gates with stones and cable-reels to stop them from escaping the scene. The officers, apparently, had to leave their car there as, according to Bavarian Radio, they only managed to flee the scene by getting over a construction fence.​
It was only after large reinforcements arrived that the police finally managed to restore order in the facility. Five police officers, who were initially caught in the riot, sustained various injuries, including cuts as well as eye and rib injuries. Four of them were admitted to hospital.​
Police initially detained 15 people but only six of them were arrested. Those arrested face charges of a serious breach of the peace and property damage, as well as resistance to law enforcement and assault. The suspected ringleader initially managed to flee the shelter as the officers were assaulted by other rioters and the police had to use a helicopter to track him down. He eventually surrendered to police several hours later.​
A regional police union chief condemned the incident in Stephansposching by calling it absolutely unacceptable, and decrying the lack of respect the asylum seekers demonstrated to the police. “This is an absolute no go,” he told Bavarian Radio, adding that it is “troubling that police officers were injured in the refugee shelter again.”
It is not the first time Germany’s refugee shelters hit the news following violent clashes between police and asylum seekers. In early May, police officers and a rescue service crew were pelted with stones and bottles as they sought to retrieve the body of a woman who was found dead on the premises of another shelter in the Bavarian town of Regensburg.​
A group of some 40 asylum seekers gathered in front of the shelter and sought to prevent German law enforcement from entering the building. The officers were again harassed and attacked by the refugees and migrants, who later retreated to the shelter and barricaded themselves inside, while pelting the police with stones and bottles which they threw from the windows.​
In the end, 20 patrol cars and 50 officers were needed to stop the riot. No one was injured in the incident, though. According to the Bild daily, there were also “no indications” that the dead woman in the shelter had fallen victim of a crime.​
Migrant violence against Germans on the rise – police
A recent German police report published in April paints an even grimmer picture as it indicates that the number of violent crimes perpetrated by migrants and refugees against Germans has been on the increase in recent years.​
One in ten victims of violent offenses in Germany in 2018 had been assaulted by migrants, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) said. The statistics on “violent crimes” included murders and contract hits, sexual assaults as well as particularly brutal physical abuse and robberies. Out of about one million victims of such crimes in Germany last year, 102,000 were assaulted by migrants. The number of such crimes committed by immigrants and asylum seekers against Germans increased by seven percent in comparison to 2017, the police said.​
In particular, 230 Germans have been victims of attempted murders and contract hits, in which at least one non-German citizen was identified as a suspect – twice as many as in 2017. More than 100 people were killed.​
It was only after large reinforcements arrived that the police finally managed to restore order in the facility. Five police officers, who were initially caught in the riot, sustained various injuries, including cuts as well as eye and rib injuries. Four of them were admitted to hospital.​
More than 3,200 Germans were sexually assaulted by immigrants and asylum seekers in 2018, police added. The total number of violent crimes committed by foreigners against Germans has risen by 19 percent in comparison to 2017.
At the same time, only 8,455 asylum seekers and refugees were victims of violent crimes – mostly infliction of bodily harm – perpetrated by Germans. That amounts to 18 percent of all violence-related cases, in which foreigners seeking protection in Germany were registered as victims. In most cases, refugees and asylum seekers were attacked by other non-Germans, according to police.​

The RT article also links to
Which leads to Migrants assault German police ‘with bottles & stones’ after woman dies at refugee center
which leads to ‘German Caliphate’: AfD branch under fire over map showing west of Germany ‘taken over’ by Islamists
and finally

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Thank you, Thorbiorn, for this interesting arcticle.

The rioters then attempted to prevent the police from leaving, with one man jumping at a police car’s side window while others built barricades and blocked the shelter gates with stones and cable-reels to stop them from escaping the scene. The officers, apparently, had to leave their car there as, according to Bavarian Radio, they only managed to flee the scene by getting over a construction fence.

It was only after large reinforcements arrived that the police finally managed to restore order in the facility. Five police officers, who were initially caught in the riot, sustained various injuries, including cuts as well as eye and rib injuries. Four of them were admitted to hospital.

It would be interesting to find out how a police unit in the U.S. 👮‍♂️would have reacted on the scene.
Especially since incidents like these were by no means singular events...

A regional police union chief condemned the incident in Stephansposching by calling it absolutely unacceptable, and decrying the lack of respect the asylum seekers demonstrated to the police. [...] adding that it is “troubling that police officers were injured in the refugee shelter again.

One in ten victims of violent offenses in Germany in 2018 had been assaulted by migrants, the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) said. The statistics on “violent crimes” included murders and contract hits, sexual assaults as well as particularly brutal physical abuse and robberies. Out of about one million victims of such crimes in Germany last year, 102,000 were assaulted by migrants. The number of such crimes committed by immigrants and asylum seekers against Germans increased by seven percent in comparison to 2017, the police said.

In particular, 230 Germans have been victims of attempted murders and contract hits, in which at least one non-German citizen was identified as a suspect – twice as many as in 2017. More than 100 people were killed.

