Nassim Haramein has discovered the Unified Theorey of Physics (???)

Just a reminder of what Ark said about Nassim earlier in this thread all those years ago!
Ark said:
I glanced through the paper and then went to the Appendix. It is often a very good idea to start with the appendix, because whoever is the author, less attention is being paid to the appendix, because the deceiver would think: "who is gonna read the appendix anyway?" it is there to create a good impression.

So I went to the appendix, and after reading the first two paragraphs I was sure that this paper is

a) a fishing expedition
b) a disinfo
c) a joke

The mathematical nonsense telling that the paper was prepared by a well paid student is evident. Well, perhaps not a student, perhaps someone like Dan Winter with his credo: the public is too stupid to see the difference

It is a fishing expedition, because once in a while there is a catch sentence that should attract those who may know something about some open problem

It is disinfo, because it contains some truth but suggests a wrong path.

It is a joke, because I am sure someone was having a good laugh accepting the final version (I am sure there were several drafts)

Every specialist will know on first sight, looking into the appendix that it is a joke. But how many specialists will read it? Perhaps I am only the second one in the whole world. I would estimate there are ca 100-200 experts in these areas on the planet, those who on the first glance would know instantly.

If you would like a confirmation of what I said, find any theoretical physicist who knows group theory and show him the end of the first sentence of the third paragraph in the appendix:

"... SO3, the special orthogonal SU3 group."

Watch his face!

The point is that it takes one day to write a nonsensical paper. It takes one month for a real scientist to find out with a practical certainty that it is just that - nonsense.

These people are well aware of this fact and they use it, consciously or not.

The MIC is also taking the full advantage of it.

I was listening to a radio interview of Haramein. He was described as a "theoretical physicist", but he is not a theoretical physicist, for sure. Perhaps he has some fancy ideas, much like a boy. There are millions of such visionaries on the planet. The funny thing is that he likes to play with the "Star of David" and such things. He has no idea about the math, he says that Einstein's field equations are the most difficult stuff on the planet, while I was teaching these equations to my students, and they did not have problems with them!

I think he is just a smart kid that is being used. Instead of prompting him to get an education, they use him as a decoy.
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