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Alana said:
Exactly. And add to that the catastrophic earth changes that are not even under their control: earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, droughts, floods, extreme weather patterns all around that people are noticing more and more, and which destroy the crops, and will lead to famine. And what about all the fireball sightings and those who enter the atmosphere? By the time people start asking questions (and they already have started to pay attention because it is starting to affect everyone) the guns and the tanks and the police force will be ready to give the answers, because that's the only answer the psychos on top have to give! :phaser:

Or they will provide convenient scapegoats to be sacrificed to appease the masses a little while longer.

Having read your post this afternoon, I was reminded of it just now while reading a poignant passage in Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews pointing in that specific direction. It's about king David shortly after he overcame a revolt against his regime by firstly one of his sons, Absalom, and soon thereafter by a certain Sheba, the son of Bichri of the tribe of Benjamin. It seems very likely that the famine was at least initiated by those troubles, although Josephus doesn't make that connection in his narrative.

In Book VII, Chapter XII, § 1 (Loeb 7, 294-297) we read:

294 1. After this, when the country was greatly afflicted with a famine, David besought God to have mercy on the people, and to discover to him what was the cause of it, and how a remedy might be found for that distemper. And when the prophets answered, that God would have the Gibeonites avenged whom Saul the king was so wicked as to betray to slaughter, and had not observed the oath which Joshua the general and the senate had sworn to them: 295 If, therefore, said God, the king would permit such vengeance to be taken for those that were slain as the Gibeonites should desire, he promised that he would be reconciled to them, and free the multitude from their miseries. 296 As soon therefore as the king understood that this it was which God sought, he sent for the Gibeonites, and asked them what it was they should have; and when they desired to have seven sons of Saul delivered to them to be punished, he delivered them up, but spared Mephibosheth the son of Jonathan. 297 So when the Gibeonites had received the men, they punished them as they pleased; upon which God began to send rain, and to recover the earth to bring forth its fruits as usual, and to free it from the foregoing drought, so that the country of the Hebrews flourished again.

So, actually very little of anything new under the sun, really. This just demonstrates again how much psychopathy went into the God of Israel in order for him to serve as a holy legitimizer of deviant acts. OSIT.
Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: The Rosetta Stone of Pathocracy

The JFK Assassination is the Rosetta Stone of Deep Politics.

Just as Egyptian hieroglyphics made no sense until the Rosetta stone was found, the foreign and domestic politics of the United States is unintelligible, until we understand the JFK assassination. To enter into this subject is a journey into the “American Heart of Darkness” from whence one shall never return. Senator Fulbright once commented that an investigation into it “opens up an endless can of worms” and I for one found out first hand what he was referring to.

Researching and writing the chapters on the JFK assassination was the most difficult subject undertaken in my book. It was a wilderness of smoke and mirrors and everything was not as it seemed. The disinformation was incredible. I had to check who was behind any info before I gave it credibility at all. It took years to see the patterns slowly take shape. Virtually everything concluded by the government and its affiliated sources was false. Although truth was cleverly woven into the fabric, the conclusions were outright fabrications.

What are the “worms in the can” that we find when we enter the “American Heart of Darkness?” Well, just of the top of my head I can list a few:
• Oswald was certainly a CIA agent who also was working for the FBI and Naval Intelligence.
• Using a veil of secrecy, the CIA and other intelligence agencies does not answer to anyone including the President, the US Congress, nor anyone else that is supposed to represent the interests of the American people.
• U.S. intelligence, the Pentagon, the U.S. Media, and most of the U.S. Congress are controlled by corporate America.
• All three branches of government are corrupt and do not serve the interests of the American people.
• Psychopaths are at the head of both the private and public sectors.
• Agencies of the U.S. Government assassinate its own citizens, foreign heads of state, and others.
• The U.S. Government runs the American people and not the other way around.
• CIA connected research institutions were developing weaponized viruses that bear marked similarities to AIDS.
• The polio vaccines developed in the 50’s and 60’s also contained cancer causing viruses.
• Stopping war effects big business and also the illegal drug trade.
• Federal agencies, big business, and organized crime profit from and work together to facilitate the illegal drug trade.

And as stated before the connections are endless….

When the whole picture comes into focus we see that if any facet of the above is exposed the whole ugly picture starts to come into focus. Further, we see that a true investigation into the “crime of the century” would lead to exposure of any and all of the above, and as I concluded in my book “the wheels come off the cart.” That is to say the foundations of our society, democracy, and capitalism, crumble. Actually, they have already crumbled but to have this fact known widely by the American people would make it impossible to continue to control them. This is why we will never see anything but the lone, crazy assassin theory formally presented by anyone in “authority.” Fifty years later there is a mountain of evidence that the Warren Commission report is bogus, but when you look at the media coverage all you see is Lee Harvey Oswald, with one of the worst weapons ever made, preforming an act of marksmanship that has never been duplicated, ever.

