Peter Michael and John Livingston "Master Exorcist"?


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lightwalker, in your first post you simply attack Laura without before research about she, her expertise and her experience. There is not doubt for me, you are one more that simply seek for defame and attack. One advice: go your way, and do not waste energy here, It is in vain.


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Hi lightwalker
Who is Laura, and what makes "Laura" the ultimate authority on spirit related issues?
I would suggest working with multiple high level healers and gathering information from multiple sources before you decide to accept one persons' belief or perspective on spirit related issues.

I never said that anyone is an "ultimate authority" on anything. I was merely pointing out discrepancies between the accounts of experts. That's the starting point, where people come out and share the data and reasoning that led to these conclusions; from there on we troubleshoot. It's not the end point by any means.

1. To correct you, if an entity is actually removed from a person, it is immediately removed from this dimension. To imply it can come back is to say the "beings" in charge of removing them are not doing their jobs correctly.

Thanks for sharing. Could I ask what experiences or information made you draw these conclusions?

2. You obviously have no understanding of how the soul functions in regards to trauma, it would be best to google the words soul retrieval and soul loss rather then making an assumption based on your own understanding. Soul retrieval is an ancient form of energy work, which has nothing to do with "closing the gaps in one's awareness".

I don't have any understanding of how the soul functions, correct. What's why I am reading about SRT. What I do understand I understand through how the body functions with regard to trauma. Have you read Peter Levine's In an Unspoken Voice, Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow, or Timothy Wilson's Strangers to Ourselves? Martha Stout's Myth of Sanity? These all talk about dissociative identity as a biological defence against trauma, with the ensuing confabulation by higher functions sustaining psychological buffers against these "soul fragments." It's always important to look at both the material side of things as well as the spiritual, lest one mis-characterize the causes of a patient's psychological issues.

3.To hear responses like this frightens me, as is is incorrect and being taught to others as "truth" , when it is more then likely a personal belief being taught to others..
The universe has not made it so removing entities is difficult. The universe has not made it so only "special" people can remove entities. The universe has made so that every human on this planet has the power to clear an entity from themselves. You are taking advice from 1 person, do your research and speak with multiple people who do this work professionally and get multiple perspectives on it, and then make your comment, rather then blindedly accepting one person information.

Please re-read my first response about nobody being treated as an ultimate authority, here. Nobody says special people are needed to remove entities (unless by special you mean knowledgeable).

Apologies if I'm making an unwarranted assumption here, but if you're here because what I copied from the site sent off an alert to you (the site had a big "DON'T STEAL MY WORK" warning when I went to share the info I found), it would be more helpful for you to share your REASONS for thinking the things you do, rather than simply re-iterating what I found in the FAQ section. Because otherwise it's all "my word versus yours". Also, it's not very helpful to tell people to do more research unless you are offering directions. (Telling someone to google something is the epitome of laziness, because (1) it shows in no way whether you yourself actually know what you're talking about and (2) it could point me to a hundred different websites all saying a hundred different things.) What specifically have YOU found valuable to your own understanding, lightbringer?


Love when they use names with "light-something" and all they know is to say cult, cult...


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For info - The email address used here by lightwalker also leads me to a Peter Michael (_ and a website (_ :)

Zadius Sky

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Vulcan59 said:
For info - The email address used here by lightwalker also leads me to a Peter Michael (_ and a website (_ :)

Searching the name "Peter Michael," with a connection to spiritualclearing, on the Web is disturbingly evident. He has a profile on youtube: _

Peter Michael is an advanced level exorcist, angel healer, clairsentient, clairaudient, and teacher of energy clearing work. He was trained by master exorcist and shamanic healer John Livingston in 2003. He has also worked with many other advanced level healers and teachers in the field of energy medicine.He teaches one of the most advanced level and easiest to use methods of removing spirits and/ or dark force attachments through his audio program, Spiritual Clearing and Healing - The removal of dark force and spirit attachments.

It's interesting how he is an "advanced level exorcist" and seeing this background brings us to see why he chose this specific thread to launch his attack on Laura. And, the whole "Jessica Drake" FB profile could very much be a fake. I think you can get that FB picture from anywhere and that name itself - well, you gotta wonder why would he chose that name.

Also, here is another website with his name: _

Peter Michael is an angel healer, clairsentient, clairaudient, empath, exorcist, and teacher/trainer of spirit and demon removal. He has been involved in the energy healing field for more then 10 years and has worked with many variations of healers and teachers. He was first trained in entity clearing work in 2003 by master exorcist John Livingston.

