Negative Emotions, Thoughts And How to Counteract Them

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I did these two next quotes for reference. I'm developing a text on the subjects, so any critics & suggestions are welcome, indeed. My aim (idea) its develop simple words to explain complex (macro-micro cosmic) process without biased distortions, and with a minimum of tech consensus.

the words can be seen a simple food for thought, but it may also mean more than that.

"...This is the disease that has overcome mankind, and we are all infected by it. Some very lucky people have escaped this disease, they have some lucky immunity from it..."

Definitely negative emotions and thoughts are the keys to start with an introspective work.
All matter itself is condensed energy. The denser it becomes, more negative the energy that composes it (less freedom), and so, the less space it has. Consequently, the less Freedom of space or time it has. That why It is seen as more negative.

Thus, indirectly, positive energies form a barrier for negativity to manifest, and this separates arbitrarily all things between the least(-) and the most(+).

So, those who carry some negativity remain separated within the limits where this negativity can manifest. Negativity occupies a limited space of resources for a limited time (entropy), forcing the sharing of energies available there and also leading to individual competition for these resources.

Positivity occupies all spaces and times without resource limits, but does not admit, for example, any kind of harassment, disloyalty, inconsistency, hypocrisy, so freedom within the limited area of negativity can be said to appear more greater free will. But this can be seen as more illusion than reality, because seems more like a quarentine layers from the bigger point of view.

It is a misleading paradox of Free Will, because in the region where it seems there is more freedom of choices, by itself, it is a more limited region for the negativity to manifest freely there.

All freedoms inherited from the (mother) region of positivity can also be manifested in the limited spaces and times (orbs) for negativity. The "positive" way to act and react within the limited (quarentine) dense confinement is to express yourself with balance, as similar to a ordered manifestation on the positive region.

Whitin the negative limited region, the fragile and complex balance of forces is a positive behavior of the duality (+/-), because it can be freely expressed inner and outer that limited region, where can be there apparently more freedom, because it's allowed to expressions out of balance (chaos), either positive rather negative.

Sometimes it's negative thoughts that activate certain emotions and poison thinking. Other times it is the other way around, emotions activate negative thought states... It is very important to be honest in this work. And be brave! It's an adventure to work with emotions and to dive into the dark depths of oneself!

Doing the work increased one's knowledge of the outside world and of people. It increases understanding of the weaknesses of others as one experiences or has experienced the same weaknesses, ignorance of what a Human Being is.
Any imbalance in this confined region of chaos tends to foster the negativity whitin as follows:

(1) If we add positive energy from the outside into chaos, we increase the resources for negativity consume and grow. At first, the blessing received increase positive energies, relatively decreasing negativity because it stretches the boundaries of the entire region, but if negative trends continue, will prevail constraining everything again, increasing the negative chaotic pressure over the dense region.

(2) If within the limited region an individual gives positive energy to nurture negativity, this individual tends to be sacrified even more, because to recover itself will have to compete. If not (compete) may not be able to fulfill obligations (because have wasted energy), then this one on last instance will have to go back (in another life) to complete the (chosen) mission, as the life span in this region is also (time) limited.

(3) If in a competition any individual gains more (space or time) energy over another, somehow and at some point will have to repay the excess he has earned, and the more disloyalty he has practiced to earn his gains, the greater the debt to be paid. Negative karma is cumulative and spiritually inalienable, and have equivalence under the energy point of view as a whole.

(4) If competition is natural where resources are scarcer, it leads to some having more advantages over others. This advantage may sometimes be fair and deserved, but since most things expressed in density tend to be unbalanced, those who win are not always honest. The desire to win balanced implies that everyone wins and no one loses, otherwise someone loses. Desire and competition are closely intertwined, and any manifestation of desire outside this alignment for the good of all, is a selfish and ignorant expression of the fact that it implements negativity greatly.

Ha-ha, sometimes I have thought, "How lucky the C's are, they have no emotions!
I quoted this apart because I think 6D beings are not material ( neither psych - 4D ) like we humans (as half animals) appears to be. I agree they have no emotions (like we have), but I can not agree they no have any kind of feelings, because 6D is a realm of Love & Union.
Border Dog
Stella Marys said:
Ha-ha, sometimes I have thought, "How lucky the C's are, they have no emotions!
I quoted this apart because I think 6D beings are not material ( neither psych - 4D ) like we humans (as half animals) appears to be. I agree they have no emotions (like we have), but I can not agree they no have any kind of feelings, because 6D is a realm of Love & Union.
Because of the responses to this part of my publication, I have had to stop and reflect on emotions. The question that comes to my mind insistently is: do we really know what emotions are? I made the comment jokingly based on a conversation Laura had with the C's about this. I looked for many hours and could not find that part of a session. I will keep looking because it is important to present that information now.