Many of these migrants obviously come from areas with authoritarian regimes or regions ruled by warlords.
How can they be expected to take the German police (who are even "infidels"!) seriously with their attitude of softball players?

Sometimes police crews even contain female officers which comes in handy for dealing with female refugees on the scene, but imagine the effect of women in uniform on oriental muslim males!

There may be a fit of laughter here and there but in general, they would be enraged even more by the thought of the host country daring to control them in the form of women... :mad:

At the end of the day, you either rule over the authoritarian character or he'll be ruling you...


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In another thread Tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism, I commented on a post, and became aware parts of the response might also be meaningful here. In the comment below that I responded to, I have inserted the comment the poster responded to, as to maintain the context:
The snap back is going to be ugly.
Yes, I guess there is going to be a snapback, but it's not their government they'll attack or abuse to vent their frustration - it's regular people. The UK outside of London is a fairly homogeneous country which is also why multiculturalism was something to avoid or to be done very carefully. The population is mostly white. It may not seem like it if you live in London, but there is only 8% Indians, and maybe 2 or 3% black people. Even then, the population is heavily segregated. People stay with their own kind and there is nothing to encourage or support interacting with others. Diversity is a myth.

As for the videos of migrants in France, I do wonder if things like that are orchestrated or real. Regardless, the end result remains the same.
In this post, there are a few excerpts from some of the recent sessions that might provide angles that one can consider when reflecting on what is happening, and where it might lead. I have chosen to remove the spaces between the statements in the transcripts, otherwise the context is hidden.

Perhaps part of the ugliness will be signalled by nature, like in California. From Session 1 December 2018 there was
(Joe) Was there something at a mass consciousness level being expressed in the fact that this fire almost completely burned down a town called Paradise in California?
A: Yes. California is no longer "paradise" and will shortly look more like hell.
In the same session, there was this about the gender issues:
"Q: [...] (Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?
A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback."
From Session 29 December 2018 there was:
(Joe) At present, kind of the whole radical feminist agenda is simply a means to that end?
A: Yes
Q: (L) And I would say it has been from the beginning. We're talking about long, slow, patient manipulation. The C's said it years ago. It's to get everybody programmed to be the way they want them to be when they come to take over so that we'll all be "worthy" subjects. It's creepy.
(Joe) Is that in any way connected to homosexuality?
A: Yes
Q: (Joe) Is homosexuality a deliberate tinkering with humanity that is a reflection of a 4D STS mindset?
A: Yes
Q: (Niall) Is 4D STS gay?
A: No. It is about power not sex.
Q: (Pierre) We see this in the human world in pedophile rings. It's not about sex at all, it's not about love pleasure at all. It's about power.
(Joe) And domination.
A: There is a small percentage of "normal" homosexuality.
Q: (L) So it is a normal variation like other variations in different human traits, most often due to things like karma or a difference in the order of imprinting, delivery of hormones, or whatever."
Part of the tragedy mentioned in the Dec 1 session could also be that, as mentioned in the Dec 29 Session, "[t]here is a small percentage of "normal" homosexuality." who then might suffer from a moralistic snapback that is a quick return to a previous condition or situation.