Peter has been said to be part of "The Great White Brotherhood", and other light being groups, according to some gifted channels and healers.

Peter was first introduced to spirit entity attachment at the age of 2 years old, when he picked up his first spirit attachment as a result of soul loss and trauma at a very young age. The spirit entity he first picked up was one that came from his own family members. As the years went on, Peter experienced more forms of trauma as most humans do, and picked up other forms of attachments through his early life. It was not until he was opened to the realm of healing of entity attachments did his life change for the better.



Here's another: _

...mentioning three articles written about spirits, dark force, possessions, etc.

The "entityattachment" website is his primary website.


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Hmmm... sounds like a little investigating is called for.


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lightwalker said:
The Strawman said:
lightwalker said:
Laura said:
lightwalker said:
The universe has not made it so removing entities is difficult. The universe has not made it so only "special" people can remove entities. The universe has made so that every human on this planet has the power to clear an entity from themselves.

I've done sessions with people who make claims such as the above. One particular case that comes to mind was a New Age "healer" who was being abducted and raped by reptilian beings (so she claimed) on a regular basis... and her children also. She even produced rape-related stigmata. Going deeper with this particular subject revealed that she was a victim of gov. mind programming, the idea being to send people like her out into the New Age movement to mislead others AND trigger the programs in those who had also been victims of such as MKULTRA and Greenbaum programming.

This is all a projection of your own fear based beliefs you project onto others.....
You also do not come off as someone who is a compassionate healer and teacher, but more of someone who gets upset when anyone questions her....
I mean you actually went out of your way to go and find out my facebook.....and then post it.....what is that all about?
You obviously have something to hide if you are willing to go out of your way and track down someone who comes into your little world here and defies or questions anything you say.......
Also, my post was not "hufffing and puffing" as you call it, but more of an explanation of my perspective..............
But Who am I?
I do not know anything.....
But you do........

I really do not want to tread anywhere I am not wanted, I stumbled here on accident....
I do not feel comfortable here either if someone cannot speak freely without being tracked down........having their facebook page posted....
I mean that is really odd and it says something about you.
You response is to point out a picture I have ?????
And then judge me by my are twisted lady...
Maybe you can point out something else about me....
Maybe it will make you feel better to point out things you see wrong with cover up anything about you I may shed some light on.
This was not a competition, I was merely expressing my humble opinion .......
This seems to be a somewhat one pointed view community, your view, and anyone who questions you is not wanted.....
A much better way to manipulate people into buying into your beliefs is to start a local community instead of an online one, this way you can have more control over the people around you.
Good luck to you Laura.....

But if you look at your previous post it is far from humble, more aggressive and full of judgement on Laura. The likes of you pop up wherever good things are happening because you either cannot stand it in your own darkness, or you are controlled by forces you have no awareness of. Now in your last post it is you that is huffing and puffing.

The 'projection' is all yours 'light walker' - you need a mirror.

Why try to identify you using social networks? Because we are thorough, and when a negative entity happens by like you we do the research. That's where you fall down. Do some real research starting with yourself, then find out what really drives you.

And guess what. If you genuinely needed help it will all be here waiting for you.

P.S. You also show marked ignorance. There are many 'local communities' belonging to Laura's wider community. Why not stop assuming things, speaking from a script, and showing your weaknesses.
Oh no, another attack, I better get out of here quick.
The cult is getting angry........
The porn actress is offended. Seriously who can take this woman seriously in her own life? She seriously seemed shock, her paragraph was well accommodated first and then it was all shaken like scrambled eggs, certainly, a person's syntax tells a lot about it.

I guess Laura mentioned about some sort of demonic possession of a man that had sex with a promiscuous woman, well isn't a porn actor something like that? is that person even aware of what they do?


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John Livingstons is all over the place. Funny that I've never heard of him in this field. But then, I've been out of it for about ten years.

Here's his website: _

He's apparently got some attachments he can't get rid of or his work rebounded on him:


His business/teaching partner Patricia Williams is handling his clients.

You may contact Patricia via or Skype: inspiredheart.

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to assisting you.

You may also contact Michelle Lemoncelli 612.202.3110

Follow your own guidance, always. Use your own discretion.

About him (a blurb for his book):


John Livingston is a practitioner of depossession and exorcism of parasitic demons, spirit entities, and dark or reptilian ETs; of shamanic soul retrieval; of past-life and pre-life regression; and of Reconnective Healing. He is a caring and intuitive healer of the soul and mind.

