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You probably noticed with the second last article that neither I gave the link nor said which one, right? :-[
Here it is:

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@Mikkael : I have just gone through the parts 8 and 9 of Truth and Lies series. They are very long, with 30 sections of Prokopius's Secret history in total. If you want, we could split them into 4 (e.g. part 8 has 12 chapters, so make it 6 & 6?, part 9 has 18 chapters, so 9 & 9) which would be easier to work on, including PR, and the work would get published more gradually. I leave it up to you to decide.
Yes that is good idea, and it already crossed my mind too yesterday. I am working my way through at slower pace now, hopefully I will get over this resistance thing soon, gosh! Anyway, I have fresh coffee and am on my way to continue through Arcana Historia.
@anka This article expands on the topic of the whole Great reset plan, I thought it would be useful to have this one in the archive. PR would be much appreciated as always! :)
@anka A short article about recent volcanic activity is ready, if you wouldn't mind reading it over before launching that would be apprecaited.

Note, the original artilce was pulled from SOTT for some reason, but I already used it as a basis for the article, that's why it doesn't have the usual link to SOTT on the bottom.
I have one request for PR @anka when you're back in your chair. Thanks!

There are some news coming from Slovakian parliament about voted changes into Constitution, curtailment of authority of Supreme court and budget deficit spending, which is climbing up to 70% of GDP. I don't know much about details yet, only that it will encroach on civil liberties, according to opposition MP Ľuboš Blaha. Will wait and see.
@anka This one is ready for PR. Note, I chose a stock imagine for the title photo so if you know of a better alternative do change it.
@anka This article about the Chinese fireball on Christmas day is ready for PR before it goes out, you might possibly think of a better title.
@anka Short article about the recent record snow falls in Japan is ready for PR, please. The comments tie it together as another factor in the jigsaw of the coming ice age.
The work on this article gave me more then few chills, considering what is happening right now, even among people I know, gave it extra weight. @anka I published the piece without PR, so when you have a moment do pls you editor check.

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