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There is a mistake in the previous reply (435)
I wanted to ask why when I "like" some opinion, it appears "dislike" where I was "like", I suppose that another "like" should appear again.
I wanted to clarify this with the whitecoast reply but it appeared what is written.
I hope some administrator can help me clarify this. Thanks.
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Hi, in the thread "Important threads for the work", the links for these don't work:

-Negative Introject (from Chapter 18 in Trapped in the Mirror)
-A Brief Overview Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
-Schizophrenia, The Work, etc.
-Castaneda and the Fourth Way
-What's the "mechanism" behind an OP gaining soul potential?
-The Usefulness of the Negative Half of the Emotional Center
-Quantum Future School
-Depression As A Stepping Stone (to Soul Growth)
-Imitation Fourth Way Groups Started by Gurdjieff Rejects
-What sort of idiot are you?
-Positive Dissociation?
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