Born in the Queen of the Angels Hospital in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, Calif.), he grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of Sacramento. John has been a surveyor, equipment operator, draftsman, field and supervisory geologist, consulting geologist, water-well dowser, marriage and family therapist, and clinical hypnotherapist. He holds a bachelor’s degrees in Geology from the University of Southern California, and a master’s degree in Counseling (psych.) from Chapman University.

John experienced a “dark night of the soul” during 1994-95 after which closed his businesses of consulting geologist and part-time counselor, and traveled through the southwest to find his soul’s life purpose. As a result of non-ordinary (spirit and visionary) experiences during his travels, he began the study and practice of shamanic healing using core and indigenous methods. Although his first depossession or exorcism of a demon occurred with a client during a therapy session in 1977, depossession did not become a major part of his practice until 1997.

John presently lives in Sedona working with clients face-to-face, or “at distance” worldwide by phone, He writes self-help books about healing, and teaches classes on healing methods, the nature and use of the angelic realm, and the nature of parasitic spirit entities, demons, and dark and reptilian ETs.

Reviews for his book:

Interview by Peter Michael: _


Spirit Chat with John Livingston, Author and Shamanic Healer

September 5, 2012 by Staton Ann | 0 comments

John Livingston featured on StatonAnn.comI have found throughout my practice that I enjoy working with and learning from other healers, as I believe we all have truths and knowledge that we can impart on each other to help raise the consciousness of the masses of people.

Because of my passion for learning and disseminating information, I am starting a new series that features healers, spiritual advisors, and healing modalities from around the world. The ‘Spirit Chat Series’ is born.

Our first featured spiritual healer is John Livingston. John Livingston, MA, is a trained therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and past-life regressionist since the mid-70s; and shamanic healer and teacher, with advanced training from core and indigenous shamans, since the mid-90s. John is master exorcist of demons and dark ETs, depossessor of ghosts. He practices Re-scripting as a method of healing primal and traumatic wounds. He is a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ facilitator, and shamanic minister. His BA degree is from Univ. of Southern Calif., and MA in psychological counseling from Chapman University. John is the author of Adversaries Walk Among Us: The History, Nature, And Removal Of Possessing Demons And Spirits.

I asked John five questions about his background, his journey and his inspiration.

SA: Tell us about your journey. How did you get to where you are now.

JL: I am the oldest son of a Scots-English father, great story teller and friend, master dowser and construction superintendent, also alcoholic womanizer; and American-Swedish mother, great compassionate listener of tales of woe, healing nurse and birther to two generations of children, also sexually abused angel. My journey took me through surveyor, heavy equipment operator, army jeep driver, field geologist, consulting geologist, college student in psychology, marriage and family counselor, individual and family therapist. Then at age 50, I quit as therapist for I was sure I did not believe in what I was doing or how I was doing it. It felt like giving advice that was not helping. I returned to my geology business that at least I understood and could not hurt anyone—for 5 years, then began combining my professions for 5. On my 60th birthday, surrounded by friends– living the good life and American dream: semi-retired, golf 3 days a week, blonde girlfriend with house on lake—I thought, “There must be something better than this.” Within 2 years I had stopped drinking, given my geology and hypnotherapy clients away to others, and traveled for three months through the southwest of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado where I’d not been. During the odyssey, I quickly understood the meaning of “spirituality” which was a part of my quest, challenge from a previous therapist, as it was painted across the evening and morning skies of my various campsites. I felt Creator in my life. In mountains of New Mexico, alone and reading The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, I began having mystical experiences of deer talking with me, the full moon awakening me and singing a song about me, an eagle flying over at the moment I asked myself, “Is this what I’m to learn and do?” Thus I returned home and began studying shamanism, a journey that is without end.

SA: What do you believe is your purpose in life?

JL: During one stormy night of hard winds in 1995, a few weeks after I stopped drinking, filled with frustration and passion about not knowing myself, I walked outside and yelled up into the dark night sky, “Who am I?” And to my amazement, from the wind-blown blackness came a gentle soft loving audible response, “You are a healer.”