Part of the tragedy could also be a lack of a reaction, when in fact a reaction might be called for:
"(Joe) I know, but... When they say 4D battles, what do they mean?
(L) What do you mean by "4D battles?"
A: As above, so below.
Q: (L) Well, since you brought that up, there has been a discussion on the forum where people are saying things like, "Well, I don't want to have a gun because it's a dirty thing, it’s just about death" and so on and so forth. Or, "I just couldn't kill anybody even to protect myself, or if I had to I'd feel like I failed as a human being." Yet you're saying that there are battles in 4D and it's reflected in 3D. So, what's going on right here in 3D is basically a reflection of this battle that's taking place in this higher...
(Joe) Are there wars in 4D?
A: Yes
Q: (L) Their version of war.
A: STS seeks to impose domination which must be resisted. You wrote about this yourself!!
Q: (L) Yeah, I did. Wasn't it that Michael Topper article? I wrote about it somewhere else, too. I think in the article I wrote something about the psychopathic state of America, that we're almost required to resist that domination for the sake of the future, for the sake of the STO position itself. Well, so in other words...
A: One thing you should consider is that the so-called "rules" that dictate that it is being less than human to defend oneself and what is right and true just may have been programmed to make one weak.
Q: (Artemis) Well, yeah, I mean if you look at Western society and values and TV, they're all about not killing people at all even if you're a good guy and even if you need to.
(L) At the same time, they promote killing with all their shoot-em-ups and blow-em-ups. There's something about that, because... It's like Jonathan Haidt who talks about the different moral systems and that the liberal snowflake moral system foundation is mainly just about not harming anybody, and nobody should ever get hurt, nobody should have hurt feelings... And that's kinda bizarre because it doesn't accommodate the fact that...
(Andromeda) In the wrong situation, it leads to hurt!"
Another level of tragedy is disrupted life lesson plans, say for some of those who take the bait and change their gender. About lesson plans, and where one might receive help, there was in the same session: Session 29 December 2018:
"(Chu) The thing about the 4D labs... We were talking earlier about free will and all that. So, how would it work at a practical level? Are there Good Guys Labs, Bad Guys Labs, and the bad guys interfere as much as they can, while the good guys are not allowed to interfere, but just to protect? Or because the person asks?
A: When asked and when it will not cause a disturbance in life lesson plans.
Q: (L) So in a certain sense...
(Joe) It's dependent on the person's life lesson plan. If their plan is to experience something nasty, then they're probably not gonna get any help. If it's part of some maneuver by some other forces trying to subvert that life plan, then you get help.
A: Yes exactly.
Q: (L) So, basically from what I've been putting together from our discussions over the past few years, it seems that there are beings in 5D who can share their lessons and energy with us if we're connected in some way like genetically or some spiritual connection or whatever – really, almost like ancient ancestor worship. Then there are beings in 4D who are basically like angels and demons who can help or harm. So, some of the ancient depictions of life and spiritual realities aren't that far off. Is that what we're saying here?
A: Yes
Q: (L) And, it's just some of the details that are muddled up.
(Andromeda) Caricatured.
(L) Most, most interesting. I was thinking recently that it doesn't really matter if the masses of people know for sure that the character of Jesus was modeled on Paul and Caesar because the thing is that it's the idea of a type of person and the idea of the person being anointed or Christed to bring new concepts to humanity, to act as an “ancestor connection” so to say for the purposes of inspiration and help. Pauline Christianity if it's understood and followed correctly, is probably a good thing. We're Paleochristians. We believe in the original way that was taught by Paul based on Caesar and his own visions, but there are other Christians who have variations which can be better or worse depending on the interpreters. What Paul did to oppose those murdering apocalyptic Dead Sea Scrolls types, and to change Roman and Greek perceptions, was nothing short of a miracle in and of itself. He must have had help. So anyway, that was just my musing. Time to say good night.
A: Blessings in Christ! Good bye."
Some of the news, we post in this and other threads actually disturb me; I understand or fear where at least some of the developments we report might lead. Besides, there is little consolation in encountering more signs of confirmation in daily life. From that perspective, the possibility of calling in additional assistance, as suggested in the last quote, is actually very encouraging.


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What do people think about the following initiative. Is it a plan or just a consequence of some other plan?
The West Will Stop Ukraine’s Extinction: Technology Is Being Tested in Germany
Ukraine is not one of those countries where crowds of migrants aspire to be. It is rather on the contrary: the main problem for the officially poorest state of Europe is the mass fleeing of human resources abroad. But talk about western sponsors possibly imposing on Kiev an open door policy for the reception of illegal immigrants has been going on for a long time. But recently it became frequent. And if the pages of the Atlantic Council website started talking about it, then it is possible to assume that the pressure being put on Ukraine will soon amplify.​
This article was written by the staff of the grant-funded structure “Right to Protection”, whose official purpose is defending the rights of refugees and migrants on the territory of Ukraine. What is characteristic is that the idea of needing to receive a large number of refugees from the countries of Asia and Africa (the authors give as a “success story” a certain Ibrahim from Guinea who settled on Ukraine) is presented to the audience as a certain benefit for the country of the victorious Maidan. Its like saying: only in this way is it possible to solve the problem of a shortage of working hands, which arose because of the mass outflow of Ukrainians abroad.​
In other words, an attempt is being made to impose on Ukrainian citizens the idea that it isn’t necessary to try to hold onto and even more so to bring back, their own gastarbeiters, to create conditions for them whereby it is not necessary to leave their home, or to raise their salary, getting out of the crisis. On the contrary, let them go and settle abroad, and it is necessary to replace them with refugees from Syria and Somalia.
…One of the first to suggest the idea of transforming Ukraine into a settling tank for refugees and migrants from the countries of Asia and Africa was the runaway millionaire Aleksandr Temerko, who in Russia is wanted in connection with the Yukos case and for a long time settled in Great Britain, having become the sponsor of the Conservative Party. In the middle of the migration crisis that overflowed Europe in the autumn of 2015, Temerko suggested to redirect Syrian refugees from EU countries to Ukraine. Ukrainians, according to him, will only be glad to offer a helping hand to their European partners“.
The businessman then even calculated that in Ukraine it is possible to support five Syrians at the price of one in Europe. He also undertook the obligation to convince Kiev of the need to implement this plan. For obvious reasons, in Ukraine this pipe dream did not find a response. On the contrary, he tried to become silent, realising what reaction will be caused by presenting such ideas to society.​

