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The red panda is an endangered species that lives in the east of the Himalayas. They like to eat bamboo. Interesting fact: The red panda are one of the species who survived the iceage.

Here are some pictures of the little fellow 🙂

Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens styani) at Binder Park Zoo.jpg
23 Animals Taking #NationalNappingDay Very Seriously.jpg
Twitter_ It's what's happening.jpg
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I didn't know that birds can get drunk. Although, I have seen videos of elephants getting drunk o fermented fruits that they find on the ground.
Here it is, i also remembered this, here's the english one :

And a shortage footage in french (edit: found a longer one) :

And, mainly for french people, there was a famous series named "La vie privée des animaux" during the 90's, here's the first episode, it's really funny to watch, should be +/-understandable for non-french ... just try to watch to see:
Playlist link starting with the first episode :



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A bit belated but recently saw that this won the 2020 'Comedy Wildlife Awards' (didn't even know that was thing?) - and could relate;


Oddly also reminded me of 'The Donald'...

This would be me :-)



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First time I see these Pandas. How magnificent they are! They are so cute that you want to have one at home. Thanks to share these beautiful pictures.
There's at least one of these at the Washington DC Zoo. What struck me about it was that is was so darned cute! No one could have come up with a more adorable looking toy animal. It's almost like they created an adorable plush toy and then had to create the real animal.
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