Shortly after I began seeing shamanic clients, I was at a séance where through a series of synchronicities I became the person who removed and guided to the Light the soul of a young boy from a boy who was brought by his mother to the circle so this could happen. The story spread and people began referring those who had spirit entities attached to me. I had success in clearing them for several years, until one day entities appeared that would not leave the clients. Or would leave and return. I became frustrated and angry, driving myself to know an answer. That evening the Archangel Michael appeared before me in my living room and said, “The problem you are having John, with your life and your clients is due to demons. I will remove the one from you and that is the way you will remove those from others.” And Michael commanded the demon to leave, and it did, and that is the way I have been clearing demons since. Simple methods, simple commands, invoking the help of angels and archangels in the clearing of thousands of clients–and tens of thousands of demons, non-human, non-souled bundles of dark negative energy sent to a specific individual to create chaos in their life by dark forces—to provide peace, love, and empowerment in their lives.

SA: What drives you to do this? What inspires you?

JL: The words, “You are a healer” keep me going; I cannot forget them, the loving knowing within them. I trust them. Also the several hundred letters I receive each year from clients, relating the meaningful impact I’ve had on them, and for many, that I’ve had on their entire family whether or not I worked with them all. Some of these are based on one to two sessions that I’ve had with an individual, or maybe 4-6 that I’ve had with various members of a family. For I do not believe in long-term counseling or healing or therapy. I do not believe in creating dis-empowered dependents of my clients. I believe that the presenting issues of my clients relate to an ailment within the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies of the total energetic body of the client, that they and other medical doctors or healers have been unable to help. I believe the work must be specific to the ailment or it is useless. I believe that Spirit must be present within the client and the healer, and that fear must be absent, therefore love must be present, for healing to occur. For love is the only healing element and it is freely given in infinite supply to all who open to it whether healer or one being healed. Healers do not heal. Only love heals. Healers provide the vessel through which the love comes from Divine source to do the healing.

SA: What knowledge do you have that the world could benefit from knowing? In other words, what concept could you teach the world that would make the world a better place?

JL: Beyond that, people benefit from learning to focus on providing for self first, your wants, especially loving yourself, and trust that all others, including children, have the Innate ability to take care of themselves. All of our answers are in our heart-mind, available to all with an open heart. Some who have given away their power, or who have had their power taken by those stronger in some way, may want temporary help of another to be re-empowered. Some who have lost their connection with Spirit and have had a run of bad luck, may want re-connection by another. Some who have forgotten who they are and their purpose in being here may reach out for help from another. Reaching out for help from another –providing the agreement is clear and straight– is an act of empowerment. Providing help to another who asks is an act of service to the world and Creator.

On the web:

John Livingston, Spiritual Counselor and Shamanic Healer
Available worldwide for individual sessions:
Phone: 928-203-4096
Skype: captsedona
Website: and
Author of: “Adversaries Walk Among Us”

His payment page:


Sessions are 1) in person, 2) by phone worldwide using 1.772.696.1910 (FL) or Skype for international calls (inspired heart), or 3) “at distance” (without contact with client).

Sessions for clearing entities from person or family or home or pets, or combinations, are 35-40 minutes and the fee is $100.00. Fees are to be paid in advance.

This can be by check, cash or credit card, through this website or onsite. For sessions with Patricia, please pay via Thank you! If you owe money to John or wish to make a donation for him, please use the links below.

Session Donation $100

Session Donation $200

Session Donation $300

Session Donation: (left open)

I'm sure ya'll will find more. So far, just sounds like the typical new age scam IMO.


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The name 'Jessica Drake' is interesting.

From Behind the Name:

Jessica: This name was first used in this form by Shakespeare in his play 'The Merchant of Venice' (1596), where it belongs to the daughter of Shylock. Shakespeare probably based it on the biblical name ISCAH, which would have been spelled Jescha in his time. It was not commonly used as a given name until the middle of the 20th century.

Iscah: From the Hebrew name יִסְכָּה (Yiskah) which meant "to behold". In the Old Testament this is the name of Abraham's niece, mentioned only briefly. This is the basis of the English name Jessica.

Drake: From an English surname derived from the Old Norse given name Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning "dragon".

Dictionary definitions of drake:

1. A male duck, which often has more distinctive plumage than the female.

2. A mayfly, esp. one used as bait in angling.

Drake is derived from the old English word draca or dragon. Also, Wiktionary says:

From Middle English drake (“dragon; Satan”), Old English draca (“dragon, sea monster, huge serpent”), from Proto-Germanic *drakô (“dragon”), from Latin dracō (“dragon”), from Ancient Greek δράκων (drakon, “serpent, giant seafish”)

So, putting all that together, we can say that 'Jessica Drake' is a coded way of saying 'behold, I am Satan', and s/he is on a fishing expedition - angling for something. Also, trying to show off his/her plumage, this being a metaphor for 'superior' knowledge. A very curious name for a 'lightwalker'.