Moreover, the infamous structure “Stopfake” announced that all such rumours are operations of the “Russian special services”. It particular, this was explained in an article published on the American “BuzzFeed” website about negotiations between Ankara and Kiev over the creation in Ukraine of several camps for the reception of Syrian refugees. I.e., “BuzzFeed”, Temerko, and the Atlantic Council, it turns out, are tools in the skilful hands of the “Russian special services”.​
The “radical” deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Mosiychuk also, probably, was hired by Moscow. Last year he said the following: “I have reliable information that EU officials suggest that the Ukrainian authorities establish a migrant camp in our country and in exchange Ukraine will be given some micro-financial aid”. And the deputy opposed not only this idea, but even the fact of such negotiations. “There is nothing that can turn Ukraine into a reservation,” he said with outrage.​
The article of the Atlantic Council was probably born after numerous probing of public reaction towards such pipe dreams. There understood that the idea of mass delivery of migrants from poor regions of the world in Ukraine is not perceived therefore decided to present it as the wonderful recipe of rescue of the country.
The authors of these fabulous utopias, however, avoid to answer a simple question: how to convince Afro-Asian refugees to settle in Ukraine? Syria is not so destroyed that life in other poor country that fell into full decay seemed to Syrians to be tolerable.​
Again, returning to the recent migration crisis in Europe, it is necessary to remember that the lion’s share of refugees broke through Hungary, Greece, the former Yugoslavian countries to the North and the West, and in the more satiated Germany, France, and Britain. There both salaries and benefits for migrants are more. It is possible to imagine how they would be “delighted” at the prospect of reaching a country where the average salary is quite comparable to some of the African states where flows of refugees to Europe come from. If they do not accept Greece and Hungary, then they even more will not go to Ukraine. Respectively, in any case, such initiatives will lead to the forcible transfer of refugees to a country that they deem to be undesirable and their subsequent retention inside it.​
At the same time, the plans read out by Temerko and Mosiychuk promised at least some financial benefit to the side receiving illegal immigrants from Europe. There was at least talk about expenses associated with the transportation and keeping of migrants being undertaken by the EU (as is the case in camps for Syrian refugees in Turkey, or in North Africa – something that is being planned by the Europeans). The same thing that is presented as the benefit on the pages of the agency of the influential American center is an attempt to impose on Kiev the policy that the West needs, even without providing any financial aid. And the authors especially do not hide the fact that they are lobbying the introduction of changes to the domestic legislation of Ukraine with the assistance of a number of the western business-associations.​
One can only guess why such an approach arose right now, having replaced the previous ones. Quite possibly, a role was played by the strengthening of Western grant receivers within the political hierarchy of Ukraine — Soros’ people and various institutions that are contained from abroad received record representation in the new Rada, having entered via the lists of “Servants of the People” [Zelensky’s party – ed] and “Golos” [Vakarchuk’s party – ed].
Apparently, Vladimir Zelensky was already convinced that he has to follow this path. It is precisely for this reason that a few weeks ago he tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with “developing a mechanism for simplifying the reception of Ukrainian citizenship for people who suffer from rights and freedoms violations in their countries”. Frankly speaking, the “sufferers” of all countries and peoples did not queue for Ukrainian passports after that. But for the western friends of Zelensky the most important thing now is to introduce a scheme that will allow to redirect through Ukraine, at least partially, the flows of refugees. And if this happens, then it is possible to further involve the coercion mechanism, gradually turning Ukraine into a settling tank for illegal immigrants from the hot spots of the planet. I.e., the same plan of Temerko, but now without financial incentives for Kiev.​


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What do people think about the following initiative. Is it a plan or just a consequence of some other plan?

I think this is as you say either part of a previous larger plan or could be an alternate plan due to the failing consequences of that plan.

There are many players and we have seen and identified some of them such as Soros.

This has been going on for many years and it has many heads like the mythic hydra.

One major group has been the Trilateral Commission. The following article was written around 1981.

The Trilateral Commission's rapid end to democracy
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