Nowhere do we see that the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was “Likely to have been murdered as a result of a conspiracy…,” nor do we see that the “Church Committee” concluded that the CIA was an “out of control” agency involved in illegal and unconstitutional activities, such as assassinations. Oswald’s tax returns are classified to this day, why? When a Memphis court issued its finding that Dr. Martin Luther King was killed by “government agencies…” not one member of the U.S. Media was in the court room. There was one reporter from Portugal and author James DiEugenio in attendance and that was it! The only reporting done in the U.S. Major Media was to minimize or dispute the findings.

Add to this the umpteen murders and over 100 suspicious deaths, the odds of which have been calculated to be one in many trillions, and we see just how far the power elite is willing to go to keep a lid on who and what are behind political assassinations in the U.S. These suspicious deaths also seemed to happen just before, sometimes hours, these people were going to testify as to what they knew. The graph goes way up just before the Warren Commission, the HSCA, the Assassination Records Review Board hearings, The Church Committee hearings, and others. But, of course we are to believe these are just coincidences.

One way or the other, the wheels will come off the cart. It is important that we do what we can now to shine a flashlight on who it was that pulled the cotter pins.

Mr. Premise

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The funny thing about Oswald's "marksmanship" is that when he defected and lived in the Soviet Union in Minsk, he once went on a hunting expedition with coworkers at the factory where he was employed and it turned out that he was a terrible shot. Everyone teased him for it for a long time. I wish I could remember where I read that. It was in a magazine article, maybe twenty years ago about his time as a "defector." It was probably in the New Yorker. Since that came out, I have always been amused that no one in the MSM has ever commented on that.
Yes Premise, I read that also. I think it was JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglas but I am not positive. The Russians he was with shared their game with him as I recall. There were other instances of his lack of shooting ability. There was also a lot of evidence that there were two Oswalds. I find it ironic that the same people who cry "conspiracy theory" have hidden all of the evidence of what really happened.
Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

Odd as it seems, these subjects are connected, and more and more info is coming out. In researching my book I found a rare and expensive book had info that I could not find anywhere else. This book, Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?, was running about $800.00 to $1,200.00 and there were only a few available world-wide. I had some info about what was in the book that was explosive, and I included it in my book. After publication, I was able to buy it at a more reasonable price and it confirmed the info I wrote about, and then some. It was over 700 pages and was very well documented, although much info had been hidden by U.S. Government agencies. I tried to contact the author to see if he had developed more info since it was published in 1988, but I was unsuccessful.

The author had disclosed that Jim Jones was an experienced CIA operative and that the People's Temple was indeed a mind control experiment to see if almost exclusively African Americans could be mind controlled to commit suicide. Further disclosed was that male homosexuals were injected with HIV and exhibited what became classic symptoms of AIDS. They were then taken on "vacations" to Haiti where there was contact with Haitian male prostitutes. This was in 1978.

In 1979 AIDS began spreading and later studies concluded that Haiti was the central starting point of the epidemic. The government cover story that AIDS originated in Africa and spread to the Americas does not match recent epidemiological studies. More and more evidence is coming to light that AIDS is a man-made virus, and that it likely came from a bioweapons government program. Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK assassination disclosed that David Ferrie had a lab in his apartment and Garrison suspected that Ferrie was working on cancer causing viruses. His investigation also disclosed that Ferrie associated with Dr. Mary Sherman, a renown researcher who was found dead in her apartment in 1964 with most unusual injuries. The right side of her thorax, including her arm, had been totally burned off. It had been vaporized by what had to have been very intense radiation or millions of volts. The investigation into her murder had also been suppressed and the true nature of her injuries covered up. The investigation into David Ferrie stopped when he suddenly died under suspicious circumstances.

Jim Garrison had scratched the surface but then Dr. Edward T. Haslam, a long time resident of New Orleans and an academic, picked up the trail. His investigation over decades determined that Sherman, Ferrie, Lee Oswald, and Oswald's girl friend (Judyth Vary Baker) had been working on a top secret project to develop a cancer causing agent involving monkey viruses. The research animals included Green Monkeys from Africa which harbored the Simian immunodeficiency virus, and this virus was being subjected to radiation from a linear particle accelerator. Dr. Haslam tracked down where the accelerator had been housed and that the program was shut down when Dr. Sherman's arm and right side got vaporized. This left the work that had been accomplished in the hands of David Ferrie, an extreme right wing fascist who vehemently hated Blacks. As Dr. Haslam published in his book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, Ferrie could have had his hands on the AIDS virus in 1964. Could this have been where the HIV serum have come from that showed up in Jonestown?

