Metaphysics of ritualism


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"Total" freedom to harm others is a bad thing but isn't it good to want to be free and want the same for others? I understand there are nuances to this idea. I just have a problem with people deciding what's best for me or others and forcing or imposing unnecessary restrictions that violates free will. I don't know.. maybe it's just the rebellious anarchist side of me that gets triggered when freedom is talked about as something bad.


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Well, I've been reading up on this stuff for awhile without getting my hands dirty. Everything from egyptian magical texts to medieval grimoires, etc. Also have interests in hermetic, planetary and chaos magic, etc. I personally don't see a problem with incorporating various elements from these fields for creative/intellectual pursuits. Reading the C transcripts and Ra material among other stuff has helped a lot as well, and am now definitely rethinking the whole ritual aspect and wondering how I can incorporate whatever magical knowledge I have acquired so far with overall knowledge in general. I find the expressive and symbolic nature of magic/occult lore to be beautiful/profound/epic, etc., on many levels, and wanted to bring some of it to life in my own personal way.

I am starting to understand how this can be limiting though, as there are literally countless sources of beautiful, profound expressions, symbols, allegories, etc., in all of creation. Perhaps I should learn to expand my horizons some more.
I study these subjects, too. So has Laura and many others here. Studying them, being aware of them, trying to understand their origins and uses is very different from actively practicing these rituals. They say a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man from the mistakes of others. If there's anything to be gleaned from Crowley, John Dee, Vincent Bridges, and their like, it's that playing with forces beyond our understanding while thinking we can "control" them is a dead-end path to spiritual development. Our role as Seekers is to understand the forces around us that work through us to then be able to choose which forces work through us by aligning to them, not to try and "control" those forces, and therefore reality. One of the dangers and pitfalls of esotericism and occultism is that it tends to go to peoples' heads, and it also attracts many lost and destitute people who are damaged or jaded by their respective religious upbringings and looking for easy answers to complex questions. Many turn into megalomaniacs and sycophants, especially to those in positions of power.
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