• The Trilateral Commission is committed to terminating democratic-republican forms of sovereign government (1975 Tokyo resolution, drafted by Samuel P. Huntington, and set into motion by a series of measures enacted under Trilateral Commission puppet-President Jimmy Carter ). These measures include congressional apathy in permitting Executive Orders establishing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Omnibus Banking Act introduced by Rep. Henry Reuss (D-Wis.), giving the Federal Reserve chairman dictatorial powers over FEMA in case of a national emergency.
• The Trilateral Commission has been consistently committed to destroying the sovereignty of the United States throughout no less than the past five years. The immediate objective of the Trilateral Commission is to place the monetary, economic and defense policies of the United States under the dictatorship of the Interna tional Monetary Fund, a policy repeatedly stated by Anthony Solomon and others during the Carter admin istration's systematic wrecking of the U.S.dollar.
• These same world-federalist sche�es against the United States are outlined in a series of books published on behalf of the New York Council on Foreign Relations by McGraw-Hili Publishing Company: the "1980s Proj ect." These policies were drafted under the direction of key figures including Carter administration cabinet members Cyrus Vance, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and W. Michael Blumenthal. These same policies of "controlled disintegration" of the United States economy were publicly embraced by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A.Volcker, a former Chase Manhattan Bank executive who performed a leading role in the 1971 and 1979-81 phases of destruction of the economic and monetary
power of the United States.
• The Trilateral Commission is dedicated to genocide on a scale a hundred times worse than that accomplished by Adolf Hitler. George Ball, a leading Trilateraloid closely linked financially to the fascist P-2 Freemasonic lodge of Italy, has been a raving genocidalist, especially against both Mexico in particular and Latin America in general, since prior to the 1976 U.S.presidential elec tion, as LaRouche emphasized in a November 1, 1976 nationwide NBC-TV address. The Carter administra tion's Global 2000 proposal recommends the death of approximately 3 billion persons over the coming 20 years, and Kissinger additions to the U.S. State Depart ment (the Office of PopUlation Affairs, Oceans and Technology) and the National Security Council (the Ad Hoc Population Group) are as dedicated to using U.S. government agencies to implement genocidal policies as is General Maxwell Taylor of the racist-genocidalist Draper Fund and the Draper·linked Delphi project at Chase Manhattan Bank.
• The Trilateral Commission is linked massively to supranational forces also enthusiastic for genocide, terror ism, and world-federalism. It is linked directly to the forces behind the efforts to assassinate Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, and others.Both Kissinger and Alexander Haig have been actively linked to the coordinators of international terrorism-these same forces-since 1969. Kissinger's and Haig's involvement in coordinating international terrorism has been on front pages of the European press, in addition to massive official documentation of the connections by governmental agencies in Italy.(President Reagan does not know this important fact, because the friends of Haig have successfully duped the White House into swallowing outright lies on the Propaganda 2 issue.)
The grand scenario
The general operation which motivates the Trilater al's accomplices to assassinate President Reagan and others centers on the orchestration of a financial col lapse of the United States and Western continental Europe. This collapse, being orchestrated through the IMF, Switzerland and London, has the narrowest objec tive of collapsing the values of the U.S. dollar and continental European currencies to the point that the British pound sterling takes over as the sole reserve currency for trade and investment throughout the world.It is that lesser aspect of the matter which defines Chase Manhattan and Paul Volcker as traitors to the United
States in the most profound sense of treason.
The final touches on additional features of the broader plot are to be settled in the context of the marriage of Britain's Prince Charles and Lady Diana, when all forces being- brought into the plot are to be represented in London, and to be briefed and drawn

into the final preparatory phases of the operation.
The plan is to combine the collapse of the financial system of the United States and most of Western Europe with other crises, to create a global "crisis management" scenario on the largest and most cata strophic scales. This situation of crisis management, to be aided by urban rioting and terrorist activities, is to be used as pretext for establishing "emergency-decree" governments in the United States and every nation of Western Europe, Britain included. In Britain, Prime Minister Thatcher is to depart, and Prince Charles is to emerge as a parody of his idol, George III, as de facto
dictator of Britain.
The financial crisis is to be used to subject the United States, among other nations so treated, to a dictatorship by decree of the International Monetary Fund. With this blow, the sovereignty of all principal capitalist industrialized nations excepting Japan is to be eliminated in substance. The following additional meas ures are to be implemented as adjuncts to that interna tional dictatorship by the IMF.
• All of the subjugated nations are to be sub mitted to economic policies modeled upon those introduced by Nazi Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht under the Bruning and Hitler regimes. (Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has warned publicly against the plan to establish a Brtining-modeled dictatorship in Germany.
• The unemployment problems caused by financial collapse are to be addressed through la bor-intensive forced-labor programs modeled on the precedent of Nazi concentration camp czar Albert Speer.
• The governments of the affected nations are to be transformed by aid of emergency-decree actions into fascist states modeled on the 1920s Italy of Benito Mussolini. In general, these fascist regimes will be governed by Socialist International prime ministers, such as P-2-linked Haig protegeBettino Craxi in Italy.
• The policy of genocide for the Third World is to be put immediately into full-scale operation, through aid of IMF "conditionalities" policies to promote genocide through famine and epidemic, and through orchestration of perpetual states of regional warfare and insurrections in the regions targetted by such agencies as Gen. Maxwell Tay lor's Draper Fund.
• In Europe, this operation is to be directed to the included purpose of restoring monarchies, such as the House of Savoy for Italy. This is the "bait" being held out to representatives of royal and aristocratic pretenders during meetings heldunder the auspices of the Charles-Diana wedding.
The token figure of reference for this aspect of the operation is the Austrian pretender, Duke Otto von Hapsburg of the Pan-European Union and Mont Pelerin Society. Hapsburg has publicly stated his hope to become the "Emperor of Europe" under a system of carved-up European nations modeled upon the defunct Austro-Hungarian Empire.
• The system of world federalism so projected is to be federalist on two levels.First, the world is to be divided into regions-Europe, North Amer ica, Latin America, the Middle East and Mahgreb, Africa, Asia-each with its own currency-bloc and administrative arrangements for the region as a whole.Each of the regions is to be apportioned into a network of (chiefly) microstates, each based on the limited autonomy of some ethnic or reli gious distinction, as outlined for the Middle East in the "Bernard Lewis Plan" adopted by Henry A. Kissinger and by the Carter administration (the policy behind Brzezinski's coordination of both the bringing of Khomeini to power and the taking and holding of U.S. hostages). Switzerland and the British pound sterling are to be the coordinating, controlling force regulating the policies of and conflicts among the various regions.This admin istration is to be mediated through the Interna tional Monetary Fund and beefed-up institutions of the United Nations Organization.
• To remove stubborn and probable obstacles to this scheme, the plotters allied to the Trilateral Commission intend to eliminate Pope John Paul II(to remove Vatican enmity against Carter's Global 2000 genocide proposal), and American-nationalism-linked President Ronald Reagan.The project ed killing of Reagan has the additional value to the plotters of creating the conditions for emer gency-decree government of the United States bya de facto junta including Haig and Volcker.
All of the financial and economic scenarios for the listed plot are presently openly proposed by the Trilater al Commission, leading British spokesmen, and other relevant parties.
The special features of the present situation, which makes the threat to the President so immediate is the fact that the Trilateraloids' successful 'pressuring of President Reagan [think Trump now], to turn himself into a new, ill-fated Herbert Hoover, has brought the United States to the verge of the greatest financial collapse in our nation's history. The very impetus of the general financial col lapse caused by Volcker's October 1979 to July 1981 treasonous monetarist policies, has brought events to the point at which the plotters must either give up the scenario or plunge ahead to immediate implementation of the operation.