It's also curious that lightwalker/Jessica Drake felt the need to put his/her initial post entirely in bold. This is the equivalent of walking uninvited into someone's house and shouting at the top of your voice about things in their house that you don't like. That's hardly the behaviour of a 'lightwalker' or even a 'lightworker'.


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Amazing interpretation, well if there's something I know is that "the devil knows more from being old than from being the devil", and this Satan lacks some common sense.


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Approaching Infinity said:
Lightwalker's posts so far have been pretty transparent...

This is the way it appeared to me also.

FWIW, there are 451,346 + posts currently on the forum, and ever once in awhile what appears is standard troll modus operandi; this can of course be wrong and further developments either show this to be true or not. In this case, LW (she/he, Drake, Jessica...), without introduction, on the very first post, may have decided agitation was in order and seemed to purposely, without even asking, created a thread vehicle for this purpose - “This thread is split off from the following thread/post…”, instead of just chiming in on the threads previously posted. Of course, sometimes splitting a thread happens and there are usually good reasons for this, however, in this case, osis, the following happened:

LW, immediately states 1, 2, 3:

1. “To Correct you…”
2. “You obviously have no understanding…”
3. “…what makes her an authority {her projection}

Following this, LW launches into a diatribe of, “Is she.., who has she.., who are the.., where and how is she.., is she…” disingenuous attacking assertions.

In conclusion, LW, then wants to teach, as in:

The universe has not made it so removing entities is difficult. The universe has not made it so only "special" people can remove entities. The universe has made so that every human on this planet has the power to clear an entity from themselves.

So, LW perhaps has an a type of authoritarian ‘Spirit Release” roll to teach here, and then claims that:

my post was not "hufffing and puffing" as you call it, but more of an explanation of my perspective..............”

Sorry, the "perspective" seemed just a little to "matter of fact". LW’s post does not seem whatsoever an explanation, it rather seems to be a planned affair; from the get-go. Had it been accepted, perhaps further along, some of these links mentioned above that point possibly to the LW business end, may have leaked out?
About John Livingston:

Laura said:
From: _

SA: What drives you to do this? What inspires you?

JL: The words, “You are a healer” keep me going; I cannot forget them, the loving knowing within them. I trust them. Also the several hundred letters I receive each year from clients, relating the meaningful impact I’ve had on them, and for many, that I’ve had on their entire family whether or not I worked with them all.

This is all ego driven, "You are special!". He is driven and inspired by being 'chosen' and having his self importance ego being stroked by the pats on the back. Getting to play 'savior'. Not about actually being of service to others, but the kudos received.

And as today's SoTT Radio show stated, just because an entity appears and claims to be 'Archangel Michael' does not mean they actually are; (more likely 4D STS).


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I think that this "Jessika Drake" is a fake persona, I found the FB profile image here:

It's a photo from a photographer called Niall O’Brien.

In that FB profile she/he has 6 friends, no photos, etc... it's weird. And maybe he has maintained that profile for spamming and/or attacking?

Also the pseudonym: lightwalker - lighthealer (that he uses in other places) are pretty similar.

I found this:

Look at the comment below the article, it's him and it has a similar taste to "Jessica Drake"/lightwalker posts here, or that's my perception.

Here another try to promote himself:


And look at his photo:

I don't want to be judgmental in any way :P but he doesn't strikes me as a very spiritual guy as he claims to be :lol: JK

Here's his YouTube channel:

Zadius Sky

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logos5x5 said:
I think that this "Jessica Drake" is a fake persona, I found the FB profile image here:

The more that I read about the connection between LW and Peter Michael, the more disturbing it gets. The one question on my mind is, since this FB profile that is been around for a while and likely to be used as a "spammer," why is PM using it at all? The utmost disturbing thing is the very thought of him posing as Jessica talking to someone else on FB. That should tell you a lot about him as a person (even without knowing about his background as a "healer").



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I think it tells a lot about the "healer" if it is her/it. The behavior of a person online and/or IRL, the way s/he interacts with people is a reflection of the inner landscape. When you deal with a person who is impolite, rude, insincere and above all ignorant, and when you see that they have some selfish agenda, you don't want to be healed by such a personage. If the poster is this self-proclamed healer, my immediate reasoning is that it's just a charlatan who may know the words, but not the signification of those words. OSIT
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