What I have studied so far indicates differences between emotions and feelings. The emotions would be more linked to the second chakra and as it is known the three lower chakras connect us to the earthly reality. The feelings have links with the heart chakra that compare it as a "bridge" between the three lower chakras and the three upper.
(Here I will look at the material Ra)

Perhaps the confusion is about how we understand "emotion" and "feelings". I don't doubt for a moment that the C's have feelings, since these are more "elevated" energies like Love, joy, they have a developed sense of humor...:-D but as to whether they have emotions is what I'm trying to find out right now.

I appreciate the reference to this part of my publication because it is making me move my neurons a little more. When I have the results of the search I will present it, so we can continue to elucidate this issue. Thank you and greetings!:flowers:
Well, I found some material here. Session 42 - Book 2 of The Law of the One. It's very interesting! I didn't remember this part. :-D

QUESTIONER: I will make a statement, of which I ask you to comment on its degree of precision.
I guess the entity that is in
balance will not be influenced by positive or negative emotions in any situation
which he faces. When responding without emotion
in any situation, you can clearly discern the appropriate and necessary responses in harmony
with the Law of One, is it correct?

RA: I'm Ra. This is an incorrect application of the balancing process that we have commented.
The exercise that involves experiencing first
feelings and then consciously recognize your antithesis in the
being is not intended to flow serene positive or negative feelings while
remains unperturbed, but becoming
imperturbable. This is a simpler result and requires a lot of practice.
The catalyst of experience operates so that learning / teaching of this density takes place.
However, if it is observed in the being a reaction
(it is enough that it is simply appreciated), the entity continues to use the catalyst for the
learning / teaching The final result
is that the catalyst is no longer necessary and, therefore, this density is no longer necessary.
This does not mean indifference or objectivity, but a
delicately harmonized compassion and love, which sees all things as love.
That perception does not elicit any response due to catalytic reactions.
That way, the entity is then able to
become co-creator of events related to experience. That is the true balance.

INTERROGATOR: I will try to make an analogy. If an animal, let's take a bull in a fold,
Attacks a person who ventures into their enclosure, that person goes out of their way
Quickly, but don't blame him. There is no other emotional response, apart from the damage response
I could suffer. However, if this person
he finds another in his territory and the latter attacks him, the reaction can be more emotional
and elicit physical physical responses. I'm in
the truth when supposing that when the response to the animal and another person is to consider them
as the Creator, and to love them and understand that their
aggressiveness is the action of their free will, then the person in question is balanced
correctly in that area?

RA: I'm Ra. It is basically correct. However, the balanced entity will see in the apparent attack
from the neighbor the causes of that action, which in most cases are of a more complex nature than those of the attack by the second density bull of your example.
Thus, that balanced entity would be open to many more opportunities for third-density service to others.

Questioner: Does a perfectly balanced entity feel an emotional reaction
When is it attacked by others?

RA: I'm Ra. So is. The answer is love.

INTERROGATOR: In the illusion we experience, it is not easy to maintain that response, especially if the attack results in physical pain, but I suppose that response should be maintained even in the case of physical pain or loss of one's life, is that so?

RA: I'm Ra. That's right, to which we add that it is first order or essential to understand the principle
of balance The balance is not indifference,
since the observer is not blinded by any feeling of separation, but completely
impregnated with love.

QUESTIONER: In the last session you stated: «We; that is, Ra,
we remain a lot of time / space in fifth density, balancing the deep compassion
that we had acquired in fourth density ».
Could you explain this concept regarding what we have just said?

RA: I'm Ra. As we have said, the fourth density is abundant encompassion.
That compassion is thoughtless when analyzed with the look of wisdom.
It constitutes the salvation of third density, but creates a disagreement in the ultimate balance of the entity.
Thus, when we were a fourth density social memory complex, we had a tendency towards
compassion, even to martyrdom
for helping others. When the fifth density crop was reached, we found that at that vibratory level, efficacy failures could be observed
of such constant compassion; that's why we spend a lot of time / space in contemplation
of the paths of the Creator that permeate
Love with wisdom.

INTERROGATOR: I would like to try to make an analogy of this concept in third density.
Here, many entities feel great compassion for
placate the third-density physical problems of others and distribute in various ways
food, where there is hunger, as in
African countries, or medicines where there is a need to administer them,
and they are altruistic in all these services in
big measure.
This is creating a vibration in harmony with the green ray or fourth density, but it is not balanced with the understanding of fifth density
that these entities are experiencing catalysts and that one more intervention
balanced for your needs would be
provide them with the necessary learning to reach the fourth state of consciousness
density rather than meet your physical needs at this time, is that so?

RA: I'm Ra. Is not correct. For a complex mind / body / spirit that dies of starvation, the proper response is the body's nourishment.
You can extrapolate from this example.
However, on the other hand you are correct in assuming that the green lightning response does not
it is as refined as the one that has been impregnated with
wisdom, which allows the entity to evaluate its contribution to planetary consciousness
for the quality of his being, regardless of
any act or behavior that expects results on the visible planes.

QUESTIONER: So, why do we have the problem of extreme and widespread famine?
in Africa right now? Is there any reason
Metaphysics for it, or is it something purely random?