Some of the details of course change but I think the overall plan just went on until Putin entered the scenario.


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One major group has been the Trilateral Commission. The following article was written around 1981.
Thanks for sharing, goyacobol... I have read some texts from Russian side that the Western world headed by the US was on the brink of collaps just at the time of the USSR falling apart and it was going sink into a deep crisis in the matter of 6-12 months. 'Luckily' the West got free access to Russian resources thanks to Gorbachev and Yeltsin which saved the day for the PTB, Russians say. It all sounds quiet plausible. Crazy stuff in that article. With some knowledge of ponerology, it is not unexpectable but it does not cease to amaze and shock me how these guys are thinking.


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The interesting thing is that if a society is taking in new people then who these people are and what they can do and contribute with is part of the future social and economic environment of that society, which is an area economists would like to plan for years in advance. If the economist has to work with blind spots or areas that are not allowed to be acknowledge or looked at, then the plan will probably be more off the intended goal. Maybe it would be possible for European countries to take in huge amounts of people, but if so it should be well researched and well planned. This is just not happening, because so many issues are not being taken serious or dealt with, whether it be statistically significant genetic differences influencing health, social and cognitive abilities, or how to deal with immigrants who feel entitled to force their cultural values on their host country leading to conflict, or how to deal with criminal elements who can't be sent back to where they came from, because the laws punishment for the crimes they have committed in their host country would lead them to be mistreated in their home country.

FWIW, in that context, has anyone read 'Race, Evolution and Behaviour: A Life History Perspective' by J.Philippe Rushton? This guy apparently collected a lot of arguments in favour of significant genetic differences affecting various features of different races, for which he was labelled racist. I have found the PDF of the book online (the first, unabridged edition 1997) because except of a few pieces in the UK the hardcover or paperbacks are fairly expensive, going to check it out soon but wonder if some of you know more about his research. The author perhaps concludes that for example racial IQ difference is on average evident, with blacks lowest, whites somewhere in the middle and Asian nations the highest. The male body's testosterone production is in opposite order (blacks highest, Asians lowest). And the book should provide many more facts for all the research done and is obviously hated by SJWs.


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I forgot to add there is this video of Rushton's lecture:

The lecture was interesting but it really has a strong Darwinian flavor I think. With our forum being represented by all the races mentioned I could not help think that the video expresses a very materialistic point of view. With that in mind I think some Cs comments might give at least a larger view of the issue.

Overview of races:

Session 18 October 1994:
Q: (L) Why are there different races?

A: Many reasons. Experimental creations. Partly.

Q: (L) Where did the Orientals come from?

A: Same as all others. Result of experimentation.

Q: (L) Did they originate on this planet? Are they native to this planet?

A: Both. Orientals reserved for souls most advanced; Aryans most aggressive; Negroes most naturally attuned to earth vibrational frequency. So are "native Americans".

Q: (L) Can you determine my dominant genetic type?

A: Caucasian.

Q: (L) Is Caucasian different from Aryan or Celtic?

A: Aryan subgroup Caucasian.

Q: (L) In terms of being Caucasian, do I have any negro blood in me?

A: Faint trace.

Q: (L) Who were the blue skinned people written about in the Vedas?

A: Aryans.

Q: (L) Were the Aryans originally blue skinned?

A: No.

Q: (L) Why did the Vedas talk about blue-skinned people and why are there blue skinned people in remote areas of the Appalachians?

A: Are whites real "white"?

Q: (L) Were there ever any really blue people?

A: No. They were perceived as blue due to thinness of skin and contrast with native population.

The above does not endorse the "primordial soup" random mutation of theories of Darwinism/Neo-Darwinism.

Designer genes in development:

Session 20 October 1994:
Q: When did the Aryans invade India?

A: 8243 years ago.

Q: Who was there before that?