Note: Although I was never able to get ahold of Michael Meier who wrote Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?[/ , he has written and just published a follow up to his first book which is reasonably priced and available on Amazon. Name of it is: The Second Holocaust. I have just gotten it and it recaps what he covered in his first book and then goes on from there. I have not read all of it yet, and I do not know if he will connect what Ferrie was likely to have had with Jonestown, but just the info I have read so far is fascinating. He interviewed Charles Colby, ex CIA chief, just before he died under suspicious circumstances.


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Wow, AIDS out of Jonestown? Makes twisted sense.

SOTT posted this documentary a few years ago, suggesting the explosion of AIDS was more of a 'blowback' issue resulting from making polio vaccines with monkey tissue cultures in the Congo in the 1950s:

It's a horror story in itself, though nowhere near as horrific as the deliberate spread of AIDS. Apparently the 'out of Haiti' theory has always been a hot button issue, but was recently settled:

AIDS Virus Traveled to Haiti, Then U.S., Study Says

The catch though, is that 'out of Africa' remained intact. They resolved the two origins by saying:

The findings suggest that native Haitians carried the disease back to their island from Africa soon after the virus's emergence there. [...]

It is generally thought that the virus arrived with Haitian professionals returning from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) following a wave of nationalism there in the 1960s. [...]

That's pretty vague if you ask me, and doesn't account for the sudden explosion in Haiti and the US in 1979.
Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

Thanks for the info Kniall,

The Jonestown book was one that really creeped me out. I have not gotten all of this developed to the point where I can draw definite conclusions, but it is certain that Jones was a CIA operative and a psychopath of the first order. When you brought up Africa it reminded me that Jones had connections there. Another wild card is that there is good evidence that Jones did not die in Guyana. Five years before the Jonestown mass-murder Jones sent one of his doubles into L.A. Calif. to get deliberately arrested and fingerprinted. The body identified as Jones was most likely his double, whose fingerprints matched the only records on file as Jones's prints . Jones escaped and one possibility is that he went to Africa with a few hundred of his followers. The possibility exists that they could have taken some of the AIDS serum with them and/or some of his entourage were infected with it.

Also confusing, is that it is reported that there are two strains of AIDS, HIV-1 and HIV-2, one affecting homosexuals and the other Heterosexuals. One possibility is that this is just not true and the reason that it spread among homosexuals is because it was introduced into homosexual communities. Another possibility is that it mutated rapidly. This idea was discussed by Dr. Haslam and his take on it was that because the virus was genetically altered by massive doses of radiation that the mutated virus was unstable. This would result in it mutating at an accelerated rate. There is also evidence that weaponized viruses were being worked on at Ft. Dietrich, MD. and the questions I would like to find the answers to are: What is the relationship between Ft. Dietrich and the labs in New Orleans? Where did the African AIDS virus come from? And where did Jim Jones and company go after Guyana?

There are some certainties that do now exist. For sure, the Nazis got their master race ideas from the American Eugenics movement, and the purveyors of the movement did a mind-meld after WW-II with the corresponding Nazis of the same ilk. Together they created what is sometimes called the Fourth Reich in the U.S., and these forces carried on their master race ideas within the CIA, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, the army Chemical and Biological Division, and others. These agencies developed the methods and means to carry out genocidal programs, one of which was weaponized biological agents. All of a sudden, a pandemic occurred that over 70 percent of the victims of which have been of African ancestry. And lastly, every U.S. president has virtually ignored this pandemic and let it spread like wild fire while spending trillions of dollars to go after communism, Islam, and whatever. The war against the weak continues....


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Another possibility is that it mutated rapidly. This idea was discussed by Dr. Haslam and his take on it was that because the virus was genetically altered by massive doses of radiation that the mutated virus was unstable. This would result in it mutating at an accelerated rate.

