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Kay Kim

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I like to use “Like” button, because when I use, I felt I am connected to the person, and members, and Forum.
Besides, it is so simple and easy way to show my appreciation, or just said Thanks, or Ok, I got it....

It seems like just right tool for just right time that we needed for fortify our connection.

Ursus Minor

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I remember reading somewhere that anytime you hit a "Like"-button anywhere on the internet you're secretly connecting to Facebook, or something.
So I'm still a little bit apprehensive about it, not wanting the controllers of FB to check my activities on
I don't think this forums Like button is connected to Facebook in any way (?), I guess its just a flag in the database, just as the post-is-read/unread information. But its certainly possible to extract the Likes done by a username in this forum via a bot or similar, and logged-in bots could connect it to email or facebook account if that information is shown in the profile. But such a bot would have to be written specifically for this forum software i think, Facebook doesn't get notified automatically on every Like. (correct me if I'm wrong)


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I don't think this forums Like button is connected to Facebook in any way (?)
Facebook doesn't get notified automatically on every Like. (correct me if I'm wrong)

There seems to be some confusion about this issue among XenForo users/customers.

In the help section I found:
Facebook Recommend

Facebook Recommend will allow visitors to recommend/like pages which will post a link on the wall of their Facebook account. This does not require the Facebook application.

But in the community section and customers forums there are complaints that the 'likes' don't show up on Facebook: said:
Aug 23, 2014 #7

I think there is some confusion over what this feature is supposed to do. It does not create a "normal" wall post, as if you had manually posted a link to something, and so will not appear on your wall/timeline for all to see, unfortunately. As per Brogan's screenshot, it simply adds a tiny post to the "Recent Activity" block at the very bottom of the left-hand info. pane of your profile page, where no-one will notice it.

It would be great if there was a "Share this to Facebook" option that would post this to your wall, like most news/other sites! :)

See also:
XF 1.5 - Facebook 'like' function
XF 1.5 - Facebook like button missing?
XF 1.5 - Like / Recommend Button

Moreover, there seem to be slight differences between the diverse XenForo versions but I couldn't get a firm grasp on the relevant details.

Kay Kim

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And, when using “Like” button sincerely/honestly, it seems like forming some kind of empathy to the person, and it turn out to open heart center or expanding consciousness.

Note: Date on this session has been corrected. The correct date is 5 August. There is no session on 8 August.

A: ... the frequency vibrational level has more to do with the emotional path that leads either to Service to Self at its greatest possible expression, or Service to Others at its greatest possible expression, not with intellectual capacity.

Q: (L) The reason I ask this is because I have noticed that certain persons can skew the incoming material in the direction of their particular prejudices because of their emotional attachment to these prejudices. And I am sure that my own prejudices have an influence as well. But, I notice that very often the understanding of the material by others is quite different from what Frank and I understand. It seems that we all hear something different. Does this indicate a vibrational differential which could be considered a lack of rapport, or some other phenomenon of which I am not aware?

A: The only phenomenon that is present here that is in any way related to the situation you describe is what could be termed intellectual capacity, which is not related directly to vibrational frequency. Think, if you will, in your lifetime have you ever met either a) an individual that you did not perceive to be particularly intellectually developed, who was, nevertheless, of a very kind and loving and giving nature; or b)an individual whom you perceive to have great intellectual capacity who was, nevertheless, extremely selfish and non-giving and not generous and not concerned about anyone's well being but their own?

Q: ....... (L) I have a little theory that people who are en rapport tend to think in similar ways or with similar patterns, even if at different levels. And I think that because of emotional similarity or identity of purpose or orientation, that they might almost begin to think as one mind or move as one body, to work as a unit. Why is this not happening? Why the disparity?

A: The real issue involved is one of intellectual capacity, which, in and of itself, can lead to all sorts of emotional entanglements and frictions. It does not require a differential in vibrational frequency level to produce the types of symptoms that you describe. It is merely intellectual capacity that is inferior rather than the vibrational frequency level. Again, this vibrational frequency level involves nature of being and emotion, not intelligence.


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I don't think this forums Like button is connected to Facebook in any way (?)
You are correct.

The like button on posts doesn't have anything to do with FB. The FB button at the bottom of the page (Share: ...) is for sharing a thread to FB.
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