A: Asian tribes and number 3 prototype.

Q: What is a number 3 prototype?

A: Known as Neanderthal man.

Q: And what are we?

A: Number 4 types c and d. Translation into English comprehension.

Q: Were the Aryan/Celts the original giants?

A: No.

Q: What white men were seen in South America and talked to the tribes there and promised to return one day and were worshipped as Gods.

A: Egyptians and Atlantean descendants.

Q: What did the Atlanteans do to bring this karma on us such that the grays and Lizzies...

A: Worshipped and served self to extreme.

Q: Does the act of channelling actually change our genetics or DNA or some element around our being in some way that we are not even conscious of?

A: Steadily yes.

Blacks are not the only/main source of violent criminals?:

Session 24 February 1996:
Q: (L) MM has a six foot tall daughter. I have a kid who is pretty tall. Could this be a manifestation of Nephilim genes?

A: Maybe, maybe not.

Q: (L) Is there any way one can tell?

A: Would you want to?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: No you wouldn't!

Q: (L) Would these Nephilim genetics be passed down in the natural way, or would they be the result of genetic manipulation by genetically altering a fetus and then putting it back?

A: No to latter. One clue: double Y chromosomes.

Q: (W) That's male...

A: Nephalim were.

Q: (L) They, were male. Women are a double X, men are XY.

A: Prisons are filled with double Y's with monstrous personality disorders, almost always Caucasian and over- sized. Also, "bikers" often carry the gene. We suggest you not share this in a general way on the net!!!

Q: (L) On TV they interviewed a serial killer. He was HUGE! He described killing. The shrink who was analyzing said he did it because he wanted to get caught. I did NOT get that feeling. I think he did it just because it was what he did. Bikers often carry the gene... and this is why they form 'gangs.' Nephalim. Bikers. Big. Caucasian. My, my, my. Is there any other clue you can give?

A: Nephalim are not currently on your world, just trace residuals.

Q: (L) Trace residuals in people. And there are supposed to be 36 million of them coming...

A: With the wave.

Maybe you should sell that Harley Davison? (just kidding)

We are quite a mixture of races that are not always black, white or asian like the video implies:

Session 10 February 2018:
Q: (Pierre) Another question: Years ago in a previous session, you mentioned that Nazi Germany was a rehearsal. Next time, who is going to play the role of the Nazis, and who is going to play the role of the Jews?

A: That should be obvious by now. The objective, as we have said, was/is to eliminate true Semites from the gene pool.

Q: (L) Well... The question I have - and I'm not sure that I ever really asked it in such a direct way, or if it was ever really answered - is: What is a Semite?

A: Central Asian genetic type formed from two main lines.

Q: (Chu) Which lines?

A: Kantekkian and Homo Sapiens.

Q: (Artemis) Didn't they say that Kantekkians were the ones most filled with light and superpowered energies inside them?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) So they want to get rid of superpowered energy?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Evil!

(L) Okay, next question?

(Artemis) Are we Semitic?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) So we're going to be the Jews?

(Artemis) We are.

(Joe) None of us have Central Asia in our DNA, do we?

(L) I think we all come out of Central Asia ultimately.

(Joe) Not in our DNA results...

(L) Uh-huh! If you do all our mitochondria and stuff, you always end up there. Okay, next question?

(Artemis) Okay, I have a weird one. Are there any people living on Earth who weren't born on Earth?

A: Depends on how you define "born".

Q: (Artemis) A lady has you in her stomach... Do I need to tell you how this works? [laughter] Okay, do they mean like people who were possible experiments and who were born in other ways?

A: Yes

Migrations have been happening long before the current ones and it is not so simplistic as the research in the video portrays as black, white asian stereotypes as I see it. My own DNA test had some interesting surprises for me.


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The lecture was interesting but it really has a strong Darwinian flavor I think. With our forum being represented by all the races mentioned I could not help think that the video expresses a very materialistic point of view.
I agree with you. Furthermore, after having only now watched the Q&A final part of the lecture I can't help but think that Rushton's work, however interesting, is welcome especially by people who like that oversimplified black & white view of world. At first, I thought the data is very interesting but with some distance, it is likely being used to push quiet a racist agenda and in the end it just serves to divide people.

The most significant part for me came when Rushton was asked whether Africa can actually have a functioning society when the average IQ is much lower that that of Europe. Right here I could not help but feel the racist undertone of that question. As if the questioner wanted some kind of confirmation that Europeans are superior. And surprisingly to me Rushton, to his credit, gave an example of two children with the same lower IQ among average IQ peers of mixed races. A white one which in our society would be considered as slightly mentally retarded, was excluded and separated from the rest while the black child was enjoying the group's appraisal for his/her social abilities.

So even Rushton himself acknowledged that the IQ question is basically useless in determining the quality of human being. Measuring one's IQ which strictly values abstract thinking and logic and does not incorporate emotional intelligence is far from objectively evaluating the quality of human soul development. I apologize if I hurt someone's feelings with those previous posts. My only intention was and is to see the current migration crisis from many different angles and understand why it is causing such problems and hysteria, and how it is being used by the people who initiated it. A healthy, functioning multicultural society cannot be born out of the process we see unfolding in Europe. But the process can, and does, serve very nefarious purpose as it is being managed, imho.