There's another hypothesis covering this expediency of mutation: viral sex or recombinant reproduction, as proposed by prof. Jaap Goudsmit somewhere in the nineties.

amazon said:
In Viral Sex, leading AIDS researcher Jaap Goudsmit illuminates the origins and nature of the world's most lethal disease. He provides an eyewitness account of sciences effort to understand and control the spread of this deadly virus, in a fascinating journey that reaches from the deepest recesses of the African rainforest, to ancient Egypt and the mummified remains of Barbary apes, to pioneering research labs in the U.S. and Europe. A key idea in understanding the AIDS crisis, we discover, is the concept of "viral sex." We learn that HIV not only produces offspring that are almost exact copies of the parents, as do most other viruses, but that it can also reproduce sexually, creating a recombinant population of subtly varying members. This "viral sex" gives HIV an edge in adapting inside a foreign body, and this is why the virus could survive the leap from ape to man. But Goudsmit presents devastating evidence that the real villain of the AIDS epidemic is not HIV, but the ongoing destruction of the Western Equatorial rainforest and the wild monkeys and apes who once thrived there. Goudsmit argues that human encroachment on the African monkey habitat provided the opportunity for the SIV virus to jump to its new host, human beings. He also describes how humans then brought HIV out of the rainforest at the turn of the century, most probably to Cameroon. From there some strains went to German East Africa, where the virus evolved into the African AIDS virus we see today, while other strains left Cameroon for Germany on the eve of World War II.




Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

The only problem I see with this is the "out of Africa" scenario for HIV. We see this over and over again when the epidemiological studies(those that we can believe anyway) show that the disease came from African monkeys, but spread from Port Au Prince, Haiti, before the African epidemic. There just has been too much effort to cover up "research" done to create weaponized diseases using viruses and monkeys that the CIA has been involved with. And who is doing the research? Nazis, their decedents, and American reactionary Fascists. As outlandish as this sounds this is exactly what has been going on. It is really getting hard to believe anything that comes out of the Media and also official channels. I am just suspicious of anything that appears to cover up the out of control actions of the intel. community.
Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

The "viral sex" idea put forth by Jaap Goudsmit is interesting, but I do not think it would be wise to assume that this explains the very strange sequence of events we have seen with HIV. I am seeing that the National Institutes of Health has been involved in research into weaponized diseases and also the JFK assassination. The NIH has also played a role in covering these subjects up. Although it might just be a coincidence, Jaap Goudsmit did postdoctoral research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.

Of course, I am not saying that he was involved in any of the above, but he might have been influenced by the "company culture" so to speak. At any rate I believe that there are other leads that have been suppressed in these subjects. It has been my experience that when you see suppression of evidence by powerful forces that is where the truth lies. Over and over again I have found this to be true.


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Hi Robert, I've been following the Jonestown mess in articles and documentries and was interested in what you were discussing. Was also curious concerning old mention in the C's transcripts on AIDS, so just thought I would point out a couple of these early "sessions" whereby AIDS was discussed. There are only two years back to back that this was mentioned, Feb 1995-96; there may be others or more refined context not yet spotted:

Session February 1995

Q: (L) Well, that is pretty heavy duty. (F) They almost never say anything like that. (L) I would like to know for the benefit of somebody else who asked the question: What is the origin of AIDS?

A: Simian mutation.

Q: (L) A monkey virus, in other words.

A: Was, but mutated.

Q: (L) Who is the individual or group responsible for this mutation?

A: Not humans.

Q: (L) Well then, who?

A: Lizards acting in conjunction with destined frequency path.

Q: (L) And what is the purpose of the infliction of the AIDS virus on the human race?

A: Not determined.

Session February 1996

Q: (L) She did tell me that she was beginning to see some things... We will leave that. On the news the other night, there was a new type of AIDS reported. Where did it come from?

A: Mutation of virus.

Q: (L) The story is that it came from Thailand, is this true?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Is it already in the U.S?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, it is supposed to be 8 times more contagious...

A: But still transmitted in the same mode.

Q: (L) Is AIDS transmissible by, for example, insects?

A: No.

Q: (L) By any means other than what is taught?

A: No.

Q: (L) How many people have died of true AIDS in the U.S.?

A: 189,000

Q: (L) How many people have it at present?

A: Approx 1 million are HIV positive. Only 39 per cent will ever develop AIDS.
Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

Thanks again Voyageur. I am so glad that you follow this thread, and contribute the extensive corporate memory that you have. As with AIDS, there have been piles of disinformation put out about the JFK assassination, Jonestown, MLK, RFK, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and other subjects. Most of this disinformation tracks back to the CIA, and once we see what this organization’s agenda is the rest comes into focus.

As we know, thousands of the worst Nazi criminals were taken out of Europe by those that formed the CIA after the war. Although they said it was Nazi technology they were after, what they were most interested in was Nazi expertise in mind control and genocide. They selected the most experienced and knowledgeable in these areas and put them in key positions in the US. Some, such as Josep Mengele, were too hot to put in the US so they hid them in Argentina and other countries where they could continue with their research. The forerunners to the CIA were also joining forces with their Fascist brethren to create what can be called the Fourth Reich.