RA: I'm Ra. Your previous assumption was correct as to the catalytic action of that
hunger and poor health. Nevertheless,
It is part of the free will of an entity to respond to that plight of others,
and offer the necessary substances and foods
It is an appropriate response within the framework of your learning / teaching at this time,
which include the growing sense of love and
neighbor service.

QUESTIONER: Regarding the activation of energy centers, what is the difference between a
person who represses their emotional responses
in situations of great emotional load, and the balanced person who, therefore, does not alter
such situations?

RA: I'm Ra. This question is based on a wrong assumption. For the perfectly balanced entity,
no situation would lead a great
emotional charge. Once this is understood, we can affirm the following: repression
of emotions depolarizes the entity in the
extent to which he chooses not to use the catalytic action of the present space / time spontaneously, thus attenuating the energy centers.
However, there is some positive polarization if the cause of that repression is the consideration of others. The entity that has worked with the
catalyst long enough to perceive it, but without finding it necessary to express the reactions,
it is not yet balanced, but it does not suffer any
depolarization, given the transparency of its
experiential continuity Thus, the gradual increase in the ability to observe their own reactions
and if you know the self, it will bring you closer to true balance.
Patience is required and advised, as the
Catalyst is intense in your plane, and its use must be evaluated during a period of constant
learning / teaching

Questioner: How can a person know that he is not being affected by an emotionally charged situation, that he is suppressing the flow of his emotions or that he is in balance and by
So much is not truly affected?

RA: I'm Ra. We have already talked about that point. Therefore, we will succinctly reiterate that for
the entity that is in equilibrium,
no situation has an emotional charge, but it is simply a situation like any other, in which the entity can observe or not
An opportunity for service. The closer to that attitude an entity becomes, the closer it is to equilibrium. You can observe
that we do not recommend that reactions to a catalyst be repressed or suppressed,
unless such reactions involve a
pitfall that is not in line with the Law of One towards others.
It is much better to allow the experience of expressing yourself so that the entity can make full
use of that catalyst.

QUESTIONER: How can a person evaluate which energy centers inside are activated, and do not require immediate attention,
And which energy centers are not activated and do need it?

RA: I'm Ra. The thoughts of an entity, its sensations or emotions, and ultimately its behavior, are the indicators of the teaching / learning of the self for the self.
In the analysis of the own experiences of a day cycle, the entity can evaluate what
consider them to be inappropriate thoughts, behaviors or emotions.
By examining these inappropriate activities of the mind, body and spirit complexes, the entity can
place those distortions in the vibrating ray
appropriate and see where work is necessary.

Kay Kim

Dagobah Resident
Is contentment generating emotions?

November 11, 1995
Frank, Laura, Susan V

Considering the direction the Cs took in this session, it’s interesting that it was held on 11-11.

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?

A: Lynostieah

Q: (L) And where are you from?

A: The translation point of focus is Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Is there a reason you use the term "translation?" Is it because the information is translated from one density to another?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Is that the point where the energy "shifts" densities?

A: Close.

Q: (L) I noticed that in the beginning of these transmission that the language was very formalized, and that as time has gone by, the language used has become more colloquial. Why is this?

A: Formalized? Colloquial? Define your judgments, please!

Q: (L) Well, what I meant was, that in the beginning it seemed that certain colloquial expressions that we are accustomed to were unclear to you. And now, not only is there great familiarity with our expressions, but you seem to often come up with rather clever and original witty sayings.

A: Familiarity breeds contentment!

Q: (L) Okay. I want to get on with the questions for tonight...

A: Do you not wish to reflect upon our witticism?

Q: (L) [Laughter] Yes! I thought that was a very clever witticism!

A: It seemed as if you were not impressed?!? Give us a break, Laura?!? We're only sixth density!

Q: (L) As we say, "I love a sixth density light being with a sense of humor!"

Border Dog

Padawan Learner
I want confess that I put emotion and feeling apart to provoke insights, because they can be analog (in some nature), but at diferent levels of density.

emotions are (animal) frequencies (of spectre) for sub-conscious reactions, very important to survivor of species, mostly linked to reptilian brain, to limbic brain (of mamals), and the neocortex of primates that culminated in the human brain with two large cerebral hemispheres (that play such a dominant role).

emotions are also linked to Memories (past), Sensations (present) and Expectations (future), so through emotions, we can get the (primary) sense of Time.

once a 6D being is out of space/time bubble, of course they have no emotions as we have, because the vehicles of manifestation (as bodies) of these 6D beings, vibrate in another frequency of spectre, so we can't rearch neither touch them by emotions (as we know emotions are)

the connections which these beings can made by superior chakras (5, 6 or 7)
the cardio chakra (4) works to expand-contract the aura

the second splenic chakra (Stella Marys) mentioned to be center of emotions, I think is partially right, because this vortex means the body of desires, but this second more the basic (1) and more the solar plexus (3), form the sub-abdominal brain. It works (as a brain)!

PS1 - I try to be concise, but if have doubts please ask.
PS2 - I love when "C" answer "Close" .. it's really nice
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