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A trend to watch also, in Europe, is the push to quickly give immigrants voting rights: That the left is lenient and permissive of abuse from the side of immigrants is understandable, as it is this group in terms of statistics that adds to their powerbase.

From Sweden there was:
Political Science Prof Calls Sweden 'Demographic Experiment of Historical Dimensions''
EUROPE 09:45 02.10.2019
According to Columbia University professor Sheri Berman, the biggest question facing Europe is whether diversity and identity politics are compatible with democracy.
Political scientist and popular author Sheri Berman, who has studied Sweden since 1987, when she first arrived in the Scandinavian country to research the trade union movement, has shared her current thoughts and impressions with the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet during her visit to the Gothenburg Book Fair.
According to her, the country looks “dramatically different” today.
“Today, your society looks dramatically different. It is a completely different country. The demographic change that Sweden has undergone in recent years is quite incredible,” Berman told Svenska Dagbladet.
According to Berman, the experiment she called uniquely Swedish is not entirely trouble-free.
“To think that this kind of change could happen without any problems is unhistorical. It is a demographic experiment of historical dimensions,” Berman said.
Although Sweden has had strong class contradictions before, Sheri Berman believes that today's problems today are even greater, as diversity directly undermines homogeneity.
“There is no question that the more homogeneous a society is, the easier it will be. The groups are fewer and the gaps are closer, and it is easier to create a sense of social solidarity,” Berman said.
According to her, the biggest and most important issue facing modern Europe is how to make diversity more compatible with democracy.
“The French Revolution may be regarded as the starting point for democracy in Europe, but it took 150 years for it to actually arrive. Most people forget how long and difficult that journey was, and how many democracies have fallen along the way,” Berman stressed.
In her numerous publications, Sheri Berman has decried the rudeness of the political debate, and how it polarises society. In combination with identity politics, she stressed, it becomes a poisonous cocktail.
“It's hard to compromise on identity, and it makes people more intolerant because it puts them in a defensive position. Identity politics is not good for the left, and it is not good for democracy,” she concluded.
Sweden, formerly one of Europe's most homogenous nations, embraced mass immigration in the late 20th century. In recent decades alone, the share of immigrants and their descendants has quickly soared to more than a quarter of the Swedish population of 10 million. Owing to demographic trends including higher nativity rates among the newcomers, the share of non-Swedes is expected to reach half of the population at some point in the 21st century.
Sheri Berman is a professor of political science at Barnard College, Columbia University, New York. Her research interests include European history and politics, the development of democracy and dictatorship, populism, fascism and the history of the Left. Her writing has appeared in a variety of academic and popular publications. Her newest book is “Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe”.

Gunshot Wounds Up 20 Percent as Sweden Rocked by 'State of War'

From Germany an article in Die Welt by a retired refugee helper, claiming that the refugees brought with them their world view, which is not surprising, and that many are only interested in being taken care of and paid for.
Flüchtlingshelferin: „Die Menschen haben ihr eigenes Weltbild mitgebracht“ - WELT Most of the German article is behind a pay wall.
A longer summary with quotes is found on Flüchtlingshelferin klagt: „Viele haben längst verinnerlicht, dass es fast alles umsonst gibt“
There is also a long summary in Danish.
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With immigration being a hot topic, especially in Europe, I would like to get views on the following.

I recently visited Paris and I was shocked by the immigration crisis which was in full view. The majority of the immigrants appeared to be from Africa and as they could speak French, I figured from former french colonies. At the sight of this, I thought the native french population must be aghast at the state of their country in this present point in time. Paris, such a beautiful and elegant city, steeped in rich history and culture all of a sudden overrun by what can only be described as a group of people who don't fit into the background they find themselves in. It was a very sad sight indeed.

Economic migrants, unlike war migrants are seen as parasites by native groups... especially if they are illegal! This is true and I think valid?

Today, I watched a video showing the control France has over its former african colonies and the situation doesn't look good at all. France basically controls the monetary / financial policy in these countries to such an extent that it's mathematically impossible for these countries to prosper and provide for their own citizens (thus hopefully ending the migrant crisis overtaking France in particular!).

The local french population is in uproar, they fear they are being overrun by migrants, the migrants themselves are forced to live on streets, sleeping under motorway tunnels and have all their dignity taken away. Who is one to blame? What is one to do?

Are the migrants at fault, for being illegal... are the natives heartless racist human beings? How is one to decipher this situation?

Migrant crisis in Paris: 'Chaos at the gates of Paris': Inside the sprawling migrant camps nobody talks about


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Are the migrants at fault, for being illegal... are the natives heartless racist human beings? How is one to decipher this situation?

No, the Powers That Be are at fault for displacing people from their native lands and creating a situation where Europeans and migrants are in opposition. It's classic divide and conquer strategy, and it's worked.
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