Not much was ever said about Mengele other than he was a hideous monster, etc. The facts are that he was the world’s foremost expert in ethnically targeted biological weapons along with mind control techniques. His agenda has been hidden and largely overlooked. He wanted to eradicate Blacks worldwide and also homosexuals. Actually, he had sterilized the children of Africans in the French Army that remained in Germany after WW-I. Mengele’s ideas had come from the American eugenics movement and genocide of the native peoples in North America, as I documented in my book.

Jim Jones, while in Brazil in the 50’s met with Mengele many times and was heavily influenced by Mengele’s objectives of genocide against Blacks by use of a targeted virus and also mind control techniques. Jonestown was the ultimate MK/ULTRA experiment that manifested into AIDS being studied and then released (HIV) in the Americas and Africa. No matter where it came from, how it developed, or how it was released, there is overwhelming evidence that this was the Jonestown agenda.

The Nazis and their American counterparts learned from what I called the American Holocaust and also the one in Germany. They found that concentration camps, starvation, poisoning, and the rest are much too obvious. They decided to accomplish the next genocide using covert methods, such as bioweapons and mind control techniques. So far, the AIDS epidemic has met their expectations. It is global and largely affects their intended targets which are Blacks and homosexuals. Blacks worldwide are rapidly approaching the point where population numbers are static and the possibility exists that a total collapse will be complete by the end of this century.

Jones did not die in Guyana. The body found next to his throne was a double that Jones had sent to get arrested and fingerprinted in Los Angeles five years prior to the “White Night.” So, when the corpse was fingerprinted the prints matched the only record of Jones’s prints, which were those of the double. Jones thought way into the future and he had a sick sense of timing and irony. The “White Night” when Jones murdered over 900 Blacks and started the next genocide, took place November, 1978 which was the 40th anniversary of its predecessor the “Kristallnacht” or “Crystal Night” The similarity of the names and the timing were not a coincidence. The Nazis had a thousand year plan that was to be implemented in 40 year increments. So, what will happen in November, 2018?


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Re: New book: American Heart of Darkness: People's Temple, AIDS, and JFK

Robert Kirkconnell said:
Jones did not die in Guyana. The body found next to his throne was a double that Jones had sent to get arrested and fingerprinted in Los Angeles five years prior to the “White Night.” So, when the corpse was fingerprinted the prints matched the only record of Jones’s prints, which were those of the double. Jones thought way into the future and he had a sick sense of timing and irony. The “White Night” when Jones murdered over 900 Blacks and started the next genocide, took place November, 1978 which was the 40th anniversary of its predecessor the “Kristallnacht” or “Crystal Night” The similarity of the names and the timing were not a coincidence. The Nazis had a thousand year plan that was to be implemented in 40 year increments. So, what will happen in November, 2018?

Yes, and if the Nazis of WWII were just a "dry run" for what is planned to come, then the world is in for an attempt at massive "ethnic cleansing" on an unprecedented scale (besides everything else that came with the Nazis).
Yes LQB!! I think you are right. George Seldes, Facts and Fascism, illuminates that the moguls of industry are reactionary fascists, and that would be the U.S. and Europe. He spelled out how it developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Hitler and Mussolini did not invent it, they copied it from mostly the U.S. I traced the grand architect as being Cecil John Rhodes and his "circle of initiates," comprised of Lord Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, and others who set down the exploitive capitalist model we still have today. Every once in a while the working people gain some say in things but then big business works to undermine any gains as soon as possible. They never stop.

Of course most of us know that Hitler was financed by Wall Street and the City of London and after the war fascists on both sides came together to form what can be described as the "Fourth Reich." It is important to recognize this as these forces have taken over the U.S. and British governments, including the intelligence agencies. My take on it is that all of the terrorist plots are false flag operations put in motion by the financial elite -- JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, 911, and all of the shootings that Joe and Niall covered in Manufactured Terror. Obama is third generation CIA put in "power" (really he is a Wall Street lap dog) to wrap up the next phase. We will go from financial collapse to complete authoritarianism and then global depopulation. The depopulation will happen anyway even without AIDS or other pandemics, but the reactionary psychopaths will not leave it to chance.


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Robert, considering this news item and the latest session (July 19) discussion:

my question would be whether there's any chance at all that some of those researchers had any knowledge or suspicions going in a similar direction as you just sketched in the above, or would such a speculation be too far fetched?

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